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  1. I've really been impressed a the introduction of the Paladin skill tree making a focus on Templar Healing and even keeping them different and unique enough to not feel like a watered down Cleric or Druid. That being said, I will probably never consider a Paladin as much of a Healer class as Crusader Cleric or Earthkeeper, perhaps on par with ArchDruid in some ways. As far as OP is concerned the description is an outdated one from when Crowfall's 'win conditions' were a tug of war style bar in which only the final moments of a campaign truly mattered. As problematic as the scoring system we currently have is, it is much better than what used to be. Hopefully this trend will continue and the game will grow in scope and player enjoyment/investment.
  2. Healers are people too! Also I am pretty disappointed that there is a Badge for Bleed Bonus. Just Bleed Bonus, which only affects a few skills of a few classes. That doesn't affect the other DoTs in game such as Burning, Poison, Disease, Corruption, Frostbite or Electrocution.
  3. Scorn

    Item Wipe

    Divine Light Heals aren't really changed by weapon damage. My 107 top end sword Heals just as much as a 112. Pretty sure they morphed it to full Support Power support with the Paladin changes. Devotion capping out bums me out, not so much for Paladin but for the other Templar variants, it was such an awesome tool that got kneecapped. Beneficial Harvest has always been problematic in my mind. Especially the short term duration of it. It takes away from the consistency that is desired for large amounts of harvesting shifting an even more luck based rng system on top of what harvesting already is. Personally I would love to see Beneficial eliminated and replaced with nodes that did some of what Beneficial does passively (Stamina on Node completion, increases to Crit %) There is already a system to get Stamina back from hitting Weak Spots. Due to me seeing Crowfall as a zoomed in strategy game I would much prefer a more consistent approach to Harvesting/Crafting and even Combat. Crafting has gotten this consistent approach due to the ReRoll system. This of course takes away some of the RPGesqe aspects of CF, but RNG in my mind is a way to simulate skill, a game of actual skill doesn't need RNG. I would prefer to see Crowfall lean more on the Strategy and Survival esque aspects for more consistency and evaluation of investment and competition. Much easier to balance this route as well due to establishing a baseline concept of what should do what. How laughable would it be if in any RTS game the Harvest units got a random amount of that resource when completing a node?
  4. So I have noticed that since the Hunger Shard changes Hunger Shards do not spawn in Keep zones or Fort zones anymore. Considering they already do not spawn in Adventure zone canyons this SEVERELY limits the ability to get higher end Hunger Shards. I would like to be able to see Hunger Shards in those zones again as it is almost the only place for High Ranking materials... Since the Hunger Shard changes the amount of Hunger Shards I've gotten decreased SIGNIFICANTLY, even with max training of 8% and 5 pips PH during all seasons. Those I have gotten have been 95% Green, I've managed to get 2 Blue, 2 Purple a 1 single Orange. I've gotten more Blue and Purple Sacrifice shards which are useless. White Hunger Shards seem to be a thing of the past, though it's tough to tell with the Rank 1s in the Beach Head being disabled to get Hunger Shards and the world having r3+ With the r1s being disabled for Hunger Shards I can't get a consistent baseline without a significant investment of time. I understand these are supposed to be rare drops, but they currently are too rare and random. Having a system where we could actually craft the shards into the specific Hunger Shards that we want would help. It would help with both consistency and frustration at Shard types that are almost completely unused being found and sitting around unused. -Tangent time- A similar issue crops up with Legendary materials and Embers...there's almost no consistency and High End farming becomes a matter of time and luck. There's no way to convert Dust into Embers or Materials into Dust/Ember/HigherRanks A player without the time to farm the gold, if anybody actually sells bulk Legendary/Embers for Gold, or Materials/Embers is likely never going to get to that point. Other games deal with this issue by having High End Gear take a large quantity of lesser materials and a small quantity of something particularly rare. But this rarity is not based on RNG, but actual scarcity such as a longer respawning monster in a few select locations. Because of this in seeking higher end gear players will flock to those locations to try and kill/harvest the materials, which more often than not leads to PvP. Crowfall doesn't have that. It doesn't have PvP incentives for Gear. Gear Competition is based upon time, luck, and dedication to farming nodes. It's more productive time wise to farm the materials yourself over seeking out an enemy and ganking them as most of those times the Spirit Bank will save them from losing much. There are also a great many sources of high end materials, so often even if a spawn is contested you can just go to another spot, or even another server 8*{
  5. Tonight everyone truly is a WINNER. 8 } Nice fighting tonight folks, well done to everyone. And OP keep your political conspiracies out of here...
  6. The siege the other day was pretty nuts, it seemed almost everyone in the zone locked up around the same time and had to log out and back in. Performance in general seems worse since the latest server changes on Monday. I hope that improvements are on the way and continue to make this game the best it can be for all involved.
  7. @monchiezz MvP for coordination! And hope you enjoyed yourself, sorry I missed the fights myself.
  8. A large scale battle between Balance and Chaos in Crowfall Online. The zone capped out at 100 players before the siege even started. I participated in 2 main engagements; a field battle right as the siege started and later actually defending the Tree of Life after Chaos broke through the wall. Templar Paladin PoV Good fights, looking forward to more as always. Here's a play by play of my experience. My siege UI was bugged and I didn't realize how soon the siege was starting...so I was farming until right before it began. I rushed out to join the Balance force as Chaos grouped up on the East dropping Siege Equipment. 0:55 Rushing right to try and distract who I could as the actual engagement started when I got back with the group and the fight began in earnest. 1:40 I kept pushing into the right side of the battle, hoping to lead by example so that others might follow and I might not die. 2:55 Keeping my sword up for Righteous Parry and placing Divine Light down as I went till I realized...I had slotted Execute instead of Radiant Sweep...lemme swap that real quick 3:20 Call for Corvax to pull back as they are losing health rapidly...they get out as Danebow jumps in to save them but doesn't get out himself and falls 3:55 Pull back to Heal myself up and survey the field as Corvax is Healed but attacked by Assassins in the back...Scorn and Myst to the rescue The timing on them coming out of Stealth just as the Radiant Sweep goes off...oof...they are repelled and I try to find Danebow's body 4:30 Damebix is able to lead me by jumping up and down nearby, and ordering a further push to allow an attempt to Resurrect. 5:00 Resurrection successful! It was close but now Danebow is back up and I am pretty sure my Holy Warrior caused me to lag up here Resume the charge! Right flank is the phrase of the day 6:00 Chaos has been doing a fighting retreat this whole time while other Chaos are setting up near the Keep to break down a wall. 7:30 As the fighting starts to dwindle Balance will pull back to the Keep but not before a Wall has been Destroyed! *break time* The Winterblades in zone head out to try and attack the Banetrees while House Avari hold the breach in the wall One tree is destroyed but Chaos is pushing the Keep hard and Winterblades head back 8:00 I round the corner just in time to Root some Chaos and slow the wave of players headed to the Tree of Life. 8:30 Standing my ground to try and split up the enemy force as much as possible as both forces try to get to the Tree of Life Almost dying I retreat to Heal up and really hope that's a friendly Ballista AoE marker... 9:00 Mystwraith and I are able to get a few more stragglers in the lower level as the Tree of Life is cleared off. 10:00 We push out to clear out and destroy the other Bane Trees.
  9. There are a bunch of very simple things that can completely screw someone over like this. The game should be more user friendly for sure. Today I was trying to help a completely new player with keybinds… and they ended up binding LMB to Auto Run by mistake... which led to me explaining how to Delete the Art+Craft folder to Reset Bindings... whoo
  10. Those are quite nice, congratulations.
  11. Your Elf ears must be really squeezed in tight in that helmet!
  12. Good fights tonight folks, and congrats to the winners of the Gorro Keep!
  13. Scorn

    Zone Caps

    Good fights tonight to all, sorry I missed some of them. We capped 2 zones folks, that's awesome! CF population seems to continue to rise, a trend I hope continues. I also hope that zone caps will be increased when performance allows for even larger fights with more people. Anticipation is what I feel for the constant and continued evolution of this game with everyone involved, player and ACE employee.
  14. Retaliate currently doesn't have a Cooldown...which is problematic. The Templar Parry will drain the Templar's resource, but reduce damage and CC as well as generate resource if struck in Melee. The Counter attack is also triggered by Melee only abilities. Depending on who you are fighting, you may be able to fake or bait them into wasting those resources. A Templar without pips will be at a disadvantage, unable to protect or heal themselves.
  15. Good post and points I agree with almost entirely. The issues with the classes mentioned are the Pit Fighter subclass for Champion, not Champion itself and Sanctifier Confessor is the only subclass of Confessor that gets anything above Leather. Fall damage is absurd and has no counter. (Physics effects in General are overly tuned but don't all cause Fall that easily...so different issue) I don't think that there is a more frustrating thing than completely losing control of your character and not being able to interact or respond to the game at all. Armor variation could be so much more if there was a decent incentive to use Lighter armor, both filler pieces and chest pieces. There are models for all armor types on all races, some are completely left unused Some of that is due to not being powerful enough or even no longer being available to certain Classes.
  16. Certain skills follow a path-you press the button once it does the first skill in the chain, again and it does the second etc. The Combo key is for ability chains that have multiple paths. Press the button once and the you can press it again OR press E for a different chain path
  17. Well fought, glad to see Order standing up for itself instead of giving up! Looking forward to more fights, always.
  18. Both large scale siege and battle lag as well as smaller scale group lag have been significantly improved. Had a zone capped at it still felt smooth aside from one instance where people locked up. Did two instances of group harvesting before and after patch in an adventure zone and it was much better than before.
  19. I don't believe the baseline HP of Armor is subject to Experimentation, only the Additives. So Leather will always be 750HP behind an equally rolled piece of Plate, Mail will be 375 HP behind/ahead etc. I may be wrong. What Blazzen proposed would be great if properly implemented and we wouldn't see such issues as much. Pit Fighter only continues a trend that Champion has been following since Disciplines were first introduced. One I've tried to avoid since experimenting with it and seeing how 'dumb' it looks/feels/is. This got worse with the 'normalization of HP' (Melee getting 5k Base, Ranged 4k-Knight/Templar used to have 6.4 and Champ 4.2 base) Dominance made Champion damage only climb higher than it already was. Putting HP on Plate, and then even further buffing that HP only made the self Healing issue worse. Pit Fighter adds even more Healing and damage mitigation, while giving up most of the Dominance mechanic Champ damage still scales much better than a Knight/Templar for how good their survival ratio. Pit Fighter has so much self sustain that it barely needs Healing, a similar issue with Sanctifier and Righteous Shield (thanks for the 5s internal CD...) The survival to damage ratio is extremely problematic since the introduction of these large %HP Instant Heals which no other class gets.
  20. I've always thought that Shield Bash could instead act as a 'limited Suppress' in that it prevents an enemy from using their RMB powers for a limited time. This could help against Blocking type enemies as well. A different way to solve the inherent issues I see with how Dodge Pips work.
  21. It's useful when you hit it when they just started their timer...super frustrating when you get it on a target and in ~3 seconds they have Dodged It's also your main source of damage on the Secutor line and actually creates a pretty interesting way to play IMO when it generates a use every time you hit a Shield Skill.
  22. Scorn

    Templar talk.

    When 5.8 first dropped Vindicator Templar was in a very strong place, too strong. Paladin too was very strong, and has actually only gotten stronger since then. Vindicator Templar gave up that Healing from Divine Light for more Damage, and it showed. While that made them dangerous, it also made them much more susceptible to danger themselves. Even when Vindicator was at it's height of power, more Templars were playing Paladin than Vindicator. Of the people I play with only 1 other player besides myself was willing to give it a shot. The biggest issue with Vindicator was Blazing Light. Vindicator gave up the Healing of Divine Light to get back the 'face melting' AoE. Blazing Light was doing too much damage due to a bug that caused it to be doing both regular Divine Light damage as well as Blazing Light damage. This was fixed lowering Blazing Light down by ~25%. But this fix was still not enough. Even though there was video showcasing how Vindicator damage tapered off as Armor values came online and a single Paladin Divine Light Heal countered Blazing Light damage... even though video had been provided showing how organization and communication could counter and shut down Vindicators in larger fights Blazing Light was going to be hit with the ACE Nerf Sledgehammer. Damage was further lowered and Blazing Light was altered to be calculated with the lower damage AoE values. Blazing Light currently is the standard post nerf shell of its former self. The damage isn't there anymore, which was really the reason to even try and bring/utilize them.
  23. As far as I know the damage of DoTs is applied in Full upon First application. If one Blocks when the DoT is first applied, the whole DoT is Blocked. Other than that the write up seems sound to me. Knight Chain Pull and CC are (in theory) good at Peeling Targets off their focus...but everyone has CC and CC immunities so that really loses meaning quickly. My issue with the Knight is it has no way to protect their group. Even Blocking travelling AoEs like Tornados only Blocks the incoming damage for the Knight. A Cleric Blocking will Heal their entire group every time they are struck... Templar gets the Parry Knockdown as mentioned before. A Knight used to be the anti Confessor-with the Elemental Reflect from Block I would actively seek out and Block AoEs from them. That was taken away in 5.8 and even if you slot it again with Shield Fighter... it doesn't matter against Sanctifier (which almost every current Confessor runs) because of the 50% Phys Resist Barrier that is constantly reapplying to them. Perhaps the Knight could generate Barriers for their group? Knight is still a work in progress, and probably will (and needs to) get another rework in time. Knight Class Combos are quite expensive compared to similar powers one can get from Disciplines.
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