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  1. There's not really anything more to test, at least not anything that's going to change before 5.8. 5.7 is not getting any changes so it is as it was that first month it showed up on LIVE.
  2. I'll be slapping together a character intro piece this week.
  3. Makin' Knight look good since HD Well fought
  4. I really liked the part where you dropped to 0 HP and dropped a Death Orb but didn't die, without even having Rescue on 8 } Play/Bug of the night right there! Not sure if it was the Haunt or the Standard Bearer, combined with some slight lag but good footage. Good fight, I look forward to more yet to come.
  5. You are certainly not playing the game to the fullest, what game there currently is anyways. There are active pockets of population on all factions though that might vary depending on server or time you play, ask about in General or Zone chat and you may end up running with some others sooner or later.
  6. I am pretty sure Half Elves are meant to be Half 'Wood' Elf. They do look much more like Wood Elf than High Elf to me. Wood Elf have Trailmaster, Half-Elves have Trailblazer, Humans have nothing. From the Lore of CF it can be read that High Elves maintain a very large gap between themselves and Humanity. The chances of an Elf or a Human bridging that gap is extremely slim in my mind. There are serious issues with racial balance right now, but out of combat movement speed is not something I even consider. Especially since they added Pathfinding. There are already several movemen
  7. Will players be able to use this model? Maybe a version that drops from the Urgu, a Recipe found or a Cosmetic version purchased. I believe there's a great deal of potential for Crowfall in Cosmetic Shifts for Armor and Weaponry.
  8. If it blinds the Assassin using it and all friendly targets as well I can see it being interesting. 8 } The only 'field' type CC abilities are Movement based (Roots from Arcane Archer, Cleric and Druid and Slow from Archer Stake) Scarecrow Aura of Terror comes kind of close but it builds up to one singular CC Suppress. IMO it would be OP if this was realized. If it was I think it should be like Aura of Terror. I also think it should not be a Basekit power. Maybe a Discipine such as Black Mask could get it or something else more open to other combos.
  9. I don't think I've ever laughed at that clip as much as after you missed that Rescue, probably the best use of it I've seen. Well done
  10. Pssh, average msg seemed to be 83-130 for you 8P Nice fight, still dropping those bombs I see!
  11. I think there may be some flawed logic there though. A 9Order vs 12 Chaos at that same fort had happened just earlier that day, if we want to use your statements we could probably try and calculate based on this. But that'd be wasted time IMO. Each fight is dependent on the context of that particular fight. Things such as group composition (both of Classes/Discs and Players) can make a huge difference. Tactical decisions/commands can also make a huge difference, how organized a group is, whether what they are doing is "Correct" or a "Mistake" Gear and training of the partic
  12. Yup! Wish I could have been there, only large fights I've seen have been rubber bandy slidey shows hahaha
  13. When Templar was first introduced Divine Light was far too powerful, the current damage you see with it is 20% of what it was. Divine Light needed a nerf, no questions asked (though was it too much I still wonder) Other changes have added up to hit Templar pretty hard. Not being able to generate Pips off Parrying Ranged damage effectively makes Templars completely helpless vs Ranged (but they're a group Class so it's ok...) The Attack Speed change, where they changed the Animation of the LMB making it significantly slower hurt both Damage and Pip generation. (add in the fact that D
  14. WinksIV WAS there...but not in the videos because he had died earlier on the other side of the fort to a Druid bomb... Where 2 more Chaos had also died that do not show up in the video Calesta (Templar) and Draco123(Champion) Which brings us to 16v10? Faction v Faction all players count as you are allied with everyone on that same faction.
  15. A video of Order invading and claiming Jingletap's Respite recently. 50% Chaos Assassins! Centaur Champion PoV to keep up the trend!
  16. At least HoA can count <3 Chaos: 1 Uzziah 2 Dramatized 3 DarnHippy 4 Fellwar 5 Anap 6. Gopher 7 WildOne 8 KrishKrush 9 Nerion 10 Blazzen 11 scipio 12 yianni 13 Retaliate 14 Cenwyn Order: 1 Bhaal 2 Varaxas 3 Damebix2 4 Kaanan 5 Corvax 6 Mystwraith 7 Phylor.the.Jester 8 Jah 9 EndlessAgony 14v9*
  17. While I would like to see something like this, bringing back those Hunger Dome memories, there are certain other issues I see that interfere with PvP more than this. Almost all PvP in CF is currently consensual, people want to fight on their terms, and are allowed to. If they don't want to fight they don't have to. Harvesters can just Spirit Bank their Loot and even farm very close to a Local Bank. Also, Recall is on a pitiful Casting Timer. Common Resources, which make up the vast majority of what farming provides are available at vendors for a tiny 4.5GP per. The world is fairly lar
  18. DoTs of different types do stack, and some of the same type do as well. Minor Bleed can stack up to 3x Moderate Bleed replaces Minor Bleed stacks with slightly higher damage than 3stacks of Minor (with =AP) Severe Bleed replaces all stacks of Minor/Moderate Bleeding, most of the time dealing more damage. (A Severe Bleed from someone with less AP than who applied the Minor/Moderate may not actually yield an increase in damage) The Bleed Cleanse from Knife Fighter will cleanse these. Friar has the only skill that can add Bleed Mitigation, other skills that add All Armor do not add B
  19. Based on looks I wrote Elves off once I saw the High Elf armor models as well as the revised Wood Elf Armors 8*{ I am hoping that cosmetic changes can be applied, costumes and armor/weapon/mount models will generate revenue if players are interested in them.
  20. That first fight I lost internet just before you ran in so I couldn't heal or participate 8*{ In the 3v3 Fort Fight I was frustrated by the fact the inner guards didn't aggro until you hit them and I couldn't figure out why. They just stood there doing nothing until you damaged them, at least one of the outer guards aggroed normally it seemed. The closest thing I have to a guess is that they had just respawned and the AI wasn't fully activated yet. Gotta love Champs, get attacked Tabbed out and down to 50% before they even do anything and oops they're full. Good fights, look forward
  21. I think we could contribute as well, fill in some of the blank space, there's some ideas I've been working on, though actually enacting them is more difficult. Game and EK performance also matters, you want the work to seem smooth and polished and there's some odd jerking going on sometimes. Just not sure the game is in a place for much of these right now. Almost all Racial customization has yet to be implemented, in fact we've even lost some options. We don't have emotes, nor mounts, nor large scale battles and only a few lore tidbits and descriptions from which to work from.
  22. I would agree with the second part of that. However, buying Resources and the ability to do so has nothing to do with keeping people outside of the world. This is due to the Spirit Bank and sheer vast amount of Exports available to us right now as well as the ability to Craft in Eternal Kingdoms...nothing to do with buying Resources from Vendors (who are only in the Campaigns) This is an issue I take big issue with in regards to CF. The Campaigns are dead because there is no reason to Craft in Campaigns...which means you don't need to protect the areas where your C
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