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  1. I tested the 'Resolve' system back when they had those Risen Knights/Champions/Druids Those tests were not very impressive The Knights were bugged and would SPAM their KD Combo, just go through it with no CD from one to the next KD 1-2-3 would build up to Immunity, which lasted for their KD 4-5 perhaps and then 6, 7, 8 would apply while 9-10 were immune. The Resolve Immunity ONLY lasted 2-5seconds, this is far too little IMHO. Resolve should be stronger. SWtOR had a similar system but you could choose to Activate your 'Resolve Bar' and then it would drain over time, I recall it la
  2. Step 1 Get Mats Step 2 Turn Mats into Components Step 3 Turn Components into Armor So Crowfall is a Sandbox game so often the content that is there needs to be created/provided by the players. I decided to give myself a 'Quest' if you will... Make 50 sets of Metal Armor (15 Mail, 35 Plate) This was something for me to do, keep me busy and focused and just for kicks... combined with the fact that Skill Training would be reaching abilities to make Armor Layers and Treated Steel. All the Crafting/Harvesting I did could be done with 2 accounts (I used more for bulk bank space)
  3. Chain Attack also has a substantially lengthy CD timer, about 3x the Net and Hurlbat of Myrm and Champ. Shield Slam's damage is pathetic compared to Myrmidon's Pulverize where I would expect similar damage due to 'animation time' being identical With the change from PCM to Weapon Weight with Weapons you're not going to see a PCM on a weapon lower than .05 from a Longsword combined with another .05 if you're running an Advanced Shield (which I think you probably should) Shield Bash is also problematic due to characters generating Dodge pips independently from when they are used/lost.
  4. Scorn

    Champion Heal

    I would like to see Runescarred Gladiator and Destroyer made available to other classes as they have some very neat mechanics but only available to Champions. Perhaps if other classes had such unique tailor made Discipline choices it would not be so jarring but Champion stands alone in this. The Healing from Ultimate Warrior (like most Healing in this game) is affected by both Healing Modifier and Personal Healing Modifier which allowed what 'should' only be a 30% Heal to get up to ~50% Just the fact that it is such a strong %HP based Heal makes it scale extremely well. Champion wa
  5. Looks like one of the largest fights I've seen in quite awhile, sorry to have missed it as I would have liked to have participated. How is it the 'Deathless Empire' though when people die?
  6. Disappointed I never saw a 'Not Enough Fury' Message Sorry to miss these, want to get some Myrm play in some time but Cleric takes precedence for now
  7. +1 Any argument that Templar is a group character meant to defend positions over duel solo enemies is perfectly valid. Trying to argue for smart/counter Discipline use is something entirely different and not. The main issue is that the core Pip generating mechanic of the Templar is...below average. As Jagour points out Assassins and Duelists generate a Pip per swing and have faster attack speeds than the Templar. The Templar attacks slowly, not for very much really, and only has a chance to generate a pip on that 3rd swing. Any dodge out of it or combo break and those first 2 swi
  8. Worked about as good as the one we did yesterday. It's nice to see these little moments, brings back Darkfall memories of setting up behind a rock and luring the enemy out with bait. Silly me thought you might have logged off after that mass recall you folks did after sitting in that fort for so long while we worked our way over taking the towers hahaha
  9. I can see them splitting up the current crafting trees to have further specializations like Race and Class, perhaps even allowing specialization to the point that there is an Ultimate Ingot Smelter due to all their training focus, or the Hilt crafter. Building a Bow does require different knowledge than a Staff or Book after all.
  10. Myrmidon is essentially forced into being a Half Giant because the Racial Blood of the Giant synchronizes so well with the Berserk class mechanic. Champion has several Champ only Discs (which really should be opened up to more melee classes IMO) and most of the races have something decent to offer the class From your description Champ may be what you're looking for, Myrmidon Dual Wield 1handed weapons while Champions use a 2handed Axe/Mace and have higher damage burst.
  11. The two Race trees are not mirrored, Mankind gets an additional 5% BH Lifetime while Underfoot get 5% Plethora of Dust. Not even. Hope that helps And as far as getting BH to proc you need to have that first node trained in that resource specialization as Kraahk said.
  12. For all the fun that I may have had participating in this engagement, it and several others showcase some issues with the current state of CF combat in my mind. Certain builds are very difficult to break down due to a combination of healing and defenses while others MELT. There really seems to be no middle ground and I find that problematic. Both groups had various members that were further behind on training or had inferior gear and that difference is clear. There are MANY abilities that make a person INVULNERABLE to all damage, these are often the difference between Life and Death...a
  13. I think a major reason CF combat is so messy right now is that it is generally all what I would consider "small" scale and sometimes lag can be problematic. There is a great deal of faith and hope that as these things become less common we shall see more orderly battles. Personally I am really looking forward to having something more akin to defined formations and battle lines that I believe will naturally form as the game grows and improves. It's a blast right now, the future could be fantastic.
  14. HP was changed to only differentiate between Ranged/Melee Class unless I'm missing something. I'd love to see more Confessors out in the field, sadly there is a reason (many actually) they are not. Clerics and Rangers effectively have no Resource issues compared to them is another point though it fits with some you've made. The Armor complaint is not a valid point as that affects all DPS Leather classes. Armor problems is something entirely different I think. Range is problematic. Bows have way too much compared to Magic. Would be nice to see a Distance bonus for Confessor Discs. I
  15. I would guess it's more the second. Due to constantly gaining them over time Skill points are not exactly finite, people are filling those nodes up but crafting is probably the slowest and least active thing to do playing Crowfall right now.
  16. First off, soulein's line about food being different from ability and stamina use addresses this quite well. The food consumption is NUTS in Combat. Were it a constant drain from being logged in that would be one thing. Having to stop to eat food mid fight is quite silly and can be dangerous but it does provide another stat to manage and keep track of. I can see eating a good meal before or after combat...but not during. 6 person group is not supposed to be a reality from what I've heard though that's a different matter. From what I've seen combat in CF is either very short or long
  17. Sorry to have missed it, nice work though. Tough group you got there, especially against all that melee heh
  18. Yes the difference is drastic and has been that way in CF for some time. Recent changes to certain stats have made good advanced even more insane though. Basic weapons and armor are just that, basic tools that are just enough to get your feet on the ground but not to be taken into an actual fight. I like to think of them as being made of wood...as they usually are (at least partly for most) Once you understand how the game functions it is pretty quick to farm up the materials for an advanced weapon though, if not advanced armor (especially Leather UGH) A brand new character with no t
  19. I agree with this and originally thought that was how it worked, and in some ways that's because I want it to. Stack enough armor buffs and you could be seeing 140%...except it would still be capping at 75% max. That being said I think that if Armor did overcap it would not address the problems with new players. They'd be stuck barely scratching established targets for quite awhile during which time they would most likely get discouraged and quit. I don't want people to quit
  20. I don't mind the higher mitigation values but think you should need to build/buff to get up there. Wearing mediocre plate I'm capped for Physical resists on a Knight or Templar. At this point Runecaster or Overhwhelming Odds are useless to me , as are any specific Armor buffs. I would prefer to see lower armor values from armor and training and consciously decide to build or get buffed in order to get high mitigation values like that. Of course things would need to be rebalanced which would take some effort.
  21. Armor Pen does NOT cap at 40%, that might have just been wishful thinking. 30-40% would be a good number imo. With SAFE experimentation I can get 1% Penetration on a 1hander per 2pips. So we're talking 4-6% on a Blue easily. With a Bow that number only goes up. My worries about 60% Penetration Ranger still stands. Yup yup, stats on gear right now are all over the place. Better than training in almost all cases and way more than the x10 that I was hoping for. Comparing an old big world Iron Metal Bar with 0.4 Attack power base and Copper Bar with .04Crit chance to the current Co
  22. From what I can tell there's a tag involved. Banshee's Ghost Armor and FireWall are both considered 'Melee' for example
  23. I think that with the Discipline system CF really stepped into the realm of being able to customize what a character can do and why. A large part of this is not based so much on what a class can be, but what a class is I think.But are we looking at these classes with no thought or regard to disciplines? Base kit only?It's possible, but I think that's doing the wonderful customization options available through those disciplines a disservice. Is it the classes themselves to blame for being fairly similar and homogenous or us as players/powergamers for creating builds that use only effective abil
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