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  1. A video of Order invading and claiming Jingletap's Respite recently. 50% Chaos Assassins! Centaur Champion PoV to keep up the trend!
  2. At least HoA can count <3 Chaos: 1 Uzziah 2 Dramatized 3 DarnHippy 4 Fellwar 5 Anap 6. Gopher 7 WildOne 8 KrishKrush 9 Nerion 10 Blazzen 11 scipio 12 yianni 13 Retaliate 14 Cenwyn Order: 1 Bhaal 2 Varaxas 3 Damebix2 4 Kaanan 5 Corvax 6 Mystwraith 7 Phylor.the.Jester 8 Jah 9 EndlessAgony 14v9*
  3. Scorn

    PVP Spam

    While I would like to see something like this, bringing back those Hunger Dome memories, there are certain other issues I see that interfere with PvP more than this. Almost all PvP in CF is currently consensual, people want to fight on their terms, and are allowed to. If they don't want to fight they don't have to. Harvesters can just Spirit Bank their Loot and even farm very close to a Local Bank. Also, Recall is on a pitiful Casting Timer. Common Resources, which make up the vast majority of what farming provides are available at vendors for a tiny 4.5GP per. The world is fairly large with spread out and varied resources, what Adventure Zones there are don't seem to draw people. With Multiple servers this issue only gets worse as people are free to harvest on a different server than others. There is no incentive to crafting in Campaign worlds, which leads to Crafting being done in complete safety of the Eternal Kingdoms. Overall, the world tends to feel dead most of the time, and it's not just due to a lack of Kill Feed in the chat.
  4. DoTs of different types do stack, and some of the same type do as well. Minor Bleed can stack up to 3x Moderate Bleed replaces Minor Bleed stacks with slightly higher damage than 3stacks of Minor (with =AP) Severe Bleed replaces all stacks of Minor/Moderate Bleeding, most of the time dealing more damage. (A Severe Bleed from someone with less AP than who applied the Minor/Moderate may not actually yield an increase in damage) The Bleed Cleanse from Knife Fighter will cleanse these. Friar has the only skill that can add Bleed Mitigation, other skills that add All Armor do not add Bleed Armor. Moderate Corruption and Severe Corruption are similar. Poisons from Basic Toxin and Poisoner do seem to stack, they do not replace each other. The Poison Cleanse from Poisoner will cleanse these, but not Corruption or Disease even if they are caused by a Toxin. Disease stacks up to 3x, similar to Moderate Bleed though higher damage Electrocution, Severe Burning and Frostbite (from Frost Arrows-not Scarecrow) all act as their own DoT as well. All of these DoTs can Crit upon application from my experience as well, allowing some substantially high damage per ticks to occur. Purgative from Field Surgeon will cleanse all of these.
  5. Based on looks I wrote Elves off once I saw the High Elf armor models as well as the revised Wood Elf Armors 8*{ I am hoping that cosmetic changes can be applied, costumes and armor/weapon/mount models will generate revenue if players are interested in them.
  6. That first fight I lost internet just before you ran in so I couldn't heal or participate 8*{ In the 3v3 Fort Fight I was frustrated by the fact the inner guards didn't aggro until you hit them and I couldn't figure out why. They just stood there doing nothing until you damaged them, at least one of the outer guards aggroed normally it seemed. The closest thing I have to a guess is that they had just respawned and the AI wasn't fully activated yet. Gotta love Champs, get attacked Tabbed out and down to 50% before they even do anything and oops they're full. Good fights, look forward to more as always.
  7. I think we could contribute as well, fill in some of the blank space, there's some ideas I've been working on, though actually enacting them is more difficult. Game and EK performance also matters, you want the work to seem smooth and polished and there's some odd jerking going on sometimes. Just not sure the game is in a place for much of these right now. Almost all Racial customization has yet to be implemented, in fact we've even lost some options. We don't have emotes, nor mounts, nor large scale battles and only a few lore tidbits and descriptions from which to work from.
  8. I would agree with the second part of that. However, buying Resources and the ability to do so has nothing to do with keeping people outside of the world. This is due to the Spirit Bank and sheer vast amount of Exports available to us right now as well as the ability to Craft in Eternal Kingdoms...nothing to do with buying Resources from Vendors (who are only in the Campaigns) This is an issue I take big issue with in regards to CF. The Campaigns are dead because there is no reason to Craft in Campaigns...which means you don't need to protect the areas where your Crafters need to be to Craft (Forts and Keeps) With resources as easy as they are to acquire in the game's current state (especially with the vendors) I honestly struggle to figure out why this game is not FULL LOOT.
  9. I tested the 'Resolve' system back when they had those Risen Knights/Champions/Druids Those tests were not very impressive The Knights were bugged and would SPAM their KD Combo, just go through it with no CD from one to the next KD 1-2-3 would build up to Immunity, which lasted for their KD 4-5 perhaps and then 6, 7, 8 would apply while 9-10 were immune. The Resolve Immunity ONLY lasted 2-5seconds, this is far too little IMHO. Resolve should be stronger. SWtOR had a similar system but you could choose to Activate your 'Resolve Bar' and then it would drain over time, I recall it lasting twice as long as well
  10. Step 1 Get Mats Step 2 Turn Mats into Components Step 3 Turn Components into Armor So Crowfall is a Sandbox game so often the content that is there needs to be created/provided by the players. I decided to give myself a 'Quest' if you will... Make 50 sets of Metal Armor (15 Mail, 35 Plate) This was something for me to do, keep me busy and focused and just for kicks... combined with the fact that Skill Training would be reaching abilities to make Armor Layers and Treated Steel. All the Crafting/Harvesting I did could be done with 2 accounts (I used more for bulk bank space) I was donated Meat and some Dust(For which I am grateful) but these could be farmed with a few extra hours Harvest. I also bought more materials than I needed (I originally planned on making 100 sets and forgot to change some of my math when getting Mats) I used ~105% Materials due to some Flawed Assemblies *Hopefully my math isn't too far gone with getting lost in the process, if it is so be it *Times have been rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour This was done over 5 days with an average playtime of 4-5hours a day for this project 6hours: Farm Gold ~80,000 1 hour : Purchase and Organize Materials 1/2 hour : Craft 1500 Coal(900 Wood-600 Dust) (300 crafts) 1/2 Craft 500 Carbon (300 Meat and 200 Dust) (100 crafts) 1 hour : Craft 200 Lacing Sinew (120 Meat 80Dust) AND Craft 200 Leather Padding (200 Lacing Sinew 1200 Hide) (400 crafts) 1/2 hour Craft 90 Metal Scales (1620 Ore 270 Coal) (90 crafts with Experiment) 2 hours Craft 210 Metal Plates (3780 Ore 630 Coal) (210 crafts with Experiment) 1 hour Craft 200 Treated Steel (1200 IronOre 400 Carbon) (200crafts with Experiment) 2 hours Craft 450 Armor Layers (2700Ore, 900 Hide, 900 Stone 450 Dust) 2 hour Craft 150 Metal Rings/Sheets (3300 Ore, 450 Coal 450 Armor Layers) (150 crafts with Experiment) 3 hours Craft 150 'Fillers' *Helm, Boots, Gloves* (90 Metal Scales, 210 Metal Plates 150 Treated Steel 150 Leather Padding 900 Dust) (150 Long combines) 2 hour Craft 50 Breastplates (150 Metal Rings/Sheets 50 Treated Steel 50 Leather Padding 600 Dust) (50 Long combines) Total Time Spent 20hours Total Gold used 74,250 Total Ore used 12,600 Total Hide used 2100 Total Stone used 900 Total Wood used 900 Total Meat used 420 Total Dust used 2830 I didn't get too many Flawed Assemblies so that didn't bother me, and it wasn't the time it took crafting that got to me either (though sitting for a minute watching the final cook isn't great) The Failed Experiments were really frustrating, I understand with Higher trained skills this will happen less but still I am really looking forward to BluePrints and Factories when things can hopefully Stack up on top of Clone Copies of themselves and not use so much Bank space! Final Thoughts: This was mainly to show how silly the vendor purchased resources are IMO. HOWEVER it was also a learning experience and I believe that if the prices are adjusted that there is no reason to not keep Vendors in AS LONG as their Prices are high enough so that Harvesters can get more from directly Harvesting a Node rather than Farming Monsters for Gold. Currently at 4.5 per piece it is too cheap (though not too far off) 10 would be Ideal for Whites, I can see the Potential to even allow Greens or Blues for 10/30x more Harvesters must expose themselves in the world for longer, must change RuneTools and Disciplines (which makes them weaker in Combat) and change their location. Gold spenders do not It takes Export slots to get these out of a Campaign to an EK, or risk Crafting in the Campaign itself. Also, buying mats from a vendor will not get you any Ethereal Dust while actual Harvesting will.
  11. Chain Attack also has a substantially lengthy CD timer, about 3x the Net and Hurlbat of Myrm and Champ. Shield Slam's damage is pathetic compared to Myrmidon's Pulverize where I would expect similar damage due to 'animation time' being identical With the change from PCM to Weapon Weight with Weapons you're not going to see a PCM on a weapon lower than .05 from a Longsword combined with another .05 if you're running an Advanced Shield (which I think you probably should) Shield Bash is also problematic due to characters generating Dodge pips independently from when they are used/lost. Champion from my understanding was never meant as a 'tanky' melee class but since introductions of the Massive Heal from UW combined with iFrames and Disciplines it has become so. The Champ specific Disciplines would actually work great for a Knight or Myrm as well and I would love to see those opened up. Runescarred Gladiator and Destroyer both have interesting abilities that they add and I find it a shame they are restricted to simply one class.
  12. Scorn

    Champion Heal

    I would like to see Runescarred Gladiator and Destroyer made available to other classes as they have some very neat mechanics but only available to Champions. Perhaps if other classes had such unique tailor made Discipline choices it would not be so jarring but Champion stands alone in this. The Healing from Ultimate Warrior (like most Healing in this game) is affected by both Healing Modifier and Personal Healing Modifier which allowed what 'should' only be a 30% Heal to get up to ~50% Just the fact that it is such a strong %HP based Heal makes it scale extremely well. Champion was touted as a High Damage Melee Class with lower Survivability than a Myrmidon, Templar or Knight, described as shining in one on one scenarios. Personally I wouldn't change the Heal of Ultimate Warrior so much as removing the Invulnerability it provides. Negating the ability to ignore damage and CC for a second or two when in a group fight can be huge but it wouldn't negatively affect duel style combat as much. Blood of the Giant I would keep the iFrames while still keeping the skills linked allowing a HG Champ to choose between the 2.
  13. Looks like one of the largest fights I've seen in quite awhile, sorry to have missed it as I would have liked to have participated. How is it the 'Deathless Empire' though when people die?
  14. Disappointed I never saw a 'Not Enough Fury' Message Sorry to miss these, want to get some Myrm play in some time but Cleric takes precedence for now
  15. +1 Any argument that Templar is a group character meant to defend positions over duel solo enemies is perfectly valid. Trying to argue for smart/counter Discipline use is something entirely different and not. The main issue is that the core Pip generating mechanic of the Templar is...below average. As Jagour points out Assassins and Duelists generate a Pip per swing and have faster attack speeds than the Templar. The Templar attacks slowly, not for very much really, and only has a chance to generate a pip on that 3rd swing. Any dodge out of it or combo break and those first 2 swings are wasted. In previous builds Templars could compete in a Duel...now they really can't. There used to be a lot of counter play and mind games that went into fighting as/against a Templar due to baiting out a Parry or Divine Light, that's no longer the case. Anyone who has a dodge mechanic can kite a Templar out and Pip starve them. Generating Pips on Parry versus all attacks is also important as it allows a Templar to potentially Turtle up and get some breathing room, block some CCs and maybe get some Health back. Personally I don't quite agree with the Divine Light snare though it's an intriguing idea. Templar has an AoE knockdown already as well as AoE pip gen per target. That being said, I would love to see ways to modify or specialize skills to allow things like that, perhaps reduce the damage component or range but give that snare. Not just for Divine Light but for most core class skills, I would very much like to see ways to modify and customize them a bit. I expect in a few patches we'll see a pretty hefty balance pass, there's a lot of 'dead' class skills that are completely unused due to them being 'dead weight'. Templar is in a way lucky to not have such an issue with 'dead weight' skills...but it has some serious pip issues. Edit: Also allow Templars to use the Eminently Punchable passive!
  16. Worked about as good as the one we did yesterday. It's nice to see these little moments, brings back Darkfall memories of setting up behind a rock and luring the enemy out with bait. Silly me thought you might have logged off after that mass recall you folks did after sitting in that fort for so long while we worked our way over taking the towers hahaha
  17. I can see them splitting up the current crafting trees to have further specializations like Race and Class, perhaps even allowing specialization to the point that there is an Ultimate Ingot Smelter due to all their training focus, or the Hilt crafter. Building a Bow does require different knowledge than a Staff or Book after all.
  18. Myrmidon is essentially forced into being a Half Giant because the Racial Blood of the Giant synchronizes so well with the Berserk class mechanic. Champion has several Champ only Discs (which really should be opened up to more melee classes IMO) and most of the races have something decent to offer the class From your description Champ may be what you're looking for, Myrmidon Dual Wield 1handed weapons while Champions use a 2handed Axe/Mace and have higher damage burst.
  19. The two Race trees are not mirrored, Mankind gets an additional 5% BH Lifetime while Underfoot get 5% Plethora of Dust. Not even. Hope that helps And as far as getting BH to proc you need to have that first node trained in that resource specialization as Kraahk said.
  20. For all the fun that I may have had participating in this engagement, it and several others showcase some issues with the current state of CF combat in my mind. Certain builds are very difficult to break down due to a combination of healing and defenses while others MELT. There really seems to be no middle ground and I find that problematic. Both groups had various members that were further behind on training or had inferior gear and that difference is clear. There are MANY abilities that make a person INVULNERABLE to all damage, these are often the difference between Life and Death...and I find myself wondering if they should be interfering in such a way as often as they do. The food consumption is AWFUL in combat, especially for certain classes. I ate food twice during the whole 20 minute fight this is part of and still ended at 2 Chicken bar. In this fight the Chaos group had multiple Champions as well as a Plague Lord, this could translate to -50% Healing received and -25% Healing output from Targets and Healers, which could even be combined on the same target. Even so I did not break. Neither did Xarrayne or Gradishar. This is not the first time this has happened to us. BUT if ANY of us had... we ALL would have. All 3 of us were trying our best at keeping all 3 of us alive and I find that pretty cool. But we couldn't really do anything to save or protect Phylor or Anthrage which I regret. Without damage dealers getting kills is not much of an option. I was able to get one or two as well as some close with some (un)lucky Righteous Parry but that is far from consistent or reliable. The fight started as a 9v9 from what I saw and fell into this Bunker BS for most of it. I've captured a couple of these longer fights but even at 125% speed they can last 10-20minutes per fights so have not bothered putting anything out there. I'm not sure how fun it would be to watch, some people aren't even enjoying fighting them-especially when lag is causing interference. Edit: Good fights, to my friends and to my foes I always look forward to more.
  21. I think a major reason CF combat is so messy right now is that it is generally all what I would consider "small" scale and sometimes lag can be problematic. There is a great deal of faith and hope that as these things become less common we shall see more orderly battles. Personally I am really looking forward to having something more akin to defined formations and battle lines that I believe will naturally form as the game grows and improves. It's a blast right now, the future could be fantastic.
  22. HP was changed to only differentiate between Ranged/Melee Class unless I'm missing something. I'd love to see more Confessors out in the field, sadly there is a reason (many actually) they are not. Clerics and Rangers effectively have no Resource issues compared to them is another point though it fits with some you've made. The Armor complaint is not a valid point as that affects all DPS Leather classes. Armor problems is something entirely different I think. Range is problematic. Bows have way too much compared to Magic. Would be nice to see a Distance bonus for Confessor Discs. I have no idea why they can't take Surging Spirit to be spot Healers. Similar issue with Field Surgeon, reminds me of them taking away Dryad from Pip classes because it wasn't playing nice with pips... 8*{
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