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  1. I would guess it's more the second. Due to constantly gaining them over time Skill points are not exactly finite, people are filling those nodes up but crafting is probably the slowest and least active thing to do playing Crowfall right now.
  2. Scorn

    Food > PvP

    First off, soulein's line about food being different from ability and stamina use addresses this quite well. The food consumption is NUTS in Combat. Were it a constant drain from being logged in that would be one thing. Having to stop to eat food mid fight is quite silly and can be dangerous but it does provide another stat to manage and keep track of. I can see eating a good meal before or after combat...but not during. 6 person group is not supposed to be a reality from what I've heard though that's a different matter. From what I've seen combat in CF is either very short or long lasting based on what the various sides bring to the field, in game and organization, and the context of the engagement. There's a couple different factors that all play into why sustain can be so strong, especially now. The worst offender by far in my mind is the current armor system. As far as protections go, having a straight tier system where anybody can have access to the highest mitigation possible (Plate) is problematic. Sure it takes up discipline slots but not passives or actives. It might be interesting if those Disciplines had a training requirement, though I think that door shut with Ranger arrows pre 5.0 The disciplines associated with wearing a full suit of armor are quite lackluster compared to how they were as well, not being worth the discipline slot or switching up chest, gloves, helm and boots that may be more useful. The combo system is currently screwed up, from Basic LMB attack chains to core Class defining abilities. Most higher impact skills are deeper in these combos and so are seeing the light of day less and less. Because of this damage could be seen as less than it is supposed to be. This is only worse with higher latency. Damage types can make a difference, especially with people using various counters to certain damage types. Due to less of certain classes out in the field, because of certain weaknesses and bugs perhaps, the damage spread might not be as varied as it might otherwise be.
  3. Sorry to have missed it, nice work though. Tough group you got there, especially against all that melee heh
  4. Yes the difference is drastic and has been that way in CF for some time. Recent changes to certain stats have made good advanced even more insane though. Basic weapons and armor are just that, basic tools that are just enough to get your feet on the ground but not to be taken into an actual fight. I like to think of them as being made of wood...as they usually are (at least partly for most) Once you understand how the game functions it is pretty quick to farm up the materials for an advanced weapon though, if not advanced armor (especially Leather UGH) A brand new character with no training could get the required materials for a basic grey/white weapon faster than an intermediate largely due to how rare dust is at that stage of the game. It may not be as good as many out there, but it is a much better starting point to farm up more materials with which to make an even better weapon attempt for the next time.
  5. I agree with this and originally thought that was how it worked, and in some ways that's because I want it to. Stack enough armor buffs and you could be seeing 140%...except it would still be capping at 75% max. That being said I think that if Armor did overcap it would not address the problems with new players. They'd be stuck barely scratching established targets for quite awhile during which time they would most likely get discouraged and quit. I don't want people to quit
  6. I don't mind the higher mitigation values but think you should need to build/buff to get up there. Wearing mediocre plate I'm capped for Physical resists on a Knight or Templar. At this point Runecaster or Overhwhelming Odds are useless to me , as are any specific Armor buffs. I would prefer to see lower armor values from armor and training and consciously decide to build or get buffed in order to get high mitigation values like that. Of course things would need to be rebalanced which would take some effort.
  7. Armor Pen does NOT cap at 40%, that might have just been wishful thinking. 30-40% would be a good number imo. With SAFE experimentation I can get 1% Penetration on a 1hander per 2pips. So we're talking 4-6% on a Blue easily. With a Bow that number only goes up. My worries about 60% Penetration Ranger still stands. Yup yup, stats on gear right now are all over the place. Better than training in almost all cases and way more than the x10 that I was hoping for. Comparing an old big world Iron Metal Bar with 0.4 Attack power base and Copper Bar with .04Crit chance to the current Copper Bar 0.1Crit chance AND 7.5 Attack Power base... That's one bar, no experiments, in a weapon. And a skill node gives 15-25 Attack Power... Personally I think the best way to address this is stricter caps for certain stats. This way a new player with super good gear could conceivably be on a similar level as a trained veteran with mediocre gear. ACE have brought up having multiple ways to reach the 'finish' line before and this would fit I just think it's problematic when the 'finish line' is so far out of reach for most people that you have to stretch to reach it on most characters.
  8. From what I can tell there's a tag involved. Banshee's Ghost Armor and FireWall are both considered 'Melee' for example
  9. I think that with the Discipline system CF really stepped into the realm of being able to customize what a character can do and why. A large part of this is not based so much on what a class can be, but what a class is I think.But are we looking at these classes with no thought or regard to disciplines? Base kit only?It's possible, but I think that's doing the wonderful customization options available through those disciplines a disservice. Is it the classes themselves to blame for being fairly similar and homogenous or us as players/powergamers for creating builds that use only effective abilities and disciplines? There's some ironing to be done to be sure. Champ and Ranger are 2 classes with some rough spots but I think every class has some rough spots to be honest. Some are good or bad for them. I don't think anything is overtuned to the point of needing a significant strike against it though, just smooth out those rough spots. 20% Healing received on Barbarian skill tree vs 5% in Chivalry is hogwash in my opinion. Seeing 4-5k UW Heals makes me twitch a bit I'll be honest, and not in a good way. Sure there's some classes I have a couple of different builds for, using a variety of different disciplines based on what I'm trying to do, for myself, for my group or to the enemy. And they would play very differently based on if I was trying to protect and serve or crush and subjugate. And then there's disciplines I barely touch, some I barely look at and others I practically forget about. Part of that might be my personal preference... but part of it is also because there are some WEAK disciplines out there that ARE NOT viable! Some of these were nerfed from being useful, others never were. I hope these can be addressed and brought up. The Discipline system has amazing potential I think, for the Disciplines that are there and to add in new ones. It'd be a shame to not see that potential realized.
  10. If they made Templar Counter attack only happen every 5-7s it'd need some kind of additional nudge IMO. I can see 5s max though my worry is that you'd see less Parry holds and more Tap-Counter inserted as part of standard damage routines with a CD like that. It was developed and balanced around not having a cooldown of any kind, to avoid the damage avoid the Templar and/or do not trigger it. I've had fights where I have jumped in on a Templar, seen them get Righteous Parry and I've still been able to get out of Range before it connects. I've had enemies do the same to me when I am on a Templar. Avoiding it is more difficult in group fights to be sure if there are other people who may be triggering the counter. Healing from Devotion and Divine Light do not seem to scale with Support Power from my testing with a 500SP Sword. Expose is very useful but there are ways to Cleanse it which I think is good. More interaction like that would be great I think. Move-Countermove-CounterCounter I would love to see a lesser version of Suppress that shuts down RMB moves and apply it to that Dodge Pip Remover attempt at a Shield Bash. Call the Debuff 'Vulnerable' or something. Did not know ArPen capped at 40%, nothing on the sheet indicates such so good to know. Still a bit too high with how it interacts with Armor IMO. And it's 12.5% damage if they have no Pen, you've 75% mitigation and you get the Full -.5 Personal Damage Modifier though I'm unsure which applies first and if it matters.
  11. I completely agree, it's one of my additional concerns. This game is built around damage, the skill trees especially. Sure you can cancel out some of your opponent's mitigation (though not very much with the hard cap vs no cap apparently) Sure you can cancel out some of your opponent's (and friendlies because too because Crit defense messes with Healing Crits too HAHAHA) Critical Hits But if they crit, they will crit harder and harder due to AP and Crit Damage having no respective counter.
  12. Yeah, I'd love to see more done with that kind of variety. Have Scimitar have a semi-Knight block reflect that pulses damage around you when you get hit with physical say.
  13. Yeah, I'm thinking so. And it doesn't even need to be that fine to get a trained character to cap 8*{
  14. Oooh, a Righteous Parry that Heals! That could be neat for sure. Only way a Druid can get Block is Basic Block so it's effectively covered. Scimitar and Secutor do not give the ability to Block on their own. I only foresee making Block and Power usage use different Resources resulting in disaster. So...is Oath of Will going to still give Stamina or Energy now? Ugh haha
  15. I actually think there's no problems with that. It's a class defining feature, is limited to melee range and has a big visual indicator as well. Perhaps the downtime between uses could be adjusted. I have no concern over Holy damage bypassing all armor right now.
  16. (Feel free to tag anyone you think may have some good thoughts or ideas on this) I'd like to talk about Armor Mitigation and Armor Penetration and my worries with the currently implemented system. I'll try to keep it somewhat short. This is especially relevant to my worries about new players vs established players with training/gear. This is also ANOTHER way in which Crowfall is built in such a way that characters built for damage WILL outpace and outmatch characters built for Healing or Survival. Which is understandable, Death comes for us all but the current values are too extreme. Armor Breaks can take an Armor value to -%s but do not actually increase the damage taken. 0% effective Armor value seems to be the minimum. From what I can tell from testing Armor Penetration directly cancels out a proportional amount of Armor value from a target. Currently Armor Mitigation HARD caps at 75%. You can not Over Cap this value. If someone has 40% Penetration and you have 75% Armor you have 35% effective Armor value. If you buff your Armor (with Runecaster or Overwhelming Odds) you would still have 35% effective Armor. If you were hit with a 20% Armor break you would then have 15% effective armor...except Armor breaks can be cancelled out with Armor buffs (such as Runecaster or Overwhelming Odds) So Armor Breaks and Armor buffs cancel each other out, that's fine and dandy. But Penetration is problematic. The only Penetration buffs in the game are Physical as far as I know. There are non-physical armor breaks. Because of this, Physical damage will outpace non-Physical damage when those buffs are used. There are no Penetration debuffs in the game as far as I know. Though there's plenty of Armor buffs, which don't matter for Penetration once Cap is reached. Here we can see that the cap for Penetration appears to be 100. There's something to be said for the odd mix of positive and negative numbers on display too but that's a display issue and of less concern. A fully trained Ranger can get 24% Penetration from Combat and Class training I believe. With Penetration weapons that number could climb another 15-20% With a Penetration buff that can climb another 15% We're talking about ~55-60% Penetration now Before possible Armor Breaks... With numbers like those there's not really a concept of 'heavily armored target' anymore as the most effective Armor value you're dealing with is 15-20% Add in Personal Damage Modifier from Block/Buffs and a capped out 'Tank' Blocking would be mitigating 30-40% incoming damage. But wait, that could get debuffed too by 15-20% so... Basically Tanks get shredded and there's nothing they can do. Anyone less than that Tank will only get shredded more down to the effective 0% Armor value Now that same Tank against a character without the training/gear/buffs will be mitigating a full 75% from Armor and maybe more from Personal Damage Modifier/Blocking If Armor cap were adjusted to match up to the 95% Physical Armor value given by Druid Passive (which of course loses a lot of it's value with the non-overcap) that only makes things that much worse for players without Penetration... I think there's a serious problem here but am not quite sure of the solution. I would like to find one that does not penalize stacking armor or penetration too much on a trained character but does not leave a new player drowning in the dust. I don't think allowing Armor to overcap really does it, while it would address some of my concern with cancelling out higher penetration potential it would screw the new players that much longer. Possible fixes all rest on Penetration in my mind. Allow/add debuffs that reduce a character's penetration stat. Blinds/Dazes could have this implemented, Blurred vision/Shaking Hands etc. Lower the Penetration Cap. 30% would seem to have a fairly significant effect while still allowing for Defensive builds to feel fairly 'Tanky' Perhaps as high as 40% but that's almost too much IMO 50% or more Penetration just seems obscene.
  17. @blazzen @soulein (If there's other voices that would be good to weigh in on this please tag. I'd like to get some minds together) I would like to eventually move this to a Suggestion post but would like some extra thoughts and feedback Block: (and Parry) Here I want to address the weirdness with Basic Block, how weak Cleric Block is, Knight Block's Damage Bonus and Templar Parry being strong, weak, bugged. Except I'm going to do so in the opposite order apparently. There's also the issue of Shield Passives being part of the graveyard of unused and discarded passives/disciplines. Currently Block comes in 2 different varieties. Basic Block and Class Block (Knight/Templar/Cleric) Basic Block provides 50% increase to Armor values while active and uses Resource at a fairly low consumption rate. Class Blocks decrease Personal Damage Modifier by 50% while active and use Resource...except Cleric Block which uses Stamina... Anyways, let's start with Templar Templar Parry This is still in a bugged state where sometimes a player will get "stuck" in Parry mode resulting in having the effects while not using the ability. This is both good and bad for the player involved and needs to get fixed. CC immunity is great, damage reduction is nice but the movement speed reduction is awful for a Melee and shuts down staying on a target or getting off combos. If I want to be Parrying, I'm holding down the proper button...otherwise I don't want to be Parrying! Counter Attack can be done during this time as well, but with no mobility it's not all it's been touted as being. It also completely shuts down the ability to Retaliate or do combos. Now the damage that can come from Righteous Parry is indeed righteous ( 8-} )but having no Cooldown on it can make it a little silly sometimes. I have footage of getting 10 parries off in 15seconds. Just straight up E mash. Personally I would love to see Pip generation off Ranged Attacks brought back to Parry and a short 3 second Cooldown attached to Righteous Parry. Knight Block Knight Block feels pretty good, especially once good training and PCM comes into play. The Elemental reflect can be key in a battle and having a Knight or 2 can really change the way a Caster plays...or punish them brutally for it. My main issue with the Block on Knight is the damage bonus associated with it and just how useless it can be. The duration on it is so short as to barely matter. It can stack by itself to 70% damage bonus...problem is that Damage Bonus caps out at 40% I think adjusting the duration to 5 seconds per stack and a 5% bonus could work wonders. Cleric Block This skill SUCKS. Sorry but it's true, there's no wonder most Clerics use Basic Block or Dodge instead. The Healing is TERRIBLE...90 Heal per 'big hit' with 1250 SP...yeah no. Another big issue here seems to be the resource consumption. It burns through Stamina, which is needed for Sprinting and the new Retaliate system. This really should be changed back to Mana . It didn't really make sense to have it on Stamina at all to begin with, and especially not now after the Retaliate system overhaul. It's got a nice visual too! Which only makes it more the pity that it is overlooked due to not being that good/useful right now. My suggestion is change the cost back to Mana and make Healing much stronger (it'd be SUPER cool if it could somehow scale off the damage taken...like a reverse Devotion) Basic Block: The resource cost on this seems to be a bit lower than class blocks but it does not come with additional effects. My main concern is Basic Block does not act the same way as other Blocks do. It stops CC yes, and mitigates damage...but in a way very different than all the other Blocks. Credit for this find goes to @Mytherceria afaik who I actually argued with for a bit because we were looking at different blocks lol Class Blocks give -50% Personal Damage Modifier whereas basic Block gives 50% Armor bonus Also Armor Bonus in the character sheet displays a cap of 75% but this is showing the actual cap as 50%... This creates a very odd spot for Basic Block where it loses power the higher gear/training a character has. @thomasblair Is this intentional or some odd fluke? This also leads into an issue of Block providing Stats that can be gained in different ways besides Blocking. What happens when you have Rangers, Myrmidons and Confessors running around with Mitigation levels = to a Blocking Knight/Templar? Disciplines While there are some issues with the actual skills supplied by the various Disciplines related to Shields I am here to talk about Block and various effects related to it. So those are all ignored for now. Master of Shields has a Passive 'Numbness' which modifies Blocking Big Hit Cost Multiplier by 5 Shield Fighter has a Passive 'Molon Labe' which modifies Blocking Big Hit Cost Multiplier by 8 and gives a related mini Knight Damage Bonus Stack Secutor modifies Blocking Big Hit Cost Multiplier by -.5 When it was first implemented I believe this adjusted Blocking Cost Multiplier, seemingly 1/2ing the Block cost! Later it was changed to Blocking Big Hit Cost Multiplier When these were first implemented all off these values used to be negative. 2 are now positive and 1 is negative (and a much lesser value) The cap for this stat is 13, these 3 are the only things that affect it as far as I know I assume that is 13%? And is this increasing or decreasing costs of Blocking...if it's working at all...testing on pigs was inconclusive. But what's up with Secutor? Looking forward to Tower Shields by the way but it's odd it doesn't give Medium Shield proficiency.
  18. Myrmidon charge was removed and given to Minotaur... Because Bullrush is obviously a Minotaur ability while Raging Bull and Gore are still straight up Myrmidon...
  19. A good point made. Personally the reason I love Crowfall and look forward to it furthering development is that it feels like an RTS...just super zoomed in and slowed down. Each player is a unit contributing to their 'team' winning the overall battle. Whatever a player does has an impact, be it harvesting resources, crafting upgrades or combat. That being said it makes the 'team' aspect of Crowfall that much more important, it is not very friendly to fresh players or solo players. Hopefully ACE can make it more so with variant rulesets and clean tutorial structure/game primer. I actually participated/led a stealth gank group intended to hit the enemy harvesters inside Forts/Keeps for a bit. We certainly gained more in resource wealth than we lost due to a few deaths in our few kills but it was the REACTION of the enemy team that got me smiling. After it became established that we were camping this crafting spot they had active players guarding the crafters. We SANDBOXED up Guard Duty for them and it felt AWESOME. There was clear and heavy player interaction on both sides for this to occur. With the current campaign set ups it's not that difficult to export raw materials and import finished goods crafted in the safety of an Eternal Kingdom. This could be addressed in time with lower Import/Export values on Maps as well as only allowing Import/Exports at specific spots. Also, perhaps Crafting Stations in the more dangerous campaigns could provide better results. All of this would increase the desire to guard your harvester/crafters out in the campaign. Again though, the player without a team will suffer. And the current mechanics DO NOTHING to hamper the "Uncle Bob" scenario from arising. I hope in time this is all addressed and finds a nice middle ground.
  20. I asked and was basically told "Oh, no, that shouldn't even be an option so we're taking it away." The explanation being Animations which is viable, but I hope that they get implemented in time and then Templars can really Crush... I'd also love to see Spears and 2H Sword/Axe/Mace on a Knight. Templar leaping in with a Spear would be neat and they could easily implement a "Basic Parry" along the same lines of "Basic Block" Also, looking forward to Tower Shields but now I'm getting off topic. Having played heavy Templar since it was released I think a great deal of these suggestions are rather silly and based on conjecture rather than thorough playtest. Templar has seen multiple nerfs and while I dislike some of them *cough parry pips off ranged* it is still quite viable I will admit solo Templar feels a little lackluster but it is a class that can truly shine...(literally and figuratively)
  21. I would say this is fairly accurate. I too was not much of a crafter until this latest skill wipe and I've been going pretty hard. Here's some of my additional thoughts. Gambling: The current experimentation system punishes highly trained workers using lower quality materials. They have less chance to go for the 50% risk gamble (which I'm not a fan of) It seems pretty silly to seek out a lesser crafter to better craft the lower end materials. A method I've heard discussed regarding this is a scaling risk/reward system where the reward is directly based off the risk involved, up to a point, but even that I disagree with. I don't like feeling like I am gambling with my time invested (because that's what the materials in a game truly represent-time investment to gather and craft) Personally when I am crafting 'safely' I use 2 pips at a time. It shaves a bit of time off the craft time and gives less chance for a critical failure due to less rolls being placed IMO. I suppose I shall have to test 1pip vs 2pip vs 3pip 'safe' sometime. When I see a Success or a 'Moderate Success' I don't FEEL SUCCESSFUL! I have gotten to a point where I can produce 'decent' quality product by SafePipping. It feels to me like it wastes much less materials and gives consistent results. I do not get to see the best of the best this way of course, but until blueprints are brought in I can't get reliable repeats on any of that. The total value is better as well imo. Say I make 5 weapons. A moderate success is 100top, good is 110, and amazing is 120. If I run the risk and get 4 moderates and 1 amazing the total for those 5 is 520. If I safepip I can get 5 110s for a 550 total. Sure it's not a huge total difference but it provides a consistent yield and I don't feel like 80% of my material use resulted in trash. Because of this it is my preferred method. Perhaps in time when I am overrun with materials, or if it was requested of me ("your mats your risk") I might gamble but I would not enjoy it. When Blueprints are brought in there will be more reason to do so. Weapons vs Armor Choice Weapons are still pretty one dimensional in terms of Crafting. You basically have 3 Lines for a Final Combine-Sheen, Damage and Durability. Durability is pretty much ignored because of the FLAWED mechanics of Durability loss currently in game. Tools are the only thing Durability truly matters on right now! Armor (well Chest Pieces since that's all the Mitigation is on...not great IMO) however has 5 lines. Sheen-Physical Armor-Elemental Armor-Organic Armor-Durability This makes choices when Crafting Armor Chests all the more important. You don't get any more Pips for Crafting Armor so your choices matter more. Do you maximize Resists at the Expense of Sheen? It's still quite shallow at the end of the day though and Durability has the exact same issue as with Weapons. Assembly and Experimentation Chance: With the implementation of scaling difficulty things changed up a bit, some for the better and others for the worse IMO. I don't think there's much reason to see Critical Failures on an Assembly or Experiment when the difficulty listed is 5 and you have 80-100 Skill! It's frustrating and random. Even with 100 Assembly/Experiment Chance I am seeing consistent low rolls in regards to Purple and Orange quality materials. 100 is CAP This is effectively punishing those who try to utilize the rarest materials with the best potential creating an even higher scarcity of worthwhile weapons made out of those materials. While I can understand this as being proper for the undertrained, it should not be so for a character who has reached the heights of success. The Cap for Experimentation points is 20. With no Crafting gear being implemented pushing past 15 is impossible. And there's no Crafting Armor combo in game right now afaik... However Assembly/Experiment chance CAPs are reached and not providing enough benefit. Perhaps the Assembly/Experiment chance could be adjusted so that the CAP is higher, requiring that beautiful crafting set and table to actually get there and actually making it feel like you're a Master Crafter. I believe a complete Master Craftsman should see Good results most of the time, with a decent amount of Greats and the difference in Amazing rolls should be Night/Day with someone who is their lesser. Using Epic and Orange quality material could downgrade that some, but not to the current amount it does. Crafting Speed: Currently Crafting feels in a really good spot as far as Speed goes in my opinion. It still takes me 20 minutes to create a set of armor with having all the required crafting training and stations and materials on one character. That's a pretty big chunk of time to be looking at a pretty boring UI element! I understand Crafting is going to be slowed down, which automated may not be a problem. But the time of a player is the most valuable, if a player feels their time is wasted or draining doing something then they won't enjoy it. Gaming is about having fun, enjoying the activity, and if a person is not having fun in a game they will stop playing. Also, if Crafting is slowed down resources are going to pool in an even worse way than they do. Currently harvesting can gather materials as fast as, if not faster than, they can be crafted by a single crafter. If this is slowed down this will only get worse, but if automated systems are in it might allow excess material to bleed away into product while the player plays different aspects of the game. Crafting Stations: I saw something similar mentioned in a Keep feedback thread regarding having better looking Crafting Stations at Keeps and Castles. Some of those I run with have been discussing how SWG had quality to its Crafting Stations. They were effectively items that gave you bonuses for using them. I hope Crowfall can integrate a similar system, perhaps allowing Experimentation on the Crafting Station crafts to increase Experimentation/Assembly/Speed etc. In this way you'd want to use a good crafting station to get those bonuses. Overall, I am excited about Crafting in Crowfall but strongly dislike the weight of RNG elements involved.
  22. That's not a bad book. And I HATE the gambling. It feels like such a WASTE of materials to me. I plan to be typing up a wall for my 5.3-5.4 feedbacks soon.*
  23. Such as having 7-8 passives with 3-4 major discipline passives.
  24. 1. I didn't do this as explained in a video. I have 2 passives that differ from Survival/Melee Trays which all come from my EQUIPPED Disciplines. I personally have a very strong opinion regarding exploiting bugs I know of so I take these kind of accusations quite seriously. IF someone wanted to ABUSE the issue you would be seeing 7-8 combat passives fairly often on them. 2. I've never seen a ridiculous Bleed from a Ranger, but I also have not tested if that issue is actually working on Ranger. In all my tests it only changed Base Class abilities and not power provided by Disciplines (such as BladeMaster, KnifeGrinder, SharpShooter) In the game's pre-alpha state it seems a pure fool's errand to intentionally play the game in ways that are unintended. We have been told certain things are unintended (such as Wood Ellf, Assassin and Confessor teleports going through Walls) so I do not utilize them. If I come across an issue with how the game works, logically or mechanically, I note it down and send an email with a video or screen shot to Support which explains the bug and how it functions as well as the issues with it to the best of my knowledge. I do not intentionally participate in ways that would negatively impact other players experience for the sake of my own gratification.
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