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  1. If they made Templar Counter attack only happen every 5-7s it'd need some kind of additional nudge IMO. I can see 5s max though my worry is that you'd see less Parry holds and more Tap-Counter inserted as part of standard damage routines with a CD like that. It was developed and balanced around not having a cooldown of any kind, to avoid the damage avoid the Templar and/or do not trigger it. I've had fights where I have jumped in on a Templar, seen them get Righteous Parry and I've still been able to get out of Range before it connects. I've had enemies do the same to me when I am on a
  2. I completely agree, it's one of my additional concerns. This game is built around damage, the skill trees especially. Sure you can cancel out some of your opponent's mitigation (though not very much with the hard cap vs no cap apparently) Sure you can cancel out some of your opponent's (and friendlies because too because Crit defense messes with Healing Crits too HAHAHA) Critical Hits But if they crit, they will crit harder and harder due to AP and Crit Damage having no respective counter.
  3. Yeah, I'd love to see more done with that kind of variety. Have Scimitar have a semi-Knight block reflect that pulses damage around you when you get hit with physical say.
  4. Yeah, I'm thinking so. And it doesn't even need to be that fine to get a trained character to cap 8*{
  5. Oooh, a Righteous Parry that Heals! That could be neat for sure. Only way a Druid can get Block is Basic Block so it's effectively covered. Scimitar and Secutor do not give the ability to Block on their own. I only foresee making Block and Power usage use different Resources resulting in disaster. So...is Oath of Will going to still give Stamina or Energy now? Ugh haha
  6. I actually think there's no problems with that. It's a class defining feature, is limited to melee range and has a big visual indicator as well. Perhaps the downtime between uses could be adjusted. I have no concern over Holy damage bypassing all armor right now.
  7. (Feel free to tag anyone you think may have some good thoughts or ideas on this) I'd like to talk about Armor Mitigation and Armor Penetration and my worries with the currently implemented system. I'll try to keep it somewhat short. This is especially relevant to my worries about new players vs established players with training/gear. This is also ANOTHER way in which Crowfall is built in such a way that characters built for damage WILL outpace and outmatch characters built for Healing or Survival. Which is understandable, Death comes for us all but the current values are too extreme.
  8. @blazzen @soulein (If there's other voices that would be good to weigh in on this please tag. I'd like to get some minds together) I would like to eventually move this to a Suggestion post but would like some extra thoughts and feedback Block: (and Parry) Here I want to address the weirdness with Basic Block, how weak Cleric Block is, Knight Block's Damage Bonus and Templar Parry being strong, weak, bugged. Except I'm going to do so in the opposite order apparently. There's also the issue of Shield Passives being part of the graveyard of unused and discarded passives/disciplin
  9. Myrmidon charge was removed and given to Minotaur... Because Bullrush is obviously a Minotaur ability while Raging Bull and Gore are still straight up Myrmidon...
  10. A good point made. Personally the reason I love Crowfall and look forward to it furthering development is that it feels like an RTS...just super zoomed in and slowed down. Each player is a unit contributing to their 'team' winning the overall battle. Whatever a player does has an impact, be it harvesting resources, crafting upgrades or combat. That being said it makes the 'team' aspect of Crowfall that much more important, it is not very friendly to fresh players or solo players. Hopefully ACE can make it more so with variant rulesets and clean tutorial structure/game primer. I actua
  11. I asked and was basically told "Oh, no, that shouldn't even be an option so we're taking it away." The explanation being Animations which is viable, but I hope that they get implemented in time and then Templars can really Crush... I'd also love to see Spears and 2H Sword/Axe/Mace on a Knight. Templar leaping in with a Spear would be neat and they could easily implement a "Basic Parry" along the same lines of "Basic Block" Also, looking forward to Tower Shields but now I'm getting off topic. Having played heavy Templar since it was released I think a great deal of these suggestio
  12. I would say this is fairly accurate. I too was not much of a crafter until this latest skill wipe and I've been going pretty hard. Here's some of my additional thoughts. Gambling: The current experimentation system punishes highly trained workers using lower quality materials. They have less chance to go for the 50% risk gamble (which I'm not a fan of) It seems pretty silly to seek out a lesser crafter to better craft the lower end materials. A method I've heard discussed regarding this is a scaling risk/reward system where the reward is directly based off the risk involved, up to
  13. That's not a bad book. And I HATE the gambling. It feels like such a WASTE of materials to me. I plan to be typing up a wall for my 5.3-5.4 feedbacks soon.*
  14. Such as having 7-8 passives with 3-4 major discipline passives.
  15. 1. I didn't do this as explained in a video. I have 2 passives that differ from Survival/Melee Trays which all come from my EQUIPPED Disciplines. I personally have a very strong opinion regarding exploiting bugs I know of so I take these kind of accusations quite seriously. IF someone wanted to ABUSE the issue you would be seeing 7-8 combat passives fairly often on them. 2. I've never seen a ridiculous Bleed from a Ranger, but I also have not tested if that issue is actually working on Ranger. In all my tests it only changed Base Class abilities and not power provided by Discipl
  16. So Retribution loses power the higher your resists actually are. It is not a direct Reflect but one that takes a percentage of the damage you take and puts it on the enemy. At low Armor values Retribution is quite powerful but at super high values it's weak. I actually see Thorns becoming useful at high armor values!
  17. Yup yup, one ignorant or innocent person's use is not damning in group fights though it's still messed up and quickly fixed. It's like people are sitting on potential nukes and nobody wants to actually utilize them. I know what I COULD be doing and I want to try my UTMOST to NOT.
  18. Yeah, after today I'm all paranoid but checked other videos and it seems they're dealing with the same issue which is a relief. Seeing plenty of 5-6 passives @Tinnis It's actually been uplifting for me to see that the various groups have essentially agreed that use of it is unacceptable as they got knowledge of it.
  19. There's a Rend bug? I thought Champ was pretty much fixed except for the slide on leap
  20. Starting to get back into Knight lately Damn, that Rend hit hard! And of course midair Chain Pull for the win
  21. I would love to see Shields come with BOTH -Damage Modifier and a -Personal Damage Modifier based on the size of shield. This way by equipping a shield you will both TAKE and DEAL less Damage. Would also love to see more classes be able to use them, like a Templar. Basic Block and Knight Block seem to be in decent places, Cleric Block however is pretty bad. I hope that this can change and Cleric Block brought up to the rest in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
  22. They could start by bringing back the Kill message from Hunger Dome!
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