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  1. So Retribution loses power the higher your resists actually are. It is not a direct Reflect but one that takes a percentage of the damage you take and puts it on the enemy. At low Armor values Retribution is quite powerful but at super high values it's weak. I actually see Thorns becoming useful at high armor values!
  2. Yup yup, one ignorant or innocent person's use is not damning in group fights though it's still messed up and quickly fixed. It's like people are sitting on potential nukes and nobody wants to actually utilize them. I know what I COULD be doing and I want to try my UTMOST to NOT.
  3. Yeah, after today I'm all paranoid but checked other videos and it seems they're dealing with the same issue which is a relief. Seeing plenty of 5-6 passives @Tinnis It's actually been uplifting for me to see that the various groups have essentially agreed that use of it is unacceptable as they got knowledge of it.
  4. There's a Rend bug? I thought Champ was pretty much fixed except for the slide on leap
  5. Starting to get back into Knight lately Damn, that Rend hit hard! And of course midair Chain Pull for the win
  6. I would love to see Shields come with BOTH -Damage Modifier and a -Personal Damage Modifier based on the size of shield. This way by equipping a shield you will both TAKE and DEAL less Damage. Would also love to see more classes be able to use them, like a Templar. Basic Block and Knight Block seem to be in decent places, Cleric Block however is pretty bad. I hope that this can change and Cleric Block brought up to the rest in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
  7. They could start by bringing back the Kill message from Hunger Dome!
  8. Am so disappoint. Did expect use of "Thorns" and "Prickly Skin" Discipline... Oh wait, those Disciplines are complete jokes and wouldn't help you in a fight at all! Thought about trying to do similar videos myself, looked fun and nice work. Even though I know how much potential damage there is with Duelist I was not prepared for that burst <3
  9. The start of a video story idea I had using the Eternal Kingdoms system in the MMO Crowfall. Thanks to all who were willing to help out, much appreciated. We had a rough layout of the introduction and the actual engagement was improvised. I narrated the edited video as if telling a story, trying to maintain the dichotomy of Crowfall being both serious and tongue in cheek. Hoping to eventually get my EK population limit increased so that I can do more of these type of things with more people as well as use the EK and the assets I have for a network hub for social interaction, trade and training. EK performance was jittery yesterday which was kind of frustrating but I have no idea when I'm going to have to rebuild so wanted to do something ASAP. Please feel free to provide feedback and thoughts.
  10. This new system actually decreases incentive to try and "bootstrap" a Craft or "Amazing Assembly" as it is termed here. Not only are the chances quite low according to what's stated here but you would also be Increasing the Difficulty of the Craft.
  11. I've argued that Secondary stats need to be much higher for quite awhile. Stats, buffs, and gear need to feel like they matter! A new player was asking about things the other day, and Iron being +AP came up. They asked if anybody had tried a Knight in full Iron...I didn't have the heart to speak up and dash those hopes. Currently the classes are very constrained, it's essentially impossible to create a character that goes against the grain of what the class starts as. Non Healer Healers just don't exist, not enough Support Power to make even a dent.
  12. A quick run through of what I've done over the past week using the Eternal Kingdom free placement in terms of parcels and building pieces using what I have and have received from various donations. Hoping to make this EK grow and become a place to do Community events, Trading and Training. I was planning on recording narration over the original video but actually was ok with what I'd said during it as well as the compression effect on my voice.
  13. These things will be revised and fixed in time. We still have a crafting system heavily dependent on ideals and factors that are not currently implemented.
  14. While I'd heard and it weighed on my mind I didn't know where/how to pay respects until this thread. I will continue to appreciate and value the time I got to play with and against him in Darkfall. He was memorable and will continue to be remembered.
  15. I wouldn't say a 118top end mace is a poor advanced weapon, that's really high end as far as slag is concerned. Also thanks for the reminder, chat is frozen in place on 5.4 and doesn't go away even with Alt-Z
  16. Nice video Makkon, I've been really wanting to try bringing my Myrm and Champ out again but never actually commit to doing so. Well done and I enjoyed the music
  17. It was a slide show for some people, fairly playable for others. I think overall everything seemed to work as intended, though certain skills seem to damage trees/walls more than I would expect. Big thanks to Smilgax for sticking with me as they could for that 9:00 attempt to hold the bottom floor haha 8 } The worst part functionality wise IMO was when the NW wall "rebuilt" it's foundation in a part of the siege not showcased here. It affected both sides pretty badly I think and should certainly be looked at changing for the future. I understand building destruction has gone through a few iterations and recent changes but it needs more still. Walls should not "rebuild" in such a way as combatants can get stuck or it can block and separate members from their team/group/faction. My PoV was actually being inside the wall but I am sure there are others who captured the moment that wall "rebuilt" from a better vantage point. This happened only 3 minutes after the wall was destroyed.
  18. Currently there's an issue with the RNG of experimentation yielding a great many...less than desirable results. Advanced weapons with failed or low experiments. What if there was a way to improve them to a certain point, perhaps infuse them with the remnants of another? I think there could be two ways to do so with the same general idea. A Runestone infused with a weapon sigil that allows a poorly made weapon to be improved at the cost of additional resources(perhaps as much as another weapon entirely) -Create an Item that can Improve a Craft Result to a certain point. Any system like this would need limits.| OR -Create an Item that can Infuse/Meld with another lesser item of the same type to create a better version (or maybe a second chance at experimentation) Much like the Weapon Discipline requiring an Advanced Weapon to make, these Runestones too could use up an entire Weapon; perhaps one running low on durability or simply another one you don't wish to use. While not a direct salvage system it could operate in a similar vein and hopefully increase the overall quality of bottom level equipment.
  19. I've said this in audio form several times but perhaps typing it out may get more exposure. RNG in games is (IMHO) mostly meant to mimic the role of "skill" and "luck" in undertaking various tasks. There are certain games it makes sense for, of which I think action targeting and loot based games are much less a part of. In a game where you can select your target via the in game systems and your attacks unerringly home in on them there needs to be a system to decide how well your attacks actually do. So you have hit chance, crit chance, parry, dodge, block etc. All of which can be affected by the stats and RNG of either target. In shooter style games all of these are placed directly into the players hands. Hitting an opponent becomes much more a matter of skill, how you aim, how they move, use of terrain and stealth etc. In strategy games building a unit/structure/upgrade costs certain resources which can be found and harvested around the map. Harvesting these resources is at a set rate of time for reward. Risk is brought in because Opponents can interfere with each others resource income by attacks and harassment on the harvesting units which can be just as, if not more effective than attacking a base or army directly. Crowfall follows the second models more than the first. Though some attacks can be difficult to dodge or block due to lack of telegraphing or raycast spontaneity, all can be. Melee is especially prone to this due to the short range of most of the attacks and current mobile nature of CF combat. I wouldn't mind if Harvesting/Crafting felt more like a Strategy game though instead of the current slot style gambling it feels like to me. With Harvesting you run the risk of losing resources to other players. Either from them picking the 'doobers' up before you or them killing you and taking them off your corpse before you can bank them. I would love Crafting to seem like I am using and allocating the resources I have available as I see fit, to try and use them to the best of my ability. To actually think and plan logistically instead of hope and perhaps pray. Yield and results would still depend on skill training and perhaps some resources would be lost/wasted during crafting...but certainly not to the current extent. Crowfall does not NEED as much RNG as it has. A great deal of the risks are already inherent to the nature of the game being skill based competitive PvP with Loot!
  20. I'm not sure doing away with the complete failures as described for 5.4 will so much fix the underlying issues so much as cover them up. There is something seriously wrong with Crafting RNG, and I don't know if this carries over into Experimentation or not. It doesn't seem to, but it's hard to be sure, though my own frustrations with the Experimentation system being so RNG based are somewhat different. I have made 120 attempts now at a "final combine" for weapons. 114 of them have been successful and I have not failed ONE in the last 45-50 attempts. Due to Experimentation RNG though 80% of these are junk weapons. And then you have the opposite side of the coin where players are failing consecutively night after night...(and have been doing so for MONTHS) Either way there is an underlying issue, this currently creates unrealistic expectations and frustrations with the state of the game's crafting system. 5.4 will only complicate things further, I hope it all turns out for the better.
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