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  1. Do you mean that the player would receive the finished item but without any experimentation potential, or is it a blue print that could be used to make such an item?
  2. You aren't going to see that argument from me because I don't actually think it should exist. Like you said. "it’s the failures that an potentially waste hours worth of time that are. Someone who is new that decided to go out and harvest for an hour to make s slag weapon only to fail will mostly likely quit. Hell, I’ve had people who are use to it that quit for the night." I have too, and I think it's terrible. Terrible for the people it happens to and terrible for the health of the game and community. Not quite sure why or where you are pulling your assumed perception of how I feel about this. I never said I do not care, I do so very much and want it to change. In previous iterations the RNG seemed accurate to me as I crafted and would fail or succeed in numbers that reflected that. BUT there have always been those who fail far more than the RNG leads to believe...and I currently seem to be experiencing the opposite. The fact that crafting is RNG based is frustrating...the fact that experimentation is RNG based is frustrating...the fact that you can completely lose your time won materials can be frustrating. Crafting is gambling with virtual currency and real time investment and it sucks. IMO RNG exists to simulate "skill" and I would much prefer that there was as little RNG as possible. Some of the most fun playing games I've had were games with barely any RNG. Though of course this would pull CF more towards FPS/RTS/Survival than the RPG in some peoples' minds. *I* would love to see Crowfall go this way. Because combat is aim based we could reduce the RNG. Harvesting is based on stats and luck...why not just stats? You invest time and a set amount of points into your character and gear, the risk is already that there might be players looking to kill you and take your loot. Crafting is based on stats and luck...why not just stats? You've already invested a certain amount of time, materials and points into your craft, I see no reason to make it a slot machine as well.
  3. Attempted to get out and fight the Chaos faction last night... It didn't go that great 8-) 50% Wood Elf Population too strong! <3 Fights were 12-14 Order against 14-16+ Chaos Good fights as always, looking forward to more. Trying something new, feedback is always appreciated. Just providing my memories of the evening (All views presented are just my personal opinions-though the footage speaks on its own)
  4. I'm at 30/32 successes so far... This luck based crafting is such a mess
  5. That moment Blazzen's Myrm reaches Xarrayne and you just see the HP melting... 8
  6. I'm just going to leave this here... 90minute crafting session-damn my luck https://www.twitch.tv/videos/209310501
  7. Perhaps I misspoke, I meant changes to balance, slight nerfs and buffs to ensure that overall the field of battle does not become stale with every group essentially identical. Adding in access to certain Disciplines depending on the Battlefield would be part of that.
  8. I would love to see each map actually be a "Battlefield" and a "Campaign" be a series of Battlefields. Enhance Skill Training speed considerably and wipe Training for each Campaign. This would allow for each patch to make sweeping changes to keep "meta" moving as well as allow "new" players to get into the action fairly quickly and never be that far behind.
  9. Scorn


    Nice! Was awesome seeing your guys PoV for when I was trying to test the updated catapults, buggy as they were. Looking forward to seeing more of you guys around.
  10. All the Archery disciplines are rather disappointing IMO. They add barely any new abilities making any non-Ranger who slots them having some empty slots or a ranged bar with mostly buffs and utility skills. The charged LMB are still where the majority of the damage comes from for all of these and this makes Archery VERY bland I think. IMO change the Charge LMB. Allow Rangers and Sharpshooter access to it, making it a skill, with little to no CD still and make LMB 'plinks.' They would still be holdable to line up shots but no charge bar building for big damage per hit. Healers can and do Heal more HP per cast than non Healers but with little training and SP it seems low. Tanks could have more group damage buffs or mitigation buffs to try and ensure they are a target of value instead of 'try to ignore until everyone else is dead' That is almost the opposite of what a Tank wants to be heh. I also have issue with Disciplines being very limited to certain classes or practically useless compared to other ones.
  11. Secondary stats are still a big concern of mine. Why bother with +HP/SP/AP if it won't create a noticeable effect?
  12. I would agree with Anhrez and Caenth BUT if Intermediate Recipes are some truly new and in between Basic and Advanced in terms of cost and potential I can see some it working out. Also, based on the flowchart station interface teaser I am REALLY hoping that using a station removes FAILURES or at least only has 1 FAIL roll? Any chance this could be confirmed/denied?
  13. Unless they changed how AP affects damage that should yield ~4-5% damage increase. However, I find your suggestion regarding buffs adding an additional damaging strike to be inspiring as that could lead to all sorts of buffs and options for the future. Whether that is a realistic/easily integrated concept for this game may be a different matter though. *Insert shameless plug for Half Giant Knight/Druid/FW... Elken 5 classes vs HG 3...*
  14. A "Mega" Discipline adding significantly to a secondary stat maybe effectively making certain players "Faction Boss"? There's definitely something to play with in regards to Lore and the Gods imbuing a Crow with more favor.
  15. Started playing Knight a bit more after this write up. Tinnis hits the nail on the head with the following CD issues. I found some interesting things. Knight feels almost laughable to me right now, and not in a good way. I disagree with these sentences for a few reasons. I am still quite worried about the Knight's place in 5.3 because of the CD/Damage/Block disparity, especially with the introduction of Cleric which has a Block that Heals their team... Templar can maintain their Parry indefinitely so long as they take damage to recharge it...when a Knight starts blocking there is a reason for it, to try and eke out a bit more life for themselves or comrades (with Cleric that part goes obsolete... why have a Knight Block for you when a Cleric could and Heal you at the same time?) or to try and reflect some Fire/Electric/Frost? damage. Templar Parries because they are taking damage and enemies are nearby... A Knight Blocking will run out of Stamina if they take any decent damage while a Templar sits there and Heals while dealing damage to any in Range... Also...Weapon Damage on a Knight apparently barely matters aside from the Basic Attack and Shield Reflect! You see it's not the Sword the makes the Knight dangerous but rather their Shield! 8-} I am not sure what *needs* to be done to *fix* the Knight. Perhaps...(just wanting to provoke more discussion and thought, from players and builders) Block mitigations could be increased? All damage types could be reflected? Blocking Knights could get a wider hitbox in order to better protect their team? Knight Passive 'Second Wind' could apply to entire group? Give Knight access to Destroyer/Runescarred Gladiator Disciplines (with Legio being phased out these Discs would only be for Champs...and Knights have a 'Second Wind' already! Both Disciplines seem in line with Knight kit and one could argue Runescarred for Myrmidon as well but I am getting off topic) In groups I feel like I contribute so much more on a Templar than a Knight currently... more damage, more healing, more pressure. Playing Champ or Myrm the damage is much higher, Myrm Ranged Net has <1/2 the CD of Chain Pull even if it did work.
  16. Good fights! Was nice for me to see some more numbers on a live server besides an EK duel/practice. I remember every time I saw those ghost pouring out of you thinking to myself "Nope, I think I'll just avoid these..." Druid can be so slippery 8 }
  17. These are things that should be addressed. I play predominantly melee and I feel pretty good about 5.3 and most classes having a place there...except Knight. It worries me
  18. Those Maces are Slag .335 PCM 78-99damage... I would say that a Major Part of the Damage Component comes from Taste for Blood (Class passive) and then Poisoner as it cuts right through Basic and Chain Armor due to them having no Resistance. Myrmidon left click damage has some massive variance, the same left click can be anywhere from 2-600 for me. I went into the Tyranny tests with 3 Myrm weapons and promptly broke 2 sets of Axes leaving the Maces which I have tried to preserve and use to their full potential. One of those sets was a Blue 140 Top end... and Tinnis has some interesting Whirlwind footage right before they broke.
  19. I enjoy playing a variety of the classes Crowfall has to offer. The only ones I would say I don't play at all are Druid, Confessor and Duelist. While a majority of my playtime is probably on a Templar (Or Centaur if Healing is desired) I try to make sure I still put in time with the other classes I enjoy as well. Over the past 2 weeks I have done so with a Myrmidon and Champion at the Community Skirmishes CAL has kindly been hosting. Some of these were streamed and may get edited to make their way here at some point. Here is a small compilation of 3 fights I found myself in, 2 of them solo and 1 3v3 ambush while I was playing a Myrmidon and Knight. There are many reasons why none of the fights are 'impressive' but they were all enjoyable to me and certainly reflect on the Crowfall experience which I intend on continuing to showcase regardless of performance.
  20. I would argue Bull Rush is better than Pursuit actually, it feels less spastic to me at least. However both of these are a joke to land compared to the ease with which I can hit a Templar's Censure. I haven't played a Knight seriously for quite awhile, and do somewhat regret it. I try to keep a good rotation of all the classes that interest me but due to inherent bugs and issues have been spending less time with the Knight, Champion and Myrmidon. Chain Pull and Net combos(both the Pull and the Charge) are both very buggy and annoying. That Knight's Shield Block and Templar's Parry provide the same amount of Damage Reduction is a little bit frustrating to me, especially combined with the Counter-Attack Templar's have access to vs the Elemental Reflect of a Knight. I would love to get some variety with being able to use either ability on both a Templar or a Knight. The changes to Stamina Costs did help alleviate the struggle the Knight was facing with regards to PCM issues but that was only one of several issues the Knight currently finds itself mired in. As it is Knight feels very...lame...compared to a Templar. Not conceptually but performance wise it falls behind. Almost everything a Knight can bring to a fight a Templar can as well, with additional features to boot. Some Knights fairly along in their training do do quite well for themselves but the class itself IS still suffering. One thing I've always thought might be interesting would be widening the hitbox of a Knight in Block stance allowing them to Block/Cover more ground for themselves and their team. * Another thing that needs to be considered IMO is the Shield Disciplines and how they interact with Block efficiency. Secutor SUBTRACTS -.5 Big Hit Block efficiency whereas others ADD Big Hit Block efficiency... Molon Labe is +8 and Numbness is +5 (from Shield Fighter and Master of Shields) * Can someone explain why that is and if it's intentional?
  21. Boars actually do/did(I haven't tested in a bit) have quite a high physical mitigation stat, more than players in basic I would say. I have seen a great deal of remarks lately about power discrepancy regarding trained/untrained characters and my opinion is that it varies from Class to Class. It did bother me for the first 2 months of my training but once those were up I felt like I could make up the difference against several more advanced players stat sheet skill. It exists yes, but the extent to which it does is vastly different depending on Archetype. Confessors, Knights and Duelists suffer from the worst of it IMO. Even worse than the Archetype skill separation though is the Core Combat Tree differences (which do take longer granted) which can grant a significant amount of damage. 5.3 may change those numbers, for better or worse. Also, it is important to note that other factors such as *CRITS*, Attack Power differences and Glass Cannon could also be affecting end results. In that Durenthal video I saw some basic attacks for ~700s as well as a Critical Hack for 1400, is it that Chain Pull is a Ranged Ray? Also it seems certain accounts still struggle with ABYSMAL lag in combat for whatever reason.
  22. I kinda hate to admit it but this would be useful. It's so wrong...but that's how today's corporate society seems to work, it all comes down to the numbers...
  23. And keeps you slowed as well, incredibly annoying, I wish I knew what caused it. In PvP it didn't seem to happen all that often to me but it seems almost every time I fought Cats or Boars I would get stuck in Parry Mode. And as far as Righteous Parry stacks(AFAIK), eventually you can't Parry anymore, not sure if it stops the damage reduction too but you can't Counter-Attack while the count is high.
  24. Half Giant Knights with Tower Shields! I can still hope... And I am looking forward to more testing, playing and content as always.
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