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  1. A number of good points have been raised in this thread and while I may have an opinion on most of them I want to concentrate on the 'harvesting is boring.' Harvesting is boring, and that is the general consensus...the activity in its current form is pure banality. There are few people willing to guard those doing it, and even fewer willing to do it, the dull nature of the action is almost mindless and soul sucking. This is one of the contributing factors leading people to logging off, and perhaps even not log on again. Combined with RNG upon RNG upon RNG in regards to crafting a final project and the entire ordeal is overwhelming and frustrating (failure on final crafts, bad experimentation yielding a TERRIBLE PRODUCT even with AMAZING MATERIALS etc.) I harvest very few hours a week, and craft even less than that, it is quite draining... even my wasted time wandering an empty server looking for a solo fight or a fort to capture feel MORE MEANINGFUL though they are often fruitless. Putting the Basic Weapon Racks into the game is definitely a step in the right direction IMO, it is important to let the customer feel they are getting something from a product they paid for (even if it is just 'testing') and that their time is being respected. While it is important to maintain the competitive PvP nature of the game and strategic use of resources... turning people away (unintentionally for the most part) due to having too high a point of entry in regards to time usage is a flaw.
  2. I believe so...to 'make' a 72 hour Tome an Account would have to accumulate 72 hours of TimeBank (Training time not actually Training) I got the idea that consuming a Tome added to an Account's TimeBank in that Skill Tree I'm not quite sure though if it's limited to 1 skill or just used to add to the Consumers TimeBank for that Tree
  3. A Tome provides up to 72hours of training...with Diminishing Returns. At 0% Trained using a Tome for that Skill would be 72 hours worth...at 50% it would only be 36 hours worth. As for using the Time Bank yourself you can use what Time is Built to progress in that Skill Tree (up to 24 hours stored for non VIP, 30 days for VIP)
  4. They act as a 'World Bank' without an Import/Export limit but also being wiped along with the server if it goes that way. As far as Trading the smaller Trade chests and /Trade command work, or killing an opponent and planting something on their corpse.
  5. One of MANY great fights that has happened over the past few days, it's really exciting to have been part of so much conflict lately and I look forward to more! Here 11 Order take on 13 Chaos at the mine on Tyranny
  6. The current server map may be too large for the population. Even with 60+ people online the fights were few and far between and I saw 3-5 new players asking where they could go to get fights. Bloodbath solved this issue in regards to the size, and the siege test map seemed built for constant action based around sieging. Perhaps future iterations can return to a smaller map with localized resource hubs.
  7. Never before has a Centaur's Axe tasted so much blood! 8 } It was some good fights and fun messing around with a few off the beaten path builds for me Looking forward to seeing you guys some more, for being so fresh to the game those 2 guys did quite well
  8. That was a good time... the 8k Xarrayne death orb was HILARIOUS. I just don't like that with no reason to fight other than to fight and win (no time limit or poi to hold/protect) 3 faction battles are mostly spent rotating and backpedaling to try and not get sandwiched, with all sides looking for an advantage to exploit (such as when the others are engaged) Good fights all, was a blast, this all started by doing some organized scrimmage fights with Balance which eventually led to these engagements. Nice work UDL folks, handled the situation quite handily. As always, I look forward to more fights and action over the coming growth of this game
  9. Why no Half Giant Knight? It seems due to Cleric there is already the 1h/Shield animation set involved and even Nomadic/Barbaric cultures such as the Half Giant would have noble and highly disciplined soldiers, that or similar to having the Male Fae hiding in the cities and more civil areas there could be off shoots, Half Giants trained in Knightly Orders. However, that would make the race almost identical in class decision to Stoneborn... Why no Half Giant Rangers? As Barbarians and Nomads surely they would have scouts, trappers and hunters I would think. Looks awesome though!
  10. Here's another viewpoint of that same fight, Healer PoV and playing with some of the weather/lighting graphical options, it really brings out the skill effects and leads to a less idyllic world imo. The latest patches have really shown more of what potential the game has to offer. Had many a good fight and I only hope for even more
  11. Good fights! It's been a blast on Tyranny so far, exploring and fighting the map and seeing the game start to come into its own.
  12. Nice! Looks fun, definitely want to get some fights like this in time. It feels like awhile since I've been in a fight that wasn't just open field/temple.
  13. As far as the teams go, numbers wise I believe they started out balanced, but that changed. I believe Chaos won 2 of the 6 that were had? Once the imbalance was noted, Chaos received an influx of players which helped. The random team generation though did leave a few more veteran names on one side than the other it seemed to me, which is/was unfortunate. However I would like to think everyone involved had a good time and the server held up admirably. Performance was stable for me throughout the evening, albeit with some FPS drops. It was a good event, good to get people together and show some larger fights than the current active guild groups manage to get together. It also allowed for many unaffiliated people to get into group combat and see a whole new side of the game. I look forward to seeing how the game keeps growing and wouldn't mind more of these events, if people are interest could certainly get more! Also, watching various footage there's a clear divide between those who understand more aspects of the game and class mechanics than others. Perhaps a training camp would be in order. #Combat 101
  14. If your prize pool for the campaign is limited by how you are actually able to perform during moments of conflict and war this should not be a problem. It doesn't matter if someone plays 24/7 if they still can't win their fights. Now, if there's some kind of 'participation' prize that will make things different. Worse depending on how things are organized. The truth is we don't know, so we wait and see. It's a Pre-Alpha still according to current description so I don't worry about it very much. | But being around when someone else is not, can be, has been, and always will be a viable tactic-in life and in games. Also, it's very possible for the 'no-lifers' to be friends with and allies of people who have 'lives.'
  15. The idea has merit, if we could get people to follow and support it. But I think you overestimate value by a bit. Dust is very easy to get, and would/could be even more plentiful if people potted for it or trained for it. However, with no direct correlation to anything in game this could be very difficult to pull off.
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