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  1. If your prize pool for the campaign is limited by how you are actually able to perform during moments of conflict and war this should not be a problem. It doesn't matter if someone plays 24/7 if they still can't win their fights. Now, if there's some kind of 'participation' prize that will make things different. Worse depending on how things are organized. The truth is we don't know, so we wait and see. It's a Pre-Alpha still according to current description so I don't worry about it very much. | But being around when someone else is not, can be, has been, and always will be a viable tactic-in life and in games. Also, it's very possible for the 'no-lifers' to be friends with and allies of people who have 'lives.'
  2. The idea has merit, if we could get people to follow and support it. But I think you overestimate value by a bit. Dust is very easy to get, and would/could be even more plentiful if people potted for it or trained for it. However, with no direct correlation to anything in game this could be very difficult to pull off.
  3. They seem to add differently to different skills from what I have seen so far. Which is of course only more confusing and frustrating heh
  4. I think having a player limit per faction could help alleviate this, each and every player needs to matter in some way. Seeing someone write in global today about how they felt special due to their perception training in Harvesting made their Harvesting superior to my own was a good thing, this is the way the game is designed and should be going imo. Having additional inactive accounts clogging the system would actually hurt your side in this scenario, though it would likely lead to multiple smaller size campaign wars on going at the same time. Which could help shape the world and game story in a different way.
  5. I still had Shadows on for this recording, will try taking them off and see if/how performance increases. Hope the quality was alright
  6. Had some good fights on Thursday when the servers came up. Some small scale 3v3 and larger scale fights as people logged on. Won the first few, then lost the last two. Here is the last of those between Order and Balance! I died, but still had fun. Interesting to see how things shape up and how powerful some skills and combinations can be. Good fights, looking forward to more. Dem confessors though...
  7. I would agree, it seems quite silly that basic crude weapons have better PCM than the Advanced versions using better materials in greater quantities. Hell, I've actually used Basic Weapons on Knight, Myrmidon and Centaur due to the PCM being so much better. This is also a reason Blood Pact is often used, because it hurts a lot when you can barely get 1-2 skill chains off before needing to recharge. Also, tooltips and abilities need investigation, as they can be...wonky. There should be no reason I am seeing differing resource values remaining after using skill chains with the same combined resource cost. Or that a skill chain uses more resource than a different skill chain-that according to the tooltip should have a lesser cost!
  8. As a Knight I have been playing with BOTH active and passive Power Cost Multiplier reduction skills, when my weapons have averaged .4-.6 PCM... As a Myrm the same can be said, I feel I spend most fights just waiting to charge up resource and hoping to get a use out of it, it's super painful with both of these. As a Knight I must choose between Blocking (for a very miniscule amount of time) or trying to get a Combat Combo off, with Myrm I use all my Fury and then run away to refuel...it isn't fun. Heard Druids complaining about similar issues with regards to their essence. I get gating things, behind resource and behind cooldowns...but when your class is SO resource starved compared to others it is frustrating. At least Templars being starved is due to skill of them or their opponents, Knights and Myrms just have to deal with it as part of their 'mechanics'
  9. Congrats anhrez! Glad you could do it and share the experience with everyone
  10. Sorry about that, I said I didn't want to fight lol, just showcasing the stupidity of what was wrong 8*{ Even asked Ginko hopefully if he got it all heh It's been reported and shown in videos from Durenthal and Destrin, pretty sure Blair was referring to it in his words in the feedback thread on Thursday when he responded to SoberSoul asking about no CDs "There was a tech fix put in this build that was supposed to fix a cooldown bug with the mini cooldown bubbles. Based on reports sounds like it did far worse. Will have engineering try and get in a fix tomorrow."
  11. This has nothing to do with Templar unfortunately but almost all ATs were affected by this bug...which being skill node based only affects certain accounts... It was all reported within 10 minutes of server up on Thursday, with footage from Jjohnsin, and is the reason I have barely been playing, and mostly Myrm when I do. Another frustrating bug especially when it is acknowledged and nothing is done about it a la 300% crit damage or Perma Snare bug. Here are a couple I came across in those first 15 minutes I did not test Ranger or Duelist, Myrmidon was not affected Templar: No CD on Censure (Leap) Divine Light, Devotion Confessor: No CD on CC combos beyond the first bit (Stun, Knockdown, Tornado) meaning each CC is available every 10s, Meteor Purge also had no CC Champion: No CD on Leap, no CD on Suppressing Shout combo (Rend CD is normal) Druid: No CD on Wisp, Bear Knight: No CD on Noble Blood combo, Shield Stun Combo, Charge, Chain Pull Legio: No CD on Charge, Knockback, Armor Break/Drive combo, Battle Cry I stopped fighting shortly after this footage and said I had no interest in fighting, because this bug is ridiculous. I have no interest in PvP due to having this bug against people that don't, or even coming across other people that do. After all this, Ginko, Scipio, Soulein and Zachdidit came at me and I just held my ground, while they tried stunning me, suppressing me, knocking me down, pulling me etc. Couldn't out damage the bugged DL spam, using a corpse or gravestone as a valid target which is a different bug in and of itself Hopefully that ends up online as well.
  12. That survival fight was a blast, even though the slow bug really frustrated me during that weekend I made sure to persevere! Just glad I could land some lucky Centaur Heals in the process. Good fights! Hopefully there will be many more to come
  13. I loved the perma snare on my account this whole test... It was a very good fight and I enjoyed it very much, glad to talk to you about your build afterwards, it was neat! All these discs add counters, and counters to those counters...so much interaction and thought to put into it.
  14. Stricken, NICE WORK there doing some unaffiliated video taking there, you're mostly removed from the combat and provide a neat view point. Just shows how awesome an outside perspective can be, even with the UI elements there are. Thank you. Good fights to all involved, there was some good push and pull back and forth over the evening. For me it began with a few solo duels; as Bloodbath when it is calm has been very organized and respectful in terms of dueling, nice work CF community! There is some issue with spawn camping, I don't understand why Temples can't be elevated or protected in some way to prevent this. Eventually I got to be part of a group of 5 that sought out another group of 5...which quickly became 9. I sat in Crowform and waited as more people gathered, and then a fight began. Order v Balance with forces mostly made up of -W- and Sugoi. The fight lasted for almost 50 minutes straight with numbers fluctuating for both sides as Faction members joined based on who was winning. Order held the lead for the most time on this one. At one time I feel confident in thinking there were ~25 people fighting Performance was good it seemed, as good or better as 5v5s I've had on Corruption. Being a secondary horse, and just starting any training, my PoV is pretty boring but it shows the entirety of that time. I've provided a timeline for skipping or checking in on certain parts. 0:00-7:00 Order pushes in on Balance Temple before being pushed back to their Temple 7:00-17:00 Balance holds Order at the outskirts of their Temple before being pushed back 17:00-25:00 some light mid field fights as sides regroup and Order moves towards Balance 25:00-49:00 a prolonged series of fights at and around the Balance Temple till it seems over 49:00-53:38 Nothing to see here folks
  15. Good fight, I always have fun trying to be last man standing And I certainly agree the comps played a role, the changes (intentional or bug related) to Druids were certainly felt and not having Confessors/Rangers with a Myrm for focused damage output and lockdown potential hurt.
  16. Especially when I can't stay accurate due to lag differences haha WTB a middleground ping server between EU and US
  17. Nice seeing your PoV Soulreaver, they were some fun fights and explained some things. There were 2 separate groups we were battling during this time, thought it was all you folks and wondered why you weren't rallied together haha! These fights certainly reinforced some old lessons and taught some new things as well. Awesome job to you and Drakonil staying alive dodging through the clusters! At the end of the day in Crowfall though, numbers win the majority of the time; especially once the difference in numbers increases and with a nearby StatueTemple for respawns. I was watching your harvesting group for ~20 minutes on my Templar over the hill, before we actually got our 4/5 together and jumped them. At one point Drakof got close enough that I could see their nameplate, surprised I was not made then and there. Dravoix, I really enjoyed our 1v1 at the end of one of the earlier fights, many thanks for not calling in assistance when I was the last standing, felt it was a good fight. I will try to get my footage put together to provide my own perspective.
  18. Since seeing the builder world that's where my mind has gone as well. People could certainly come together and create an awesome PvP map to play on and compete in!
  19. Big thanks and respect for all you fine folks that joined those fights. Definitely had a blast and got to learn some new things as well as cement what I already suspected. I got to try a couple of things with regards to groups and strategy, some worked, others did not. We had 2-3 more fights after this as well, though numbers decreased to 7v7 by the last 2 fights. For the teaser I was scouting away from the main group and happened to see you 3 earlier that day, then everyone showed up. What a chaotic mess of eagerness that was! Thank you for the recordings as well as the write up, it is appreciated. Suppression is still the most brutal form of CC in my opinion, the psychological effects as well as sheer inability to do anything about it make it terrifying (to me.) I know there was 1 fight where I got hit 2-3 times and every time it went off I felt even more helpless than normal, especially without a Centaur. The difference between Net Pull and Chain Pull are...effectively Night and Day; Net Pull works and Chain Pull is a mess. Ping does affect performance more than I suspected, in my month of testing I hadn't really experienced that till yesterday. In melee I was unable to shake identical ATs while being unable to land my own melee shots, somewhat frustrating but understandable with MMOs. The weekend's test seems to have shifted some of the AT's in terms of usefulness, while keeping others in the same spots. I've listed some thoughts here in no particular order. Centaur Healers are the most defining role for a group in my opinion. Not having one is brutal. Even with the removal of their run speed skill they remain somewhat able to run tank for extended periods of time. Confessors have a LOT going for them in regards to high damage, high mobility and high amounts of CC potential, they were also a high priority for targeting. Slippery little things though... Myrmidons have a beautiful ability in their Net Root as well as having decent damage output...combined with 100% "Covered in Flies" skill and... even though their main mechanic may be broken they have high potential when wielded correctly. Ranger is similar, with a player who understands the class with awareness of their abilities a Ranger can be a pretty high threat, I certainly see you SoulReaver as such. Well played. That Suppression shot is fight DEFINING, able to be used offensively or defensively. Knight has seen an increase of use it seems as well as viability. In the second fight we tried an all Knight group and it didn't really work out, especially once their Horse was taken out of the fight. The third fight though I tried to roll with the Knight group and even when the Horse went down we were able to fight until near the bitter end, though that may be due to us not being worthy of killing off. Chain Pull is a broken ability with a long cool down and when compared to a Myrmidon's net is...not good. Druids have their problems for sure but when played well are not a waste of a party slot. Their damage leaves much to be desired and their healing is weak when how much more difficult it is is taken into account. Templar is not in a good spot. While I still really like the class, it is lacking now. It lacks mobility, it lacks damage output. It has 1 CC combo every 10-15 seconds or so... It has a Health Pool at least. I spent most of the fights just landing knockdowns, stuns and blinds, realizing that I had little in terms of kill potential to offer a group. When Execute came up I tried to use it, but it is pricey in terms of Righteousness and when it misses or does not proc, it is a waste. Divine Light tickles people now. 200-300 DPS is not exactly what makes people regret being in an AoE. Were it not for Intercession I would be dead 300% faster. Watching the fights and thinking back over them more only gives me more doubt about the Templar's Role. Champion was already suffering but could still be used; in it's current state it seems unplayable based on feedback from other players and my own experience in not seeing any. Duelist? What is it good for? At? Guineceans need love too... Both Intercession and Covered in Flies need tweaking but can be damaged through even at 100% I plan to do a little video showcasing these skills and commenting on them in time.
  20. I am still getting back into the habit of gaming and recording so I missed recording 1/2 of the fights that were had. My apologies, I know I lost a good 1/3 of the fights I had that day. Also, trying to figure out my recording/editing settings so it doesn't come out as nasty and pixelated as it currently is. Perhaps next test it will be crisp and clean. ​Here are the 4 fights I remembered to record. The first 2 from fairly early in the morning (for me) rolling with a group of 3. This is shortly after losing a fight before our Ranger joined. It became clear to me how important the opening moments of a fight can be, dictating very quickly whether a fight can keep going, is won or lost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5n1WaDP9Bg ​I know I had a great time, and I think for the most part so did the others, wins and losses were had by both sides and when we parted it seemed people were in good spirits about the whole thing. ​YumX, great fight man! Was a blast and you definitely nailed me with that suppression at the end, completely rocked my world. ​Zola, you had some nasty pop ups from behind our back line as we engaged, some pretty sweet moves. ​Soulreaver, with fighting against you and also fighting with some team members playing Ranger it brings me a good deal of hope, very cool to see some of the abilities and synergies. Belantis, it was nice fighting you, some good moments there with you staying up so long. I also remember a very funny moment when you jumped into the keep tunnel as a DL and 2 sets of Tornadoes went down...I can only hope you found it as humorous as we did. ​Caenth, similar situation with the Templar survival and I also wanted to thank you for showcasing a Parry-CounterAttack-Avoidance when I jumped in, you parried and I ran out. Templar CounterAttack is not instantaneous and can be avoided if you dodge out of their arc or range before it goes off. ​ ​Also, I have to agree with those saying that Templars play different in a 1v1 situation, as they do. They lack mobility so can be countered in that way, I had a couple 8+ minute 1v1s with TheRatKing on Legionnaire the other day. Any Confessor who knows their class can keep me at bay with ease. Went 1 for 1 with Blazzen on a Myrm the other day and it really shows the way you fight a Templar dictates the results. Guerilla Tactics and all that. Shortly before the test went down I was able to participate in a couple 3v3 and 4v4 practice battles -W- put on which were interesting as well. ​Thank you so much for the fights and fun guys, I've had a great time in my first 3 weeks of testing.
  21. Orcish Rager Minotaur Stomper Ogre Masher etc... I like me some monstrous humanoids!
  22. Looking forward to once again having fun shedding blood
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