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  1. Sorry about that, I said I didn't want to fight lol, just showcasing the stupidity of what was wrong 8*{ Even asked Ginko hopefully if he got it all heh It's been reported and shown in videos from Durenthal and Destrin, pretty sure Blair was referring to it in his words in the feedback thread on Thursday when he responded to SoberSoul asking about no CDs "There was a tech fix put in this build that was supposed to fix a cooldown bug with the mini cooldown bubbles. Based on reports sounds like it did far worse. Will have engineering try and get in a fix tomorrow."
  2. This has nothing to do with Templar unfortunately but almost all ATs were affected by this bug...which being skill node based only affects certain accounts... It was all reported within 10 minutes of server up on Thursday, with footage from Jjohnsin, and is the reason I have barely been playing, and mostly Myrm when I do. Another frustrating bug especially when it is acknowledged and nothing is done about it a la 300% crit damage or Perma Snare bug. Here are a couple I came across in those first 15 minutes I did not test Ranger or Duelist, Myrmidon was not affected Templar: No CD on
  3. That survival fight was a blast, even though the slow bug really frustrated me during that weekend I made sure to persevere! Just glad I could land some lucky Centaur Heals in the process. Good fights! Hopefully there will be many more to come
  4. I loved the perma snare on my account this whole test... It was a very good fight and I enjoyed it very much, glad to talk to you about your build afterwards, it was neat! All these discs add counters, and counters to those counters...so much interaction and thought to put into it.
  5. Stricken, NICE WORK there doing some unaffiliated video taking there, you're mostly removed from the combat and provide a neat view point. Just shows how awesome an outside perspective can be, even with the UI elements there are. Thank you. Good fights to all involved, there was some good push and pull back and forth over the evening. For me it began with a few solo duels; as Bloodbath when it is calm has been very organized and respectful in terms of dueling, nice work CF community! There is some issue with spawn camping, I don't understand why Temples can't be elevated or protected in
  6. Good fight, I always have fun trying to be last man standing And I certainly agree the comps played a role, the changes (intentional or bug related) to Druids were certainly felt and not having Confessors/Rangers with a Myrm for focused damage output and lockdown potential hurt.
  7. Especially when I can't stay accurate due to lag differences haha WTB a middleground ping server between EU and US
  8. Nice seeing your PoV Soulreaver, they were some fun fights and explained some things. There were 2 separate groups we were battling during this time, thought it was all you folks and wondered why you weren't rallied together haha! These fights certainly reinforced some old lessons and taught some new things as well. Awesome job to you and Drakonil staying alive dodging through the clusters! At the end of the day in Crowfall though, numbers win the majority of the time; especially once the difference in numbers increases and with a nearby StatueTemple for respawns. I was watching yo
  9. Since seeing the builder world that's where my mind has gone as well. People could certainly come together and create an awesome PvP map to play on and compete in!
  10. Big thanks and respect for all you fine folks that joined those fights. Definitely had a blast and got to learn some new things as well as cement what I already suspected. I got to try a couple of things with regards to groups and strategy, some worked, others did not. We had 2-3 more fights after this as well, though numbers decreased to 7v7 by the last 2 fights. For the teaser I was scouting away from the main group and happened to see you 3 earlier that day, then everyone showed up. What a chaotic mess of eagerness that was! Thank you for the recordings as well as the write up, it is
  11. I am still getting back into the habit of gaming and recording so I missed recording 1/2 of the fights that were had. My apologies, I know I lost a good 1/3 of the fights I had that day. Also, trying to figure out my recording/editing settings so it doesn't come out as nasty and pixelated as it currently is. Perhaps next test it will be crisp and clean. ​Here are the 4 fights I remembered to record. The first 2 from fairly early in the morning (for me) rolling with a group of 3. This is shortly after losing a fight before our Ranger joined. It became clear to me how important the opening mome
  12. Orcish Rager Minotaur Stomper Ogre Masher etc... I like me some monstrous humanoids!
  13. Looking forward to once again having fun shedding blood
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