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    Scorn got a reaction from KatzeWeiss in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/3/19   
    Blood stain effects just create a layer that applies to any texture/model in the area and looks like watered down paint on some models.
    Perhaps see about making bloodstains only apply to terrain?

    The Healing Flames from Burning Hatred now spawning as doober like objects can mean they can spawn extremely far from you, especially with hills or certain spawn momentums.
    Also, they are VERY big compared to what they were. 

    I am not a fan of the new targeting, the constant reticle movement without correlating to my mouse movement irritates my eyes and head.
    It is also very deceptive and easy to lose targeting on certain harvest nodes. 
    There's not really a reason for a player with no Healing or Abilities that Target Friendlies to have their target stick on a Friendly.
    There's no option to turn this new setting off.

    The change to the Harvest Powers doesn't quite make sense to me, I only ever used the 1 or 5 pip abilities before the change, now I am guessing it will only ever be 1 or 3.
    Stamina was never enough of an issue to warrant using the 3, nor do I think it will be now that you can only get the Stamina gain every 5 pips.
    Reduced the direct power of the skill by 25% from 40>30 but kept the Duration/Hits the same and reduced the Resource cost by 40% from 5>3?
    The Skill page description for the baseline Energetic Harvest Ability was changed, however the Furious versions for Logger/Miner etc. were not.
    The powers were changed though so that at  3 Pips Furious Mining is applied and 5 Pips the extra Stamina.

    The visual effects for certain abilities such as the Ranger stake used by Satyr Rangers is a bit much.
    Crowfall already suffers from having too much going on in terms of ground based effects and circles, it doesn't need more noise and clutter.
    Could we get an option to turn the circles off? They aren't even part of the UI so when you turn off the HUD the circles still stay. 8*{
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    Scorn got a reaction from Tyrant in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19   
    Feedbacked not bugs.
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    Scorn got a reaction from SamwellTBaggins in New race idea (werewolf)   
    I think both Vampire and Werewolf were mentioned fairly early on as Discipline options.

    Both could be done fairly easily I believe with some pre-existing game mechanics and animations.
    An adapted Minotaur/Urgu model could easily serve as the Were form and the red beam from siege engineer for a lifedrain to give some examples.
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    Scorn got a reaction from Kraahk in New race idea (werewolf)   
    I think both Vampire and Werewolf were mentioned fairly early on as Discipline options.

    Both could be done fairly easily I believe with some pre-existing game mechanics and animations.
    An adapted Minotaur/Urgu model could easily serve as the Were form and the red beam from siege engineer for a lifedrain to give some examples.
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    Scorn reacted to Marth in Jah's Reports on the Trial of Maeve   
    death is coming
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    Scorn reacted to ComradeAma in 5.90 LIVE Feed Back for 5/20/2019   
    This is the first patch, that made me feel angry and dull. Game is totaly unstable, pvp content is about 5% of playtime and the rest is braindead grind for gear, which is the biggest factor in pvp. Population is being depleted. I don't know where the shift from initial direction happened and why, but I don't want to play it until game is back to its roots. I am taking break.

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    Scorn reacted to srathor in Why do harvesters expect it to rain purples?   
    They really need to take a good hard look at Startgame, earlygame, midgame, lategame, and endgame numbers, for gathering and crafting. Startgame first month, early game 1 month + to 3 month, Midgame 3 month to 9 months Endgame 9 to 12-18 months. 

    If people are not feeling progression and more importantly having fun, they will not last past the first month. You have to get that first months resubscribes. And it has to be a strong finish for the first months time. Look at the passive skill training at a x1 towards gathering and you see small progression and very little fun. 

    They need to take a good hard look at the whole gathering aspect of the game and tweak it and polish it until is shines and people WANT to go out and harvest. It is the riskiest part of the game, with the most investment of time and the whole game is balanced around people out in the world harvesting. 

    They have to nail it, and it is getting lip service. 
    Weak points need to affect yield with both crit chance and crit amount and even bene harvest chance, power,and duration, Gathering Q's need to buff the group you are in. The trigger for the gathering stats on breaks needs multiple buckets to enhance group gathering. We need to have groups wanting to form up for gathering so that they have a defense for the wolves, and keeping people engaged and in the world. 

    The current bug where everyone in the group gets their own loot drops needs to continue and increase and be made not a bug, but instead a feature. We want folks grouping and having fun. 
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    Scorn reacted to blazzen in 5.90 LIVE Bug Reports for 5/14/2019   
    I see I'm not the only one having an issue with this. I realize you're only the messenger and are relaying design decisions made by others FancyHats. 
    Telling a Myrmidon who's trying to time a split second berserker crash that they can no longer stop whirlwind without jumping/dodging means it largely cannot be used while berserk in the Titan build. You cannot use abilities while jumping so that's not an option when timing a split second ability like Berserk crash. Dodge isn't always up. The only real option for a berserk myrmidon would be to only use whirlwind while berserk if you have the ultimate raging bull available. Even using neck slash to flash cast interrupt into a pulverize is going to be too slow in many cases. One of the greatest things about myrmidon was being able to charge into a pack of people, pop berserk, and then whirlwind all of them. This is a direct nerf to Myrmidon Titan/Berserk hybrid build that many Myrmidon's are currently utilizing. 
    Furthermore, you can no longer tell how long whirlwind is going to last because the channeling meter is now gone. I submitted a bug report saying that the channeling meter still had a "cancel combo" option which was no longer working but it seems like the entire graphic was removed instead of just removing the "cancel combo" portion. 
    I'm not sure of the point in this change, but if the point is to normalize how cancelling channeled powers works then make myrmidon whirlwind (and champion whirlwind too for that matter) work like other channeled powers that require you to hold the button while channeling and it cancels upon release (similar to Duelist Rapid Fire). This would allow myrmidon's to still end Whirlwind quickly when they want to. 
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    Scorn got a reaction from Drizzzt in I do not like how gathering in Crowfall makes me feel   
    A number of good points have been raised in this thread and while I may have an opinion on most of them I want to concentrate on the 'harvesting is boring.'

    Harvesting is boring, and that is the general consensus...the activity in its current form is pure banality.
    There are few people willing to guard those doing it, and even fewer willing to do it, the dull nature of the action is almost mindless and soul sucking. 

    This is one of the contributing factors leading people to logging off, and perhaps even not log on again.

    Combined with RNG upon RNG upon RNG in regards to crafting a final project and the entire ordeal is overwhelming and frustrating (failure on final crafts, bad experimentation yielding a TERRIBLE PRODUCT even with AMAZING MATERIALS etc.)
    I harvest very few hours a week, and craft even less than that, it is quite draining... even my wasted time wandering an empty server looking for a solo fight or a fort to capture feel MORE MEANINGFUL though they are often fruitless. 

    Putting the Basic Weapon Racks into the game is definitely a step in the right direction IMO, it is important to let the customer feel they are getting something from a product they paid for (even if it is just 'testing') and that their time is being respected. While it is important to maintain the competitive PvP nature of the game and strategic use of resources... turning people away (unintentionally for the most part) due to having too high a point of entry in regards to time usage is a flaw.
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    Scorn got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Expanding Visual Storytelling - Official Discussion Thread   
    The varied Fort and Keep textures should really allow for a varied world with different feeling areas.

    WTB Swamp/Volcanic parcels with the Darkened Stone Keeps.
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    Scorn reacted to Arkade in 5.90 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 5/02/19   
    Someone gave me a soulstone modified pick yesterday. I harvested until the pick broke. 416 durability, using villein and have most of the decay reduction skills. I probably spent at 2-3 hours harvesting rank 9 ore nodes. Zero soul essences.
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    Scorn got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The Holy Maiden's Kiss - Official discussion thread   
    "D’Orion, then, was the greatest of sinners, for with each passing year he ranged further afield in search of more exotic and dangerous prey. One day he wandered too deep into Gaea’s wood, and Gaea cursed him for her displeasure, transforming him from a man into a beast – a beast that other men would find irresistible to kill.
    Yet D’Orion, the greatest hunter, proved to be elusive prey. For a hundred years, hunters came and hunters perished in that wood. No man proved to be his better. Eventually, Gaea’s heart softened and where once was there was anger, pride blossomed. D’Orion was not a rival; he was her great creation. She named him Son and gave him the gift of divinity. She offered him a seat at the table of the gods and had Kane fashion for him a winged chariot so that he could hunt the beasts of the sky.
    Thus are born the Elken. Gaea’s curse still hangs over the deepest of forest; any hunter who ranges too far deep risks losing himself – and is reborn, with hooves and horns."

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    Scorn got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The Holy Maiden's Kiss - Official discussion thread   
    Naw mang, that was straight up Gaia.

    But still...#cybelebebasic
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    Scorn got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The Holy Maiden's Kiss - Official discussion thread   
    So if you want to get noticed by Cybele you either offend her(Urgu) or ignore her completely and get wasted at the party she's hosting... good things to know about 'the virgin goddess.'
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    Scorn reacted to Glitchhiker in 5.90 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/30/19   
    And your solution is to nerf gold sacrificing instead of making those other XP drops more rewarding? Leveling in CF doesn't feel like progression at all (except maybe for a first time player), but simply an unentertaining dump of time and sanity.
    But what do I know of game design... All I know is since the last wipe I couldn't bring myself to level more than 1 white vessel and even that was a painful process. Now because me and my guild decided we don't waste those hard-to-come-by disciplines on white vessels I can't even properly participate in the pvp content I would actually enjoy. So in the end I don't play at all. Good game design...
    PS: and if the holy book of mmo design says: "If thou want to make da good money, thou need to make them masochistic money whales grind." Then for all I care, make it a grind for endgame content and not the most fundamental part of the game - the entry into an entertaining gameplay circle.
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    Scorn reacted to PopeUrban in 5.90 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/30/19   
    Why do you keep making brigand traps worse?

    Explain to me how I'm ever supposed to hit anyone with these "traps"
    The model is literally larger than the trigger area, throws up massive particle effects, and is visible from space.
    I could overlook a guinecian more often than these 'traps'

    If you don't want brigands actually using traps as traps can you please just make these melee skills?

    You can't even hit someone with these if you're literally colliding with their model.
    Hostile Trap, activation radius smaller than me.

    Hostile Druid orb, Activation radius ~10 meters

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    Scorn reacted to yianni in In case you guys forgot   
  18. Haha
    Scorn reacted to Gwanelle in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/16/19   
    Half elves attributes caps are nethari attributes caps ( 300 int  ,  200 str ) 
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    Scorn got a reaction from brentd in State of PvP   
    'New player' are 2 very key words here.
    You (and most likely your group) are going to be behind some of the more established groups and players in terms of gear, game experience/knowledge, and skill training. 

    Were the 2 forces on equal footing in regards to these 3 things the outcome of that engagement is not likely to be the same, not by a long shot.

    All 3 of these can contribute to what happened above as well as the current balance of the game.

    I see you are playing a Ranger (your group had at least 3 I saw) and currently there seem to be a few issues with that class.
    It is in one of the weakest positions I have ever seen it in as far as it being a Ranged Damage Dealer.
    For instance Armor Penetration doesn't seem to work and it sorely lacks some of the scaling that allows Damage to climb on other Classes.

    Your Discipline (and most likely the same for the majority of your group) choices did not contribute much positive to the outcome of this fight.
    Other Discipline choices could have helped far more in terms of applying Damage, blocking the Enemy Healing and preventing the use of Stealth.

    To my knowledge game balance is not currently a high priority for ACE but they do continue to make adjustments as they see necessary which creates a changing field of balance where things are often 'too' strong or 'too' weak.

    I hope that this fight was not too demoralizing because Crowfall combat is enjoyable and entertaining, but sometimes things can be weighed so far for or against you that it can be frustrating. However at the end of the day as players and testers we're all figuring this stuff out and helping ACE make CF the best game that they can as best they can.

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    Scorn got a reaction from Rikutatis in Farming R10s 15 minutes into a fresh server. Why?   
    Here's my Pipe Dream.
    Personally, I would love to see Passive Training be FAST (old 10x or so) and Reset fairly frequently (perhaps not every CW but about every 3-4 months)

    This would allow Game Balance Shifts fairly often in the Passive Trees.
    This would enable Newer Players to never be THAT far behind established ones.

    However, I understand the desire for a long term investment with an account and how frequent wipes could turn some people away.
    With the Pacing being as slow as it is Crafting and Harvesting Burnout would be likely though.
    That's an issue any game will have to face, making sure that the Pacing feels right for the type of game it is while keeping the game engaging and fun.
    I don't necessarily get the concept of building connection to a character in Crowfall-Crows are glorified zombie pawns for the Gods.
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    Scorn got a reaction from Sepowchu in State of the Knight 5.8   
    It's useful when you hit it when they just started their timer...super frustrating when you get it on a target and in ~3 seconds they have Dodged

    It's also your main source of damage on the Secutor line and actually creates a pretty interesting way to play IMO when it generates a use every time you hit a Shield Skill.
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    Scorn got a reaction from makkon in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 04/10/19   
    Support Power Cap was Increased from 1000 to 2000
    Devotion has a cap of 200 per Heal Tick (modified by Support Power for Paladin-hits cap at 1000)
    With the increase to SP is there a plan to increase the Cap to Devotion?

    Warcamp Bleeds and Poisons make Flytext go nuts with every tick multiplying the displayed Flytext till you see a wall of numbers that can impact performance
    (much like Assassin Poisons used to a few patches ago)
  23. Sad
    Scorn reacted to Jah in My Takeaways From the Trial of Kane So Far   
    On the first bolded point, no, in general the fight is over quickly when it breaks out at a harvesting spot. But then it happens again later at another harvesting spot. Its the series of such events that I value. Over time these things add up to an ongoing fight over resources. It may be sporadic, but those fights make the game much more interesting than if they never happened.
    On the second point, trust me, I know there are variety of factors that influence activity levels. I am talking specifically about one of them. I am not talking about current events, or claiming this one factor is bigger than any of the others. In my personal experience, people are more active when they still have the goal of equipping themselves with better gear. Once they reach the plateau of feeling adequately equipped, they start spending less time in game. They log in "just for sieges." Or they log in, ask if any fights are happening, and then log off when the answer is, "no, not really."
  24. Sad
    Scorn reacted to srathor in 5.8.6 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/4/19   
    Heh the slot machine is back baby. 

    12 rolls so far. 
    Worst roll was a .25 with small reroll. 
    Worst roll with large reroll was a .26
    Best roll was a .29

    Mmmmm I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue. 

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    Scorn reacted to miraluna in Farming R10s 15 minutes into a fresh server. Why?   
    The thing that was great about the 5.4 map was each keep had a high concentration of a specific resource only. Creating a strategic reason to hold one keep vs another, and possibilities of trade between guilds holding keeps in a long duration (3 month) campaign. Imagine a CW with 15 keeps, and each has only one resource - the Iron Keep, the Auroch Keep 🤣 etc. When there is a concurrent population of 2000 players this seems like a real possibility.
    I'm totally bored with MMOs that focus all the gameplay on individual gear progression -  I'm hoping CF will do something more innovative with strategy and survival elements.
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