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    Scorn reacted to srathor in Item Wipe   
    Once the bugs get fixed, we will be able to finally see the gathering game as it is intended. 
    We need a full wipe of all gear all skills and everything. 


    We (as the general playerbase) have never gotten a good look at where gathering is from jump. (Hint, it is a horrible, unfun, unrewarding, grind)
    We need people to experience it, then gripe, loudly, so that they can fix/tune it better.

    First we had the cheaty potions. 
    Then the cheaty race passive training
    Then the cheaty Iron iron iron + seals gear. / Bene harvest shovels, since there are no gravedigging seals

    Once the bugs are gone we can see the gathering game in all of it's unfun glory.

    We need more options in the tool combines. 
    We need multiple skillcap buckets for group gathering/motherloads
    We need a higher base crit chance for all starting early game gathering, either through stats or having weakpoints give crit and crit amount per hit on nodes. 
    We need a base bene harvest addition to all gatherers, either through stats, or added to early training nodes, preferably both.
    We need gathering gear to not cripple combat stats. Turning gatherers into fat victim, loot pinatas.
    We need the action harvesting buffs to hit group members as well as ourselves to break out neat and fun gameplay.

    We need gathering discs to actually have some fun in them, not just fill in gaps in the system, that only open other gaps depending on what we select. (If you take lookout to spackle over the bene harvest gap, then your tool durability sucks do to lack of Villian, or plentiful harvest because of a lack of primary disc like Miner.)

    Choices do matter. Choices like go play a game that is more fun and does not have the flaming pitfalls of suck, that are  built into the primary driver of the entire gameloop.
  2. Haha
    Scorn reacted to Navystylz in Item Wipe   
    Seriously! I thought the whole silver lining to this painful harvesting was the idea that with exploration passive training and giving up ALL YOUR COMBAT STATS for harvesting stats, was to make you a harvesting powerhouse so you could beat down nodes like a white vessel noob accidentally wandering off the beachhead.
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    Scorn reacted to Staff in Hunger Shards 5.8.4   
    the game just keeps getting grindier and grindier, this is not the direction ACE should go at all for a PVP FOCUSED GAME, this isnt a pve focused game like eso where 95% of the game is dedicated to pve and the traditional grind, here 95% of the game is dedicated to pvp and forcing pvp players to grind like a second job with rng as bad as this is not the way to go
  4. Thanks
    Scorn got a reaction from iznogood in Hunger Shards 5.8.4   
    So I have noticed that since the Hunger Shard changes Hunger Shards do not spawn in Keep zones or Fort zones anymore.
    Considering they already do not spawn in Adventure zone canyons this SEVERELY limits the ability to get higher end Hunger Shards.

    I would like to be able to see Hunger Shards in those zones again as it is almost the only place for High Ranking materials...

    Since the Hunger Shard changes the amount of Hunger Shards I've gotten decreased SIGNIFICANTLY, even with max training of 8% and 5 pips PH during all seasons.
    Those I have gotten have been 95% Green, I've managed to get 2 Blue, 2 Purple a 1 single Orange. I've gotten more Blue and Purple Sacrifice shards which are useless.
    White Hunger Shards seem to be a thing of the past, though it's tough to tell with the Rank 1s in the Beach Head being disabled to get Hunger Shards and the world having r3+
    With the r1s being disabled for Hunger Shards I can't get a consistent baseline without a significant investment of time.

    I understand these are supposed to be rare drops, but they currently are too rare and random.
    Having a system where we could actually craft the shards into the specific Hunger Shards that we want would help.
    It would help with both consistency and frustration at Shard types that are almost completely unused being found and sitting around unused.

    -Tangent time-

    A similar issue crops up with Legendary materials and Embers...there's almost no consistency and High End farming becomes a matter of time and luck.
    There's no way to convert Dust into Embers or Materials into Dust/Ember/HigherRanks
    A player without the time to farm the gold, if anybody actually sells bulk Legendary/Embers for Gold, or Materials/Embers is likely never going to get to that point.

    Other games deal with this issue by having High End Gear take a large quantity of lesser materials and a small quantity of something particularly rare.
    But this rarity is not based on RNG, but actual scarcity such as a longer respawning monster in a few select locations. 
    Because of this in seeking higher end gear players will flock to those locations to try and kill/harvest the materials, which more often than not leads to PvP.

    Crowfall doesn't have that. It doesn't have PvP incentives for Gear. Gear Competition is based upon time, luck, and dedication to farming nodes.
    It's more productive time wise to farm the materials yourself over seeking out an enemy and ganking them as most of those times the Spirit Bank will save them from losing much.
    There are also a great many sources of high end materials, so often even if a spawn is contested you can just go to another spot, or even another server 8*{
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    Scorn got a reaction from JamesGoblin in KrimKingdom Siege 2-28   
    A large scale battle between Balance and Chaos in Crowfall Online. 
    The zone capped out at 100 players before the siege even started.
    I participated in 2 main engagements; a field battle right as the siege started and later actually defending the Tree of Life after Chaos broke through the wall.
    Templar Paladin PoV
    Good fights, looking forward to more as always.

    Here's a play by play of my experience.
    My siege UI was bugged and I didn't realize how soon the siege was starting...so I was farming until right before it began.
    I rushed out to join the Balance force as Chaos grouped up on the East dropping Siege Equipment.
    0:55 Rushing right to try and distract who I could as the actual engagement started when I got back with the group and the fight began in earnest.
    1:40 I kept pushing into the right side of the battle, hoping to lead by example so that others might follow and I might not die.
    2:55 Keeping my sword up for Righteous Parry and placing Divine Light down as I went till I realized...I had slotted Execute instead of Radiant Sweep...lemme swap that real quick
    3:20 Call for Corvax to pull back as they are losing health rapidly...they get out as Danebow jumps in to save them but doesn't get out himself and falls
    3:55 Pull back to Heal myself up and survey the field as Corvax is Healed but attacked by Assassins in the back...Scorn and Myst to the rescue
    The timing on them coming out of Stealth just as the Radiant Sweep goes off...oof...they are repelled and I try to find Danebow's body
    4:30 Damebix is able to lead me by jumping up and down nearby, and ordering a further push to allow an attempt to Resurrect.
    5:00 Resurrection successful! It was close but now Danebow is back up and I am pretty sure my Holy Warrior caused me to lag up here
    Resume the charge! Right flank is the phrase of the day
    6:00 Chaos has been doing a fighting retreat this whole time while other Chaos are setting up near the Keep to break down a wall.
    7:30 As the fighting starts to dwindle Balance will pull back to the Keep but not before a Wall has been Destroyed!

    *break time*
    The Winterblades in zone head out to try and attack the Banetrees while House Avari hold the breach in the wall
    One tree is destroyed but Chaos is pushing the Keep hard and Winterblades head back
    8:00 I round the corner just in time to Root some Chaos and slow the wave of players headed to the Tree of Life.
    8:30 Standing my ground to try and split up the enemy force as much as possible as both forces try to get to the Tree of Life
    Almost dying I retreat to Heal up and really hope that's a friendly Ballista AoE marker...
    9:00 Mystwraith and I are able to get a few more stragglers in the lower level as the Tree of Life is cleared off.
    10:00 We push out to clear out and destroy the other Bane Trees.

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    Scorn reacted to Noric in Siege weapons   
    The siege weapons of crowfall are being used more and more as anti-personnel weapons. I can hear the typing now, of course siege weapons kill people.
    Well the affect on the game is a lot of people end up using elementalist or naiad to avoid taking thousands of damage per hit. Which is going to limit the diverse disciplines available. O sry confessors your damage type is the same as siege... It also becomes a game of who can drop one with LOS on the tree "cubby hole" room. They can be a bit wonky to aim but once you hit, you hit everyone. PS I dont need wiki links to medieval weapons tests. This is a game that forces choke points, the AOE is larger than said points and capable of DPS higher than any one vessel should be doing.
    I'm fine with them hitting people but,  lower the AOE and/or damage to players. Other ideas, make siege damage it's own type. IE walls take +X% siege damage, players take normal. Require the siege discipline to even use them.(wont do much atm but when you cant change them...)  Stop letting vessels grab a spirit bank item, dropping it and nuking everyone around the tree for full damage in death shroud. Heck you can leave it if you turn friendly fire on for siege weapons. Wait nvm, I have seen non-friendly faction members hoping into siege weapons before.
  7. Confused
    Scorn got a reaction from JamesGoblin in "Withstood the Siege"   
    Tonight everyone truly is a WINNER. 8 }

    Nice fighting tonight folks, well done to everyone.

    And OP keep your political conspiracies out of here...
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    Scorn got a reaction from JamesGoblin in New Campaing, same problems... Almost Quiting...   
    Pls pls pls
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    Scorn got a reaction from Kraahk in "Withstood the Siege"   
    Tonight everyone truly is a WINNER. 8 }

    Nice fighting tonight folks, well done to everyone.

    And OP keep your political conspiracies out of here...
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    Scorn reacted to blazzen in Tree of Life rooms are too small   
    I think the Trees of Life should be at ground level with space round them, similar to how the ToL's were in Shadowbane or the bind stones were in Darkfall. 
    We had two fights at the top of the keep last night. Won one, lost one, neither one was enjoyable. It's just a giant clusterfvck in the tree room. 

  11. Thanks
    Scorn got a reaction from Chroma in "Withstood the Siege"   
    Tonight everyone truly is a WINNER. 8 }

    Nice fighting tonight folks, well done to everyone.

    And OP keep your political conspiracies out of here...
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    Scorn reacted to Zyrkus in I do not like how gathering in Crowfall makes me feel   
    I've been having some fun with this, but, I think I'm going to just uninstall this until it's closer to release.
    As it stands, the amount of resources needed to make tier 1 (non basic starter gear) is pretty severe. Even specced out with potions and gathering discs and crafter's gear, it's an unpleasant chore. People tend to think of Ultima Online as having a very good crafting system because the risk/reward was pretty fair. Eventually, however, they went from full loot to soulbound items. You still lost some durability, but, you could repair your Grandmaster items. A loss wouldn't set you back that far. At worst, you lost a point of durability on an item, and it would still last you many months or even years.
    Had one friend that had a mace for nearly three years, crazy as that sounds.
    Played Shadowbane too, and that game died for a lot of reasons (which I don't care to argue about). One of them was the roaming gank squads that pretty much destroyed the new player experience. Again, just one of many reasons why "Rome fell" so to speak. There was little to no player retention or growth after awhile. It was just the same bunch of guys swinging swords at each other until the servers went dark, much like Warhammer Online.
    Having a niche game is great, but, you gotta be able to keep the lights on.
    To that end, I think it's important development-wise to look at the action flow of the crafters/gatherers and ask, "Is this fun?" and "What is the normal action flow chart for this kind of player character?" Likely that's already been done, but it's nearly impossible to test things without all the systems in place.
    So yeah, not trying to gripe, but, people above have made some pretty good points.
    For a short term solution, you could vary the map so that all the resource spawns are not in the same place. Right now, most of the fighting is around the iron node, not the forts (which I'm gathering it's supposed to be given all the "such-and-such is attacking Bastion's Keep!" messages I get). The scenario is basically one giant watering hole in the Serengeti, and all the predators just hang around for easy pickings.
     It'll be way worse when there's some actual predator stealth, and when some of the higher skill players get their act together.
    I like the adaptation of the Eve-like skill system. It's a good way to go. Now, it might not be a bad idea to look at their model for resource allocation. They spread it all out for a reason. Still plenty of fighting and ganking, but, a solo player could do fine in that environment. The losses didn't set you back too badly, yet it was still profitable for pirates and rival corps to target "independent contractors". It's a hard balance to find, but, if I may make a suggestion?
    Losing resources is one thing, but, is it really necessary to have all the runic harvesting tools go poof as well? Talk about insult to injury. Hehe.
    And yeah, of course, I'll probably roll with a big soulless guild for meat shields, I mean protection, later on, but, a lot of new players won't while they're trying to get a feel for the game.
    Also, I remember how boring it was to guard newbie groups against gank squads. It felt like a job: endless boredom punctuated by moments of frenzied killing. Mostly terror because of Shadowbane's horrible clipping distance. Nothing like having 20 enemies just "pop" into existence.
    But I digress. It's a good game, but, the harvesting aspect is pretty un-fun right now. Risk/reward needs to go in the other direction a little, methinks.
  13. Haha
    Scorn reacted to Staff in Game missed the mark slightly?   
    restarting every campaign sounds incredibly awful, id rather fight all of the top 2 balance guilds by myself on an earthwarden druid with a staff that has -1000 sp then restart every campaign, now to address all your points in a semi organized way
    Factions are for newer players, those guilds you see out there taking out noobs by the dozen with a single swing of their maces dont want to play with us filthy casuals, they want dregs and until dregs are here they are unfortunately staying with us, you want something fixed that is a pre alpha problem, our job here it to test the game for live, not make the game work around the 250 or so active players in the game. There currently is a sense of progression, recently me and my guild of 4 managed to get gear on the same level of much larger guilds, sure we payed for the crafting to be done by someone else but it still felt really good to get everyone out of common and into blue and purple gear, it took us 2 springs but we still did it, if we were forced to restart every campaign smaller guilds would never have a chance of catching up to the larger guilds, currently there's a bottleneck called embers stopping guilds like W and HoA from gearing every single player out in purple and gold gear, and thats allowing us to catch up to their average player, their core pvpers are of course still outgearing us but their average player is not. If you force everyone to restart every campaign those guilds will still be able to get blue tiered gear fairly easily, smaller guilds wont and newer players will suffer. Also people are forced to work together already, to craft 1 set of armor and weapons you need, a miner, a quarryman, a logger, a skinner, a blacksmith, a leatherworker, a woodworker, and possibly a runecrafter depending on your weapon.
    There are serious players on all factions, the best just happen to be on balance, chaos for example last campaign on EU had a leader emerge that lead them to do great things and are fighting pretty hard right now against balance on na and giving them a run for their money (at least they were until balance took all 3 keeps, good job chaos you blew it) and order has some serious guilds that swapped factions with the intent of creating more fights against the current reigning overlords, but like i said above, those players are not here by choice, they would much rather be fighting in the dregs then in factions.
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    Scorn reacted to yianni in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 3/6/19   
    this... we NEED more animals in forests or make their own adventure zones. IT'S OK to put more than one animal in a forest... i dont see why one has spiders the other cats. it's a forest.
    so much hate on leather, i had a guy bring me 100 soft leather that he got by farming ONE R10 auroch for days. because apparently having more than one is game breaking
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    Scorn reacted to Fefner in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    I still think the main problem is that its based on points, what if the 2nd world war was based on this point system, who would of won? ignoring the facts that some mad guy shot himself and a country had to surrender due to a big explosion.
    This system which didn't really work in Guild wars 2 either, just consists a group of players running about taking stuff by standing in circles and then moving onto the next target, there is no reason to defend places because you will just retake it later in the loop of taking stuff. We should be fighting over land/zones and those zones hold beneficial buffs to gatherers and crafters to whoever owns them but you can only own a zone if you own a zone which is adjacent to it. Bring a more tactical side to the games pvp instead of this tedious retake loop.   
  16. Sad
    Scorn reacted to Ble in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    It seems there are two main camps, those who want points gain tied to pvp and those who want to avoid pvp, and gain points.
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    Scorn reacted to RikForFun in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    I'm a noob and a casual and my understanding of PVP games is surely limited.
    People of your guild played since Shadowbane and were on Crowfall since grey boxes era. 
    When you or somebody from your guild state something about development, I'm ready to hear and try to understand.
    Therefore I'm really upset you started a "petition" asking for signature which is NOT the kind of things expected in a forum thread.
    I'm upset you asked for a "+1", instead of offering to discuss and better explain to all Crows your point of view.  
    As a conseguence I perceived a bias from your side about this proposal.
    By the way I suspect ACE is not going to act after a petition-styled request, being this a dangerous way to lead their business.
    However, being this NOT a petition, but a thread in official forum of Crowfall community, some others offered a propositive contribute and I agree with them.
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    Scorn reacted to Medicaid in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    i enjoy playing this game. healing my people, farming whatever ore. wood . gold, exp to lvl up people...
    the idea of logging into a video game to stand still and do nothing while u capture a fort, tower or outpost seems really odd to me.
    and then to make that worth 99% of the points u earn to claim a victory and "win" seems to make an even worse idea.
    an easier fix could be to make keeps n forts worth less, make kills worth more. or is it possible to make deaths subtract from thier faction score?
    maybe once zone caps are increased we could have a CW with just 1 keep to fight for.
    maybe once zone caps are increased we could have a CW with only 1 POI for each resource type (instead of each faction gettin thier own adventure zone with all 3 types in it, say...balance adv zone gets wood, chaos gets stone, order gets ore for example each being 3x bigger than they currently are)
    help me out with another thought..why do forts even exist? why do we have so many?
    right now we  have some high rank forts, with some useful stuff to farm... (reducing players in POI's thus decreasing their effectiveness / use )
    right now we get a bonus to craft in a keep...forts offer the same crafting tables (minus jewlery making), but no bonus
     forts also offer a statue to respawn at, but with several rune gates per zone does this even matter anymore?
    is it possible to offer more uses to these forts, like, u must own fort X to activate X runegate to another zone
    i dont know, maybe that idea is bad, but as for right now, i just cant seem to care about owning this fort, or that fort, it holds no value to me other than that precious circle.
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    Scorn got a reaction from Soulreaver in 5.8.5 TEST Feedback and Bug Reports for 3/4/19   
    The Ranger and Ranger weapons (bows and quivers) REALLY need a quality check in order to make sure that all mechanics that are supposed to work are ACTUALLY working.

    Currently Ranger is plagued by issues from most Quivers not giving damage to Penetration not seeming to apply. 

    I am really reluctant to suggest changes, buffs or nerfs, until the bugs are ironed out and something is working as intended.
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    Scorn got a reaction from ComradeAma in 5.8.5 TEST Feedback and Bug Reports for 3/4/19   
    The Ranger and Ranger weapons (bows and quivers) REALLY need a quality check in order to make sure that all mechanics that are supposed to work are ACTUALLY working.

    Currently Ranger is plagued by issues from most Quivers not giving damage to Penetration not seeming to apply. 

    I am really reluctant to suggest changes, buffs or nerfs, until the bugs are ironed out and something is working as intended.
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    Scorn got a reaction from Jah in 5.8.5 TEST Feedback and Bug Reports for 3/4/19   
    The Piercing Quiver Contributes damage correctly.* 
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    Scorn got a reaction from Jah in 5.8.5 TEST Feedback and Bug Reports for 3/4/19   
    The Ranger and Ranger weapons (bows and quivers) REALLY need a quality check in order to make sure that all mechanics that are supposed to work are ACTUALLY working.

    Currently Ranger is plagued by issues from most Quivers not giving damage to Penetration not seeming to apply. 

    I am really reluctant to suggest changes, buffs or nerfs, until the bugs are ironed out and something is working as intended.
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    Scorn reacted to srathor in Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!   
    Capturing and holding an objective is worth too much. Doing something on the land you own should be worth more. Take a parcel. It is worth 30 points every 15 minutes.  But it should only be potential points.  You should only get 10 points for holding it. The other 20 points should be from things done on that parcel. Gathering, crafting,  killing players or mobs. 

    Land being held and not used should be worth very little. Land being used should be worth more. Get people playing the game. 

    Capping a location should not be a 20 minute affair for any number of people. Have 5 interactable things on each cap. Take 5 seconds to interact with each one. Getting hit stops your interaction and they can only be fiddled with out of combat. Each one adds a players worth of ooomph to the flip mechanic. So a single player can move around and flip a fort like 5 people once the guards are dead.  5 players can flip it faster. as if they were 10 players.  Each interactable is the same as killing a mob xp wise. Guards are of course also worth xp. 

    Make peoples time valuable playing the game.  Camps should be flipping all the time and people who can read the map can tell where people are. Also the camps are flipped then people work the land around the camps and get points for gathering and harvesting and killing and creating things. 
  24. Haha
    Scorn reacted to moneda in Aracoix hype!   
    The Satyr Templar kept trying to execute my Cleric while I was at 20m+ range and full health, so they do need work still, but the future's looking fun. 
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    Scorn got a reaction from Soulreaver in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    This is not quite true, though I can understand where the misunderstanding might be coming from.

    Poison Paradise does raise Lifesteal by 8%

    The issue is not that the Healing from Lifesteal is not being APPLIED but that it does not SHOW UP in Combat Log or Flytext.
    Flytext and Combat Log entries only appear for Poison ticks this is true, BUT you are getting Lifesteal from all Damage done.
    Watch your Health, not the Flytext or Combat log.
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