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  1. I get your point but I think your font gave me cancer
  2. Mostly its doing fun stuff to get better stuff. But yeah maybe I'm thinking this the wrong "traditional MMORPG style". Cant really gasp how the eternal kingdoms will tie all together if its only visited between campaigns.
  3. Yeah might have said that with the old "grind" goggles on but character leveling has always been a big part of MMO experience for me. Gear goes and gear comes but how I level up my character that stays. Do I really get the satisfaction of "dinging" a skill to max level with "Oh look I have waited XXX days and now it's there". Point A is valid at the start but what then after the books are collected. Point B I get stuff that I may or may not take me to a new campaign depending on the rule set. Point C is exactly what I'm afraid of. There should be some sort of motivation for doing s
  4. Can't really understand the point of passive training with the slogan "Eternal heroes, dying worlds" . Why should I even go to the dying worlds if my hero will get the skills even if I idle in my own safe eternal kingdom?
  5. Oh thank god its 2015. Got really worried there for second
  6. I think this got me interested in the game: "The Campaign map is hidden by fog of war. You are dropped (typically naked) into an unknown, deadly environment." I just love the exploration period in games. Where you have no idea what you will see in the future.
  7. Seems like there is a presumption that there is only one kind of "ground" in this game? Place your castle in the field next to farms in a rich soil then of course digging shouldn't be that hard. Then again place your castle next to a mountain with only bedrock under it and digging should take a really really long time.
  8. Information is more valuable than gold, misinformation even more so if used properly. Have to say that I also really really like this idea. EDIT: Also that the maps are not updated automatically. There was a resource node here 3 weeks ago, but I wonder if there still is.
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