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  1. So when is 5.6 launching? I thought it was the 23rd, but still today no download
  2. Yea its a test phase. I can not fathom how people have such unrealistic expectations. I don't know if its uneducated consumers or just the the sad state of the gaming community but it really agitates me. You're right its "not cool" that they would invite you to test EARLY, how dare they give you access early than you were originally promised and then not even force you to participate in the test. You totally deserve a refund.
  3. You don't, the hunger dome was the first public test done for backers, It was centered on combat/pvp.
  4. Except some of the campaigns last for months, or longer. Plus you dont lose EVERYTHING when its over. But depending on where you fell when the winners are decided determines how much you can take with you. On the other side of that, you don't get to bring everything with you, thus lessening the advantage veteran players would have on new comers. The different rulesets for the world that determine these also give you different gameplay and allows for a wider range of player tastes because they can choose where they want to play. I'm very excited for the way they've set this up so far.
  5. To build off my previous post I think most of you will be happy, looking at the map of realms and seeing the different loot rules, you'll be able to play were you are happy. Personally I don't want FULL loot. But i really like the idea of having a chance to drop gear you're wearing. More risk, more reward, and it keeps the need for crafters late in the game.
  6. Also if you go back in your original Shadowbane manual and look, it talks bout how you were supposed to have a chance to drop gear you were wearing. Obviously this feature never got implemented, but it looks like they're trying to bring it back. The realms further in (which i'm guessing are realms that have a shorter lifespan than ones further from the center) have a chance to drop equipped gear. I think this is awesome. Also seems they included dear degradation on death like SB, implementing the need to repair things lest they break and you lose it that way.
  7. I agree this would be terrific.
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