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  1. We need a monthly leaderboard on how much xp we have sacrificed to which gods. (value? etc.)
  2. I crafted an intermediate rune pick as well as installed the mining disc. I went over to the campaign with my guild and was saddened to find that I could still only mine rank 1 things, I was only able to find rank 1 things or rank 10 things in the campaign. Are there mid range materials in the campaign worlds? I never found any and it would be nice to be able to progress my character where I locked it at. For now, I've pulled it and put it back into the infected worlds to progress that particular craft. I can't truthfully say that progress was impossible in the campaign, but it seemed i
  3. At the vessel selection screen, after clicking the archetypes tab, then clicking the my characters tab, my characters are not loaded and the archetypes remain in the selection area. An available workaround is to spam click the My Characters tab and my characters appear after a number of rapid clicks. Actually, you just need to click it twice.
  4. Woah! Thanks for this informative and ancient post, OP. I just got access to the forums - I wish I read that 6 years ago. A long time ago one of the SWG developers, I imagine Gordon but can't authenticate that, told us that a new game was coming for us as a spiritual successor to SWG. Is this that game? It's great, btw.
  5. Are you sure? Just high sec or what? High sec = the infected worlds here, with a little faction pvp instead of wardecs. Dregs is nullsec. Those are all pretty good descriptions of what happens in Eve online. You enjoy that game, what's wrong with them here? I'm afraid to ask, have you ever lived outside of highsec? You did this incorrectly. I had level 30 within my first day of play. The slowest I've done it. Quests will give you the most levels fastest. 1-18 ingeniously ensures all quest menu's don't make you wait for anything. You can almost literally spam
  6. This is a direct reply on the last post of the previous feedback thread. Would it be possible to greatly lower the price of that tree's seed in the infected? When I explored the infected world it was full of unbuilt keeps. I attempted to get one started building but simply didn't have the 75k to plant the seed. I also had to try pretty hard in the infected to find a poi to take. Once I found one available, spent plenty of time and a couple deaths killing the guards, (grey vessel!) I didn't get any reward for having took it. Below 30, I expected a liberal amount of xp for accomp
  7. Forts! Team Fights! And Level of Detail! I had the pleasure of my first team fights over some forts today in the new campaign. There were 3 general groups contesting control of the forts. To my estimation, each group had 20+ players. I have some great input on the teamfights and the game systems I noticed when we talk about level of detail in the end. For now, I would like to talk about mechanics and the game board. Fort capture mechanics The basicness of be the ones who have been standing there for at least an amount of time when the timer ends ensures that the clear victor g
  8. Can you direct me to a resource to learn or maybe just quickly explain getting to different EK's and doing exactly what you are talking about? The information on how to get to an EK that may be selling a white or green vessel is completely lost on me.
  9. I just mean to point out that broken and absurd are too strong of words. "Broken" may even simply be false as an in game system hasn't been implemented and the online system works as intended. "Absurd" maybe a correct word for a released game, but definitely not this beta. A better in game guild system is certainly needed, we simply haven't gotten it yet. I'm sure it is coming. For now, feedback of implemented mechanics that are currently under development will need to suffice.
  10. Stat's don't go up at all? Well, lets think about this for a second. Why was the guild mechanism implemented as a web application in the first place? Remember, we are still in closed beta. I imagine the web application was implemented long before the game code was ready for any kind of guild system. Coding the guild system in a web application using a sql database is far easier than doing the same in unity with c# in an alpha/beta build that will go through many numerous changes and iterations. So, I imagine they created the web application before the game client was near
  11. Death: The death experience is one of the best experiences around. You aren't immediately locked out of gameplay which is nice. Press a button and you are a crow with an objective and goal. No waiting on anything else, get to a statue, rez, and you are back in the game. The death experience is full of activity and goals along with the added benefit of a flight form for travel if you deem it needed. Overall, the death experience is a mechanically pleasant one that effectively punishes you for dying without locking you out of the game and allows more skilled players to return to the fig
  12. It is absurd for a released game and I'm sure a fix for this is on this beta's development path. We can't forget that it is currently still beta.
  13. Level 1 - 18: This experience us underwhelming, monotonous, and boring. It does have strengths though, at no point does it ask me to collect wolf ears that mysteriously don't drop. The level 1 - 18 experience follows a well thought out plan to teach you game mechanics. You walk to an NPC who teaches you something about the game, such as running pack pigs, and once learned you are off to some one else to learn another mechanic. I would be more than happy to let it stay more or less what it is now other than some how increasing the "fun factor." I can complete that experience on a ne
  14. By the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged. Lazarus' disciple has a fun description! The obvious nod to Galaxy Quest pulled me from Crowfall suspended disbelief slightly.
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