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  1. A combo system that allows you to execute the next step of the combo without actually landing the prior steps, which feels really wierd. Identifying when to block or dodge in order to shut down someone's combo and force them to reset it would be a really nice addition. Then you can choose to deny the combo (short term gain, they're going to try again once the starter is off CD), or try and block / dodge the finisher forcing them to burn the higher cd finisher with extra damage or cc effect (longer term gain as they will be without the finisher for 15-20seconds, but you risk failing your d
  2. We understand there's got to be sacrifices, I mean we're all hoping for a Fantasy Throne War MMO that delivers PvP on mass scale rarely seen outside of the likes of GW2, EVE and other KMMO's (Aion for example), combined with player driven economies and siege equipment etc. I think visibility is definitely something of a problem that ties into what we're discussing, some AOE's have telegraphs, yet my melee strikes don't, outside of experience, a player doesn't know if something is in range, if their target was actually in range of their 5m two handed strike or not, I'm not advocating Crowf
  3. Impactful is definitely one of the aspects I meant to express in my post, and understand that for combat to be fluid we can't have the feel of something like MHW or Dauntless. It's hard to describe these things without visual comparisons, but my frame of reference is definitely more along the lines of Wildstar, which had fluid action combat, similar to CF's (ofc with telegraphs instead of real aiming) but as a player I definitely felt like control of my character was more responsive. I'll try to put together some videos when I'm back off hols to highlight what I'm talking about at little
  4. I'm loving the game getting wider and more fleshed out, but I've gotta say I'm still really worried about advances in combat and control responsiveness. I've been doing a lot more playtesting since 5.3 and now 5.4 came out and whilst I know some issues are down to spiky msg ms, Crowfall is still lacking when it comes to feeling connected with my character. Leaps and dispositions still feel very rough around the edges, especially observing other people executing these skills as they stutter-fly through the air, and combat just doesn't look impactful enough yet, this effect is magnified in
  5. In my experience Templars thrive in the thick of the fight as a beefy frontline support, we've got a good gap closer (though a good player can predict and force you to waste it) and a decent selection of CC as well as many hybrid damage/healing options for sustain. I think once all classes get access to ranged disciplines, there will be some much more interesting ways to play them solo/v.small group.
  6. I just run Holy Avenger because I get to go around quoting Galaxy Quest. Idgaf if it's useless! xD The cleric's biggest weakness that I've seen in my limited and lag filled fights has been that they are prone to being kited or rooted + nuked, which is fair. But ultimately it's not meant to be a 1v1 class at the core of it's design.
  7. Definitely, I mean we can almost see the game loop as it stands. We still haven't seen seasons, or capturing mines / resource caravans or even the different rulesets, but ultimately we can see the outline, you go to a campaign, fight for the key areas of the map, get mats and craft/export them allowing you to later import more mats or start off a bit stronger (depending on which ruleset you're playing). Crafting needs a lot of love, especially when it comes to the question of time required to craft vs ease of loss. So it would definitely be cool in future to have the ability to automate
  8. @OP if outlets aren't maintaining their release dates based on news, I think that's their failing as an outlet. We're all hoping for (and ACE seem to be geared for) a 2018 soft launch, but I don't think we'll see it till Q3 at the earliest. Some systems are still in need of (and getting) lots of love. The feel of combat still needs tightening, CC's need more visual emphasis (I'm especially looking at you, Immobilisation/Root), crafting costs need balancing and last but definitely not least server stability needs much more work, when the message ping starts spiking it's basically game over
  9. As a whole as well I'm not too sold on the pips that now require you to login every day, I know EVE has this system, but currently this is far more familiar of EVE circa 2007. Whilst I like how the bank works, being totally honest, I'd much prefer a planning system outright, with VIP's allowed to plan further into the future. The time bank could still exist, but in that case it steps in for those who go on longer breaks or who want to focus training 'tall'. Tall training could be done by leaving one or two slots without training so they fill your bank, whilst one slot trains the skills you w
  10. Really happy with how far Crowfall has come so far Looking forward to getting stuck in for 2018!
  11. Got a link? At the moment my knowledge is that the Bard/Troubadour will be available via disciplines rather than a new base class.
  12. Am I mistaken in believing we've got a skill wipe incoming though?
  13. Indeed, absolutely loved helping out around the booth, only downside was we had like 3 REALLY loud booths around us, so all of us were basically having to yell! And that's why all of us sound like we've got toads stuck in our throats! Looking forward to being help out more in the future also! Cheers ACE!
  14. Thanks for the write up! Didn't actually get to hear the stream last night
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