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  1. Really happy with how far Crowfall has come so far Looking forward to getting stuck in for 2018!
  2. Got a link? At the moment my knowledge is that the Bard/Troubadour will be available via disciplines rather than a new base class.
  3. Am I mistaken in believing we've got a skill wipe incoming though?
  4. Indeed, absolutely loved helping out around the booth, only downside was we had like 3 REALLY loud booths around us, so all of us were basically having to yell! And that's why all of us sound like we've got toads stuck in our throats! Looking forward to being help out more in the future also! Cheers ACE!
  5. Thanks for the write up! Didn't actually get to hear the stream last night
  6. It could be cool if looting was prevent whilst the area was still classed as being 'in combat', I mean to the victor goes the spoils, this would give players the chance to get to their corpse and respawn, or for it's allies to move it somewhere safe.
  7. Mind. Blown. Current meta TTK is waaaay too long in my honest opinion and it's only exacerbated when you have a bunch of supporters on both sides. Problem is, how do we balance perma death and full looting against TTK without any sort of corpse protection system at the moment.
  8. The game is going to be growing and evolving for (hopefully) many years to come, so it's not something to hold release on, but it's on of those features that would really add to my personal - and I'm sure many others - immersion. I mean, first things first, let's see combat and netcode get perfected xD
  9. We're looking forward to the Beer n Braai again And the pre-game smack talk ofc!
  10. I do hope the come round to this, players like myself need to feel like the worlds are connected rather than just a disembodied server selector. A parcel type that opens up a portal to every campaign the owner / guild is currently participating in (there's some concept art of exactly what I'm talking about), allowing me to run into it, [load screen], then be in that world with my currently possessed body. The same area would also let me port to other Open EK's - similar to WildStar's housing menu where you could TP to someone else's plot from a UI window once you were in your plot, just on a grander scale. This then opens up a tonne of cool possibilities with caravans where one organises the caravan to the 'exit portal' - somewhere that may well be not be in the centre of friendly territory, and the factions/guilds/alliances have to work together to get as much out as they can - or stop the other faction doing the same. As for the econ loop, I personally think all high tier crafting should be done in the EK's, I mean are you really going to build "Arkan's Forge" on a world that dies in 3 months? We should be going into campaigns to loot and pillage, and taking the spoils back to our home turf to turn it into something useful. Again you could have the same mechanic for carrying these items back into the CW wherein anything too big to carry or spares can caravan'd back through and has to be escorted to your stronghold in the CW, effectively setting up bi-directional vulnerable supply chains. EK's definitely need more integration into the game experience, not everyone needs to use their EK, but the ones that are there need to feel like they make an impact. A system that would make an EK more vulnerable based on it's value could be very cool, like if you've got #1 Guild sitting on stockpiles of Top tier mats and spoils, then it could possibly get invaded by the hunger, or maybe even players, or both (a battle that's on a hard timer before a god purges the hunger from the world or some such fluff) but the risk is there of losing your stockpiles. This means whilst merc guilds could be at very low risk as they're existing hand to mouth, huge domineering guilds would regularly have to defend their dragon's lair of loot, in doing so, buying some breathing room for other guilds in the CW. I mean, other than to look cool, why else am I build fortresses and defences all over my EK?
  11. Banned for inappropriate language.
  12. Imperial Palace?

    We're not quite at 4K levels of deep yet. But we'll totally come and find any IP in the campaign worlds and burn it down for nothing but the poorly made sockss n giggles!
  13. Dw, the IN guys and gals will make up your share of the food and booze consumption ;P
  14. Next you'll be having breakfast in my kitchen, wearing my bathrobe. Where does it end?