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  1. I know that, but still when you let the top 4 guilds making an alliance that no one can even contest, and im in a small guild cause ZERGING aint me, i hate PVP and my entire guild are leaving the game, thats the 3rd time i have to change guild cause of people leaving. WE WONT HAVE ZERGFEST. Zergs and big guilds are killing this game, when do people understand it. The only reason there are like 10 big guilds in total, is because they are scared and want to win cause of numbers.. Such a strategy.. Say nothing about how good or bad they are.
  2. say one thats in the biggest ZERG guild in the entire game. winterblade, KDS, Anki tho they are still really new, Undead Lords, The Executioners, synapse, Acolytes, Lords of death, eitc, corvus citadel, are the guilds ruining the game for everyone, with the devs. 10 guilds that are steamrolling 200+ guilds with between 1 and 50 members, and the 10 big guilds have 100+ easy. Make a server for those big guilds only or CAP the guilds to 50 members MAX. cause this zergfest steamrolling bs is killing the game.
  3. Thats kinda what i ment with more keeps and make the keeps smaller, so they are easier to overcome and take, so small guilds also have a chance to contest and get points, experience of having a keep. The same with alliances. Alliances is a great tool to have in the game, just for small guilds, but when its active for all, so even big guilds can join up and make BS agreeements, where they wont siege eachother, but all join up to bully the small guilds, thats just the lowest of the lowest you can go. Then they state its to make content. I call BS so hard on that. Im not an ignorant, nor naive.. i simply come up with some solutions to some problems thats accuring in the game now. It can be possible to change it "if" the game gets bigger, but right now, with this playerbase the game is kinda dead cause of the bully zergfest by the big guilds that deny content for new players, small guilds ect. I agree we need way more camps and shards to, we basicly need way more content for all types of players, and how to make more content in this game. When all there is is grinding gold, mats and fighting for conquest points?.. When an NA guild can controll 3 maps and an EU guild can controll 2 maps, zerging everything, then we need change in the game, and adding more keeps and making them smaller so even small guilds have a chance to take and hold a keep would be possible, but that also including in alliances only needs to be for small guilds, or removing alliances and capping guilds to a max of 50 members, or another low number thats kinda equal to maintain for the rest. Right now we have alot of 1 man guilds or guilds with a few friends playing, and they are missing activity in DREGS cause they wont go in there, when they know they cant contest in it. So why even bother to be in DREGS? Well DREGS is made to be the ONLY thing to do in the game. FvF is not even to consider playing cause its so bad...
  4. English is not my main language, so if there are miss spellings or writing you didnt understand, thats on me. In my oppinion the problem is not the amount of players, its the unequality of having max 10 guilds with 100+ members, some way over 200 members, steamrolling everyone that try to play the game, so small guilds with 10 to 50 - members are forced to play mostly just outside of the temple areas, so if your guild has no keep, playing in dregs are kinda pointless, cause you have no "safe haven" than the temple. So yes you will get ganked all the time. Then there is all the alliances, all the big guild makes, and no siege agreements, just again to steamroll small guilds that actualy try to play the game. Thats where the solution making maps way bigger with more keeps, forts and outpost ect. would be better. Because there is not really a good balance between the big guilds and the small guilds. But to directly answer your question, in my oppinion there is to many people playing this game as the game is right now, Because there is not enough content for everyone to do. but on the other side, there is not enough players in the game to really consider it to be an MMO as it is right now.
  5. Exactly what the problem is. I believe devs has to many ideas of how the game needs to be, and impliment alot of those ideas, but first of all not really finnishes the ideas before they work on others and impliment those on top. Making the games basics so hard to execute when it should be easy. Take the old beta quest, they were so badly written no one even read them or understand what to do. The NPE quest is a huge aprovement, but still so boring and no real content in them. so when you have gone trought 1 time, then you wont do it again. Where questlines in wow is kinda the same, but has a different feeling, so i want to keep replay the questlines. But theres no real content in the game from lvl 1 to lvl 30, and you are forced to go to DREGS to get endgame mats, and content. But Dregs are so crappy to play after launch of the game cause the maps are to small, to little content, and to big of a chance to get ganked every 1 min than there is chance to survive. cause if you dont have a keep, and run straight from temple out to the maps, all the small tryhard guilds are there and killing you. and if you manage to go to the outer maps then the big ego guilds are hunting you down like you were a chicken in a fox den. For ppl that like harvesting for hours the game after launch just got so bad. there is so many problem i could keep writing things i personal wanted to change. but also i really like the game, cause ive comitted to be better and better to know the classes and i really like the harvesting and crafting system. but even the crafting system buggers me out, when crafting recipes have no to little explanations of combinations, so you need to go to guilds personal sites to get the combinations to even craft. so basicly i hate and love the game at the same time, but i really think there is to many negative points than positive points about this game. But what els to play, when there not really any other good games out atm. so i would rather stick to a bad game i kinda know how to play, than not playing anything.
  6. Major game feedback First I would like to say, that I have been playing the game for like 6 to 7 months, in beta until now, and i keep playing the game because of the harvesting and crafting system. When that i said, rest of the game is pure trash, and the reason why is YOU DEVS, make to many options and wishes for yourself that in the end kills the game. HUNGERDOME - Outdated battle royale game mode only few people want to play, that has nothing with MMO RPG to do. KINDA NO CAP ON GUILDS - You allow guilds to be massive, because you want giant siege fights that the game cant even handle, and it ruin the gameplay for small guilds. HUGE MEMBERCAP ON ALLIANNCES IN DREGS - The massive numbers alliances can pull, ruin the game again for small guilds. FAVORISING NORTH AMERICA (NA) GUILDS - Just because your companny is American. Stop favorising NA for dregs. SOLUTION DO NOT EVER IMPLIMENT HUNGERDOME AGAIN GUILD CAPS 20 TO 50 MEMBERS MAX. NO ALLIANCES AT ALL - Alliances if guildcap is over 50 ppl 1 CASTLE, 10 KEEPS AND 30 TO 50 OUTPOST PR. MAP IN DREGS - if you want all guilds in the game to content eachother no matter where. 1 CASTLE, 2 KEEPS AND 20 OUTPOST PR. MAP IN DREGS - If you let EU,NA & AUS split up so they dont content eachother. MAKE THE CASTLE THE SIZE OF THE BIG KEEP, THE BIG KEEP THE SIZE OF THE SMALL KEEP, THE SMALL KEEP SMALLER, TO FIT MORE OF THEM ON THE MAPS SO MORE GUILDS CAN CONTEST KEEPS AT ALL TIMES, SO YOU WONT HAVE 1 BIG GUILD CONTROLLING 1 WHOLE MAP. AND MAKE THEM CHEAPER TO MAINTAIN... FIX SERVERS MAKE BETTER SCREEN UI MAKE BETTER CHAT UI MAKE GUILD UI SO YOU CAN INVITE PEOPLE THAT WAY REDO MOST OF YOUR FLAVORTEXT - Make the text more understandable, and make stats more clear of what they do, so people dont misunderstand what you mean. Most of your ingame text is so badly written that it looks like a 5 year old have written it. BALLANCE THE CLASSES MORE EQUAL MAYBE MAKE THE FORTS AS SMALL KEEPS TO LET SMALL GUILDS TO CONTENT FOR CONQUEST POINTS END RESULT Your game is more dead than allive, and people keep complaining, and it seems like you DEVS dont even care about us. You keep ruin the game for everyone, and letting big guilds bully all small guilds cause they are affraid of the content you devs want to have. So all small guilds really dont like to play and enjoy your game. So try listning to your players and do some good instead of having your heads up where the sun dont shine.
  7. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). harvesting system is nice. crafting system is good no more comments Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Better optimization so the game is not a slide show and fps drops to 10 in bigger group fights Zerg groups should not exist, i know its mmo and pvp based, but since the launch of the game, its been unplayable due to zerg groups all the time. Its not fun to play. alliances are WAY to big, EU dregs all big beta guilds have allied up and zerg all and no one have a chance. so again the game sucks so hard on that part. and alliances should only count for " 2 small guilds" or so, so they have a chance. The launch of the dregs campaign was released WAY to early and no one was ready for it. with alot of new players and old guilds zerging. so the game is clustercustard xp nerf, and the xp counter to lvl 31 is way to high. Should not take that long to gain 1 lvl. 6. Make your social interface and make it so you can invite ppl to party instead of the 1995 text based invites, cause some ppl have insane names to spell. 7. dont allow guilds to run 10+ man groups zerging everyone. you loose so many players due to old guilds running zergs and destroy all they see. it has killed the game for alot. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. Game crashes, when you close the game. Gfx is missing sometimes, when you die, or load in a zone. Sometimes an item bugs in your inventory so you cant move or sell it. If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. Seems like its not worth it askin a question
  8. Have only one thing to say. Death to the game before it launches. At this stake its so stupid to launch this game next month. All the fixes thats needed, balancing of classes and gfx bugs, bugs from spawning ect ect. and the launch of NW where like 90% of players will run to, then it will be the death of the game. You shoot your self in the foot doin this launch allready, cause this game kinda need an overhaul of all sides before its even considered to be playable enough, and the total pvp dream you have is no good for anyone, you need to have a ballance where there is a safehaven for pve players also. So atm its not even in the stake to launch
  9. I think its well writtin, and as a new player to cf, ive been playing this for a week now, jumping in after a friend told me about the game. I played wow for 10 years from 2002 to 2012 ish. and i loved wow, i played only on pve servers cause i suck a pvp, and i really dont like pvp. So when i saw this game i fell in love at start, but got disapointed when i found out its 99% of the game is pvp. My NPE: At race and champ selection i was blown away how cool it was and so many options to chooce from. when i then entered the god's reach starter world, then i was again blown away by the looks of the game, its not wow 4k raytracing or anything but it looks good for a beta. But then all my high expectations droped like a rock in a sea of disapointment. The quests is so liniar that i would not get anything out of the quest, the basic cooking quest only show you to put meat in a cooking pot, nothing more, so u need to experience and gather all the other items if u want to cook other things. and with the hunger thing, you need to eat alot, and the first 2 days i ran around trying to find out to make food cause its nearly impossible to finde a place to cook and know what items u need to actualy cook food. Next is base stats for the class you choose. I made an elk paladin / dps guy and saw elks have better chance for skinning than rest of the races, so basicly i think well skinning gives leather, then i take leatherworker as the secound proffesion.. Well disapointed again, cause what i didnt realised was when you want to learn to craft stuff then different proffisions scale on different stats, so if you lvl up a strengh user, then crafting proffs is only for stonemasons, blacksmithing, and for harvesting stones, mining ores or grave digging. If you want ot make leatherworking then it scales on intellect and dexterity, and i only found out after i was told by a player to farm for 9 uncommon skinning discs and farm 48.000 gold, just to craft an epic skinning disc and place it on my paladin, and then get told i put it on the wrong type of champ, after 4 days of grinding hours and hours to do what im told. so i feel kinda disapointed of doin 4 days of grinding, when no quest or basic thin tells me about that before i make my champ. you really have to make a champ and then before u do anything els then go trough all kinds of menus and read, take notes and screenshots to remember what types of diciplines you can you on your classes to get most out of it. The skill tree experience: I think there is many choices, and thats cool, but in the end the only thing i see is the skills that gives stats for all champs and rest is really not worth even to go for. the skills is meh and really dont seems to do anything good or bad for your champion. Game mechanichs / steering and crosshair: The movement is great, its like all other games moving with wasd, but the crosshair system is really not good, you see your champ from a 3rd person leaning a bit to the right so you can see your crosshair, but its hard to manage to steer that crosshair to teamplayers if you need to heal them, or target an enemy or a mob. the targeting system is bad, you cant see if a mob is a captain or a king unless if you are close to the mob and move your crosshair over them, and in that time you actualy do manage to hover over the mob, you are allready in combat with it. and you may die cause you could not see it was an elite king thing mob. actionbars is like most other games. basic 1 to 0 on the keyboard, but when u level up a champ sometimes the champ gets more actions and actionbars to choose from, and those are really easy not to see. I lvl up a duid to lvl 23 before i saw i had 2 different action bars 1 called life and 1 called death. and when death was active from start i had actions that said only active on life, but switched over to life the actions was not there. and to switch between life and death the basic keybindings is z and u, why not z and x so the keys are close? its make no sense at all. And btw, your druid seems really broken and hard to even manage, you loose all mana in 2 secounds and you have to tap your life to gain mana back, that i found out from the start, but what i then found out you gain mana if you switch from death to life actions, but then you get a dot on you dealing dmg tou you so fast you die, if you dont stop that dot in time. so basicly you rinse and repeat to tap mana to heal your self, and you tap life to get mana, what a great group healer you are then. or not. The first dregs experience: when i got lvl 30 and tryed to go into guild vs guild server to see what it was, i was told by my friend not to take anything with me. cause it takes import tokens. i thaught okay, then i take some food, bandage and some harvest tools with me along with my gold. it said i imported 37 tokens, and didnt really think more of that, cause i never had played a game with this type of things before. so like installing an app and scrolling to end of eula just to accept, no one read an eula. I didt go around some tribecamps with my friend all new to this world. And we killed some mobs and got nice loot, lots of legendary items, i was blown away, and after like an hour we got ganked and i lost all my stuff. money, all i had looted and all i had left was the gear i had on me. what a supprise when u are not used to games like this, and u are an pve player used to loose nothing when u die. That experience was so horrible i deleted the game in rage and had to cool of for some hours before i gave it a secound chance. now i dont want to go to dregs if i dont have any protection that i cant have, cause nothing in the game explains u need to be in a guild with many players in it not to get ganked. so if you are totaly new and made your own guild with 1 or 2 friends then you wont have a chance to do anything in dregs. Not even farm mats cause its impossible to do anything if you havnt importet like 3 diff champs to help your 1 champ out so u can farm. The crafting of gear and diciplines: the crafting is really hard to even try to get a grip of, there is no skill tree where you can see what you can make or how much you progress in the skill tree. there is only a drop down menu where you can choose for gear, head, chest, hands and boots, but no stats or different boots or chests you can make. When you try to look on what mats you need to craft a chest, you can see the items needed, like seewing thread or leather squares. you can make those items further up in the menu and all you see to start is 3 slots where it say hide in all 3 slots.. there is a blue circle apparently that gives an overlay over what types of hide thats possible to mix to get different stats, but you really cant see what actualy value those stats is. so its only based on luck of what you hope you get. so basicly you can farm so much mats and waste it all cause you dont understant how it works. I still after 1 week know how to craft basic stuff and know what to do with it. Its really annoying when there is no stats to see, and all feels like its based on luck, and other players say oh there is so much varity to craft. only i see is 5 things and rest is luck. and if you want to see what types of mats you can combine and stuff you need to go to sites outside the game, witch names does not even seems to have with cf to do. like winterblades, if you dont know the game or company then its really hard to come by.. The overall experience for me for this game: If you are pve player then dont even try the game. if you want to craft dont even try the game. Its really gives ppl a hard time to start and you have to be part of a giant guild to even go to dregs before you do anything els, and as a new player with no info at all about the game, then i really wont play the game, and i am really disapointed. i really think the game can be great with more players and better scaling so all have a chance to play and not be part of the big guilds that kills you 1 min after you enter dregs. for pve i would really like a seperate world with raids you can enter, to kill bosses and get gear in same rarety up to epics and legendary as in dreds. Just where you dont get killed and looted by other players. If that not going to happend then for pve players stay away, i would not spend time on compliment a game i wont play.
  10. i feel you, ive been playing for a week now, and im so mad and fustrated. the game sucks so much. Me and my buddys have got help from other players explaining the game to us, and after a week of playing we are still lost, everything is dregs dregs and dregs, but as an pve farming player, you cant go to dregs all the time.. this game is so bad i wont even play it if they paid me 1000000$ to play.
  11. well thats okay, but its not enough compaired to 10 min in dregs where legendary items drops everywhere from nearly every mob. There is to much focus on pvp and no pve at all in this game, and the mechanics sucks so hard. You have hard time figure out your class, I just found out as a lvl 23 druid that i could change from life to death, cause you loose your mana in 5 secs, and when you switch to life and gain mana you loose your health so fast that u die before u figure out to stop it. You should be able to heal a group, not die when u try to heal. I could keep on going for all the fails there is in this game, cause your game is really that bad, considered you have been 8 years in the making and still are in beta whith so many bugs and errors. i really hope the best for the game and the whole team, but if this game not change to a whole new platform, i see the game fail at launch. there is so many post here reggarding how bad the game is, and how much it lacks pve base, and more quest, but you wont even do anything to create a pve world for your players. And quote to J Todd Coleman, there is NOT enough outside of siegewindows to do, in this game, other than repeat the same farming that is useless to craft stuff cause your game lack information to craft stuff.
  12. Im a new player, who has played for like 4 to 6 days and i really have som feedback on the game. I would like to start with some possitive feedback of the game. I really like the looks of the game, its nice to see and im into learning more about the game. Now to the not so possitive feedback, but rather changes i would like to see. as a new player its nearly impossible to learn the gameplay. the game is so hard to get started, so i guess many potential players would not play your game. i am in a group of 3 started 4 to 6 days ago, and we have had multiple players trying explaining to us how to play the game, and we are still lost. personal im a pve player and not pvp and i really got sad, when i found out the game is 90% pvp based gamestyle, and i would really like to see some dropchance of epics and legendary items and resources in the infected world, so you wont have to go into dregs and get killed and looted for everything you have. your questline is really not good or meaningfull at all, and more quest with rewards for items, gear or some like it would be nice, so you dont rush the few quest there is, and go farm stuff until you are strong enough to go to dregs and getting killed. crafting is really hard to get any knowhow of, because how do you even get started to craft gear? its impossible to understand, where some like me is used to skilltree like in world of warcraft, where you can see exactly what you craft and gain skillpoints for every craft you make. the crafting and harvesting on a champ: It makes no sense to make lets say a templar champ and build up strengh for the champion, and then have skinning or leatherworking on the champ due it may be an elk that benifits leatherworking, but you need dexterity and intellect to craft and harvest materials, so it makes no sense to not give players info about that. Personaly i just wasted 4 days of farming and 9 uncommon skinning discs for my elk templar, when i would benifit better on a champ with dexterity and intellect.. I feel cheeted on allready from start, cause the game lack so many basic information you as devs could prevent for new players. Last thing, i really think a tournament is not the best thing to go when the game lacks features and information. when flowers are floating in the air and stuff like that, then a tournament in my oppinion is not the way to focus. I hope your devs will read my oppinions and im not meaning anything in a bad way or as a spoiled child. I just really think the game can be really good and get success but, as a pve player i really miss pve and not pvp based game like it is now, cause its really not fun experience the dregs for the first time, just go in and die and loose all you have, cause you dont know the game. Its only ment as questions, and feedback nothing whining or complaining as a child.
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