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  1. 1. Forums to dev tracker view all, which just brings up the website homepage and says I'm logged out, but if I go back to forums I'm still logged in. 2.yup 3. US 4.Opera Also logging in, same as jetah log in to forums, brings me back to home page where I'm not logged in, just go back to forums and I'm logged in.
  2. Pretty sure they just mentioned everything is being built for PVP (the Campaign Worlds). The items in the shop you can buy are for the EK only so you don't get a leg up in the campaign worlds. They also mentioned using the same assets in both EK and CW.
  3. Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the game is made. Crowfall-the T-shirt, Crowfall-the Coloring Book, Crowfall-the Lunch box, Crowfall-the Breakfast Cereal, Crowfall-the Flame Thrower.
  4. I like these stretch goals along with getting the other campaigns ironed out. Along the lines of a persistent campaign world: How a bout a ring of worlds between the Eternal Kingdoms and the God's Reach? 12 worlds, 1 for each god. Similar to (large) EK worlds.Open to all, with pvp and sieges allowed. When a guild is created they choose a god and can only build on that god's world. This could also be way for guilds to play together in the God's Reach and the Infected worlds? Guilds can fight it out here, winning the throne, for their god. Instead of bringing resources back to their individual EKs, guilds can opt to build on one of these worlds. ToL protection(Bloodstone Tree) Banestone with a timer set by the defending guild would be needed since guilds will be on campaign. Would have to allow travel between these worlds and campaigns, similar to EKs? Guilds can bane rival guilds living next door or travel to another world and knock down the "King" of another god. As long as this "core module" works decently we should be able find some ruleset that's fun. Keep up the good work and just say no to mounts.
  5. This was where I started. Don't remember all my character names but I believe Sofa was my first scout. Was in Wolfe's Dragoons with my first gimped assassin. Hopefully Crowfall can do something that hasn't been done since Shadowbane!
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