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  1. I’ve only been playing a couple of weeks very casually, so take my opinion with the amount of salt you feel is appropriate. I think a faction campaign would be a good idea but I think it would be a lot more work than some are thinking. I’ve been struck by how many people hit 30 in infected and ask what to do now, are given suggestions (pvp in sky point, join a guild, etc.), and respond with “lol nope bye poorly made dergs game”. In general hardcore players of pvp sandbox mmos seem to overrate the self motivation of the average player. Lots of people just want to chase the carrot dang
  2. Durrgyn the Old in Gods Reach is being camped by Elementals sitting on top of the canvas, preventing melee from dealing with them. Can't interact with the NPCs in combat.
  3. I’ve been a longtime part time follower of Crowfall and decided to try it out since it is getting close to launch. These are my thoughts as a new player about the new player experience and the post NPE game up to level 30. I know from reading a little of the forums that this is a hot button topic and there are plenty of people who have bad things to say about it. Overall I have enjoyed my time with Crowfall so far. I enjoy how much can be customized (especially with crafting). I like how the game looks. I like the combat and it seems like there is a lot of skill and customization invol
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