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  1. you wont see much improvements, this game is terribly optimized. ready for "release" hahahahah.
  2. this is basically the truth. the reason we beat every other team is bc we pressed wee one better. lol.
  3. can't wait to hear about none of the best teams won wc3 as well
  4. Just your weekly (should be daily) reminder that the game is far too random for $25k to be sent after a clusterf*** fight with 7 teams that lasts for about 10 minutes before fog and CC rng. Although the new change encourages fights, one single game is still wayyyyy too random. Finals needs to be 3 games with scoring based on placements. Winning a game can still have significantly more points (double or triple from 2nd, doesn't matter), but there needs to be a bit less randomness in determining the winner.
  5. If we can play the game competitively from scratch in 2 weeks then you guys can learn some new comps in 2 weeks. More than likely you're only swapping 1 class anyway.
  6. Tonight was by far the most fun I've had playing Hunger Dome! And we even lost some! Great change!
  7. I'm aware. I expect them to do nothing and allow their tournament to just be bad and give themselves bad PR for the sake of not changing the rules. I was told to give my feedback on how to improve the game and this is it.
  8. This is feedback that needs to occur THIS ECS tournament, not the next or any after. 1. The finals NEED to be multiple games with scoring based on placements in all games. The game is far too random in its current state. I don't expect much balance or game mode changes to occur (I expect nothing), therefore its important to reduce randomness by allowing the teams to fight multiple times. $25k+ to the winners of one game where it will be determined by random combat actions such as random CC immunities, random pulls in the hunger, random knocks into the hunger, random crits that carry fights, etc is completely unacceptable. The entire community knows this and knows the finals will be an utter joke. This is not to hate on the devs or their game; this is just the state of hunger dome currently with how its implemented. I highly highly recommend that this is done to encourage the best team to win. 2. Wildcards team selection cannot be like Qualifiers. The entire competitive community repeatedly asked that the early qualifiers won't be "stacked" with all the best teams. We were told that this will be taken into account. It clearly was disregarded like trash. Qualifiers 1 and 2 were clearly the most stacked, Qualifiers 3 and 4 were lowly populated and only had a handful of even decent teams. It is likely that we will see Qualifiers 5 and 6 with maybe a single good team, if any. I would be extremely annoyed if I was a Qualifier 1 team who got top 7 and now has to play an insanely stacked Wild Card round with every good team from Q1 and Q2 (like more than half the good teams in the entire game). Luckily our team is Qualifier 4 and we only have to play like two of the best teams for 1 single slot in a 12 slot finals. It's extremely obvious that the coordinators don't care which teams are in the finals. Perhaps if they put more bad teams in the finals then the winners will be more obvious as they will completely run over half the teams. I know this sounds incredibly BM but it is very frustrating to see a large tournament like this run so terribly. I truly hope some of the issues are rectified with properly balanced Wild Card rounds. 3. The last season of the game needs to last longer In the current state of HD, the first 3 seasons are basically useless. Bunker/Tank teams will be able to avoid fights until the end if they want to. Teams that DO want to fight often get nothing as teams will respawn immediately. Tracking down teams to eliminate their respawns is wasting way too much time that could be spent on grinding or even just AFKing in a keep. Without changing the game too much, the solution is to extend Season 4 (winter or whatever) when all respawns except the castle are closed. This will allow a dominant team that is able to hold the castle to hold an advantage, and teams that do not hold the castle will be liable to outright lose. This would also encourage teams to run at each other, as taking fights in an open castle will be much safer than taking a fight and risking getting 3rd/4th/5th/Xth partied in the final medium/small smized circle. Hopefully you guys will make some good changes.
  9. Free Action does not stop teleport pulls such as the Templar one. Free Action can be interrupted or even self interrupted (and go on full cd with no effect) if you dont let the full 1.5s cast + aftercast go through which ends up feeling really bad for a skill thats suppose to give CC immunity. Blue highlighting on characters when CC immune is not consistent on anyone, including yourself or enemies. Free Action does not apply blue highlighting at all. Ultimates often do not apply blue highlighting at all. Many CCs will arbitrarily go through Minotaur's front facing CC immunity without any explanation (including all pulls). Pulverize on Titan seems to cancel its effect when the player is pulled, resulting in a guaranteed Crash even when not interrupted.
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