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  1. Wow. I've been busy at work and just now checking this forum. Seems folks have a love/hate for my idea. I tried to read through most of the replies, at least the ones even related to my idea. I guess my biggest mistake was my "topic title" of "Pk'n penalties". Prob should have been something along of the lines of "meaningful pvp". I don't want to penalize people for pvp, I want pvp to have more meaning. This isn't a moba where team A and Team B smash each others faces till one team takes over the tower. Sure there will be win conditions, but we don't even know what they all are and new ones can always be added. I saw quite a few references to "factions". I'm not sure if you are referring to people creating guilds or when you join a server, you join a faction. Either way you can see from their server set up that factions aren't going to be your standard I'm part of faction A so I only kill faction B. Sure a server can have that, but I'm talking about guild vs. guild servers. I saw talk of players policing the servers. Why not put that system into the game? If your a hooligan that kill my guild mates over and over, why can't there be a system in the game that flags you as an enemy of my guild? Lets say we can hire NPC's to guard our player build town. Now they hate you and will kill you? Other games have done similar systems with jail and player court. Those are gimmicky and temporary inconveniences. My original idea what not to stop players pvp'n but to create meaningful pvp by not leaving it to the players to decide, because we know how well that goes. There are plenty of phone games you can go play that let you bash your head against other players. This idea of open world I can kill everyone and anyone I want is the same type of sandbox mentality that is keeping pvp games as either a niche game or dead. I want more than "johnny is bored and killing gatherers in the forest". I want "run, the (insert guild name) is invading and trying to take over the mines. Gather the knights to defend" I don't think asking for a long term 6 month - 1 year server scheme with the pvp ideas I had is the end of the world as you all made it. Don't like it, don't play on that server. eh either way. thanks for making this topic hot. I'm super excited with their server system and look forward to seeing what options they come up with.
  2. lol. You all clearly know what every pvp player wants. I wasn't looking for support, just providing a suggestion in a suggestion forum. sorry for making your sandwhich soggy.
  3. Wow. I can see this community is going to be amazing. They have already stated there will be multiple play modes. What is wrong with suggesting one that is based more on political strikes vs. "oh no joe killed me, let me rally my army to kill joe back" . Love the feed back. Here's to them creating another zerg fest game that is already "so" successful if you all get your way. @ Headlight - sure zerg games are fun.. for a day or two. The win conditions are set in stone, neither are the rules of the server. If you don't like my idea and they put it in there game, don't play on the server @equus - Thanks for the support @freeze - not sure what your reply has to do with my post. I stated I want the mode to be more about doing sieges vs. random killings. @Flip9999 - because keeping track of every scared PK'er who zergs you is how everyone likes to spend their time @ginko - because 10 people who prob suck at pvp beating up on a gatherer is soo cool and fun @jinglehell - The "game" doesn't have to be about zerging the lone guy or new player. There are plenty of sandbox zerg games out already. What is wrong with suggesting how they could set up one of their servers? @nehemia - At least my post was a constructive suggestion to a potential play style. just because you have 400 posts of bashing other people's ideas, doesn't make your opinion any more valid than mine. @ everyone else who wants to come bash my idea - There are going to be many servers with many rules/regulations. People who want to tell me if I don't want open world pvp with no consequence to go play a carebare game, first I never said I don't want open world pvp, second if you want it so bad go play darkfall or a similiar game. This game is trying to be different, and i am simply making a suggestion on something they could add to a play mode. @anyone supporting my idea - Thank you. I realize I'm new to this forum. I had a crazy idea for a play mode I thought would be fun, and glad someone else thought it could be fun too. PS: woo hoo, my second post on this forum. I'm moving up!
  4. I see all over the forums people asking for full loot or harsh death penalties for when you die. What about penalties for the folks that enjoy killing just to kill? Why not make someone think before then go on a killing rampage. It may have severe impact on their game play. The best way to do this is player reputation of some sort. Say you kill a member of a guild who holds the iron mines, your reputation with the iron mines goes down to where you are KoS when you get near the iron mines. This means you can't successfully get iron on your own now. Lets say those same people are part of a guild that holds a large commerce city. Now you lost a place to trade your wares. Since Crowfall boasts itself as a strategy game, I hope it ends up being more about strategy then simple ganking. Lets look at those players that own the mine. If I try to enter the mines and they kill me for no reason and I am part of a guild that holds the area around a forest, they could lose access to the forest. As well, lets say there is some way in game that they make that mine inaccessible to others or a high tax on mining there. The PVP should be players rising up to take over the mines, sure your rep with the mine will go down.. that is until you take it over. They could even make it where if enough guildies get bad rep with a particular group, the entire guild can be flagged. This would make it so guild members are held accountable for there actions. PVP should make you have to think. If the miners open up the mine to everyone, they may avoid war. If they hold all the resources for themselves, they may find themselves the target of another guild attempting to take over. I realize there are going to be several play types in there game, I just hope this is one of them. I'm all for full loot pvp, but I want someone to have to "really" want to kill me, not just kill me because they were bored and running through the country side killing all in their wake. If I'm rolling around in full armor with a sick weapon and you want my gear, sure, but be prepared to suffer a consequence of bad rep and potential exile. This type of system would also encourage folks to band together. If you don't belong to a guild with any sort of reputation, someone killing you could suffer some form of common reputation I guess. The real penalty would be killing someone who has the guild behind them with the rep to make you killing them hurt you in the long run. Just my 2 cents on a piece of a game mode they could implement and I would gladly play. Thoughts?
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