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  1. friendly-fire solves zerg issues. also PBAE classes with ridiculous AOE scaling (domino effect, does more damage vs. more targets, no cap). it's easy to get around these issues, it's just the solutions have been swept under the rug for the sake of "balance" and "every character should be viable at everything."
  2. classes were balanced in SB because the skill system was robust enough to be able to create a hard-counter to any build made in the game, including spec groups. can't kill a mino barb with 12,000hp on your mage assassin? that's fine, make a character that can fly and roast his beefy ass from the sky where he can't touch you. rock paper scissors all the balance you need.
  3. shadowbane 2.0 confirmed. god does exist.
  4. Oh good, looks like I'll be able to send you mooks to early graves in this game too.
  5. $500k on expenses (hardware,software, licenses, etc) and $2m on salaries for the dev team for 2 years... it could happen. 2 year dev cycle confirmed? ;p
  6. I would like to note that this is NOT the KoS from Hib-Lance in DAoC. Good luck to you guys though.
  7. yes. it would cut down on zerg balling.
  8. Proactive. This goes beyond simply banning accounts and unstucking people though, I'd like to see the re-emergence of the old-school UO / EQ GM's that would spark up spur of the moment events. Have a dedicated person whose job it is to hop from server to server and make friends / enemies / and cause problems for the players to solve. I still remember back in '99/'00 in EQ when they caught a botter / gold seller / hacker, they would make a spectacle out of the banning of the account if they were online. Hellfire, brimstone and all that. Good times.
  9. One thing you guys might want to consider is opening up the forums to people who aren't members. I've tried directing a few people here to check it out and I get "I don't feel like making an account just to look." Yes they're lazy. Humans are lazy. Path of least resistance. Etc. The issue I have is that they loved Shadowbane, SWG, UO, DAoC and pretty much any other game with a solid sandbox/PvP base. I think they would definitely take an interest in this game, it's just pulling teeth to get there. Any barrier is one barrier too many. I want to get them excited. Help me help you.
  10. I would assume that it all depends either on your class or your character's alignment. There are a few options available for how it could work if what I outlined in the above image is even remotely close to correct. 1.) It could be a simple 1-2-3-4 progression, not allowing you to swap out, you simply gain a new title as you move up 2.) It could be a 1-2-3-4 progression, allowing you to move between them as you take on other aspects of other classes (multi-classing, seems to have been hinted at in the character creator thread) 3.) Works like a system similar to the fame/karma system in UO where as you gain either good or bad karma you sway towards good or evil titles and you move up (or down if you lose fame to death/other things) the title ladder depending on your level of fame or renown. 4.) This interpretation is entirely wrong It's all speculation and I'm just guessing. I figured a visual aid would help to better illustrate things... I'd be interested to see other people's interpretations.
  11. relinked, see if it works now... (I can see it fine) I would like to make note that I'm guessing the #4 position for each tree is the top tier and #5 is only available to a select few individuals like nation leaders or something like that. I'm thinking something along the lines of realm ranks from DAoC.
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