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  1. Naval Combat has never been properly implemented in an MMO, and I doubt Crowfall will be the first to do it right considering it's not a focus of the game.
  2. Can I hire you guys to mail Nekrage ten thousand bags of glitter? This is extremely important to the future success of Crowfall.
  3. You guys are competing rather well with Hyperion for most embarassing guild coming to this game. The race will probably be neck and neck until one of the two of you bails for something else.
  4. Didn't you hear? The devs are taking a page from Chris Roberts' book now, so we probably won't see a release till around 2022.
  5. Hey everyone, see this guy? This is a perfect illustration of the exact opposite of what the game should look like.
  6. Has it occurred to you that you're a completely terrible poster?
  7. TheShortestPath


    Archeage was alright until Trion completely destroyed it with the patch that added castles by only letting ~10% of the server online for the first three days and thus grab all of the land. Also the economy-crippling bugs, and the pay2win gearing, and... Actually the game was complete garbage at all points, never mind.
  8. That's not the problem. The issue is that most people don't want to see boobs shoved in their face while they play the game. And for some I'm sure the realism is also kind of a big deal.
  9. I just reply to the really obviously stupid threads, nothing personal about it buddy. Checkyotrack hasn't failed to deliver since he started in Shadowbane. And if you're an adult and still attracted to a 16-year-old girl you're kind of a pedophile. And by kind of I mean really.
  10. What, exactly, are you trying to accuse me of being a fanboy of? I'm legitimately curious about this one.
  11. Sports and instrument playing are actual careers and real aspects of one's life, though? Shadowbane was a video game. Mental issues are serious business, buddy. Epic for the win. And actually speaking of mental issues Lindsay Lohan was 16 during the filming of Mean Girls so uh
  12. Wow man that fail was pretty epic.
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