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  1. Ah, I see. Many thanks to both of you!
  2. I am a new player and a bit confused about different aspects of the game. 1. How do I use a vessel? I understand that a better quality vessel (common instead of poor for example) increases my stats and my level cap. But what does that practically mean? Let's say I reach level 30 with my character. Now what? Do I buy a new vessel and my character gets somehow transferred into the new vessel and keeps all of his skills and equipment or do I have to level up my character from scratch? 2. Where ist this miraculous Exploration Tree? I am aware that the game is constantly
  3. Well, I really like it: - You are being taught every basic aspect step by step. I wish there'd be more quests to learn about the game. There are so many aspects I don't get (vessels, factions, campaigns, ...) - The experience gain for every step is huge, so I never had the feeling I am wasting my time. - Due to this the progression feels really fast. It takes what, an hour for levels 1-18? - You are not forced to combat grind to reach the first Infected Zone (it ends there) - You can chill out and gather resources, check the basic crafting system, learn how a character
  4. Well I am not sure about the general feedback, but I wanted to chime in and say that, as a brand new player, I thoroughly enjoy the 1-30 part. It's relaxing and the tutorial up until the first infected zone is really well made. At least it got me hooked, lol. And if you really want to, you can rush to 30 in a few hours, don't you?
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