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  1. Hi all, Timezone: PST Play Times: Typically 7pm-midnight M-Sun, some additional times on weekends, more frequently on Wednesdays (yes, I know that's random). Play Style: Focused casual. If I'm on, I'm playing rather than socializing. I'll be harvesting or crafting (or managing the shop) if I'm playing. I will probably average 15-20 hours/week. Been playing around with harvesting and crafting at various times during Crowfall's early testing, starting with the earliest stages of IT. Now looking to settle into a more regular cadence of testing and playing, so looking for a gu
  2. Yeah, I wasn't really complaining. Just making a note. I'll have to find some folks to group up to harvest with or just focus on crafting and buy from gatherers.
  3. So am I understanding correctly that solo'ers can't gather the mats needed to do jewelcrafting? The whole concept of group gathering/crafting is just so weird to me. Typically I harvest/craft when I just want to chill at my own pace or do my own thing and group up when I want to explore/fight.
  4. I'm a crafter/harvester by nature, and this will be primarily what I do when the games goes live. So spending time harvesting only to be ganked by all the rodents running around, and having all that gear looted so I can't even test out most of the crafting recipes, is pretty frustrating. I'm pretty terrible at this combat - the reactions are extremely slow and everything is jumping around the screen quite a bit even with my pretty good ping. That said, I kept playing on for a bit because hopefully the harvesting at least is benefiting the testing somehow.
  5. When crafting, I was making my dual axes schematic, which requires 2 of a few different items. I put 2 of each into the slots and then right clicked to try and pull them out. Only got 1 of each item back, losing half of each.
  6. Ranger needs much more mobility. Or some sort of stealth ability that I'm not seeing?
  7. Until they fix how PK looting works, every harvester and crafter is going to combat log. Right now you've just got groups of people or stealth rodents running around PKing people while they're harvesting or crafting, and then they loot every single item from the body. In a limited time playtest, there's no point gathering for 2 hours only to then have it all taken before you can really test out much of the crafting. BTW, if you get attacked while crafting and you don't have your volume turned out, you don't know you're getting attacked until you're dead. For those harvesters who ha
  8. 1. I keep rubberbanding back to the graveyard after I die. Haven't been able to leave it. 2. Not clear how I craft arrows for my bow so that I can actually use it as a ranger. Keeps telling me no ammo and I can't find a melee weapon to use. 3. Every time I've tried to gather and craft I end up getting killed by some rodent. People just out there killing people that aren't fighting back or are AFK. This is a playtest people. Try to be constructive.
  9. Would prefer not to see this. I don't think your toon should be more powerful by virtue of you winning the lottery. Even one person having these in a campaign could be gamebreaking.
  10. I like the idea of crafting and repairing while offline. How about if you have a shop or structure you can set up as a crafter where players you authorize (or your guild) can deposit items and "you" will repair them at some certain rate (likely a slow rate with a queue order based on FIFO). Likewise for crafting. I hope it takes a decent amount of time to create any single item, with longer crafting times for more advanced items. That way you limit the # of items coming into the world and reinforce scarcity. Perhaps the lower quality items of the same type can be crafted much more qu
  11. I hope not. I want an MMORPG, not a game that lends itself well to arena style matches.
  12. I really like that idea. The difference between, say, a magical missile type (assisted aim) spell and a fireball (aimed) spell. The first can be mitigated through cover, resistances, and abilities/buffs. The second, more powerful attack, can be mitigated but also must be aimed and hit the target. I've seen too many pure aim games that sounded awesome on paper that ended up terrible. DFUW is one example, although it was mostly the other designs/lack of dev on that game that did it in as opposed to the combat itself.
  13. He's occasionally offering assistance on the crafting. I've never had the feeling he's playing a huge role in it. I think in part they just wanted to have his name attached to the project and so they may have been overhyping a bit what his involvement was. It would've been great, IMHO, if Koster had been made an integral part of the team and been put in charge of crafting, though.
  14. No, and I don't want it to be. For it to be a "WoW killer," it will have to appeal to a demographic that has not at this point been the target demographic for the game.
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