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  1. Mass PVP is not balanced and never will be because people suck. In faction PVP 1 faction is always going to be zerg faction that controls the majority of stuff and one faction will be the scarce faction that gets mostly squeezed out. Putting resources in specific faction areas only benefits the zerg faction as they are the only ones with the manpower to consistently invade the others and the faction with the least pop gets punished for no reason. DREGS is even worse because you can just replace zerg faction with zerg alliance and anyone not in one of those zerg alliances is pretty screwed when it comes to harvesting assuming the game has actual population at launch and not dead servers with 6 people on them lol. All that being said stealth is still broken so I'm sure people will just continue rolling stealth classes to harvest with as was already quite common. Even if someone does actually bring stealth detect it's still far from a guaranteed kill. But honestly, I don't see anything wrong with being able to free farm LOW TIER resources to make gear/materials to support PVP. If you're saying that you need to win at PVP to even access the proper ability to craft greens in a world where people are going to shortly be running around in purples/oranges then oof, GL with that failed game. Almost no crafters are going to sign up for that. Since you're advocating PVP to ensure people cannot farm safely why can't YOU just invade to make people's farm dangerous? I feel like your PVP problem had an already available PVP solution. Your own faction zone isn't safe and you very much can be ganked there.
  2. And continuing the grand tradition of making harvesting and crafting worse: now certain leathers can only be found in specific enemy zones. Not only does this hamstring proper leatherworking but indeed wolves are neccessary for Skinner Plentiful harvest kebbabs so non-moon factions just got quasi locked out of their plentiful harvest buffs for skinner. Either you invade Lunarium for wolves or you hit wolves in skypoint, which are right near where all the ore is (and thus will be perpetually pretty dangerous even for skypoint)
  3. I don't care what the baseline THEY want is. I care what the baseline I enjoy is. That is my job as a customer. The reality is the ROI for my time and effort harvesting and crafting was not worth it, for me, until after hitting harvesting armor and blue belt. I'm willing to grind to hit that point so I can start having fun harvesting and crafting. I'm not willing to no-life the game as a harvester/crafter. It was already precariously close to that line before with the time investment to get any real appreciable returns. The core harvesting/crafting design in Crowfall is good, and I'm someone with alot of time to dedicate to a game, but how much a game respects my time does still ultimately matter. Maybe it matters less than it does to someone with a busy life and kids and etc but it still matters. This is the equivalent of saying "well that was our introductory price for new clients, now you're moving to the real monthly charge". If that's the case then congratulations, you've priced me out and lost a customer. I've been real patient with Crowfall. It has many glaring issues, the gathering/crafting loop is what gave me personally a reason to stay and try to help build the game. But if what you say is truly the case and now we're just getting "the real gathering rates not test gathering rates", no longer. Though I'll say that not only are you a bit out of place here speaking for the devs but the devs have changed many many things that were their original plans. This close to release I have no real hopes of that really for them to reverse course on those changes, but I shall give them the benefit of the doubt. Unless it's rectified though I prolly won't even see launch. I'm an experienced gamer and I know the draws and failings of Crowfall for me. My time will simply be much better spent elsewhere if this is how it's going to be. Everyone draws their line somewhere, this here is mine. EDIT: It should be noted that harvesting resources is actually going to be significantly harder in the full release version of the game if the game has healthy population. Test harvesting rates were already much faster due to low pops creating high resource availability and the ability to more easily avoid ganks while harvesting. If the game actually sustains enough people to have a healthy population there will be alot more competition/interference for the existing resources. Especially gold farming anywhere and ore in skypoint (since most of the ore is concentrated in a single small area and there are very limited gold farming locations). Progression was already going to be slower. Likewise the actual raw hours to progress to max crafting isn't actually bad compared to many other MMORPGs but the time harvesting/gold farming to crafting is dramatically skewed in Crowfall relative to other MMORPGs. To make a single set of bad quality gear at low crafting takes hours of harvesting due to low returns at low harvesting levels. At higher levels with harvesting armor it took 30-60 minutes depending on your luck, craft, interference, etc (for white gear, higher qualities took much longer). Dregs is it's own beast and if it maintains proper population levels it's harvesting returns will be impacted by healthy populations more than normal due to its more PVP nature and loss of resources upon death. Hard to really get a good feel for dregs harvesting returns when it's been so easy to just go onto EU dregs with a server population of like 6 people and farm away safely. That's plainly not representative of healthy populations.
  4. Seems like a silly comment since the majority of crafting time is actually in the harvesting, which is out in the world. Similarly gold farming necessary for crafting is out in the world. Crafters already spend almost all their time out in the world unless they are being funded resources by other people...who are spending their time out in the world to fund them. That dust, stone, and metal for seals came from out in the world :P.
  5. The severe nerfs to harvesting tools and now harvesting/crafting armor have completely killed my excitement for launch. Early harvesting and crafting SUCKS. You can't make anything worthwhile and your resource costs are crap. Your harvesting rates are also crap and it takes alot of farming just to make bad items. What made this worth it previously is getting to blue crafting belts and then advanced tools + harvesting armor. It still took alot of harvesting but now you felt like you could really just go out and get the materials you needed without having to dedicate your life. The gold grind was stupid, but you could deal. After the nerfs though it's so much worse than before. Each harvesting or crafting seal on live had a pair of stats associated with it and you could make the seals at will so long as you had dust and the right stone/ore. On Test you have to find the enchantments in drops, they take a chaos ember to enchant an armor, and they only provide 1 of the two stats per seal. On Live with a full blue set of harvesting armor would have something like ~30% crit harvest chance and ~4.0 crit harvest amount and full plentiful harvest provided you ran the right combo of food/drink/pot. On Test you have to choose either crit harvest chance or crit harvest amount per rune and the amounts are not noticeably larger to compensate. They might actually be smaller. Severely weaker. Similarly on Live a full set of crafting armor buffed both assembly chance and experimentation points. But on Test you have to choose either assembly chance or experimentation points. I like your core crafting system. Stop putting more and more roadblocks in the way to actually enjoying it. It's not like it was particularly easy to progress crafting before. I put many many many hours into it and hundreds of thousands of gold.
  6. The sandwiches are annoying and dumb but still small potatoes compared to the MASSIVE harvesting and crafting armor nerfs they handed out right on the back of the tool nerfs. Harder to obtain since they are all drops now and you can't targeted farm for them and they separated each stat into it's own rune while keeping the values the same or weaker. So for example a full set of blue crafted crit harvesting armor could get me to ~30% crit harvest chance and 4.0 crit harvest amount while maintaining full plentiful harvest if I used the right foods/drinks/potions on my purple harvesting disc using a crit harvest tool. Now you'll get like ~25% crit chance and no crit amount. Considering how crits and crit amount stack that's not a bit under half as good, it's like 1/4th as good. And crafting armor is the same way. You can either get assembly chance or experimentation points now. Not both. It's actually hard to express just how much this hurts as a harvester/crafter. Hitting blue belt and harvesting/crafting armor is what made trucking through the dergsty early levels where you couldn't harvest or craft worth a derg worth it.
  7. It's the worst of both worlds on vendor cost. You'll constantly need to buy ingredients which creates yet another expense when crafting is already insanely gold gated AND you actually can't vendor everything you need so you'll still need to farm plenty. But ironically when you're just starting out you're the weakest at farm that you will ever be AND they significantly nerfed low level mob equipment drops further compounding the issue :X. And thanks to Skypoint gold drops it's actually more effective for level 30s to farm in lower level zones than it is for them to farm in Skypoint so gl even getting uncontested farming if the game ever has population honestly.
  8. Crafting armor is what finally made gathering speeds reach an enjoyable pace when combined with blue+ gathering disc and it also made my runemaker feel truly useful instead of just a tool monkey anyone could easily make. I mean sure a specialized runecrafter's tools would be better, but not THAT much better than someone who just stopped at blue belt/disc with minimal investment needed. So now to provide anything of actual value as a runecrafter you have to hit end game and even then it's pretty spotty relative to other crafts. The gathering/crafting loop once I cleared the worthless early levels (anything before blue belt blue disc honestly just sucked) was one of the few parts of this game I really really liked with relatively few complaints about. It was super grindy but with investment eventually it finally hit it's stride. But the recent battery of nerfs against gathering speed and the significant nerf to runecrafting with this change are really taking the winds out of my sails. . . . INCOMING SANDWICH RANT LOL: Also, for real, did any of the devs actually test as a real player the resource cost of the sandwiches meant to offset the gathering tool nerf? IE without spawning in the ingredients see how long it takes you to gather enough ingredients to make 10 sandwiches. I crafted a whole mess of them the other night and realized how TERRIBLE they are to craft. Crafting 10 sandwiches: 10 meat/mushoroom, 10 bread, 10 cooking foil, 10 satyr salt cube, 10 butter, 10 cheese. Only takes EIGHT individual crafting steps to craft one sandwhich. That's ludicrous in and of itself. 8 combines to make a sandwich. Know how many combines it takes to make a full set of leather armor from scratch? EIGHT. So it takes as many crafting combines to make a single sandwich than it takes to make a full set of leather armor. Prolly easier to gather all the ingredients for the armor too. And let's look at the full ingredients cost of 10 sandwiches: 40 potatoes, 40 foil, 36 dust, 48 water flasks, 8 mushrooms (+10 if mushroom sandwiches), 30 raw milk, 10 beeswax, 10 satryrcubes, 4 cooking pots, 10 meat (unless mushroom sandwiches) for 10 sandwiches. That's either quite alot of mob grinding (more time than you spent harvesting lol) or you'll be buying half the ingredients from the vendors. And if you're actively harvesting and crafting 10 sandwiches is only going to last a few days at best. Or per sandwich: 4 potatoes, 4 foil, 3.6 dust, 4.8 water flasks, 0.8 mushrooms (1.8 if mushroom sandwiches), 3 raw milk, 1 beeswax, 1 satyr cube, 0.4 cooking pot, 1 meat. And the hilarious thing about that is that sandwiches compete directly with kebabs and their plentiful harvest buffs. So this convoluted, extremely expensive, time consuming, PITA of a recipe is trying to compete with a buff food that's arguably better than it in almost every situation AND is far cheaper to make. Honestly as a QA person myself this smacks of lack of testing or lack of listening to the testers. Developers are busy developing, testers are already spread thin and often spawning things instead of gathering it like a player wood because testers don't have the time or manpower either and then half the time when QA points something out it gets backburnered or overruled anyways. The sandwich buff situation isn't huge in the grand scheme of things but it does speak to the fact that significant balance affecting changes are being actively made based on stuff never properly tested from a real player gameplay perspective and thrown in like a month before release.
  9. Crafting and harvesting was already an insane grind before and one that didn't pay off at all until at least mid levels since all early crafted stuff was expensive dog poop worse than all mob drops by far. If they want to make crafters quit then nerfing harvesting and crafting hard right before launch is a good way to do it. I'll need to do some testing tonight but I'd be lying if I said your comment doesn't worry me greatly.
  10. Regardless of how big the difference is or isn't the fact remains that despite other races "Giving up" a racial bonus to specifically be better at a craft they are still worse at that craft than Guinecean / High-Elf and that doesn't feel right. Is it a huge balance issue? Prolly not. Is it something that should prolly be fixed? Yes. Because as it stands now those two races are not only better at crafting/harvesting than any other if they wish to be but if they're not doing those then that same jewelry slot bonus can be used for attributes or combat stats. They are already incredibly powerful racials without making them best at all crafting as well over races specifically given crafting bonuses limited to a single craft. That being said it's been in game this long and it's prolly not going to change. It's a design/balance issue that is apparently going to be ignored and one more thing to mislead new players into incorrect choices when they make new characters. Even if it's only a minor difference when someone grinds up a crafter using the available in game information to make the best craft possible only to find out a situation like this exists it's a very negative reaction because the game actively misleads you on what the best choice is.
  11. I agreed that businesses should theoretically be what they say, but it's not the world we live in. And definitions are important. If we all have different definitions for the same words then it just creates chaos. Putting aside for the moment the confusion and inability to communicate that would cause but ambiguity and chaos is where folks with the worst intentions profit the most. And you can see that quite directly in EA trying to define their poorly made dergs as "surprise mechanics" to avoid ramifications. That do that because definitions matter and if they can keep it conflicted enough. Like it or not a successful business or game company is one that makes money and that is the job of a business. It's OUR job to make sure that the things that make good money are also good for us or serve our interests with our pocketbooks. And to make things that don't serve our interests unprofitable. Gaming is one of the few areas we have full power over that. What is profitable and what is not is determined by our support monetary or otherwise.. Its just that a significant amount of us choose poorly. But you can also see the problems with the confusion in online discussion about what is or isn't a souls-like or whether a game like Cyberpunk is actually an RPG as people commit to their own personal definitions of what something is instead of a shared agreed upon definition. I mean there was an E3 game that sold itself as a soulslike who's trailer was fairly bright and spoonfed us huge amounts of story, both of which is pretty anti-souls in design since a large part of the appeal of the souls series for many folks was the background story and lore you had to dig into to find. lol uninformed knee jerk reactions are great. I largely consider the game likely to fail and believe that the audience for a shadowbane like game is so niche that failure is pretty much expected from the start. Even if they knocked it out of the park delivering on the specific audience they are trying to cater to I think a small niche game is the absolute best possible expectation and anything less is prolly failure. And stuff like siege timers, the current implementation of stealth, lack of subdividing max level/geared folks and newbies, and tying all progression to PVE while ironically trying to be a PVP first game (ensuring the optional path is always to avoid PVP to progress yourself or others) are all things I consider to be significant missteps, any one of which capable of crippling the game on it's own. Multiple of which could very well be fatal. What's you routine for knee jerking ad hominems at someone without actually knowing what they stand for? You have to focus on leg day alot? Keep that knee iced? I do hope they succeed though. MMORPG genre needs new ideas, new blood, and to be shaken up IMO. And I'm willing to fund long shots resulting in multiple failures to further that goal :).
  12. Nope, that's factually incorrect. Wikipedia, Merriam Webster, Dictionary.com. "Business is the activity of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services).[1][2][3][4] Simply put, it is "any activity or enterprise entered into for profit."[5]" a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood : the purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit, a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern. Non-profits are actually called NPOs, Non-Profit Organization. Non-Profit Business is more of a slang than proper usage. Which is why it's literally called a non-business entity in some of the lingo. "A nonprofit organization (NPO), also known as a non-business entity,[1]not-for-profit organization,[2] or nonprofit institution,[3] is a legal entity organized and operated for a collective, public or social benefit, in contrast with an entity that operates as a business aiming to generate a profit for its owners." I've not found the specific definition you have come up with in your comment anywhere, not even as an alternative definition. They absolutely do not. If, as a business, you can avoid doing all of those things and still make a profit you're still a successful business. Those things you mention can potentially help make profit, but not always. In an ideal world a business would do as you say here, but we do not live in an ideal world and expecting them to live up to those ideals is unrealistic at the very least and willfully blind at worst.
  13. I mean you could say the same thing for businesses making money. The purpose of businesses is to make money by selling products and if they're making good investments and making good money (the purpose of business) then why should they feel guilty about whatever they're doing? I can understand that line of reasoning, but I'm not sure I agree with it.
  14. We SHOULD collectively pursue our collective best interest, but we wont. Not a hard concept honestly. So things will continue sliding down the slippery slope until it becomes egregious enough for the average gamer to be affected in enough to care. Or at least something egregious enough for them to notice. False Dichotomy. We all share responsibility and if we care about the ocean and the world we should endeavor to cut down on the amount of trash and packaging we contribute. Honestly it takes minimal effort AND it's much cheaper overall in most cases. Throwing away water bottles constantly @ $1 a pop vs having a few reusable bottles or flasks for example. Making your own taco seasoning instead of buying 100 individually wrapped seasoning packs. Making your own refried beans (I use a crock pot personally) vs buying can after can of it. I ain't gonna shame people for not doing it, I'm just saying it actually isn't hard and it saves you alot of money in the long run and that we can all make easy adjustments that will make a big difference on how much garbage we personally put out.
  15. No i didn't. I said it would drastically reduce the amount of whales if we deprived them of their motivations of prestige and power by not being their content as free players. Nothing about that view is binary. Cherry picking a piece out without context =/= the entire view. Which is why you target the motivations. Prestige and power are some of the dominant motivational factors for this kind of spending but those require free players to be present as a contrast so they can be more prestigious or more powerful. I've said many times its never going to happen because gamers (the non-addict non-whales) will go out of their way to make excuses and avoid any responsibility as they fully embrace FOMO. They are not incapable of resisting, they are not actually mentally unwell like many of the whales, they are simply lazy and greedy and its not important to them. It's not their problem, they can't do anything about it, it's only rich people, it can't be stopped it's human nature, why should they miss out because other people can't handle their stuff, it's not that bad, it's completely optional, you can get it all for free (with only 5,000 hours!), etc. Any excuse so they don't have to make an effort or feel like they are partially responsible. Long as they get their fun out of it nothing else matters. I don't see that changing any time soon. And if that view is idealistic then you've got an interesting view of what idealistic is.
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