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  1. All that being said, I think this thread is done. Thread has been hijacked into just being a general kevitching about the game thread by a couple posters and is very far off topic at this point. Not uncommon for a couple posters honestly. Your concerns are valid, but maybe every thread you enter doesn't need to be turned into a dumping on the game thread. If you want those, you can make those threads yourselves. It feels like those parents who turn every conversation into a conversation about their kids lol.
  2. People are weird about time frames. Old =/= bad. WOW is over 10 years old and is still the most popular MMORPG. There are a metric crapton of FPS games that utilize that old Doom/Hexen/etc style gameplay that are super successful on steam. Minecraft and Skyrim are both still killing. DAOC combat is actually still pretty darn good and it's old. When people whip out old = bad arguments honestly I just roll my eyes. Very few modern games actually have gameplay that is new. Like even Doom 2016 and it's "push forwards gameplay" was very reminiscent of Warhammer Space Marine (2011) right d
  3. I went off of memory, my life has been very busy these last 5 years moving cities and job industries and stuff so my game knowledge across the board is a bit weaker with the split focus but I'm sure the same things continued and ofc Among US is the prime recent example. Also criticisms of time frame are quite weird when I was just being asked for examples of games that blew up later. I provided legit examples. That's a pretty clear moving of the goal posts, especially with a really strong recent example mixed in. Similarly graphical criticisms are the same thing. Games like Among Us and M
  4. All are incredibly successful. Welcome to modern gaming where games can be hits and you'll never know half of them. EuroTruck Simulator is the 19th most popular game on steam and is above Valheim. Prolly 10 times as many people will know about Valheim. If you're just going to blatantly disregard or make exceptions for every example then why did you ever ask for examples in the first place?
  5. I mean so are most popular classes in MMORPGs. People like the tried and true staples, which is why they are tried and true staples. HOWEVER I'd say "most" class skill sets (not all) and I'd also say that ignoring disciplines like you're doing with this comment is terribly disingenuous. The minor/major discipline system honestly makes some generic staples like the bard have quite alot of variation and flexibility because you can be the bard on various different classes and use different combinations of songs. I'd go as far as to say that this is a real strength of the game that it excels a
  6. Ironically one of the biggest sensations in the country: Among US. Heck it was even released for a long time first before it blew up. Just look at how it blew up out of nowhere. Minecraft also got very little traction year 1 before it blew up. Other examples include Dwarf Fortress, Hatoful Boyfriend, Amnesia, Mount and Blade had a pretty slow start, and also the original Bioshock took a surprising amount of time to take off too despite how iconic it is today. It's alot more common in indie and AA than it is in AAA since AAA has insane marketing budgets, but it definitely does happe
  7. You can say that and I've said strong statements as well but reality is none of us know. Personally I don't think the overall design is the major issue atm, I think the onboarding, tutorial process, and first 20 hours is. The tutorial I'm going to assume with part 3 added will go alot smoother so I'll be generous and assumed that gets "solved" to some extent. The entry into infected and crafted is a brick wall atm. A good number of experienced players camping new players with no experience and no gear and no materials and the only way to get experience, gear, and materials is essentially t
  8. I hate to say this but that is completely unrealistic and completely against all game design. I DO think a game company should try to deliver what they promised and I DO think people should have some sort of recourse if a project ends up different than expected. IIRC Camelot Unchained freely offered refunds for example and I found that pretty legit. They took awhile because a global disaster kinda REKT the world for a bit, but they got there. But as to why it's against game design? When you start designing things what sounds good on paper and what ends up good in practice are not the sa
  9. It seems clear to me at this point that the original game alot of people want and were promised is no longer what this game is and yet folks are still trying to force the old ideals onto the new design. I want to be very very VERY clear about this. I don't care what design gets chosen. But it has to be committed to. It can't be half this half that. You want super hardcore pvp gankfest where veterans just mercilessly slaughter incoming noobs? Then both the game design and tutorial should reflect this. Players should have properly set expectations and be given at least some basic train
  10. Yes, gear differences is part of the power gap. That's the entire point of me bringing up the power gap. The reason that neckbreaker does 400 is partially because of that power gap, partially because MrErads is in full plate with good resistances, and partialy because he's a pitfighter and thus is not a damage class himself. OFC the damage difference between even a geared pitfighter and a Sanctifier is night and day. My pitfighter is certainly not tricked out but he's in full blue plate with 90 dmg blue weapon and I've had the pleasure of dueling Mr Erads on him the other day. Knowing I h
  11. This video is indicative of a balance issue. The video is of a Sanctifier Confessor fighting against other people. At various points in the video you can see demonstrations of how survivable they are tanking the damage of 3 separate level 30s for 12 seconds before needing to retreat because of low hp. They're dealing as much damage to a single target as 3 people are collectively dealing to them and their gameplay at that point consists mostly of slow circle strafing. There is some generally wise maneuvering, but no significant outplay. The starting part of the clip demonstrates their dama
  12. TBH there are two things I think are healthy for good stealth vs anti-stealth gameplay. 1. Anti-stealth should be roughly as available as stealth. If your stealth classes are quite powerful you might actually want it slightly more available. A good way to accomplish this is to give stealth classes the ability to see stealth better than normal. If you do 1-2 unique things on top of that cool. But for any side to have a reasonable amount of stealth defense shouldn't require specific niche builds. 2. Stealth vs anti-stealth should be "soft" counters. IE not binary "invisible" vs "comp
  13. Because you're an experienced player at these type of games now. A very niche type of game relative to all the major MMORPGs. You have alot of experience and knowledge new players will not have. Over time game development has learned that game's literacy is a pretty big deal and tons of extremely basic ideas and concepts you take for granted as simple are foreign to people outside your niche. Just throwing them into shark infested waters doesn't work very well. As annoying as tutorials are, they exist for a reason and tutorials require tightly controlled safe areas. If you wanted to
  14. Honestly it's more messed up than that. Eve has guaranteed levels of protection via Concord and while suicide ganking is a thing it requires guaranteed loss. The further you get to the more likely you can be killed and they get away without losing anything. That's, IMO, a pretty fair system. Technically you're not safe anywhere, but a cost will be paid and it's really not worth messing with random people too much. There is also the bounty system. So there are layered penalties, protection, and retribution possible in EVE. In Crowfall there is no real risk or penalty the attacker fac
  15. Hit J for basic crafting and you should see a recipe involving mushrooms IIRC. Just grab you some button mushrooms and you're good to go.
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