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  1. Women at the Olympic level generally perform to 90% of what men do. Hence, there is an overall physical advantage to men in almost every category (it's 3am, I am not getting specific, do your own research - it's there). So, really... There is no advantage to being smaller and weaker in up close combat... Realistically. Maybe from a survival stand point you will live longer, burn less... Maybe? Idk. Please no. We don't need to get that specific with gender. Let's just keep the male/female stats the same.
  2. I redeemed my collector's physical copy $160, guild name reserve $80, and 37 VIP passes $500+. I mean, what are you not going to use? I don't need anything in the collector's edition physical copy. I don't have a computer with a disc drive anymore.
  3. I purchased the kickstarter large castle, I see this: 6 cell Stronghold-large castle/DukeDuchess Exclusive stronghold for your personal kingdom and the starting title of Duke or Duchess
  4. This is truth. I redeemed 37 or so for my castle. Still have 2 years 11 months of free VIP.
  5. How many do you have? I had 72 vip tickets. That is 6 years of play time. I don't think I need 6 years, or $1000, of play time up front as opposed to a castle or two. So, why not redeem say, half of that (or more if you don't want to give up other rewards) and get something cool. Pretty much, strongholds are being broken down into modular/individual pieces. You can put them together like legos. They will cost more per part, so best buy one now.
  6. Same. Now I am intrigued because I doubt I need 6 years of VIP lol. I could get a castle now, then pay after 3 years if I needed to lol.
  7. Fyi, buy the big one. In the end, you will likely favor a specific location/setup/castle. When that happens, you will just wish it was bigger and didn't have to walk to the other 2... Possibly ever. I just followed my own advice.
  8. One month VIP One month VIP 72 Under "count" it has 72... There is no way that can be 72 VIP tickets @ 1 month a piece. Or is it? If I redeem them, does it redeem all 72? Or a set amount? Or does it redeem as 1 month for $15 and that's all folks?
  9. They have any pics? The ones on the store page look the same.
  10. What's the diff between 2015 castles and 2016 castles?
  11. The inherent problem with Star Citizen (also kickstarted that and spent quite a bit of money), is what exactly is it trying to do? I don't think it knows. It hates its own pvp fanbase and alienates them on a daily basis (at least, from a pirate perspective), it's not a player run sandbox because NPC's control everything, best I can speculate it's Barbie & Ken meets space ships in Tabula Rasa. Idk, I know a whole other topic, sorry lol.
  12. I agree. Why I will be more active closer to launch though. Coupled of course with my other reasons.
  13. Wait, what? It's been a bit since I've been here. This won't be server side?
  14. Don't think I have participated in as single test... Ever. The times are just flat ridiculous. I have more important things to do, work, education, dog schedule/routine, gym/physical fitness/training, vacation, travel, etc.. Life is busy, time is valuable and 6:30pm to 8:00pm, M-F is pretty unreasonable. Start it at 9PM during the week and I don't even know on the weekends. Need to figure out if its the same time every week, that would make it easier to drop it in the routine. It also didn't help that I was turned off by the typical tryhard forum community that seemed to be developing. Create a PVP game and all the badasses of the world crawl out from their 8am-8pm - take it in the butt from everyone in society - cave holes, only to come here and lay down their trouser snake like they only wish they could in person (reminds me of the Dark Souls community) but worse because people felt entitled and special for being early. Thus I inevitably disagreed with some of the design decisions and the crappy combat (seriously, don't ask me though because I don't remember it's been so long). The amount of money I spent vs everything listed is irrelevant tbh. More money can be made, more time cannot. If the game sucks at launch, I move on and at least I helped make it happen with a bit of cash flow.
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