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  1. Hi Guys, Gals After re-reading my first comment in this thread, I see how I caused the (Jah's) confusion. I didn't sign up to Crowfall from the same bookmark link that the Faxion website was on. I typed that first comment out incorrectly, too quickly. I didn't mean to fabricate anything, nor did I mean to say I signed up first or before anyone else. Please excuse me. The reason I mentioned anything about time, was only to express that many, including myself, have been waiting a long time for this game. It wasn't meant to be a waiting competition, or whos been waiting the long
  2. what ever EDIT: Jah, I had the faxion website bookmarked. I clicked on the bookmark and was surprised to see a new webpage. I am sure JTodd was making plans because he had just lost his job. It was all concept and what JTodd wanted to do next. I am guessing it took him a few years to get it going.
  3. Wasn't announced doesn't mean a website didn't exist. It's as I said, I checked the faxion forms about a week after the game got taken down. The faxion forums, domain name was still in use, but the web page that was rendered was promoting a new game called Crowfall. Actually, there is a lot of environment game assets from faxion used in crowfall. Same flowers, bushes and shrubs. my typing sux, too many spelling errors
  4. I signed up to this game when the website was still on the same IP address as Faxion. The game's [Faxion] publisher got sold to Disney and Disney shut the game down. It had religious over tones - Angels vs Demons theme - and Disney don't like anything religious. Out of curiosity, I checked the Faxion forums about a week after it got shut down and I noticed that the forums were a new website, advertising a new game, Crowfall. The big problem I see is that Crowfall is trying to cater to too many different types of players. The designers are trying to make a game where crafters can play as w
  5. So I just watched the Ace Q&A January 2021 on youtube In the past I have crapped all over TBlair a few times on these forms. I have questioned the design decisions made by both JTodd and TBlair. After watching the last 2 Q&As, Crowfall is starting to sound like a game I want to play (again). Now I just need to figure out which RL responsibilities I can procrastinate so I can log in and try this game out (again). Hope for Crowfall has been rekindled.......
  6. So I just watched the latest ACE Q&A on youtube and heard JTodd and TBlair say they are removing passive training. IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU GUYS CAME TO YOUR SENSES * LONG SLOW CLAP *
  7. Suggestions --------- I played just over a year ago for about a month and then stopped, I am getting too old to spend a lot of time play testing a game. Ok here is my suggestion. JTodd, I have been a fan of the games you've been apart of in the past. I was addicted to Shadowbane and I liked some parts of Faxion. I signed up to Crowfall because of your past games and the original vision YOU had for Crowfall. STOP LETTING THOMAS BLAIR MAKE DECISIONS....he is turning your game idea into a grind fest...a chore. The crafting system is WAY TOO interdependent. The passive skill traini
  8. EDIT: when I started typing out this post, it was in the Suggests section. As I finished...it seemed to have been moved to 5.90 section.
  9. This is a very idealistic outlook towards hardcore, competitive gamers, in a mmo that is designed and built around the idea of "play to crush"; I seriously doubt that the concept of sportsmanship exists in a throne, warfare game. Okay back to durability is it? Well how about the threads about the state of the game being grind to get geared up, and then grind some more to keep high end gear required for gvg. Human nature, what it is, says that the more rare the resource is, the more it will be coveted, the more it will be horded. So what will happen is that established play
  10. You do realize that the longer the server is up, the more the norm will shift towards blues and purples right? That eventually, there will be enough blue and purple mats harvested that a lot of established players will be geared out with quality gear. So why slow down the new players by making it difficult to harvest quality mats? It's already slow enough for new players to train passive and unlock the passive powers that help them harvest higher quality mats. If you slow down the drops of higher quality mats, it is that much harder for a new player to become an established player.
  11. WTB Saytr Vessel I have a commander, BH and godly int to trade, PST
  12. Hi Jah, Thx for the help. As it turns out I am an idiot. I was looking for a title that said Advanced Harvesting Tools.....much like the title Intermediate Harvesting Tools. Once I took a closer look at things, I saw how Rune Tool crafting worked. doh-oh
  13. Hi All, I could use some help understanding the process in making rune tools. I have 5 pips in Advanced Runemaking Research, the Runemaking disc and Artisan disc applied. I went to a fort that my faction controls and to the Runemaking table. But I still don't see any Advanced Tool recipes. What am I not understanding? Thx in advance.
  14. ??? What? I'm not cluing into your sarcasm, can you elaborate? Do you mean that after 30 days, I no longer accumulate points? Or that a tree can be max trained at 30 days? Sooooo then login once a week to spend accumulated points on skills.....damn that was hard to figure out. Still not too sure what you're getting at. If I am missing some game mechanic or not understanding some game mechanic, educate me. But from my understanding you are just trolling me because I wasn't concise in the frequency of logging in to passive train. If that's the case, it's a really sad eff
  15. Back in Pre-Alpha 5.1? maybe 5.3, I spent a couple of months playing every day for about 6-8 hours a day. I saw many things about this game that COULD make it an outstanding game play experience, but I also saw a couple of flaws in the passive training system. How the passive training system is handled WILL determine the long term and financial success of this game (most other aspects seem on the right track, or close to it). From the way I see it, the training system favours the long time player way too heavily. A good example of this is the CC game mechanic. A player with a year
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