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  1. Suggestions --------- I played just over a year ago for about a month and then stopped, I am getting too old to spend a lot of time play testing a game. Ok here is my suggestion. JTodd, I have been a fan of the games you've been apart of in the past. I was addicted to Shadowbane and I liked some parts of Faxion. I signed up to Crowfall because of your past games and the original vision YOU had for Crowfall. STOP LETTING THOMAS BLAIR MAKE DECISIONS....he is turning your game idea into a grind fest...a chore. The crafting system is WAY TOO interdependent. The passive skill training takes WAY TOO long. Gear breaks WAY TOO often and soon. Disciplines seem WAY TOO hard to come by. The fact that I need 3 guild members to do anything really makes an independent person feel like a leach /a dependent child / a hanger-on; it's kinda degrading. If I get a week where I have the luxury of being able to play a game....it doesn't matter how much I grind, I still will have a lowbe. Much of character development is locked behind a time gate (I felt that in Faxion as well, though not nearly to the degree I feel it in Crowfall). I was exited for a Throne warfare game like Shadowbane that had a fast paced, combat system like Faxion. But what this game in it's current iteration has me wondering if I will keep playing. Even with a guild, this game (the past 3 weeks I have been back playing) is way to much grind for me. Just as I farm enough blue mats for weapons and armour, my white gear breaks (again) leaving me to finish trying to level a blue vessel with the had earned blue gear I JUST GOT. After about 10, R10 cats, the durability on my brand new gear is already close to 1/3 lower and I haven't died in that gear yet. So as other threads have said...it a grind for the sake of grinding; NOT for GvG throne warfare. To my understanding, T Blair is the person behind crafting and passive skill training. He has some good ideas as far as powers go, and even though I feel the crafting system is way too interdependent, some crafting depth is required. T Blair has taken it over-board. Rein him in. By all means, keep listening to his suggestions, I believe he does have some good ones BUT STOP LETTING THOMAS BLAIR MAKE DECISIONS
  2. EDIT: when I started typing out this post, it was in the Suggests section. As I finished...it seemed to have been moved to 5.90 section.
  3. This is a very idealistic outlook towards hardcore, competitive gamers, in a mmo that is designed and built around the idea of "play to crush"; I seriously doubt that the concept of sportsmanship exists in a throne, warfare game. Okay back to durability is it? Well how about the threads about the state of the game being grind to get geared up, and then grind some more to keep high end gear required for gvg. Human nature, what it is, says that the more rare the resource is, the more it will be coveted, the more it will be horded. So what will happen is that established players will horde the rare mats instead of selling them as part of the in-game economy. If they know that the will have a steady grind in-order to maintain their top tier gear, they will start hording the mats so they don't have to grind out every week. If rare mats are being horded rather than put into the game economy, now a new player has to suffer through the long passive training while trying to harvest the odd blue (all the while losing their harvest due to getting rolled while harvesting), AND not be able to buy quality mats from the in-game economy. Also, there is such a thing in competitive games as elitism. The best of the best in a guild, will get the best gear first. If there is enough left over, the fodder players will get the next best. If high end mats are rare, they will never trickle down to the new or casual player. It's all about grind and durability. The more grind, the less there is for everyone. The more durability, the more I am willing to share my horded mats with a new or causal player.
  4. You do realize that the longer the server is up, the more the norm will shift towards blues and purples right? That eventually, there will be enough blue and purple mats harvested that a lot of established players will be geared out with quality gear. So why slow down the new players by making it difficult to harvest quality mats? It's already slow enough for new players to train passive and unlock the passive powers that help them harvest higher quality mats. If you slow down the drops of higher quality mats, it is that much harder for a new player to become an established player.
  5. WTB Saytr Vessel I have a commander, BH and godly int to trade, PST
  6. Hi Jah, Thx for the help. As it turns out I am an idiot. I was looking for a title that said Advanced Harvesting Tools.....much like the title Intermediate Harvesting Tools. Once I took a closer look at things, I saw how Rune Tool crafting worked. doh-oh
  7. Hi All, I could use some help understanding the process in making rune tools. I have 5 pips in Advanced Runemaking Research, the Runemaking disc and Artisan disc applied. I went to a fort that my faction controls and to the Runemaking table. But I still don't see any Advanced Tool recipes. What am I not understanding? Thx in advance.
  8. ??? What? I'm not cluing into your sarcasm, can you elaborate? Do you mean that after 30 days, I no longer accumulate points? Or that a tree can be max trained at 30 days? Sooooo then login once a week to spend accumulated points on skills.....damn that was hard to figure out. Still not too sure what you're getting at. If I am missing some game mechanic or not understanding some game mechanic, educate me. But from my understanding you are just trolling me because I wasn't concise in the frequency of logging in to passive train. If that's the case, it's a really sad effort and you need to level up your Forum Trolling Skill - maybe wait 30 days and spend the points on the Troll Mastery skill.
  9. Back in Pre-Alpha 5.1? maybe 5.3, I spent a couple of months playing every day for about 6-8 hours a day. I saw many things about this game that COULD make it an outstanding game play experience, but I also saw a couple of flaws in the passive training system. How the passive training system is handled WILL determine the long term and financial success of this game (most other aspects seem on the right track, or close to it). From the way I see it, the training system favours the long time player way too heavily. A good example of this is the CC game mechanic. A player with a years worth of passive training will completely stomp a player with a month or 2 passive training just because of much better CC. Using the right CC at the right time will make or break a fight, and if there's a big dependency in defender vs attacker ability to mitigate the CC, the fight is over. Player skill will make next to no difference at this point and the shadowbane players know this all too well. When a new player comes into game, sure he can get guild help for gear and maybe a decent vessel, but when he is CC'ed for 50% longer then he can CC another for, it's game over. If Todd Coleman thinks back to the faxion days, they had to remove the stun ability because a player/guild with stun had an I win button against any player that hadn't taken (and passively) trained stun. As for the food issue in CF, that's a relatively easy balance change to make - add a type member to the super class (OOP type, not game play class) that allows different classes/professions to lose and recover chicken ticks at different rates. Not every class/profession needs to eat an apple every 5 minutes, some classes/professions might not need to eat an apple for 10 minutes while others need to eat an apple every 13 minutes to keep their chicken ticks up. The individual time can be adjusted per class to suit balance. Change the business logic of the passive training system. ATM (Pre-Alpha 5.7) a person needs to train crafting AND harvesting related skills to open up mastery skill powers. EG: Mankind tree needs to have a lot of passive training into both crafting and harvesting passive skills in order to open up Mankind Mastery skill. This is complete bogus and should be optional like the crafting trees where production and thrall skills are an option to train, and don't prevent the mastery skill from being trained. Right now training up through the Race trees bites big balls and needlessly increases the tedium of the passive training system. In attempt to illustrate some ideas, I am going to lay out a legend of types........For the Exploration Tree there are (for lack of a better way of saying it) 3 limbs. Limb 1 would be Exploration Basics, limb 2 would be Excavation/Command/Reaping, limb 3 would be Ore Specialization, Stone Specialization Grave Specialization, Wood Specialization, Animal Specialization. See where I am going with this? So for limb 1: The Exploration Basics skill - requires 360 points per pip x5 = 1800 points. IMO it should be more like 160 points for pip 1, 260 points for pip 2, 360 points for pip 3, 460 points for pip 4, 560 points for pip 5 = 1800 points The next skill on the branch (for this example the next skill on the branch would be "Survival" or "Tracking") would require 170 points for pip 1, 270 points for pip 2, 370 points for pip 3, 470 points for pip 4 and 570 points for pip 5. ATM it takes 4 pips to open the next skill along a branch. Change it to 3 pips to open the next skill. This will allow a new player to narrow the gap in a relatively short amount of time without giving them too much too soon. This is where my ideas/solution to the training gate start to complicate the programming, business logic. Make it so that a person can only train a skill's pips up to what the lower limb's, equivalent skill is trained too. So, if Mankind Mastery skill is only trained to 3 pips, the Half Blood Mastery skill can only be trained to 3 pips; a player would have to go back an spend points on Mankind Mastery skill to 4 pips in order to train Half Blood Mastery skill to 4 pips. Limb 2: The Half Blood skill, "Half Blood Tradition" (still locked for me, so not sure how many points required per pip), pip 1 should cost 260, pip 2 should cost 360, pip 3 should cost 460, pip 4 should cost 660, pip 5 should cost 660. So more points per pip than the lower limb, but still only 3 pips to open next skill along the branch, and the lower limb equivalent skill needs equal or more pips for the high limbs skill to be trained. Limb 3 follows the pattern outlined above. What I am trying to point out is not the number of points per pip, but the graduated procession of the number of points per pip required to train a skill. Another change I would consider making: ATM there are 3 training slots. 1 for Profession, 1 for Race 1 for Class. With VIP, 2 trees of each can be train simultaneously. I would change it to 4 training slots. 1 for Combat (No need for VIP, only 1 limb can be trained at a time), 1 slot for Crafting/Exploitation (VIP can train limbs for both trees, Non VIP can train a limb from one or the other), 1 slot for Race (VIP can train 2 Races at once, Non VIP can only train 1 race at a time), 1 slot for Class (Non VIP can only train 1 class tree at a time). If something isn't done with the passive training system, I will login only to passive train for the first number of months. Only after I have a close to a fully realized character will I login to grind vessel levels. Lets say I want to play a Half-Elf Assassin that specializes in crafting poisons, I won't bother even grinding levels on a vessel until I am way up in trained skills on the One Handed Melee limb, the Half-Elf limb and the Assassin limb. By that time I should have Alchemy limb fully trained and I can start training the exploration skills to gather mats to make poisons with. For all you players that say, this is a guild/group game, not a solo player game....that's a weak excuse for over-looking the flaws in the system. There will be times a player has to play solo and times when a player has to play with a guild/group. It should not be mandatory that a player has to have a group to run with, just to login and do something. "Hey Mr. Guild member, I am glad you finally logged in. I would like to craft some poisons, but I don't have enough of x mat, and you're the only one in the guild trained to harvest that mat." "What was that you asked? Can I not buy those mats? No, actually that mat is super rare and those players that have those mat are saving them until their crafters login to craft an item". "No using a lower quality resources won't be worth it, it would be a waste of upper quality resources, I need you to farm high quality resources for me". Just logged on player responds, "I don't have time right now, I only got a few hours and I want to pvp, I'll harvest for you tomorrow," tomorrow comes 6 days later. THAT'S AN ABSOLUTELY STUPID DESIGN DECISION. To make my point, all one has to do is look at roguebane. There was not enough people playing for the gvg game to be realized, so players would login and play a rogue. Form there it was a down hill spiral of players leaving the game. The more players leave, the less population to play the gvg aspect, the more players started to play solo. If there is something to do for the solo player, that same solo player will join a group when enough other players are logged in and doing grp things. If nothing for a solo player to do but wait around for others to login, well he (I) might as well go play a console game with what little free time I have to play a game that day. Maybe tomorrow, there will be enough players logged into Crowfall that I can actually do something. Rant done......good thing I seldom post on forums eh. By the wall of text, one might think I actually like typing/writing. They would be wrong, I would rather play a game than rant about it on the forums.
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