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    Played several MMOs and FPS franchises.
    UO, SB, SWTOR, BF series & WAR just to name some.
    Recent favs: ME: SoM/SoW, GR: WL/BP, The Div 1& 2
    KS backer, recently returned to testing!
    Carry On Crows
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    Shadows of the Rockies

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbTNlamLIw0 Hoping for a longer version of this one and a listen to the full soundtrack eventually. Relevant to this https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15337-legend-of-the-sword/
  2. Hello All Anyone hyped for this new Guy Ritchie movie coming out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rbPTQIdjmY Release date early May 2017, looking forward to it myself. Casting looks good and Ritchie's visual style always catches the eye. The Trivia section on the IMDB page is good for a quick look also. Could be a new franchise with this being part one of six, if successful. Carry On Crows
  3. Recently returned to testing

  4. Any and all of the playlists for Peaky Blinders on Youtube and I also recommend a binge of the 3 seasons of the show.... Plus some "Whiskey on the rocks"...... This leads to many other playlists/mixes/covers by the various musicians included from the first playlist... Carry on Crows https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=peaky+blinders+soundtrack
  5. Thanks Kiro ! Aye, see you in The Dregs! Or maybe not... If I'm doing my job right...
  6. TY Hobs and Well Met Anticipating the Alphas See you the on the battlefields and in the Throne Wars
  7. Hi RBS And thanks for the welcome. Glad to hear we a have KS "noobish" group kicking around the forums. Hmmm I guess it was a combination of things. The game concept and mechanics. Who the creators are and their backgrounds in the industry/genre. How the creators relate the project to Game of Thrones, which I'm a fan of both the novels and the tv series. The over saturation of themepark mmos, my interest in a new pvp mmo. So yea multiple interests I guess. What about yourself? What brought you into this Murder of Crows?
  8. Yes true and it's been a very mild winter for sure Heh always good have fellow stealthy canuck stealthing around
  9. Hi and thanks for the welcome Mandragon I've played more than a few in my time as a gamer. Just to name a few in no particular order: UO, SB, SWTOR, SWG, WAR, Age of Conan, WoW, etc. Though recently I've been wary of Hype Trains so I've avoided some recent AAA launches
  10. More than few MMOs in my gaming history so I voted other and the length of game time varies for each title. I enjoy pvp over pve quest grind and the mmo genre is saturated with "theme park" games. Including alpha/beta testing and subscriptions, here are some MOGs I've played, in no particular order: SB, PS, UO, WAR, SWTOR, SWG, BF Series, DDO, Age of Conan, DCUO, Champions Online, STO, WoW.
  11. Greetings ScienceGuy Nice to have you with us! Always nice to support a project from the beginning right? Hope you enjoy your time on the forums and hope to see you in the Throne Wars Welcome to the Murder
  12. Hi Tees, Welcome to the Murder Grats on being an amber backer! Anticipating the Alpha also and have to agree with you on getting this thing moving forward! Hope to see you in the Throne Wars
  13. Welcome Wanderhall Good to have you with us! Spent most of my time on the KS forums also and relocated here once it finished. Always nice to have another SWG, there is more than few of those floating around these forums. Hoping to see you in the Throne Wars
  14. Hi Samael ! Welcome to the Murder Ah that saltwater air hey? Nothing quite like it, breath it in deep Good to have you with us and see you in the Throne Wars !
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