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  1. Hah....Stasis Alliance...good times.
  2. Looks like things will be heating up soon.
  3. Vanguard....hah...that was a while ago.
  4. A few of us are getting our PvP on in LIF again while many are continuing to test Crowfall alpha.
  5. We're having a blast in ARK right now, keeping the PvP skill honed for Crowfall! We may fire up the LIF server again if mounted combat turns out well.
  6. Nice to see YOU here man....chapter just got that much better!
  7. We have a lot of interest in the game...launch should be similar to our DFO numbers
  8. SWG Bloodfin Server, February 2007 After a scheduled visit from the Emperor to Covenant Imperial City, the rebels invaded (and were soundly defeated)
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNVjk5e9UyU A quick video showing ss's of our time on the Darktide Server of Asheron's Call as the House of Blackrock from 1999-2003.
  10. I heard about that.....appeared to be an unfortunate lack of communication and foresight.....but, we're a multi-game community and I not every chapter knows our standard alliance history. I expect nothing less than epic pvp glory for CotP and KGB in Crowfall.
  11. I currently have no doubt I will be leading the effort at release along with Damis. I expect Vessa to be on my leadership team, if not co-leading.
  12. We're getting together a great leadership team for CotP's expansion into this game as well as welcoming plenty of new faces that plan on joining us once the game releases.
  13. Just hit 14.5k for the extra parcels.....just from the folks in CotP that have signed on to back the game nets us a couple thousand extra parcels.
  14. Heya Drakis....I'm leading the expansion, so it's me for now.
  15. When you go to the site (http://cotp.info) there is a tab in the navigation bar that reads "Join us"....it will drop down links to for "register" and "application". You will need to register first, then apply. Both can be done in a minute or less.
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