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  1. Thanks for the guide. All of the class forums could use more people like you contributing. I do have a question about God’s Reach to equip throwing hammer. It does such negligible damage and costs a minor discipline slot. Is it only good for leveling? Throwing out an occasional 100 dmg doesn't seem to be worth it since you're most always in group and focussed on healing. What might be a good replacement?
  2. Found a clip of Bear_Dad streaming and talking about their duelist build. It is Dirge but might fit for Slayer too.
  3. I am new too. When you say "You get green rune drop chances from crafting final items. So daggers/axes/swords etc." are those basic weapons? Intermediate weapons? Or advanced weapons? There seems to be a huge difference in the types of materials needed in them. Advanced seem to take hundreds of ore, in addition to the leather, meat, wood and stone of lower items. So I don't want to waste mats if I can help it. But I do want to try crafting.
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