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  1. Nowhere were comments made with regards to it being a solo game, also no MMO in recent history takes months anymore to get to max level. The comment was purely remarking on the fact that for people new to this game, i.e. those that will hear about it and try out this new game will be stuck with few skills. Changing the skill unlock progression would make the experience for those people more engaging and for those that already power through it there won't be a change.
  2. Harvesting Sound effects for cutting down trees is not aligned with the animations, resulting in hearing impact sounds during the backswing etc. While just cosmetic it results in cutting down trees feel unresponsive due to cues being provided at the wrong times. Pressing Q to activate the harvesting pip spender more often then not fails to trigger when holding LMB down instead of pressing it for every swing. This makes it rather awkward to use the ability and interrupts the fluidity of the system. Harvesting creates often has critical hit spots in places that, when targeted, results in the inability to harvest the creature. See attached screenshots Talent Tree Overall I like the idea and how the system seems to work with a few caveats. Currently picking a new skill just tells the user what the name of the skill is. For people that have been playing for a while this is not an issue as they know what that skill is. However, for people new to the game they have no idea what that skill will do, thus showing information about the skills etc. being unlocked before unlocking them would be great. The rate at which skills are made available to the player is very slow, when compared to traditional MMOs. While the rate at which characters level will undoubtedly get faster the longer the game is out due to sacrificing, power leveling etc. being stuck for a long time with one or two skills is not an ideal experience for people new to the game, as their combat experience boils down to "hold down LMB" for a long period of time. Performance As others have mentioned there are several easily reproducible scenarios where the game will hitch, including: Open / close any type of UI, e.g. inventory, looting, crafting, etc Harvesting when doobers are spawned has a good chance of hitching the client
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