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  1. The hill just before the town in the Temple of Sun world has collision issues which prevents traversal up the slope, mounted or dismounted. While one gets dismounted when interacting with a vendor, quest NPC, or similar the UI state and game state are not updated (just as on live). Ideally when getting dismounted in this fashion the game state would mirror this such that the first press of the mount key would start summoning the mount rather than "dismounting" from a no longer existing mount.
  2. Templar Holy Warrior Using this ability frequently results in both the VFX and SFX to persist on the character after using and the effect expiring. The consequence is that the character runs around with a constant halo over their head and hearing a slight buzzing sound. Graphics option: Anti Aliasing TAA When using TAA as the anti aliasing option the result is that everything appears as if a linear motion blur filter was applied. The result is not an anti aliased image but something that probably will induce discomfort if used for longer amounts of time. In the
  3. As a preface I'm playing from Australia and thus have a 250ms ping to servers on the US east coast. I suspect this exaggerates some of the following issues. General The auto combat/harvesting system is working fine for me. The system never failed to put me in combat when I intended to fight. Every now and then it will put me in combat when I wanted to harvest though this is due to me being too far from the resource node. This could maybe tweaked further with taking into account if there is anything hostile in the vicinity. Though overall that new system works fine and feels much mor
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