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  1. custardkkkkkk. Spent a lot of long hours talkin with CW over the last 2 decades, great guy and will be sorely missed. Wish we'd had better luck finding time to get together post-Shadowbane, my thoughts and heart go out to his rl and -W- families as they process his passing. RIP traveler.
  2. I would wholeheartedly agree with those benefits if aiming was precise with narrow projectile hitboxes. It's not, though, and dev comments would seem to suggest they like the size of aoe cones, projectile hitboxes, etc... just the way they are. Use Confessor as an example since that's the only ranged caster we have so far. (2) and (5) are both wide AOE's. (3) does substantial splash damage assuming none of your melee groupmates accidentally body block it, LMB does as well. (4) doesn't really have much of an aiming component so if the enemy has any confessors you're just as likely to purge and snare your own teammates as the enemy. So basically, unless you're rolling a range-only spec, Confessors don't really have much/any utility regardless of coordination. Are you going to coordinate your melee to leap away from a target so you can charge in on your squishy fessor and 2E+5 with no shield or any allies in range to support you (because they all had to back out so you didn't wreck them with aoe FF)? Are you going to stay at range and use your (1) on a 20s CD and try to get LOS on your LMB? Granted, discipline abilities can't be accounted for in that scenario but it's hard to imagine ACE negating the majority of Confessor's base kit and drastically gimping the "massive sieges" they want to see in the interest of unlimited FF.
  3. So you disagree with the OP. Care to elaborate... at all? Because I haven't yet heard a good reason to go 100% FF.
  4. LMB axe-swinging on a Lego is very different from ranged casting like Confessor. I'm not excited about combat featuring casters whose only real DPS is AOE's because the hitbox on their "single target" abilities and players is so large that it all gets either body-blocked (no FF) or you custard your teammates (with FF). Melee range in a tab-target game with no FF can't really be compared to sloppy hitboxes in a game that wants FPS, action-oriented combat with FF.
  5. I'm not trying to be overly negative but tbh, that sounds awful. custard me.
  6. No. This is a couple castrati arguing over who has the higher pitched voice.
  7. You know, if you insist on using the term you should at least use it properly. Losers are salty, winners are not. Last I checked, everyone was winning except you. Does the game show you a different scoreboard than everyone else? Maybe you think it's a race to see who can queue up for the most matches?
  8. Dear ACE Devs, please do not put population caps on any campaigns. Please. I want first row seats to the bonfire when the zerglings go up in flames. I'm now curious if the first 14 pages of this thread are as jam-packed with hyperbole as the last 2. How much of a cute fluffy kitten does one have to be to publicly brag about his inability to fight other players without a 1000:1 advantage? I honestly never thought I'd see someone so afraid of losing pixels. How do you even get to be that spineless? Do women often complain about how soft you are?
  9. Not for nothing but I'm really glad I didn't read this entire thread. Everyone needs to stfu up though, let the zergs think they're going to own campaigns by fielding thousands of people, those people will all pay good money. Money ACE can use to improve the game so that when those zergs erode at the hands of "small non-factors" it'll be even more entertaining and enjoyable.
  10. Will be interesting to see how this plays out, looks great thus far. My question would be, how much control will the player have over the architectural style (and any resultant utilitarian (dis)advantages) of Campaign World structures and their progression from Rank 1 onward? If I stumble onto a partially ruined fort in a CW and renovate it, am I tied to the original architectural style or will I have some freedom to strategically customize my defensive structures? If halfway through a campaign my primary opponent shifts from squishy casters to heavy meat will I be able to adjust my defenses accordingly or am I locked in to decisions made early in the Spring? Will all Rank 3 Keeps look the same? I'd love to see a "tech tree" for CW assets, specifically defensive structures. Player gets wide control of his defenses but with limited resources so he's forced to make tough decisions between, say, building a glacis or adding machicolations to his walls, or between square and round towers. Do you want to fill your walls with rubble and sand to help them withstand heavy artillery and battering or do you want taller walls with more favorable angles to increase enfilading fire? What about a moat or defensive foreworks? Certain choices lead to other options much like the Civ Tech Tree except that you can't research everything. If at some point, as in the scenario above, a guild is faced with the need to adapt their defenses to counter a new offensive strategy they can do so just like you can unlearn talents in many MMOs, once you've reallocated your building points appropriately you can finalize it and renovations begin. Could even add a "construction time" to the tech tree when re-allocating points so an owner could weigh the benefits of a renovation with the cost/time it would take to complete. That would grant players maximum freedom without allowing for hooligan-shaped castles. You'd likely see cities and fortresses become more unique as campaigns progressed as well, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses based on the decisions made by its' builder(s) just like one would in real life. It also adds structure to the timeline of progression so that a strongholds' defensibility keeps pace with players that, in theory, become more powerful as a Campaign progresses.
  11. Went ahead and picked up the Gold Patron tier.
  12. Could we do a trial run with an optional profanity filter for the forums? Please?
  13. I think a lot of people are coming at this from the idea that a castle is just a bunch of stone blocks sitting on the ground in an ordered pile. No need for foundations or floors made of anything but dirt. That's obviously not the reality of the matter though. Also seems like there's an inordinate number of people around here who, when faced with an obstacle, ask for help rather than find a way to solve the problem on their own. That mindset plus relative inexperience in PvP-centric sandbox MMOs results in questions like "but if people can dig then what's the point of walls at all?"
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