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  1. So to bring this thread back to crafting guides... Is there anything out there to read similar to Altybear's gathering guide but for crafting? I think getting started crafting can be overwhelming for new players and there's not much in-game instruction other than basic gathering tools and basic cooking.
  2. Guild Wars 2 has a tooltip showing professions on the character select screen. I could write down what each character does, but I don't have to so I guess that's kind of nice. Definitely shouldn't be top priority for the devs at this point though.
  3. I received an email today from the Crowfall team. The purpose of the email seemed mainly to get me to buy a Backer Pack, (which I did.) But there were some details included in the text which seem to be out of date. Specifically, it reminded me to make sure I wasn't missing out on the passive skill training feature. I'm told this is no longer in the game. Just wanted to make the team aware so they could correct the issue.
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