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  1. Damn it Courant, you follow this stuff way to closely. If they're actually still putting it out there that they're planning on a Dec. 2016 launch then they're asking for whatever they get on these forums when they don't hit their target date. That being said, my point still stands. People need to take dates like this with a grain of sand and not look at it like some guaranteed release date. I only made comment about it because it's inevitable when they miss that date, that there'll be tons running to these forums to start having conniptions. ****ATTENTION CROWFALLERS**** If yo
  2. Honestly, I don't care what it said there on the Kickstarter page. It is virtually impossible for them to know when the game will be ready to release when they hadn't even started pre-alpha. There's a big difference between them saying what they're expecting and them actually announcing a release date. The problem with a lot of people (fans) is that they see a date like that and run with it, thinking it's gold. Thinking the devs somehow promised to release on that date. And when the devs don't meet that date, all hell breaks loose on the forums. There's nothing wrong with people holdi
  3. Just an fyi.. kickstarter requires they put a date there. It by no means is an actual release date. It might be a general target date they're shooting for, maybe, but nobody should be holding to that as an actual release date.
  4. Did they actually release a launch date? I just find it very doubtful that there was actually a launch date given. So all this talk of delays and what not are pretty silly. Devs don't give launch dates when they're in pre-alpha. And since there is no launch date, there wouldn't be any reason for them to talk about delays.
  5. Most likely it's just because they didn't give a poorly made socks about you or any other member of these forums.
  6. I figured as much, but that's also kind of the point of me asking.. I want us to know. Devs may not be ready to give an answer to this yet but it doesn't hurt to ask. Plus, I haven't really watched every video out there so there was always the chance I missed something like this.
  7. I have a question regarding character stats (Dex, Stam, Con, Str..). Basically, how are they handled? In SB these stats had a huge impact on your final character build. Every time you leveled you'd gain stat points to distribute how you wanted. Since Crowfall is a passive skilling game and not a level based game, just curious how stats are going to be handled.
  8. Maybe it has to do with winning. In the Shadowlands the point totals might be based on guilds. So the highest scoring guild wins in the end. While in the Dregs maybe it's based on individuals. So the highest scoring individuals wins. But it that was the case they'd probably have to make it so the top, so many, individuals win. Just one wouldn't make people happy. **Disclaimer** Just speculating. Don't any of you idiots out there run with what I said like if I was pretending to know what's going on. I don't. But I like to guess some times.
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