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  1. I'm not actually replying to each of these posts, I quoted them because they represent more of the theme I'm replying too. I think people are leaving out a big piece of the puzzle in this discussion. Vessels. Now I may be wrong on how I've been interpreting things but this is how I see it. Your character build isn't at the crow level, which is why you can train everything. It's at the vessel level. So while your crow doesn't have a skill cap, your vessel most certainly will. Training skills on your crow is essentially unlocking options to use at the vessel level. So even if you trai
  2. Here's the thing, I'd bet most SB players actually prefer that ACE chose to use action combat as opposed to some other form of combat. And I'm positive that very few if any former SB players want a combat system that is anywhere near what they had in SB. I don't see anyone arguing whether or not combat is the most important aspect of the game to get right. It's supper important because combat is basically connected to everything you do. It just goes without saying that you want combat to be fun. Some are arguing that the type of combat isn't the most important.. just that whatever type
  3. And none of that changes Crowfall from being SB 2.0. A sequel doesn't have to play exactly like the original. When people say they want SB 2.0. they're not saying they want an identical clone that's just been rewrapped. They just want Crowfall to give them the same feeling they had when they played Shadowbane. Part of the issue I see here is that some people seem to view the type of combat in the game, as the game. You could take the best combat in the world and throw it into an open space and it wouldn't be a game. People would bash each other a bit, get bored and then quit. Combat
  4. I was going to mention something similar. Unfortunately we haven't really had a strictly PvP MMORPG do all that well. Almost everyone has had some sort of major flaws in the game. So it's hard to fault people for having doubts about a PvP only MMORPG having much success. I would say it's very hard to describe exactly what Crowfall will bring to the table. The goal of the game is easy... to win. It's easy to explain what you'll do in Crowfall, but it's hard to explain why it'll be fun. Unless of course you're just a PvP nut, then no explanation necessary. To me it's all about your
  5. My understanding is that you have to log out of the campaign world and then log into your EK. I don't think you'll be able to just transport from the CW to the EK.
  6. This right here is what I think a lot of people have trouble understanding.. or just not quite realizing. They're making them somewhat generic so that we, the players, can spec them how we want them to play. If you want a true glass cannon type character, then you spec them that way. If you want a more AoE type character, then you spec them that way. If you want a ranger that is a really good at melee but sucks at range, then you spec them that way. There's going to be a ton of options for each archetype. Most likely there will be multiple archetypes that you can spec how you want
  7. Because some people just don't know how to turn their PvP skills off.
  8. Damn it Courant, you follow this stuff way to closely. If they're actually still putting it out there that they're planning on a Dec. 2016 launch then they're asking for whatever they get on these forums when they don't hit their target date. That being said, my point still stands. People need to take dates like this with a grain of sand and not look at it like some guaranteed release date. I only made comment about it because it's inevitable when they miss that date, that there'll be tons running to these forums to start having conniptions. ****ATTENTION CROWFALLERS**** If yo
  9. Honestly, I don't care what it said there on the Kickstarter page. It is virtually impossible for them to know when the game will be ready to release when they hadn't even started pre-alpha. There's a big difference between them saying what they're expecting and them actually announcing a release date. The problem with a lot of people (fans) is that they see a date like that and run with it, thinking it's gold. Thinking the devs somehow promised to release on that date. And when the devs don't meet that date, all hell breaks loose on the forums. There's nothing wrong with people holdi
  10. Just an fyi.. kickstarter requires they put a date there. It by no means is an actual release date. It might be a general target date they're shooting for, maybe, but nobody should be holding to that as an actual release date.
  11. Did they actually release a launch date? I just find it very doubtful that there was actually a launch date given. So all this talk of delays and what not are pretty silly. Devs don't give launch dates when they're in pre-alpha. And since there is no launch date, there wouldn't be any reason for them to talk about delays.
  12. Most likely it's just because they didn't give a poorly made socks about you or any other member of these forums.
  13. Well, the Devs are the ones who started it, so what exactly are you trying to say about the Devs? I think a lot of people tend to think of it wrong. A shallow power curve doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to hop in and compete 1vs.1 against a vet right away, or even any time soon. Chances are they'd mop the floor with you even if you were more skilled then them. There has to be a noticeable improvement with skill advancement or what's the point? If I build a vessel with a 200 max skill in an ability, I better be able to tell the difference between that and what it was at 10
  14. First off, I think these are some pretty good solutions to a problem. I like them. My only issue is that I'm not really sure there is a problem. At least not to the extent some seem to think there is. I'm not sure anyone here really knows exactly how the system's going to work so it's hard to know for sure if there's actually a problem. Maybe there is and I'm just not seeing it. I guess I would ask, how do you guys think this system is going to work? Why do you think a vet is going to get this insurmountable lead in skill points that a new person wouldn't be able to catch up?
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