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  1. risk reward pets. mules/donkeys you are able to send to a keep or location your friends/guildies are building at with resources you were out gathering for them, they can only travel by road and are basically free loot if found, but the option is there. dogs/wolves that once "deployed" or summoned scout a short range area around you, notifying you if any other player is close, but ofcourse the player would then know you were nearby also, due to seeing your pet. pixies or some other sort of creature that can emit light for you when its night ingame, but ofcourse make you a target at the same time.
  2. 5/10 average tr0ll, please get better this was a pathetic attempt.
  3. Flare is an exact counter to it, it just requires you to use it well. There are other such things, in game items, positioning, spamming AoE abilities. I'm not really seeing a valid argument from you other than "i LIKE these things, so they should be game mechanics". What abuse? being able to get the opener on someone? that's not abuse.. that's how stealth is meant to work. or being able to exit a fight immediately? how do you even know that will be in the game? All the thing's you've said are based upon ideas you think may be in the game, and you're trying to get a GAME MECHANIC changed based upon a things you think may be in the game that you dont like. ok.
  4. Stealth is fine as long as there is some sort of way around it, the reason stealth works as a mechanic for only a few classes in most mmo's is that said classes generally are prone to taking more damage than others, (light armor assassins, more focused on control and avoiding damage rather than tanking it) which is why they have stealth, its required for that class. Yes it's annoying to get "ganked" by a rogue/stealther but in this current day, with as much mmo experience we have and the information players have about their classes and the games they play, its pretty hard to get 100 - 0'd in an opener with no counterplay, if you do and theres something you could of done then its not a problem with stealth, its an issue with you. HOTS has the slight shimmer where the stealthed person is. WoW had several gadgets/items/hunter flare. also since arena was the main focus in WoW, if you had a brain it was very easy to predict a rogue's movement in arena and aoe them out before the opener. I can only see stealth being a problem if they also give those classes the ability to 100 - 0 someone with no counterplay from the opener, but i feel stealth is a requirement for this game, with the feel crowfall is going to have. All of those scenario's you gave as examples had counterplay. Its kind of like me saying that ranged classes shouldnt have ranged because i dont like being kited.
  5. Alot of league's success as an e sport was or is, attributed to the fact its easy to watch. Any random person could play the tutorial, learn the basics of the jungle and killing creeps for gold, buying items with said gold, and then be able to watch the LCS or a streamer, they wouldnt pick up on all the details of the game (denying xp, roaming, pushing wave, trading autos after they auto so they cant win the trade and all that other 100's of things i'm not mentioning) But they would be able to watch and see "oh, this team killed that team" and know whats going on, or relate to a champion they have themselves previously played. Generally with mmo's, its not that easy, to really grasp a pvp situation in an mmo you need to be able to watch the debuffs of all the the players in both teams, watch all of their cooldown timers, and know all the abilities that are going on (for example; 20 abilities per class, 8 classes), thats alot for a random person to learn JUST to be able to watch and understand whats going on. If somehow crowfall/ACE can overcome these obstacles and make the game easily viewable and understandable then i feel it has potential, there is no other competitor in the mmo scene for GOOD esports viewing.
  6. would you like your enemy to run into your blade aswell? maybe when you siege we can ask them to just open the gates instead.
  7. Its... its as if its meant to be a hard choice and you're not meant to constantly re roll and have one of everything!!!111
  8. I dont really think its fair to call this game twitch based yet, we have no idea how the combat will be other than "action", the few clips shown don't give much away, even the few shots of frostweaver shooting an arrow show the telegraph covering the whole area the arrow travels and it has no drop or angle to it. Correct me if im wrong but being able to competently keep track of your cooldowns, combo points, and all the other things (enemies cd's, the situation, surroundings etc) and the like is all attributed to your skill, i dont understand the arguement that if you make it EASIER to do that it raises your skill ceiling?
  9. meed


    Play stealth class/duelist > level digging > make your own small cave system near a known POI > wait for people to come across it > enjoy your free loot as they walk themselves into a trap. Who needs dungeons
  10. I never used the word stupid? turn your salt meter down friend, those are just my opinions, i want crowfall to be heavily based on skill and outplay, although that wont be the case in normal campaigns due to politics, zergs, spying, alliances etc.. I just can't see politics being a massive factor in a tournament that is only once or twice a year and would most likely last less than a month if we're being realistic, in the regular game yes but not in short lived tournament campaigns full of guilds that signed up to be #1. Although, you might be right, no one knows, it all depends how ace decide to play out the tournament games, 1v1's, all guilds into a new campaign and FFA, or whatever else.
  11. Not really sure why you're comparing to a scripted PvE scenario, situations are totally different. my problem with pet classes are they generally have a low skill ceiling as half of the class is computer controlled ai. in past games pets have never been something related to the word skill, or outplay. maybe me and you have different mentalities but i want crowfall to be heavily skill based and pets dont fit into that scenario unless they really are 100% support based and the damage comes from the player itself. example of what i mean when i say low skill ceiling pets; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiCng95kJcM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9onZBXSaqo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=driyyjt14z8 (turrets arent pets but im sure you get the idea) pet classes in the past have never been done well because its hard to balance essentially constantly re-summonable computer controlled AI that follow the 100% best path to the target. Especially in crowfall with no dedicated healers, do you think it will be fun to watch a pet class run in circles while pure non support classes get slowly killed by AI? thats just my opinion on the subject, if they were introduced they'd have to be watched very carefully, but personally i dont hope any pet class ever gets introduced or worked to be a competitive class.
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