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  1. These are not factions they are charters.
  2. Play to farm? No thx Open PvP, Npc controlled safe zones.
  3. No just no. insignificant, unnecessary type of mechanic.
  4. Not good. 200vs200 give me a minimal plz, can't move north when my commander says so if I dont know which way is north. Lets not confuse convince with difficulty. Not know inf level is ok, class is req for proper strategy. This would actually lower difficulty.
  5. You can be the worst pvper in the game and still make huge impacts for your guild, at least with a shadow bane style system you could.
  6. I'm glad you speak for them. This is a suggestion not a debate or blame fest
  7. Hard to believe some of you been around since mourning and are still so bad at sb. Got crushed then, get crushed now and soon to be crushed by "The Kitties" http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/137-the-kitties/
  8. Speak for yourself there bud, I'm awesome.
  9. Ban for posing RL pic thread. Any indication of the way this game is heading? I hope not. Tully and starfish besties?
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