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  1. Currently, NPCs have similar skills to player and let the player believe that they can do similar things as NPCs. NPCs can see through stealth at what feels like all times while players have to use an ability to do so no matter their perception. Either let players do so at all times with those skills providing a buff or remove that from the NPCs to prevent confusion. People have been getting to 30 thinking that they too can see through stealth without a skill.
  2. This item is Potent Poison Toxin. It is confusing, although may not be a bug, to be both a poison and toxin. It could just be Potent Toxin.
  3. Poison Sapper has a passive called Poison Paradise. It says '...you have a Poison toxin equipped.' It grants you the trait 'Poison Toxin Training' and the slot 'Toxin' Clean up any instance of 'Poison Toxin' to just 'Toxin' I am just gonna ignore the whole debate of what is a toxin and what is a poison in real life here, but you need to pick one word to describe something and go with it.
  4. While looking at a Vandal Assassin, I feel that toxin based poison needs to be less obtuse. Durations should be listed if there is one. If the buff applies to you, use the word buff. If it applies a debuff on the enemy, give the duration and actual effect of the poison. Damage is already listed for skills that do poison damage, but not for effects from toxins. From the point of view of a Vandal, the Efficient Poisons talent and Poison Mastery talent seem out of place or would work better if reversed. Efficient poisons gives a 30% bonus to pois
  5. The Efficient Poison Talent says 'Equipped poisons have a reduced chance to lose durability when applied.' This should say Equipped toxins as the crafting is toxin and it is referenced elsewhere as toxin. Such as in Shiv: 'Applies Instant Poison to your attacks for 25 seconds if you have a toxin equipped.'
  6. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.520 Races Classes Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Lack of sacrifice roll over exp. Add a variable for a remainder then add it to the existing exp. Lack of chat customizability. Tells go to the ME tab. A light shows up to let you know. Also all loot goes there so you ignore the light. Let us get that chat update shown a few years ago. The 3D map. Loading issues. Looks cheap. Flag
  7. In every skill tree, there is a cornerstone skill that is before the 3 subclasses. Each one has a requirement of 1 of 5 skills in order to get it. As shown here on the barbarian, it says any of those 5 skills are required for leap. One issue is on the top highlighted lines, Dominant Smashing requires Fast Counter Attack. You can not get Dominant Smashing without Fast Counter Attack. Fast Counter Attack alone will never be the only skill you get that unlocks Animosity. The same is true for the bottom half. Those lines should not be there and the prerequisite should only list 3 sk
  8. A small problem with a cleric ultimate, divine order, and recall, on dark skinned half-giants.
  9. I would like to see a vendor stall style location on infected but for guilds to recruit via NPC. Put it near the faction switch location and make the faction switch option more visible. Or have a popup warning people that this guild will chose your faction for you on infected and that there are others available on the other factions.
  10. Thanks. That is good to know. Also awful to know. That shouldn't just be on a NPC in the tutorial zone.
  11. Ranger feedback. What is this bar? The only place it tells me the name of it is on the character creation tool tip that my resource is energy. But that is confusing since I have two yellowish bars and the other one is stamina I guess. This takes too long to figure out. How do I restore energy? This ability does. For awhile I thought the bar was soul power because of it. But nope, this restores energy. Where does it say that? The ranged basic attack also restores energy. Where does it say that at all. Why does this do it and melee does not. Where is tha
  12. Lore items that you can sacrifice for experience. Good. When sacrificing, there is no roll over experience from one level to the next. Send your programmer back to school.
  13. I really need to just sit on a testing dummy a bit to check. Also I have had a new issue. What does suppression do. Where does it tell you this. Do I have to have someone go suppress me to find out. Google hasn't found me much and I only see it because the vandal promotion class says backstab now causes suppress. If it was on the new backstab tool tip, that would be great. If the crowpedia had buffs and debuffs listed, that would also be great.
  14. Trying to find out how poisons work and I have been confused on the wording and how buffs and debuffs now work. Diffusion "deals damage to your target. Damage scales with more than 2 poisons active." Ok, poisons active on whom. Me? The target? Sap strike applies a poison to the target if you have a toxin equipped, but it looks like it applies a buff to my self and a debuff to the enemy. I honestly can't tell since I can't hover over any buffs to get the details. I have Poisoned Weapons as well, says it deals poison damage with melee attacks. Ok but that isn't what diffusion is t
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