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  1. Would it be possible to get an official list of trusted traders somewhere either on the forums or site? I've searched high and low and so far have found Anshex and Markee Dragon, are there any more?
  2. Few questions; 1) Does this mean EU players will have a separate website / account management / forums etc 2) Am I correcting in thinking I receive all of my Kickstarter content twice? Once per NA/EU? 3) Assuming there is some RMT / Cash Shop mechanic, who is ultimately held accountable for that in the EU? Regards
  3. My understanding was ACE acknowledge that players will naturally be inclined to trade packages (yes, even for profit) and that they would prefer to provide a safe method of doing so. The current iteration of the program doesn't seem worth while.
  4. I can't speak for others, but I would more inclined to trade my Kickstarter package if the system worked more like an auction or something. Currently the trusted trader will give me $235 for my Kickstarter Amber, I would personally look to sell for much more than that due to the exclusivity of the packages contents and the incredible amount of VIP received as an early backer for the price. If the trusted trader program worked more like a middle man where the seller could set their own price to potential buyers then the trusted trader took a % fee I think there would be much more people trading their packages.
  5. Hello, Just wondering the mechanics and implication of upgrading my Kickstarter pledge. I consumed it for some reason, and now I'm wondering if I should of waited and upgraded to a higher tier. Is it impossible to upgrade to a higher KS tier now? If so, will I lose my KS benefits if I upgrade to a higher modern day tier, and ultimately do I stand to gain much in doing so? Kind regards
  6. I think the more PvE the better. This coming from someone who mainly focuses on PvP. I just think a rich plethora of content is more enjoyable than "more of the same".
  7. Slightly related, am I no longer able to increase my Kickstarter pledge? I want to move up to a higher tier but don't want to lose my Kickstarter privileges. Also I did redeem my packages, so I guess I'm SOL?
  8. I'm interested to see a comparison of what each packaged yields. Just curious how my original Kickstarter package fares compared to newer or different packages. See what I'm missing out on
  9. Battering rams make for interesting mechanics for both defenders and attackers. Always liked them in Warhammer.
  10. I look forward to the tasty treats the bakers bring!
  11. Is there any reason to "consume" it at this stage? Will I not get into early betas etc. if I have not consumed it?
  12. Only one I'm waiting for really is Tree of Savior, seems like aside from Crowfall there's not much to wait for.
  13. Sounds good to me, I think concern stemmed from parallels in phrasing to gw2 prelaunch and how their non trinity healing/support turned out. So far I largely agree with the Devs stance and a more "moba" style of healing with a mixture of less spammy and potent heals combined with support, control and damage would be very fun I'm sure.
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