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  1. Good call. I've seen to many forums grow very toxic with people who only seem to be there to troll and cause havoc.
  2. I like the idea. In EQ currency had weight making banks necessary for storage beyond gear.
  3. I remember in EQ the night being VERY dark, gamma or not and having to have a light source to be able to see (unless you were an elf of some sort). The lights made it able for you to see, but also made you easier to see. Played a barbarian that was blind as a bat in dark lol made for some interesting corpse runs especially in tunnels/caves. Also the concept of the night being more dangerous can make things interesting, but can also make it darn near impossible. Kithcore forest at night was a run as fast as you can hugging the wall and praying you didn't get trained along the way lol. I really do like the vision impairment aspect forcing you to use a light source to see unless you have a skill that allows you to see in dark making it harder to sneak up on someone unless your class (Ranger/Stalker) is built around it.
  4. This is exactly how I hope they play.
  5. I agree completely. I tend to take my time and join guilds very early before launch to get to know the people behind the avatar. The most fun I've ever had in MMOs is doing stuff with guilds. I personally like the team effort, not just raiding or taking down mobs for loot, but the teamwork aspect of building a guild. Crowfalls Eternal kingdoms and the world building aspects are what draws me to it. Gathering resources, taking territory , ECT for the guild has me really looking forward to launch.
  6. Thanks for update. Look forward to what is to come!!
  7. Only vanity items ,the kill animations Idea I like. Cash shops always worry me.
  8. Like the idea, just don't know if its doable. Would be neat to know someone just went through a heck of a fight just buy looking at them.
  9. Playing a Ranger for sure. Like the idea of being a scout for exploring new worlds then going into hunter patrolling role later.
  10. Grats Artcraft!! Can't wait to jump in. Beta 1 can't come soon enough ????
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