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  1. I'm glad you folks liked it. We always try to ask the most substantial questions on a game's design; we actually had asked many more but obviously Artcraft is not ready yet to disclose everything, which is understandable. I agree. Some recent games have gone too far with very few active skills, but then again I don't want 25-30 keybinds either. 10-15 seems about right.
  2. Absolutely agreed with OP. That's the same problem I have, I believe Eternal Kingdoms should be a huge, unique server which reflected the campaign results. Having effectively one server (world) each would make everything meaningless.
  3. Agreed, improving animations is extremely important. I can't stand playing a game with mediocre animations, especially in a MMO where fighting is what happens most of the time.
  4. Since you mentioned PhysX 3.3 being important for the game, what do you think about this? http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2015/03/04/nvidia-opens-physx-code-to-ue4-developers/ Do you also have the ability to do the same things with Unity 5?
  5. Nice to hear, but no reason for melee users not to have reticle for aiming as well. Both ESO and Tera have it and it works just fine.
  6. Yeah, I hope melee gets the crosshair/reticule too.
  7. Does that mean that we can look forward to increased sense of weight and impact behind hits in the final version of the game, when compared to the pre-alpha footage we've just seen? Personally, I think that's required to actually have "visceral" combat.
  8. That's the big issue. I'm not sure why people were expecting "FPS" combat here, clearly the game is in third person with an action element to it, but that's fine. The problem is that action combat needs to have weight and impact behind hits, something that wasn't there in the footage at all.
  9. And it's still nowhere to be seen. I actually hope that it gets way more than 800K, which is quite low to make an MMO.
  10. I do hope they'll get completely disabled, yes.
  11. Thanks. Well, it's early but I admit that I was hoping for slightly more both in terms of graphics and combat (specifically animations). I mean it's decent enough, but once it releases in late 2016/2017 expectations will be even higher. Let's hope they can polish both in the meantime.
  12. How about HD footage? Because the Kickstarter one is terrible
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