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  1. @thomasblair mentioned a place for feedback specifically for the 5.11. And I just wanted to mention the racial stealth speed of fae is flat out unbalanced. Theres almost no reason to play a stealth class as any other race. Rather than nerf it, I'd like to see it expanded onto a major dicipline, and ensure it doesn't stack with the fae racial.
  2. not sure whats going on, earlier in the week i updated to 5.10 and was getting horrendous FPS no matter what quality i selected Thursday it updated and i was able to play quite well at 60+ fps. Then updated this morning again and back down to 15 fps????? I have been using a brand new predator helios 300 laptop, GTX 1060 Both times I went from the temple to a couple different maps and fought pigmen, fps stayed same
  3. so my question is this, will this gear be good for sacrificing? it seems like it might. At least that might help with the horrible xp grind. But builds REQUIRE disciplines, making them RNG is bonkers. I mean I can't even get decent materials to craft without foreman, FFS at least give a consistent method of obtaining all the exploration discs.
  4. I too am hoping for a smite like feel to the combat, although the chain stun/silence in smite is a bit extreme. Love the 'resolve' mechanic idea as well, there seems to be many more options than a flat 15 sec immunity. Just thinking on it what if there were a visual indicator for all players to see resolve, or at least when one is close to full. I imagine mid combat thinking, just dodge the centaur, one more stun and he'll roflstomp me. Is anybody else tempted to make the guild, 'Not another f**king centaur incident '?
  5. HoT's for potions are cool mana and health. But personally I believe they should be an out of combat thing. I'm really against the more potions you bring gives you combat advantage.
  6. Very VERY good move guys. Horizontal progression > Vertical in any sandbox style game. Another Con I see to this system is balancing damage types and skill will be even more delicate, and 'meta' play will become necessary. For example, say early game archers headshotting everyone because bows are cheap and easy to come by will force everyone into wearing a leather helms, not fun. So its a really nice idea and fun to give players more armor choices, but I've found from other games that mixing armor types can lead to a min/max'd perfect armor set that everyone eventually runs, again not fun. Balancing damage potential from each type will be key to preventing this. Also I really hope you guys are experimenting with a weaponswap system similar to GW2 or ESO. And make swapping armor or other weapons be an out of combat only with a rooted cast
  7. The details are not complete, they've said their working on combat currently. The best we have is a quote saying they're 'leaning toward Tera combat' followed up by linking a video which compared WoW's poorly made socksty combat to GW2 and Tera. So if you HAVE to have all the details of exactly how combat is going to work before you back the project, then your not ready to back it. Currently the only statement they will give is 'its not ready' and 'we'd love to hear your feedback on how you think it should be'
  8. It will certainly be interesting to watch how it plays out. One benefit currency has that many may not realize is that it weight/inventory space is reduced significantly. So it may be much easier to export a lot of currency from a campaign than raw materials. Also I forsee there being a TON of different coins at the start, but then people will gravitate toward a few different ones in the end. Like a large guild/alliance will have their own currency that they try to control. This would open up markets for currency conversion, or it would affect decisions on what currency to take into what campaigns if any at all.
  9. 100% agree crafters should be able to have some combat abilities, otherwise I just see people having a crafter alt that goes 90% unused. I mean min-maxers will do this anyway, but as long as they don't have a huge advantage its fine. As far as the crafting system as a while goes, I'd like to see it be very scalable to the point where within 5 minutes of joining a campaign I could pick up some sticks and stones and make some really basic tools/weapons. All the way up to spending 3/4 of the campaign amassing high quality ore to mass produce top tier armor for my guild on our last push for the win. And I'd be more concerned with the import rules than the export rules, obviously a guild that won the last campaign would have a huge advantage by being able to import top tier gear they made from the exported materials into the next campaign. Another issue I see is alts more alts = more imported gear.
  10. BAM! I totally called it, both stretch goals. Although mounts/vehicles may not be as elaborate as I described, I'm still optimistic for naval stuffs. I mean who wouldn't want to be a Guinecean Pirate?!!
  11. Quoted for truth. It's a castle seige game, of course there will be zergs. But all of the mechanics of the game seem to favor small coordinated strategy. Especially loot drop on death and FF.
  12. Summer 2015 is a 3 month window. That's plenty of notification IMO. I mean the game is still hinging on the kickstarter. Have realistic expectations, I.E. don't expect any sort of schedule update till after the kickstarter campaign.
  13. +1 for customizable/removable reticle My only gripes with GW2 was the lack of physics (as in moving through players) and the spammable dodge rolls that gave you invul frames (oh hey that engineer put down a giant bomb, I'll dodge roll into it as it explodes and take no damage )
  14. I really love the debates going on here, people are pretty passionate. I played early Darkfall, and it was too twitchy for me. Also it was boring just circle strafing and swinging away as fast as you could. I feel like GW2 has some of the best combat to date, all of the skills are useful in one way or another, positioning matters, and many skills can be interrupted/dodged giving it enough of a twitch feel. Also the fact that casting spells doesn't root you adds a nice flow to the combat. I really feel its a good mix of TERA style stratigic combat and 'twitchy' skill based DF combat.
  15. Aside from all the little polishing that makes a great game outstanding. I would like to see crafting expanded to vehicles. I.E. mine carts, horsedrawn wagons, seige engines, and naval stuff too, everything from a small riverboat ferry, to giant warships meant for destruction.
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