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  1. The Elken head butt has always been janky like that, similar to the Myrm and Champ leap. Also can we get more spawns for leveling in the 18-24 zone. The Embarri camp has like 20 players camping every single spawn
  2. Is the Ankle shots passive on Ranger broken? I couldn't get it to proc on a warden. The tooltip says it applies after the 3rd basic bow shot. But when I look at the basic bow shot on my skillbar its not a combo attack.
  3. I agree with everyone that if this is the only way to obtain. It will be a horrible unfun grind. But, putting the minors on the passives sounds good because crafters want/need them. However with the current numbers, it's pushing these skills out 2+ months of passive training. Crafted gear in general is useless for the first 2 months or more because wartribe gear is so good. Even then wartribe gear is generally better because it's cheap and has the best base stat bonuses. IMO this needs changing. Also what the F happened to factories? If you could set a thrall to make 100 weapons and
  4. If you ask me domination dust is a pretty significant sink. 32k gold to make 2 disciplines. That's way more gold than you can loot while leveling a blue vessel
  5. not sure if this is intentional or not, but Sumptuous Pot Pie is only giving +0.25 exp points. The tooltip still says it gives 1. This makes it essentially useless to eat 75% of the time your working through passives.
  6. the 'cheat' boxes with all possible crafting items back in test is SOOOOO appreciated. I just had to come and say that.😍 That being said, the only thing I saw missing is the higher rarity disciplines. And while I do believe they're undergoing a sort of system level review. It would extra nice if we could just get uncommon quality crafting discs in one of these 'cheat' boxes.
  7. just wanted to point out that the races getting bonuses besides stoneborn and half-giant don't make a ton of sense. Elken for example get big bonuses to str/con, both of which are useless for a leatherworker. Half-elf is even worse, you can't take a class that benefits from str, which is necessary for a miner. Wood elf is another with spirit bonuses, which doesn't help woodworking at all. Maybe its the OCD min/maxer in me that is frustrated by this, just thought I'd mention it. Been VERY VERY bored waiting for passive training. Quite frustrating
  8. not getting Intermediate Knife/Axe traits after training survival to 5 pips. Someone broke something
  9. Congrats I guess on what most everybody testing in the last couple months has known. While its nice to see progress, and I'm sure everybody wants to see launch sooner rather than later. There are a couple of HUMONGOUS features we are still missing! Namely GUILD BANK, seemingly such a basic feature in modern MMO's that the community has been begging for, for literal years. Inventory options in general are abysmal. Also ALLIANCES, correct me if I'm wrong, but one of the original pitch lines was game of thrones style "bend the knee" or get crushed. ("Play to Crush" I think was a slogan
  10. had some fun teleporting across the map in gods reach. I think this is a known bug, but me and a couple guildies repeated it tonight. There is a camp there and when we got near the missing tent it would teleport us to random places on the map. The place I got teleported to is indicated in the image, it was to another missing tent near some aracroix. I was able to repeat this twice, my guildmate got tele'd to one of the other respawn outposts far from the fort.
  11. It's true, a dodge should be just that, moving out of the way of damage. Not an infinite escape mechanic that puts you into perfect distance for ranged combat. Duelist is definitely OP compared to other classes. The dodge is one part of it.
  12. As much as I respect the guy we need a Q&A without J.T.C. Frankly the last one felt like a recruitment video, a horrendous slander to all the loyal fans that have been freely (frustratedly) testing this ALPHA quality game. I could go on, but I really didn't want to rage. So just bring back the old Blair / Halish "patch notes from the future" segment. Would be so much more welcome than another JTC corporate shill hour.
  13. Played a bit more around with it last night, and zooming in to first person seemed to help a lot with the hitching. I'm still thinking it's something to do with player character rendering. Any updates on the hitching issues @jtoddcoleman? The Livestream was taken up by npe talk
  14. so I did a few more tests on the hitching around nodes and noticed that turning graphics up to very high and enabling everything possible felt like fewer hitches around harvest nodes than with graphics on basic. Hitching while moving to different parcels or looking around quickly was still there. Also from basic -> very high was about a 15fps drop average. I'm curious @yianni what kind of connection to do you have? I'm currently in the country with a 4g wireless connection.
  15. Artifact Tables are missing the recipes they were designed for, so they are worthless props atm. I checked 2 tables in the southern sun temple of gods reach. Many others are reporting the same thing. Also noticed on my dirge that the bug that makes impale not go off is back, so I have to hammer it and get the animation 4-5 times before it actually goes off. This was back on the last day of the last campaign.
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