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    Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Evolutionary Biology, dogs, Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan(Espicially Dr. Manhattan), calisthenics, good taste in music(yeah,that actually interests me)
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    Antalya/Turkey, Mars/Solar System/Universe
  1. It reminds me of a logo from a basketball team
  2. Washed Out - You and I

  3. Hey Brett, navkhrin, ozzie, sawannah. How are you guys doing. Just got out of depression from my test that i was talking about all the time. I totally sucked. Everyone did. Now waiting for results. In the meantime, i'm checking our news in LW forums. Reading up what was going on. And watching some Jim Carrey movies to cheer up a bit. Playing Heroes of the Storm sometimes. I would like my guildies who's playing hots also to add me. My battletag is KyouseiAizen#2534 fyi. By the way i liked our guild art concept so much. I checked our art thread on LW forums. General discussion and stuff but couldn't find out who did this. Hope you can thank him/her for me, for doing this piece of awesomeness. It's more than great definitely loved it all.
  4. Hey, sorry for inactivity. Studying so hard. Don't mind my absence
  5. Cat Stevens - Father and Son

  6. "In my opinion, the existence of life is a highly overrated phenomenon." - Jon Osterman a.k.a "Dr. Manhattan"

  7. Disclosure - You & Me (flume remix)

  8. When i try to imagine how would that be.... hilarious
  9. Yo, this one's from me :P : “Human existence must be a kind of error.” - Arthur Schopenhauer

    1. seventhbeacon


      I feel that way more often than I'd like! We'll say a happy error. I always liked the sentiment that humanity and sentience were the universe's way of trying to understand itself. :D

  10. What's your toughts about the new two archetypes people? frost elves looks bad@$$. They have this chain blade kinda stuff.
  11. Glasvegas - Its My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry

  12. This would work so much: "John 'Diggle' Stewart as Green Lantern. http://erkanbahadir23.deviantart.com/art/John-Diggle-Stewart-Green-Lantern-447017880

    1. seventhbeacon


      But but, he's already a DC character!! Still, I love his style, I'd be totally okay with that.

    2. fobofobik


      Yeah me too. I mean, i don't know how the hell they will connect him to John Stewart except his name. But i would definitely watch it :P

  13. My Darkest Days - Every Lie

  14. Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day

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