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  1. For me its certainly skill based combat, and by skill based I mean I want it to actually be significant. FX is also important, but if the game is fun and there is room for players to differ largely in skill, then I can turn a blind eye to "mediocre" FX. Those are the big two things for me, but I really like the innovations this game is trying to make, so I'll most likely end up "trying it out" no matter what.
  2. Well, if they introduce something along these lines, I'm afraid I will have no choice but to start throwing money at the screen until my bank account reads $0.00. Ecosystem in a game just sounds so amazing. I truly can't even imagine what it would be like if a guild had to not only monitor, gather, and protect material goods but the ecosystem around their fort as well. The player interactions this game has the possibility to create is rather breath taking. Side note: really good posts and discussion on this subject!
  3. Two questions for you guys! 1) How do you guys feel about creating hype for a game? I know some games like Albion online have created a massive amount of hype by allowing players to buy into alpha, but the game itself wont be released for a long time yet. So how do you or the team feel about creating hype for a game? Do you feel it's best to slowly build hype (this gradual release of information has been exciting btw!) until the release of the game? Basically, I feel like too many games build hype for the game too soon and it tends to die way down before the game is released because t
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