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  1. The crafting menu is horrible, i understood the exploration runes so far, now i just wanted to craft a so called "mystical staff", for which i need a "heel mold". What is that? Where can I get it? It says there is mutliple race variants, that doesn't help at all. And that's a big crafting problem in general, it's just too complicated. There need to be logical links to what are the ingredients and how to get them, is just an easy tooltip implemention, nothing more. I bought a staff heel from the blacksmith seller and how i kinda knew already it was not the item needed. So I literally need
  2. My Feedback as a new (druid) player: 1. The tooltips are very inaccurate. Example 1: "Shroud of darkness" - [...] giving enemies who strike you a chance to be stunned. - what is a chance supposed to mean? theoretically that can be any value between 0,1-99,9% Example 2: "Electrogenesis", and any orb spawning abilities - the orbs are not explained at all, i need to try it basically but resetting points is not easy and trying not available Example 3: The "smash symbol" which is used as a description sometimes describes timing like "instant" and sometimes something else like
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