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  1. I imagine trailblazer/trailmaster are in both ranged and melee trays because once you exit combat, whether you're in ranged or melee mode, you'll get the buff. @Anhrez looks like harvesters will have to give up some combat ability slots to slot those harvesting powers like "Take it down". I'm curious if you'll be able to hot swap abilities while in combat or if you'll only be able to do that while out of combat. Currently, I think you can do it while in any tray as long as the ability you want to remove isn't on cooldown.
  2. Agree. Although I think the highest they've done is 10x. I'm all for 10x on TEST and 1x on LIVE.
  3. Leather, long range, frost caster. (Similar to Inquisitor) Plate, short range, frost caster (Simlar to Sanctifier) Mail, medium range, heal/frost caster? (Closest comparison maybe the Crusader cleric?) ^ Hoping we get some variety like the three specs above.
  4. I read an article about some Eve player who spent $70,000 of IRL cash and then still ended up losing some war in the game. Just because you pay doesn't mean you'll win. https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8xu7uz/after_15_years_eve_online_is_having_its_first/
  5. I'm an ex Darkfall player and I still enjoy CF combat. For what Crowfall lacks in FPS / mechanical skills it makes up for it in a very deep character building where game knowledge and tactics play a big part in winning a fight. Some classes have higher skill ceiling than others. I enjoy Myrmidon Titan promotion because it's high risk, high reward and considered one of the harder classes to play. Yumx did a wonderful write up on the various classes and it includes a "difficulty" rating:
  6. To expand upon what others have said, the only time aiming really becomes difficult is when you're trying to hit a specific target in a crowd. Worth noting, though the raycast is large, it will select whatever VALID target is closest to your crosshair. For example, A ranger trying to hit a single target in a wide open space shouldn't miss. A ranger trying to hit a single target that's standing among 10 other targets in a cluster will be harder to hit the target they desire. They'll hit SOMEONE, but if they're trying to focus fire a target at 10% who dives back into a group, they're likely to hit someone other than their intended target unless they have good aim. This is why tactics like tanks body blocking for low health friendlies come into play. Individual skill needed in Crowfall is not very high but group coordination and tactics can be quite high.
  7. Agreed. Seems like they could expand those 3 "consumable" slots into 8 - 10x "out of combat slots" that get greyed out while in combat. At least then we would have the same amount of bar slots as we had before we just wouldn't have to manually tray swap to use them.
  8. Do DoT's such as bleeds, poisons, etc. make the hate list vs. Players? Imagining a situation where an Assassin using a poison toxin needs to escape but can't break combat because DoT continues ticking.
  9. /wave survival tray. Questions/Comments: How long does it take to go out of combat? How many seconds? Does it start from the time you haven't been damaged? How many hits does it take to force someone into combat? How does dismounting a fleeing enemy work? Will a single hit place them in combat stance thus dismounting them? Have you taken into account the impact this will have on stealthing classes who right now can force themselves in and out of combat to restealth at will? This seems like it could be a small nerf to these classes in the ability to restealth. One consideration maybe lowering the cost on the ultimate abilities which restealth them from combat stance to compensate. I was kinda sad to see dodge pips still on the bar - I still think we would be better served with dodges costing stamina. It would help balance out the retaliate spam. Will we be able to decapitate downed enemies from combat stance or will that be an out of combat thing only? If out of combat is it possible to interrupt it with a single hit to put someone into combat? I saw mention of class specific mechanics incorporated into this bar - does this include any changes to the Myrmidon's Berserk "Heart" meter? Players used some survival tray slots for certain buffs (Illusionist discipline Glamour Weapon is one example) to create more bar space. Have you considered increasing the default amount of bar slots (8) to compensate? Are the slotted harvesting tools considered "equipped" so not lootable? I do quite like that we won't have to run around with a giant glowing tool all the time, only when we're actually using it. Those glowing tools were essentially "kill me" beacons. How will wood elf camo and guinecean racial stealth be handled? PATCH ON TEST IN FEB WOOOOOOT!
  10. The stats on the badges are small and there will be other badges to earn. Most of my guild hasn't played the pre-alpha and thus doesn't have any badges and I still don't feel like it will be enough disadvantage to worry about. Lets not forget that you can also play "no import" campaigns to eliminate the badges or any other items from entering a campaign.
  11. Featured in the Q&A Stream this Month
  12. With the development velocity we hope for in 2020 I'm thinking it should be something like: 5.110 Wipe (already planned) in Feb. "Beta" Wipe. This is when we go from backers only testing (60k people) to anyone who signed up for testing (330k people). Guessing this will be sometime in Q3. Soft Launch Wipe - sometime in Q4. Hoping all of this happens within 2020. This is definitely more wipes than we've had recently as the last one was over a year ago but I also don't think it's too many. You definitely wouldn't want to invite 300k people to the game who haven't played before and not start them off on equal footing.
  13. I'm also in favor of 1x training going forward. I think it's important for the first couple months of Crowfall to be as good as they can be for player retention. 1x training and more frequent wipes would mean testing those first few months extensively. It also helps testers who come back to the game from getting too far behind everyone else when there's a lack of a catch up mechanic. So many new players who try Crowfall are told "You should probably wait until 5.11 in Feb when there's going to be a wipe before playing". IMO, it's a real shame that this is the case as the testing population could surely use an infusion of new blood. The nature of passive training buys time for ACE to address more of the "end game" and to add things like a catch up mechanic post launch. I'm just afraid the early game hasn't had enough of a look that people will write the game off and move on before we even get that far. The first couple month experience, performance, polish and balance are what should be focused on post 5.110. Gamers are fickle these days. Even I am guilty of game hopping lately waiting on the next big PVP game to launch. I can't tell if PVP MMORPG's aren't what they used to be in this early access age or if my expectations have changed over the years. I'm really hoping Crowfall is that next big thing and I hope the community can do everything possible to help ensure that happens.
  14. TTK is in a pretty good spot overall. As Soulein said a leather DPS vs. leather DPS can be over in seconds but a Paladin vs. a Paladin may last weeks For GvG the main thing we're missing is a couple more debuffs, particularly better anti healing, and some better ranged AoE stack busters. Gear/Training being equal combat is in a pretty good place overall. There's some underutilized classes/promotions that need help but game balance will come soon enough.
  15. There's a catchup mechanic planned for new player passive training. No details on what exactly it will be yet. At this point in pre-alpha it is really rough on new players. There's no catch up mechanic and they haven't wiped in about a year (which is actually 3 years in launch terms since training is currently 3x). A wipe is coming with the 5.110 patch in Feb 2020 which will be a good time for new and returning players to pick up the game and be on even footing training wise.
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