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  1. blazzen

    Mage Assassin

  2. There is something satisfying when a node blows up and you get that purple/orange rain They've actually addressed this before and said that it's to make it harder to "bot" harvest. They even talked about a "vacuum" mechanic to suck all the doobers up so you don't have to run around and collect them but decided not to.
  3. Good question! As far as I know critical hit chance does not "overcap" unlike armor vs. armor penetration. In your example above it would be the former. 50% crit chance - 40% dazzling blades = 10% crit chance. In the case of armor vs. armor breaks or armor penetration it does "overcap". So if you have 60% worth of armor value but the cap is 50%, if someone reduces your armor by 20% then it would be 60% - 20% = 40%. Allowing critical strike to "overcap" in order to get value of additional critical stirke vs. things like dazzling blades and critical strike defense was discussed in one of the Q&A steams/videos not too long ago. Also worth noting that abilities such as the Champion's Dominance mechanic are no longer "auto-crits" anymore. They actually get a 100% critical chance and then the chance is reduced by the targets anti critical strike chance. So if a Alpha Warrior Champion uses a dominance charged Neckbreaker against a target with 30% critical strike defense it would be 100% - 30% = 70% critical strike chance. However, I have no idea if you hit an alpha warrior with dazzling blades if that 100% crit chance is reduced down to 60%. I have a feeling dazzling blades doesn't work against the dominance mechanic but that's just a guess. Hope this helps!
  4. Old but one of my favorite "only in Crowfall" moments.
  5. No combat handicaps please. I could see other forms of "balancing sides" that mainly play on the number of people a side can have. It basically boils down to how many players can you have on your team (whether that's your faction, guild or alliance) and what percentage of a zone cap your team can occupy. In Faction campaigns: If faction balance gets out of whack close being able to join the most populated faction until the other two factions fill up and re-establish the balance. Allocate a portion of the zone cap to each faction on a zone by zone basis. Instead of 33/33/33 I'd rather see it capped so your faction cannot have more than 50% of the zone occupied. So you may have 50/50/0 or 25/25/50 or anywhere between. Unfortunately both of these things are exploitable by putting alts on the opposing factions. Alt abuse is a rather unavoidable problem in faction campaigns. If you don't like it, play Dregs where you can choose. In Guild (Dregs) Campaigns: Limit guild and/or alliance size by total members. Assign a portion of the zone cap to defending guilds and another portion to attacking guilds if sieges are something that are "declared". If sieges just happen based on the schedule like they do in faction campaigns then assign a portion of the zone cap based on control of assets (forts/keeps....maybe outposts?) within the zone while leaving another portion of the zone cap open. As much as we'd all like to say "just increase the zone caps to where it doesn't matter" I'm afraid that's not reality with the performance limitations. Albion has a lot of similarities to Crowfall in that it's an open world sandbox and also utilizes the Unity Engine. They've long fought with zone caps (which are 350ish players AFAIK). We've already seen zone caps become a factor in Crowfall as well. ACE will have to do something to address it.
  6. The more you trust the client the better combat will feel but the easier it is to hack. The more you server verify the worse combat will feel but it'll be harder to hack. Middle ground IMO is to trust the client as much as you reasonably can to have fluid combat but implement anti cheat. I'd rather deal with the occasional hacker a$$hat than have perpetually clunky combat. I always go back to Darkfall for an example of fluid combat in a MMORPG siege environment. To my knowledge AV never even tried to police hacking or implement any anti cheat and the amount of people I thought might be "hacking" were very few. They did this in 2009. A decade later I'm still waiting for another game to release that has combat on this level.
  7. I've especially noticed channeled abilties like Myrmidon pulverize don't feel quite right. Hopefully these are things that get cleaned up after 5.11 when they begin to polish the game.
  8. There's a lot of similarities between Erlich Bachman and Doggett. I still enjoy the show but it hasn't been the same without him.
  9. Cool! I love that show. I wonder who is Dinesh and Gilfoyle at ACE. This is still the hardest I've laughed at a show in a while.
  10. I missed this detail - are you sure they said mounts will be in? As in, mount graphics or some of the skins from KS?
  11. They count every step within a combo as a "power". For example - the confessor LMB is Fireball 1, 2 and 3. That alone counts as 3 powers.
  12. I too am in favor of a full wipe because I think it would be helpful in testing the early game and new player experience.
  13. @Pann created a thread about wiping passive training (but not vessels or items) and the answer from the playerbase is a definitive "No". However, several players mention that's because wiping passive training but leaving legacy items and vessels would be worse than not wiping at all. ACE's reason for not doing a full wipe is quote below. I'd like to get a poll on the players preferences to see whether or not it matches the assumption above. After all, it's the players time and effort that we're talking about wiping. Per yesterdays stream - the 5.11 update and full wipe is scheduled for Jan or Feb 2020. Vote YES if you're in favor of a full wipe in October 2019. Vote NO if you're NOT in favor of a full wipe in October 2019.
  14. Yeah and you only get 1 chance to make a first impression. Flop in those first couple months and people don't come back. Game hopping is real right now. Crowfall needs a GREAT new player experience to really grab and hold onto new players. The game doesn't hold onto new players very well right now. I'm sure being in a pre-alpha state is a real big part of that but it's not the only reason. With 5.11 being the final milestone we won't be able to blame short comings on pre-alpha much longer either.
  15. There would be no crafting/harvesting grind after a full wipe. Everyone would just wear war tribe gear as it would be the best thing available until training got further along. This is the sort of stuff that needs testing and why I think it would be a good idea to do a full wipe. We haven't had a full wipe or fresh start to test the early game since war tribe loot was introduced. This was a huge change to the NPE yet we haven't fully tested it. There's also been little testing on the inverted experimentation difficulty vs. resource quality curve. At a glance it's pretty obvious to many crafters that early game crafting is going to suffer mightly vs. war tribe gear. I'm a firm believer that experimentation difficulty does not need to increase and should remain constant despite resource quality. The boost you get from using better resources is enough in itself to differentiate quality. Skill training of the crafter will dictate the amount of risk they can reasonably take when experimenting. We don't need this experimentation difficulty vs. quality curve at all.
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