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  1. Each keep currently has 2x 1 hour windows per week they're vulnerable. 2 hours per week. I think that's pretty reasonable.
  2. We do keep sieges too. www.lordsofdeath.com and click apply.
  3. Isn't 1 month typical for start to end game progression for a lot of MMORPGs? I don't like the RNG nature or the gold grind but if they turned harvesting/crafting into a typical craft items to fill an XP bar then I think 1 month seems about right. Crowfall end game is PVP. The fights were fun but forcing it to be an hour long is a bad idea because if nobody shows up you've gotta stand around for 60 minutes instead of 15 minutes. We need handshake sieges (plant bane seed during vuln window, 24 hours later bane starts) and probably to increase the hitpoints of some of the objectives fur
  4. We're still out doing forts on a nightly basis. Some great fights lately. Recruitment is open. Head to www.lordsofdeath.com and click apply.
  5. A good start would be to remove the 150 attack power from the malice talent. I don't think any other "Melee Defense" promotions get that much AP on their promotion stat bundle. Maybe give them some slashing damage bonus/cap so you can use an axe with a pit if you want. Not that it's a big deal, but I don't understand why the neckbreaker needs to root. Alpha does more dmg, barbarian CC's, so the pit one should only heal.
  6. We're still active doing Fort PVP on a nightly basis. Apply at www.lordsofdeath.com and you too can learn to be a Master Baiter.
  7. Respec is coming soon. Agreed. This needs work. Most organized groups/guilds are using discord. There's an official crowfall discord for announcements and an unofficial Crowfall discord for the community. Guild functionality is through the website. It's definitely a bit different than how most games handle it and could be improved. They plan to add more biomes post launch.
  8. Another example of the confessor ult bug. Seems to happen due to certain timing involving hard CC. Ultimate just fails to work due to a stun in this clip.
  9. Had a very strange desync bug happen to me and one other guy in my group. Friendlies were moving on our screen but the 3 enemy players weren’t moving on our screens despite them actually moving in game and on other peoples screens. I was able to relog mid fight and it fixed it.
  10. That was us - we definitely blew a hole in that wall. It used to be if you weren't on the parcel when the wall went down you couldn't see the hole but you were obviously on the parcel so this looks like a new bug.
  11. Not a bad idea. VIP needs love. DF system needs a lot of love. 2 birds, 1 stone. They still need to do a ton of work on the scoring part of the DF system for many people to care to interact with it. There's a ton of cards that are exploitable. There are still lots of bugs. We get no feedback on why we got the score we did. The list goes on. But assuming they address some of the larger issues with DF above, I could get behind some type of VIP battle pass.
  12. Another idea for Gaea could be giving everyone in the area a thorns buff. That would be sort anti AoE sentinel. Better to do single target assist trains than spam AoE.
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