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  1. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    Exactly why I've been suggesting this lately:
  2. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    Harvesting isn't bad once you get to plentiful 5 with full skill training. My fear is that people won't stick with the game long enough to get there. It's painful early game. Crafting is similar. Early game it is very painful with lots of failures and bad rolls. End game it gets better (although RNG can still kick you in the junk on occasion). Combat training is pretty bland but does advance your character, probably too much. This is why I've lobbied for roughly HALF of everything granted in the current skill trees to be rolled into the base vessel. This would make early Crowfall more interesting AND lessen the gap between new players and veteran players by flattening progression. As far as combat goes I still think the aiming is too easy and there's too much CC which drives down the skill ceiling. Artificial limits on how many targets an ability can hit should be replaced by tailoring the hit scans appropriately and using the already in place collision detection to determine how many people an attack can hit. Full friendly fire would be nice but is probably asking for too much based on the current combat system. Darkfall combat (minus transfers and bunny hopping), Shadowbane character building, Eve economy, SWG crafting, Eve passive leveling, along with the procedurally generated maps, campaign resets and EK stuff. That is how I'd build Crowfall.
  3. Fall damage feels over tuned. Getting fall damage from jumping while going down moderate slopes like in beach head. Rezzing at cairn left me in unable to move with "blue" tint to screen.
  4. Distance VS Damage?

    I think we're in a bit of a catch 22. Crowfall used to have lots of projectiles but they felt horrible. Part of the problem was a very slow projectile speed. But if you try druid bear it still misses from close range. About the only thing that works as projectiles in Crowfall are the very slow moving abilities like Tornadoes and Ghost Army which are meant to be dodged by players. Because everything is server verified it seems that we can't have difficult aiming because it adds additional latency. Put more on the client and you can have tighter aiming but then people can hack. It's almost as if we can't have our cake and eat it too. If aiming is made more difficult by trusting the client then people will hack. If we server verify everything then aiming has to be so forgiving (due to higher latency) that nobody would be bad enough to need to hack. This is my understanding anyways. I don't think ACE is going to start trusting the client anytime soon so our best hope is that through ongoing optimization they can tighten aiming a bit but it's never going to be FPS style like Darkfall, Battlefield or PUBG all of which have projectiles for arrows/bullets.
  5. Distance VS Damage?

    Exactly. If we’re going to have easy soft aiming then ranged can’t hit from 85m. Should be 60m max.
  6. Support here is actually great

    Known bug. Best to email directly. I've always received extremely timely responses even during off hours.
  7. 3 Suggestions for Improving Game Play

    In 5.5, faction mates who are NOT in your group CANNOT see or loot your doobers. Faction griefing prevented. And if someone from the other faction takes your doobers then you should kill them and take them back.
  8. 3 Suggestions for Improving Game Play

    Auto loot is not in largely to dissuade botting. I believe improvements to training UI are coming soon. Maybe later in the 5.5 patch. They mentioned changes coming to skill training in 5.5 but nothing beyond that yet. AI improvement was in 5.5.
  9. Maybe it was Scorn. I'm not good with names! Point being, I hope they make the adventure zones the best way to level up and get XP. If grinding mats and making items to sacrifice is the best way it just adds even more harvest/crafting grind to a game that doesn't need anymore.
  10. I figured it was a high value sacrifice item. When the system was originally presented I suggested adding something like this so that it would be most lucrative to farm the adventure zones for XP rather than banging on nodes and sacrificing items. Whether or not this will accomplish that I don't know. I think @Gradishar leveled up really fast making and then sacrificing rune tools during 5.4.
  11. Assassin Worst Solo Class?

    The cooldown on backstab hit the assassin pretty hard also. Although it is now possible coming out of stealth using black mask to crit ambush, backstab then do a 5 point diffusion since they fixed the pip generation on these abilities (3 for ambush, 2 for backstab) for some pretty good burst. The CD on backstab is like 7-8 seconds but I hope they lower it to the 3-5 second range.
  12. Distance VS Damage?

    Front vs. Back tech is in the game but it's currently not used for increasing damage outside of backstab. Mino's get frontal stun immunity. Those are the only two uses of the tech that I know of atm. I'm on the fence about whether I like the idea of decreasing damage at longer range. I'd much rather they make aiming more difficult. If that's not possible then I think I'd rather the top end range get cut rather than leave in long range easy aiming because even if damage is cut 50% then it will still be effective to have multiple Rangers popping people in sieges from 85m.
  13. Physics feel kind of wonky in this build. Did mass get turned back on or something? I was on a HG Myrm and got knocked back a ways by a Centaur Champion by what I think was the Centaur Charge / Armor Break ability.
  14. New Death Mechanic is AWESOME! You may want to increase the time it takes to release so that people aren't able to quickly release to avoid getting beheaded.
  15. No Thursday Update?