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  1. Great 3 way siege from earlier this week. Chaos took on the forces of Balance and Order to DEFEND THE KEEP! Lots of Ballista Perspective at the beginning of this video for those of you that haven't placed or fired one before. Good Fights! P.S. Pro Tip - don't fire at the siege engines with the big blue bubbles from siege engineer like I did
  2. [LoD] Lords of Death

    After several hard fought sieges this week against both Order and Balance the Chaos Faction was Victorious!
  3. Here's the TOL bug from the siege yesterday. Pretty sure that's a recently rescued debuff on the tree and that a rescue prevented the tree from dying which caused the whole thing to bug out.
  4. Chaos won the siege at Zondolore Keep against balance but the tree of life had "rescue" from field surgeon discipline on it which prevented it from fully dying for a few seconds at which time the siege window ended so the tree couldn't be damaged anymore which left this dead zombie corpse tree to where the a new golden apple couldn't be planted. Ultimately someone from ACE reset the zone and the keep spawned back as Neutral and balance replanted but now the keep is all bugged out according to reports from Balance. Guards showing as neutral still and the thrall buffs from crafting stations not working. Gonna have to disable "rescue" from field surgeon from working on ToL's (and probably banewood trees also).
  5. Visual bug - group leader thingy looks like a giant collar.
  6. I agree on all points except for the retaliate changes. CC, especially AoE CC, can have a big impact on numbers deciding fights instead of player skill. If CC is easy to land and hard to mitigate there's little a smaller force can do in order to fight back against a larger one. Many games that have lots of CC are arena or battleground focused games that ensure fights are even numbered. That is not Crowfall. While I get that this negatively impacts the CC focused promotion classes I'd rather see those promotion classes change to something else than to introduce more CC to Crowfall. Case in point, your complaint about the physics based CC which cannot be mitigated at the moment is a very valid one shared by many people. If you dislike being unable to mitigate physics based attacks or think they need to have more DR this flies in the face of wanting to increase other forms of CC. With the way they're changing iframes to no longer be iframes I'd wait to see how that plays out before increasing the cost of retaliate.
  7. leather armor cost

    There's also no leather motherload.
  8. Improvement to the camp/capture system

    I don't think they have the tech to make camps on various other parcels effect a fort on a separate fort parcel and I imagine it's no small ask to get this considering the procedural generation. About the best they could do is make a larger fort parcel and tie camps on THAT fort parcel to THAT fort. I'm not 100% sure they can have more than one capture point per parcel either so maybe there's not even tech for this. Not sure. Cool idea though but probably not feasible considering the cost of implementation.
  9. <3 Tom Petty. You may appreciate this.
  10. [LoD] Lords of Death

    Saturday Night Siege!
  11. [LoD] Lords of Death

    LoD took part in a backdoor siege at the sunset keep!
  12. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    Gear lasts pretty long in my opinion. Are you by chance using the dragon statue you spawn at after death to revive instead of flying back to your corpse to revive? You take extra durability hits for using the dragon statue to revive than flying back to corpse and reviving FYI. Don't feel bad if you're doing this I know several new players that made the same mistake recently.
  13. Backdoor Siege at Sunset

    We had a couple guys on that side of the keep scouting which is what led us to decide to try to backdoor it. @Unfolded was calling the shots and did a great job. Timing was impeccable.
  14. I agree, but also keep in mind that there will be a post launch tome system to catch people up that is not yet implemented.