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  1. yo ... how hard is it to get an invite for some Dregs action?

  2. Revert the guinecean (and centaur for that matter) dodge to 10m and it's fine.
  3. You're right that there wasn't a lot of coordination but I think friendly fire played a bigger factor than coordination. We had the same level of coordination with the people we fought alongside during this campaign as we did when fought with you guys against W on the test server. A few discord PMs. No shared comms. Same level of comedy when people call it "The Death Alliance". It is definitely a lot harder to coordinate between several smaller guilds than it is 1 larger one. It's even harder when they're subject to friendly fire. However, it was the same level of coordination (or maybe less coordination) we had when we fought and won field fights vs. you guys on the infected server. The big difference was the lack of friendly fire in those fights. https://youtu.be/gu7Beiw8Y1k
  4. You're absolutely right that in the current alpha state of the game with low population your choices for allies are more limited because there's only so many people playing. The developers can't really design around a population of 100-200 players as the game is meant for a lot more and should see a lot more once it enters beta/launch. The lack of an alliance system does hurt small guilds currently. A fight between 40 players in a single guild vs. 40 players in 2-3 guilds is heavily in the favor of the single guild due to friendly fire and guards. We currently have players from 4 different guilds under the LoD banner because of this so just we can field 20ish people to compete in the current campaign environment. Caps on the number of players in a guild and/or number of players in an Alliance is how I'd handle the alliance system. These caps could be a variable campaign knob to have some campaigns aimed for smaller groups and other campaigns for larger groups. For example, if the cap is 100 players, you could have 1 guild of 100 players or 100 guilds with 1 player each in an alliance or any combination in between. This allows for you to be 1 big guild or an alliance of many small guilds but you'll ultimately have the same number of overall players within your guild/alliance who aren't subject to friendly fire or attack by guards. No alliance system is perfect but I think this would go a long way to addressing the issue.
  5. LoD played the old new world alpha that had open world FFA PVP From October 2018 - June 2019. Our claim to fame during that time was taking 6 holdings from the top guild "Red Guard" (some big EU GW2 guild/players) in a single night. We were really hyped about the possibility of a AAA developer making a hardcore PVP MMORPG. When they replaced the open world PVP with a toggle and instanced the sieges PVP guilds like ours left refunded the game and left. NW started banning people who gave feedback saying they wanted the old game back. NW is a very good looking game with great combat but now has a terrible PVP ruleset, IMO. I'm sure the game will still see some success for people that want a shiney PVP-lite experience but that's not what our guild is after. To the topic of zergs and alliances - We got zerged out of our keep with roughly 2:1 odds on Tuesday Night. We claimed another keep, built it up, and made some political moves to ensure that didn't happen a second time on Saturday night. There's been a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation on the exact details of those moves, however, the results speak for themselves. Our keep wasn't attacked while theirs was damaged and possibly could've been far worse if the zone would've held up. The point is that in an open world PVP Game fights will rarely be even. Sometimes you're the zerg, other times you get zerged. But it's up to us, the players, to make these moves. Games like New World which have factions that decide your friends and enemies for you and 50v50 instanced sieges take this out of the players hands and that's the opposite of what I'm looking for in a PVP Game.
  6. Seriously though, the aesthetics and combat in New World are great but the PVP ruleset is terrible. 3 faction, opt in flagging open world PVP with no item loot. Grindy quests to gain influence in order to be able to possibly get into an instanced 50v50 siege.
  7. We've been active on the LIVE Infected Server waiting on a Dregs Campaign. Still recruiting PVP vets. Join us in discord and apply on the website.
  8. I was really hyped for New World until they gutted the open world FFA PVP with a PVP toggle, factions and instanced sieges. I'm actually a lot LESS worried for Crowfall now than I was in the open world FFA PVP New World alpha I played from Oct 2018 - June 2019.
  9. Here's my perspective of the siege from Saturday. Good news is the server held up and no SPK hitches. Bad news is the client FPS has a long ways to go to handle fights this size. The hanging spell effects are an obvious thing to address as they get really bad in a fight this size. All of the light sources are cleric holy symbols I believe.
  10. Free building like we have in the EK's definitely would increase the wow factor. I'm all for it. They can prevent people from building ridiculous 5-7 layer wall cities like we did in New World Alpha with the parcel token system. I'd also be happy with a couple dozen more pre-built fort/keep layouts.
  11. I question how much impact the addition of free building would have to the point of "the experience is a little too familiar". The previous New World Alpha (not the current dumpster fire) had custom built holdings on designated land parcels much like you're talking about for Crowfall. Last Oasis has deployable capture points (proxy walkers) and free building. I played both of those games and while I like free building I don't feel like that is what would separate the Crowfall experience from others. I actually think fine tuning and nailing down the divine favor system, combined with resetting campaigns, and procedurally generated maps is what will ultimately differentiate Crowfall. They need to continue to add new and interesting divine favor cards, balance the scoring, add more land parcels and biomes to vary the map, even add new rulesets, all in an effort to keep things fresh and exciting. The framework ACE has built to allow constant iteration and how well they use it will ultimately determine if Crowfall is more of the same or a new experience all together.
  12. Thanks for all you've done for the CF community @Pann
  13. Yep - that drives me crazy playing a Titan where you do a lot of LMB spam but then need to be able to stop on a dime to pulverize to mitigate berserk crash. That extra LMB can be the difference between life or death so it has to be responsive.
  14. We've got a small crew playing the Dregs campaigns. Some new recruits getting their feet wet. We're still recruiting PVP vets. Join us in discord and/or apply on the website.
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