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  1. The Rush

    The old behind the rock bait. Classic Darkfall move. Harder to bait in Crowfall than Darkfall. Less CC in Darkfall so it was easier for the bait to escape and no giant red nameplates to give you away. Well done!
  2. Helping Friends Test Repsawn Mechanics

    Same fights...different perspective.
  3. I never have any fury?

    Early game Myrm you have to use weapon finesse and stack gore a lot. It gets easier as you get power cost reduction skills later in the skill trees. I agree that Myrm LMB shouldn't cost fury though. There's several issues with the class. I laid out some suggestions for the devs which I've copied below.
  4. A Crow Flies

    More like a Reindeer than a Crow.
  5. [LoD] Lords of Death

    Come join the PvP!
  6. Restokin's refuge was full capped by chaos faction, yet chaos faction could not use the gates while Balance faction was able to use the gates. I think Balance faction probably capped the fort first and now that Choas faction took it there's a bug with the gates where the ownership isn't transfering. The guards, banks, etc. all work, just the gates do not.
  7. I think we found the server's limit tonight. Had a fight that was somewhere between 30 and 40 total participants that caused 20k ping and then a bunch of people DC'd. There were over 100 on the server at the time...maybe as many as 145 according to some reports. I didn't get an accurate count myself until after the fight was over and people began logging off but at that time it was 104 on US East. I suggest making guards not attack monsters (and vice versa) as well as wider spacing and/or fewer overall towers/camps. If it's an overall server load issue then that should help a bit.
  8. Just bought game have noob questions...

    There may be rulesets where you also drop equipped items when killed similar to UO/Rust/DF/MO - most likely the Free for All "Dregs" servers. Currently equipped items take durability loss while in combat stance as well as upon death. Harvesting tools take durability loss each swing. There is currently no repair mechanic in Crowfall. Gear/Tools will need to be replaced which keeps the harvesters/crafters busy.
  9. Refining PoI material blocks into bulk resources confirmed!
  10. Difference between Champ and Myrmidon 5.7?

    Save yourself a lot of headache and go Champion. I've played Myrmidon since the class came out and recently gave up on it barring an overhaul.
  11. Message ping seems fine but server load does result in some stutter and lower frames now. Much better than it was. Largest fight was in the 20-25 people range without message ping issues. The stutter is a bit strange as it isn't necessarily tied to low frame rate but the camera gets very jumpy when you pan. The guards at the outposts are a nice touch but they seem to aggro any monsters around them. Banewood trees are able to be attacked before the siege starts. I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug. I'm still seeing issues with iframes at times where they're not giving invulnerability like they should. Food is still a major issue in fights and needs to be changed to a more over time/passive food consumption than from taking damage or using stamina. Duelist impale is still bugged where the bleed doesn't wear off unless you die or are healed to full health. Champion leap sometimes does not leap you forward on one of the two leaps. On a Centaur Champion there were times where I would miss point blank attacks against Half Giant or Guinecean opponents.
  12. I love these overview videos. Always great to share these and try to get some backers back and excited to test again.
  13. There's a spot on the map where I can run through the stairs.
  14. So it's more than just the HG racial blood of the giants where the immunity isn't working. It appears to sometimes fail on Champion ultimate warrior as well as champion's ultimate ability neckbreaker. This means it's likely an overall problem with iframes/immunities.
  15. I'm leaving this bug in both the 5.6 and 5.7 threads because it's happening both places. While playing a HG myrm, occasionally the racial Blood of the Giants is not giving the iframe/invuln which is leading to berserk crashes. It's a very finicky and intermittent bug but it's pretty devastating for HG myrmidon's. This clip I had to record from my phone because the footage corrupted anytime I tried to put it in Sony Vegas. This was from the 5.6.3 LIVE server today. The first clip below is from the 5.7 test server from about a week ago. Second clip is from 5.6.3 LIVE server today.