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  1. Tome creation should be VIP only.

    Correct. Its a catch up mechanic. Day 1 accounts have no catching up to do.
  2. RIP Obs LoD

    It took longer than we hoped but we had a Shadowbane tree of life urn carved and painted for Obs where he will forever rest. RIP Obs. #LoD4Ever
  3. I've long thought and expected this would happen. +1. I left feedback while 5.7 was on test that both Wolves and Cats drop flexible hide and that one of them should drop soft. Wish they would've fixed that before 5.7 went live.
  4. I would much rather it work like attacks where weapon damage = weapon damage + (attack power/10). Scaling for healers would be much better if the weapon damage for healing = weapon damage + (support power/10). It would also open up more interesting build options. May have to restrict some disciplines to certain classes so everyone and their brother isn't using field surgeon like we had for a little while in early big world. Things have changed a lot since then so maybe it wouldn't be an issue now.
  5. The little talking character in the bottom left was a nice touch.
  6. Agreed. Although I'd prefer they make the toggle an option. There's someone out there that prefers to use 1 button to toggle trays whereas the majority would rather have separate buttons.
  7. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    Maybe closer to launch. I haven’t had enough free time for side projects lately.
  8. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    PUGs won't be a factor in FFA/Guild campaigns so I'll just chalk all this nonsense up to yet another flaw in the faction rule set.
  9. Fort Jingletap Where The Action At!

    Copyright pwned. More Crowfall music INC.
  10. Two good fights from this weekend at Fort Jingletap.
  11. PVP Spam

    While I really enjoyed the kill spam in Shadowbane I think the planned toast messages from guards at outposts, forts and keeps will help with finding the action.
  12. Couple bugs present in this video. At 1:06 I rubberband really bad but no message ping or lag spike seemed to happen. The stun used on me was most likely agent provocateur "stink bomb". Display bugs with the rend and leap combo happen several times. At 1:15 as I get knocked down it says I have enough stamina for furious retaliate, then I don't, then I regen a tick of stamina and it still says I don't have enough even though it appears I have more than I did when it initially had enough but the ability wouldn't activate. Something wonky happening with retaliate. At around 1:45 - 1:50 there was an attack or two that might've missed as I was being circle strafed but there was at least one that looked like it should've hit for sure. I was in Size 2 Ultimate Warrior which has had some issues with attacks missing due to the size increase. Abilities that make the character grow in size may need to come with 1-2m increased melee range as I think it's a hitbox/collision vs. range issue. The killing blow was an AoE attack (Furious Retaliate). I got stunned at exactly 1:50 and spiteful regeneration didn't trigger. I'm not aware of an internal cooldown on it but maybe that's what happened.
  13. Not sure that the weapon additive hunger shards are dropping in winter. I have the 3% chance node trained, the 3% chance is showing in my stats, but I harvested many hunger shards rank 3 - 8 and didn't get a single weapon additive. I did get about 60 sacrifice shards. Maybe it has something to do with having plentiful 0 against hunger shards due to winter? Not sure. Speaking of sacrifice shards it would be great if these were different colors other than white so they'd be useful passed level 20 for sacrifice. It's their only purpose!
  14. Duelist 5.7 Feedback

    I played some pistol duelist over the weekend. First time in a long time playing Duelist. I noticed that it's very fast in and out of stealth now. Before you had to wait on burrow animation. Now it's equally as fast as the assassin stealth. Still getting stuck in place sometimes after using the ultimate but not all the time like it used to be. Plaguelord + Pistol Duelist is insane the amount of CC you can put out. Flintlock shot knockdown, rapid fire knockdown, and pepperbox shot stun. Fun to play but I imagine extremely annoying to play against. Pistol Duelist lacks a reliable opener like the ambush that rapier duelists get. It makes opening up on someone from stealth feel kind of clunky, IMO. It would be nice if master of pistols granted some kind of opening shot for the stealth tray. Doesn't have to be particularly good or powerful but just something to make it feel more fluid to automatically swap to combat tray. It used to be that you could LMB from stealth tray and it would automatically put you in combat tray but that wasn't working for me this weekend so I was having to manually swap out of stealth tray into combat tray which felt clunky. I wonder if the expose mechanic should be something that rogues (including rangers) can apply while in combat but once someone is expose punished then it consumes the expose debuff.