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  1. There's a lot of similarities between Erlich Bachman and Doggett. I still enjoy the show but it hasn't been the same without him.
  2. Cool! I love that show. I wonder who is Dinesh and Gilfoyle at ACE. This is still the hardest I've laughed at a show in a while.
  3. I missed this detail - are you sure they said mounts will be in? As in, mount graphics or some of the skins from KS?
  4. They count every step within a combo as a "power". For example - the confessor LMB is Fireball 1, 2 and 3. That alone counts as 3 powers.
  5. I too am in favor of a full wipe because I think it would be helpful in testing the early game and new player experience.
  6. @Pann created a thread about wiping passive training (but not vessels or items) and the answer from the playerbase is a definitive "No". However, several players mention that's because wiping passive training but leaving legacy items and vessels would be worse than not wiping at all. ACE's reason for not doing a full wipe is quote below. I'd like to get a poll on the players preferences to see whether or not it matches the assumption above. After all, it's the players time and effort that we're talking about wiping. Per yesterdays stream - the 5.11 update and full wipe is scheduled for Jan or Feb 2020. Vote YES if you're in favor of a full wipe in October 2019. Vote NO if you're NOT in favor of a full wipe in October 2019.
  7. Yeah and you only get 1 chance to make a first impression. Flop in those first couple months and people don't come back. Game hopping is real right now. Crowfall needs a GREAT new player experience to really grab and hold onto new players. The game doesn't hold onto new players very well right now. I'm sure being in a pre-alpha state is a real big part of that but it's not the only reason. With 5.11 being the final milestone we won't be able to blame short comings on pre-alpha much longer either.
  8. There would be no crafting/harvesting grind after a full wipe. Everyone would just wear war tribe gear as it would be the best thing available until training got further along. This is the sort of stuff that needs testing and why I think it would be a good idea to do a full wipe. We haven't had a full wipe or fresh start to test the early game since war tribe loot was introduced. This was a huge change to the NPE yet we haven't fully tested it. There's also been little testing on the inverted experimentation difficulty vs. resource quality curve. At a glance it's pretty obvious to many crafters that early game crafting is going to suffer mightly vs. war tribe gear. I'm a firm believer that experimentation difficulty does not need to increase and should remain constant despite resource quality. The boost you get from using better resources is enough in itself to differentiate quality. Skill training of the crafter will dictate the amount of risk they can reasonably take when experimenting. We don't need this experimentation difficulty vs. quality curve at all.
  9. Voted no cause it doesn't include characters and items in the wipe. Need to wipe passive training, vessels and banks if you're going to do it. Just wiping training leaves a bunch of items/vessels in the game and doesn't level the playing field. EDIT: For the record, I'm all for a full wipe, because I feel the early game needs more testing. I also don't think it's going to be too quick to do back to back wipes. We aren't even in October yet. The update is slated for Jan or Feb. That's 4-5 months of testing and that's if ACE manages to get it finished on time. We all know how game development schedules go.
  10. More likely to get some type of consumable/food buff that helps new players bridge gap between them and vets than a mini game.
  11. Myrmidon Titan Indestructible Frenzy talent doesn't work.
  12. Would also be nice to be able to put a waypoint on the map that shows up on your compass so you can follow your compass to the waypoint instead of having to open the map constantly.
  13. Yeah I actually think a difference in audio for landing attacks and missing attacks would go a long way. Right now swinging into air sounds the same as swinging and hitting. We need a "whoosh" sound for swings and misses and a "whoosh splat" sound for swings and hits.
  14. Looks like the PVP area that was originally in GR but was removed and became a separate server/ruleset. Noob training ground to ease people into PVP. Also a place to PVP between trials. Not particularly exciting for those waiting on the dregs but also pretty easy for ACE to do. With only 1 god left this could also signal the end of the trials for a while and give ACE a lower maintenance ruleset for players to test in while they work to complete the game. That's my $0.02 anyways.
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