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  1. I usually like Peon's videos (maybe it's the accent?) but I think he should've stuck with his original instinct to not release this video. Hopefully he comes back after 5.110 is on LIVE and polished and gives it another go.
  2. Neckbreaker dmg appears to hit twice. See video below. Floating combat text only shows 1458 dmg but there's another 956 that shows in the combat log. The dmg appears to all hit the target as the target had 4400 HP and went down under half HP.
  3. Recruiting Video for the (now delayed) Steam-A-Thon showing some of my favorite clips/events of the past 4+ years of Crowfall as well as some recent campaign action.
  4. You missed the other can labeled "bathroom". Just kidding! Sweet setup Zybak! One week post Dregs:
  5. Yep. I've long thought there should just be a NPC vendor with dust/embers. Those prices maybe a tad low though. You can farm dust and embers in EK or safe zones too.
  6. Hey Myater - glad to see another Darkfall clan looking at Crowfall.
  7. Even though I was against discipline upgrading I do understand and agree with the value of getting people out in the world to create conflict. Are there going to be different level/rank thralls or will they all be level 30? If there are going to be different rank/level thralls how do you differentiate their drops if you only have blue quality disciplines to work with? Do higher rank/level thralls drop more disciplines than lower rank ones? Do they have a higher probability to drop discs? Why hunt higher/level rank thralls if all thralls drop blue disciplines? If 3x blues = 1 purple, and 3x purples = 1 orange (or essentially 9 blues = 1 orange) could you accomplish the same amount of "replay" factor to get people out in the world hunting disciplines by changing the drop %'s in the loot tables? For example, you could have a 8% chance for orange, a 23% chance for purple (roughly 3x the chance for orange), and a 69% chance for blue (roughly 9x the chance for orange). At that point have you accomplished the same thing while also giving yourself more room to differentiate between different ranks/levels of thralls by adjusting these drop percentages? What if you allowed upgrading from blue to purple to orange alongside dropping different quality disciplines so you could both maintain value of lower level thralls while also giving yourself more room to differentiate higher level thralls?
  8. This looks great! I have a few questions: Did you remove the ability to upgrade discs from white to green to blue to purple to orange? Will higher rank thralls drop higher quality disciplines or do they all still drop blue quality and we have to upgrade to purple/orange? For example, R10 = orange, R9 = purple, and so on.
  9. Yep - there's already a sprint modifier for stamina based on armor type. Shouldn't be hard to do that for dodge.
  10. They certainly will need to scale the amount of time it takes to build a city properly not only because of campaign length but also to keep the losers from quitting when their city is blown up which happened so many times in Shadowbane and Darkfall. Just like gear, cities need to be relatively "easy come, easy go" because of both the nature of resetting campaigns and the nature of competitive PVP games.
  11. This is what I'm expecting also. The biggest thing that Darkfall had that Crowfall does not is dozens of different, interesting city designs. Calfadar for example was basically a hollowed out volcano with a ground level cave entrance that went to the center which then had an elevator that took you to the top where the city was. That elevator ride was nuts with people firing AoEs and arrows down onto you. Crowfall needs to continue to build new and interesting city landscapes and layouts and have those city parcels "mixed into the deck" as new worlds are procedurally generated. As long as they do that I wouldn't miss free building that much as I think free building tends to lend itself to finding a "meta" city design and then many cities end up being very similar.
  12. Totally agree and I've already suggested this. We gotta convince @thomasblair and @mhalashace though.
  13. Even without water...I'd love to see a parcel that looks like the imperial palace parcel with several narrow land bridges to the keep in the center. Instead of water just make them edge of the world drop offs and change it to death if you fall down Or a winding narrow pass up the side of a mountain to the keep at the top like the mountain citadel parcel. If they come up with many interesting/different fort/keep designs such as what I've described above then I'm okay with static building with choices on what upgrades/building types I want. Darkfall was static building but they had a TON of different city/hamlet designs that were all unique and interesting. Free building in the EK's is pretty cool and I think it would be really neat to have in the Dregs. However, as we saw in Shadowbane it turns into how many layers of walls can you build in one city and that becomes the city building meta. They would have to find a very good balance on parcel tokens to limit how many layers of walls you could realistically build.
  14. Assuming Dregs uses the same siege schedule / mechanics, the best way I can think to add a "cost" for the attackers to siege a city would be to add more cost to the siege engines themselves. EDIT: Another idea is to add cost to the item used to claim the keep once the ToL is destroyed. Instead of a golden apple, maybe some kind of claim deed that costs X amount of gold at a vendor. That would also mean someone would have to keep that claim deed in their inventory, subject to looting, during the siege (once banking anywhere goes away).
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