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  1. I'm going to be gone next week/weekend so you can't do it then either.
  2. I agree. Motherloads are widely considered not worth the durability loss on tools if you're going after ore and not the other items they drop. The multiplier needs to be looked at @thomasblair - these should result in a fountain of ore due to the increased difficulty.
  3. Can you throw the weapon racks on that server real fast so we don't have to craft/import stuff?
  4. This was actually why I said all along that it would not be a big deal to allow people to train in multiple general (profession) skills. If you're planning on fighting you will equip a vessel with combat disciplines and combat stats on gear. If you're going to harvest you will equip a vessel with harvesting disciplines and harvesting stats on gear. It's similar to Eve in that if you're going mining you go in a mining ship. If you're going pirating you go in a pirating ship. You can't equip for everything simultaneously BUT you can choose to do different things on the SAME ACCOUNT without being forced to buy ADDITIONAL ACCOUNTS. Working as intended I believe.
  5. Video "Fear the Undead"

    Cool video It would be great to see undead attack the forts every so often and see the NPC guards fight them. It would add a lot of immersion to arrive at a fort and see that battle taking place.
  6. Beta 9 access?

    Right this minute? No. Most are waiting on the next large patch (5.3) to drop so the testing population is quite low right now. When 5.3 launches that is a great time to try the game out again. Not only will there be lots of new content to test thus a higher player population it will also include a full wipe so everyone will be starting over and you won't be behind veteran players. 5.3 is due to launch any day now. ACE is trying to fix the last few game breaking bugs before putting 5.3 on the test server. Then 5.3 will be on test for a few weeks before it goes to live. Best guess you'd want to wait another month or so until 5.3 hits the live servers.
  7. Resource Management

    Crazy hard hits on the Myrm LMB - is that due to using poisoner disc (turns LMB into poison type dmg which I imagine most have less resistance to) or the weapon you were using or a combination of both? I've never seen a Myrm LMB hit for over 1000.
  8. There's a display bug regarding soul power on a duelist where each time you stealth you can't see the soul power meter anymore the C button in the power tray UI just looks full when it's not. Only way to reset it is by swapping a passive in and out. But you have to do this EVERYTIME you restealth. Please fix!
  9. I never noticed this before! Thanks! Pretty sure mino frontal stun immunity is stun only and not knockdown. Stoneborne gets the knockdown protection.
  10. I meant with frontal stun immunity it'll be harder for people to stun the minotaur to FORCE a crash.
  11. That's the way it's supposed to work. There's also a skill node which makes you take 10% less crash damage as a Myrm. It needs to be tested though. I haven't messed with the Myrm in a while due to PCM bugs. Maybe they just need to increase berserk duration some for Myrms from 8 secs to maybe 12 secs
  12. It would be interesting to know if saltpeter rounds can be slotted in the stealth tray to be able to use it with go for broke. My guess is "no" and that you'd have to activate it, restealth, then use it for go for broke which probably wouldn't be worth it. In any event it's a great ability for master of pistol duelists.
  13. With mino frontal stun immunity and the half giant UW type ability it's going to be even easier to mitigate the crash as a Myrm. I've got no problem with this mino racial berserk. Rangers are going to have a HARD choice for race - so many good ones. Mino Champion is going to be nasty too.