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  1. Victory in the Krienti Campaign! Recruitment is still open. Visit https://www.lordsofdeath.com/ for the application and discord link. #LoD4Life
  2. We're ramping up again for the 6.500 Patch. Recruitment is still open. Visit https://www.lordsofdeath.com/ for the application and discord link. #LoD4Life
  3. I do think removing the second stat from blue quality and below crafted items was a big hit to crafted vs. wartribe weapons and was a step in the wrong direction. Rectifying would help a lot. I also don't think purple tribe gear should drop in chests. I think ACE is changing that in 6.5? Maybe? Should be boss tribe mobs only for purple tribe items. Then they won't be so plentiful. It's pretty easy to make something better than blue tribe but the purple tribe stuff is pretty strong. That's fine if purple tribe items are both RARE and break quickly. The issue right now is they aren't rare e
  4. Shows up for me. No buffs (except vengeful aura) purple vessel stats on HG Alpha: I think there's plenty of gear progression. I do NOT think we've reached easy come, easy go yet. Once the game can support equipped item loot without it feeling punitive, THEN we will have reached easy come, easy go.
  5. Lack of gear progression - meet my alpha warrior mace. Was kind of an unlucky roll TBH.
  6. I just went off what my parser picked up which was 91 enemies, one being the bane tree. I copied that at the beginning of the video. I put the plus in there because I'm sure I didn't pick up every single person with my parser and I've never been able to get the raid functionality to work properly. The 42 we had was total comms count at the end of the siege but we had some people join mid siege when the bat signal went out. We had around 40 at the castle siege. Good Fights!
  7. My suggestion for the wards was to basically put them in the 4x corners around the keep. Either in towers like in the large keep or ground level or whatever. This gives the defenders 4 different areas to have to guard potentially and the attackers 4 different angles of attack. Keep the tree of life in the courtyard like it is now in the small/large keep. The ToL in the castle should probably be outside too. Lastly, move the RESPAWN statue inside of the keep buildings. This will make it a harder choice for the attackers whether they want to go after the respawn or not. This will give
  8. It was a glorious 2 minutes. You ask too much.
  9. Lots of fun fights this campaign! Recruitment is still open. Visit https://www.lordsofdeath.com/ for the application and discord link. #LoD4Life
  10. There are 2 ways everyone can get up to the small keep top ward. It's not easy, you have to jump on some boxes, but it can be done. Forces defenders to have to cover 2 approaches which is good. The castle requires you to play a double jump class to take an alternate route to that top ward. Just need a couple boxes or something to jump on for the castle so there's an alternate path that everyone can use. I've yet to see a "you shall not pass" meme from that castle siege. Disappointing.
  11. Alpha Warrior Champion 0:31 Fanatic Confessor 8:16 Swordsman Knight 19:48
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