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  1. What I suggested was to remove the 375 / 750 HP bonus that mail /plate gets but leave the HP on the treated steel/leather and the rings/scales/plates/etc and replace it with something like 1.25%/2.5% "armor bonus" like you get in talents. Basically give mitigation bonus to mail/plate instead of more hitpoints. It's harder to equate hitpoints to final damage/healing modifier than it is mitigation.
  2. The quote above from Ginko was in this same thread and is from almost a month ago. As for your 2nd question, with the 100 player zone caps I'd say either force is unbalancing at this point and bad for "server health".
  3. The HoA/ Sugoi / Winterblades alliance has very little to do with the coloring around a badge and has everything to do with a fear of Death. Anyone who wants the gold version can just join the winning faction on the last day and get on the scoreboard. This is further supported by the fact that it appears that neither HoA nor Sugoi particularly like Winterblades. Ironically, less than a month ago Winterblades spoke about how they swap factions for "server health". We (Death Alliance) stated several times in public channels that we aren't making a big push anytime soon due to the game not being ready performance or feature wise. Once that time comes it won't be a big secret when we all start playing.
  4. Once crafted, you place them in your spirit bank and then create a new character. Select the race of the vessel and you'll see the crafted vessel become an option. Once created the vessel item goes away and becomes a new playable character.
  5. Enemy adventure zones or outside the enemy keep is where you’ll find harvesters and farmers to gank typically.
  6. That would be true if this were a 2 faction campaign to where you could ensure no other faction captured the objective until Winter. Since this is a 3 faction campaign the third faction could capture that objective you're letting sit until winter and then you get nothing.
  7. @thomasblair this is a good example of the side effect of hitpoint bloat on armor. In this video @Balathan has 13,755 hitpoints unbuffed. For reference, a Level 1 Centaur Champion has about 5,500 hitpoints. Pit Fighter Talent Almighty Hugeness adds 750 for a base of 6,250 hitpoints. Add in % of hitpoints based heals on the pit fighter champion and then you have balance issues. 3,700 ultimate warrior heals. This wouldn't be an issue if you couldn't more than double your base hitpoints with armor. Instead of the hitpoint bonus on Plate/Mail armor give it "Armor Bonus" similar to what the Champion "Fortification" Talent Gives instead of the Final Damage / Healing Modifier. Other options would be Personal Damage Modifier (reduces incoming damage) and/or Personal Healing Modifier (increases incoming healing). Leather Head/Boots/Gloves get 2.5% Final Damage / Healing Modifier Each (7.5% Total) Mail Head/Boots/Gloves get 1.25% Final Damage / Healing Modifier Each (3.75% Total) and 1.25% Armor Bonus Each (3.75% Total) Plate Head/Boots/Gloves get 2.5% Armor Bonus Each (7.5% Total) The other issue with putting hitpoint bonuses on Mail and Plate is that (AFAIK) it gets added to the other source of hitpoints on the armor (such as treated steel, metal scales, metal plates) and then is subject to the final experimentation on the armor. The other thing replacing the hitpoint bonuses with armor bonus or personal damage/heal modifiers would be that players may start mixing matching armor again instead of always wearing the heaviest thing they can. The bonus hitpoints far outweigh the final damage/healing modifier you get right now. Lowering the power curve on weapons was a great first step. It's now time to do the same for armor.
  8. I don't think Fort Vulnerability Windows devalue off hours players. It's important to keep in mind there would ALWAYS be vulnerable fort(s) no matter what time of day it is. Vulnerability Windows are designed to help improve everyone's gaming experience by centralizing conflict. I think most will agree that it is not enjoyable capturing empty objectives - the fun comes from fighting over them. If there are 1 hour vulnerability windows and whoever owns the fort at the end of the window keeps it until the next window that means Fort Capture will be decided at the end of each window. Players can only be in one place at a time. For this reason, each individual player during off hours will still have the same impact during each fort vulnerability window as a player during prime time will. There will simply be less choices of forts to attack/defend so that the lower population during off hours is concentrated. Therefore, I do not think fort vulnerability windows devalue off hours players. FWIW, I play off hours a fair amount myself (particularly weekend mornings). Once the window is over and a new one starts, players will need time to rebuild the walls, resupply and travel to the next fort. Due to the nature of walls and guards there's a clear defenders advantage by holding a location so it'll be unwise to just try to only attack or defend a fort the last few minutes of the vulnerability window. Improved toast messages that were mentioned in the discord stream on Thursday will also improve things. The other thing I think we need is better scaling on the outposts and fort capture timers. Forts can cap very quickly with enough people whereas Outposts feel painfully long. These objectives need to be scaled for the number of people they intend to fight over them. Here's what I suggest: Fort Capture Times - keep in mind this is for player differential meaning if there are 20 attackers fighting 10 defenders inside of the capture circle that's the same as 10 players capturing an uncontested capture location. 10 or more players takes 5 minutes from Full Red to Full Green 9 Players = 6 minutes, 8 players = 6:30, 7 players = 7:00, 6 Players = 7:30, 5 Players = 8:00, 4 Players = 8:30, 3 Players = 9:00, 2 Players = 9:30, 1 Player = 10:00 Outpost (Camp/Tower) Capture Timers - same thing goes for player differential as Forts. 1 player = 5 minutes, 2 players = 4 minutes, 3 or more players = 3 minutes for Full Red to Full Green Capture. I for one am looking forward to the potential of this feature and all of the great Fort Fights that it will bring!
  9. The extension was to allow time for exporting your stuff, not for the campaign to play out.
  10. I cut down several Pitfighter champs on my titan myrm pre patch. They don't have much in the way of CC to make a Myrm crash and the Myrm dmg is high enough to cut through all their heals. Whether or not that is still the case this patch after the weapon nerf I'm not sure I haven't gone toe to toe with one yet this patch.
  11. Great 3 way siege from earlier this week. Chaos took on the forces of Balance and Order to DEFEND THE KEEP! Lots of Ballista Perspective at the beginning of this video for those of you that haven't placed or fired one before. Good Fights! P.S. Pro Tip - don't fire at the siege engines with the big blue bubbles from siege engineer like I did
  12. After several hard fought sieges this week against both Order and Balance the Chaos Faction was Victorious!
  13. Here's the TOL bug from the siege yesterday. Pretty sure that's a recently rescued debuff on the tree and that a rescue prevented the tree from dying which caused the whole thing to bug out.
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