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  1. Damage numbers not showing on target dummies in beach head.
  2. FPS 22-24 in the beach head for me which is 1/2 to 1/3 of normal. There doesn't appear to be a much of a difference between basic and very high settings. It all appears to be very high. Framerate stays the same on both settings. The shadows slider did work though. I turned it all the way down and that got me a few frames.
  3. I understand the need for a minimum order due to credit card and admin fees incurred per transaction. What if you require a $10 minimum order but allow people to buy in any increment they want above $10 and implement a sliding scale that rewards larger purchases per transaction?
  4. Dear Yanni

    Dear Laurel, IMO.
  5. Campaign population capacity?

    The largest "recent" battle was about 24v28. Frame rate was low but the server held up. Remember the game is in a pre alpha state and they aren't really pushing optimization other than keeping the game playable. Right now they're still pushing content and new game systems. Optimization comes last once all of the core systems are in otherwise they're likely to break the optimization as they bring new things online and cause costly rework. If you're looking for a spiritual successor to Shadowbane / Darkfall then this is your game. EDIT: FWIW my rig is pretty old too. Been putting off building a new rig until game is closer to launch so I'll have the latest and greatest at launch. i5 2500k @ 4.6, GTX 780, 16 gb ram, 500 gb SSD.
  6. Thanks for the stream today. I enjoyed the format today a lot better where you read a few notes, then take some questions, then read more notes. Better interaction that way. @thomasblair @mhalashace I don't think I conveyed my question at the end of the stream about damage types on class abilities very well. If a tooltip says "weapon damage" but doesn't call out a specific damage type then the damage type is based on the weapon equipped, correct? For example, the champion hurlbat is piercing, neck breaker is crushing, but vicious stomp / disarming shout / rend doesn't specify a damage type so is it then based on whatever weapon type is equipped? The reason this is important is if a class has mostly crushing based class abilities (like the champion does) then they may be better served using a crushing based weapon (instead of slashing from an axe) so they can stack crushing penetration. Make sense?
  7. Campaign population capacity?

    I completely agree about the game checking many boxes. No other game on the horizon even comes close for me. The goal is for 100 vs. 100 sieges. They will not be instanced or be given a hard cap on numbers however. This is more of a performance optimization goal.
  8. To the OP, I agree that most people are going to want to do more than just harvest which is why I like the VIP model which lets you fill two professions if you subscribe.
  9. @jtoddcoleman If I could sacrifice specific things or combinations of things for specific rewards this sounds interesting. This wouldn’t necessarily have to be limited to discs either. Rewards could be all kinds of things. This could be Crowfall’s form of gathering “quests”. Gather 10 slag, knotwood and cobblestone and get a set of starter gear. Could do all kinds of things with this. If it’s random rewards then I think that would give it a “loot box” feel which I don’t like. No more RNG please.
  10. This will add a lot to Crowfall. I hope night is really dark. I always thought that was a cool feature in Mortal Online where night time visibility was a real issue. Can you make nameplates less visible at night also?
  11. Great Q&A! WTB Desert Biome stream!
  12. Murder of Crows AMA

    The big island in Hawaii is pretty amazing. 8 different climate zones on the same island. Went from Sea level to over 13,000 ft elevation in about an hour. Clearest skies in the world for star gazing. Did a 2,000 ft zip line run over 3 waterfalls. I could go on. Amazing place. Hopefully the recent eurptions cease soon.
  13. Leadership has just changed location

    Yeah I kinda liked it the way it was already but I don't feel that strongly about it either. It was in the patch notes.
  14. Haven't done the math on the time it takes to unlock yet. Several reported bugs of not getting recipe unlocks when they were supposed to also so hard to tell at this point. What is your goal for time to unlock those recipes as a fresh account? I realize it's an early game problem only but it absolutely is going to happen (cause if someone manages to kill me you can bet I'll AFK, grab a drink, come back and hope they didn't stick around long enough for me to release and loot me).