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  1. A LoD and Death Alliance war story was recently recreated and featured in several gaming news outlets! http://www.tentonhammer.com/articles/crowfall-war-stories-blazzen http://www.tentonhammer.com/articles/crowfall-take-the-throne https://www.mmorpg.com/crowfall/interviews/crowfall-a-new-dawn-1000013662 https://massivelyop.com/2019/05/24/crowfalls-three-week-maeve-campaign-has-begun-as-artcraft-releases-new-war-stories-video/
  2. On the contrary, I haven’t heard Todd say equipped item loot wont happen in CF. There’s a lot that would need to change to make it plausible. Need a lot more “easy come, easy go”.
  3. Exactly! How is it any less meaningful if it takes less materials to craft but also has less durability? If anything increased gear churn increases need for crafters. I do think the many step crafting process for most things could use some streamlining. We also need proper bank space. I get the Shadowbane crowd doesn’t like equipped item loot because Shadowbane didn’t have it but many FFA pvp conquest games have equipped item loot and it works great (Darkfall, Mortal Online, Albion Online, Eve Online, etc.). Different pvp loot rules is part of the risk vs reward equation in the harsher campaign bands per original Kickstarter design. I hope they keep to it.
  4. I still feel both honored and surprised my video was chosen for this. For comparison sake the original video is below along with the war story video. It was cool to see the community come together to make the video capture events happen. See you guys on the battlefield!
  5. I see I'm not the only one having an issue with this. I realize you're only the messenger and are relaying design decisions made by others FancyHats. Telling a Myrmidon who's trying to time a split second berserker crash that they can no longer stop whirlwind without jumping/dodging means it largely cannot be used while berserk in the Titan build. You cannot use abilities while jumping so that's not an option when timing a split second ability like Berserk crash. Dodge isn't always up. The only real option for a berserk myrmidon would be to only use whirlwind while berserk if you have the ultimate raging bull available. Even using neck slash to flash cast interrupt into a pulverize is going to be too slow in many cases. One of the greatest things about myrmidon was being able to charge into a pack of people, pop berserk, and then whirlwind all of them. This is a direct nerf to Myrmidon Titan/Berserk hybrid build that many Myrmidon's are currently utilizing. Furthermore, you can no longer tell how long whirlwind is going to last because the channeling meter is now gone. I submitted a bug report saying that the channeling meter still had a "cancel combo" option which was no longer working but it seems like the entire graphic was removed instead of just removing the "cancel combo" portion. I'm not sure of the point in this change, but if the point is to normalize how cancelling channeled powers works then make myrmidon whirlwind (and champion whirlwind too for that matter) work like other channeled powers that require you to hold the button while channeling and it cancels upon release (similar to Duelist Rapid Fire). This would allow myrmidon's to still end Whirlwind quickly when they want to.
  6. If all we get is God's Reach, 3 Faction and Dregs then.... God's Reach = White 3 Faction = Green/Blue Dregs = Purple/Orange Point being, just as resources are gated by campaign band, I think leveling should be also. It's that way somewhat right now but I think the overall leveling curve needs to be modified.
  7. It shouldn't be hard to do. It's just 12 factions instead of the current 3. No major mechanical changes needed other than maybe some new faction banners and such. The issue right now is the population wouldn't support it nor does the overall campaign cluster size (number of zones per campaign).
  8. For me, this should be the greatest focus when it comes to vessels is improving the leveling process. Overall, leveling needs to happen more organically while playing the game instead of just another grind to do before you can really play the game. Right now most people grind R10 Zombies to get levels. We can't even reach max level, even on a white vessel, in God's Reach without sacrificing gold. Vessels are not combat viable until level 25 when they can get the capstone talent. These are all issues that need to be addressed IMO. Sacrifice is the most glaring issue currently. White sacrifice items should give XP all the way to level 30 for a white vessel. Green should go all the way to 30 for a green vessel. Etc. The war tribe combine 10 into a sacrifice item thing needs to be revamped. Unless you have crafting skill, which many do not, the item goes flawed often. Just drop items that get sacrificed directly IMO. When sacrificing items we need the XP to carry over to the next level. Having to sacrifice the exact amount of stuff to complete a level otherwise you lose out on XP is not good. We need the "XP for all the things" patch where we will get XP for harvesting nodes, crafting items, capturing objectives, etc. This will help a lot with leveling feeling a lot more organic while playing the game instead of a grind that must be done before you can play. Not sure how to fix this one without a major overhaul but if you expect us to PVP before level 25 then we really need our characters to be combat viable at a lower level. This means granting abilities and such at lower levels or at the start. I've always thought the talent system should be about MODIFYING existing abilities instead of GRANTING them. Take a look at how Elder Scrolls Online offers different "morphs" of abilities. For example, instead of a talent granting Knight's Chain Pull you offer morphs that modify the distance, damage or cooldown time and you have to make a choice of which morph you want. The XP leveling curve needs to be looked at as far as vessel quality vs. campaign type/rank of monsters available as more campaign types come online. You have to go to higher risk campaigns to get higher quality resources. You should have to go to riskier campaigns to level higher quality vessels. You should be able to get a white vessel to level 30 in God's Reach easy but a green should be slow/difficult. You should be able to get a green vessel to 30 in 3 Faction Campaign easy but a blue should be slow/difficult. You should be able to get a blue vessel to 30 in 12 Faction Campaign easy but a purple should be slow/difficult. You should be able to get a purple vessel to 30 in Dregs Campaign easy but a orange should be slow/difficult.
  9. I play Illusionist / Shield Breaker these days. I think I made that video before Illusionist got the left click snare + 20% dmg. I could see taking something other than Shield Breaker but I like the armor pen buff and occasionally I'll swap in the shield break or barrier buster depending on the situation. Retaliate is so strong these days that I don't feel as though I need Jugg anymore. Plus most crashes are caused by physics pushes/knock ups, not CC, which Jugg does nothing for physics based abilities.
  10. I think you need all of it. I get that the starter zone is kinda sorta designed to be a linear experience that teaches some of this but I think you need prompts that actually stops the user at the different locations and teaches them a bit more. Don't let them zone out of the starter area until they complete it sorta thing. Then you definitely need the ability to skip it if you're a veteran player. I went through this in my mind of how to best teach all of these things and this is what I came up with below. Hope this helps. Race / class tutorial when making first character. First thing when zoning in you teach harvesting. Hit trees to get wood, dust and apples. Explain the plentiful harvest pips and season modifiers. Open details tab and view harvesting stats. After gathering 3 wood, teach crafting by crafting an axe. Open details tab to show crafting stats. Gather more wood to craft a pick, hammer, and knife. Gather stone/wood to craft basic weapons. Craft basic weapons Move to next area and kill monsters and skin them. Gather enough leather to make a full intermediate armor set. Move to next area which has some advanced R1 nodes and teach about those. Harvest enough materials to make intermediate weapons. Send player to intermediate crafting station in this same area. Craft intermediate weapons and armor. Explain the experimentation system, risk system, etc. At this point the player has done some combat, crafting and gathering. Direct them to the skill tree to begin training in the areas they enjoyed the most. At some point the player has gained some levels also. Prompt them to add attribute points and talent points. When adding talent points and buying skills prompt them to the hotbar loadout screen to arrange new abilities. Vendor at end of tutorial area before portal which has starter minor discipline runes for each class. Have player get one of these disc runes from vendor and apply it. Teach them to find the passive ability and slot it. Once complete, direct player to runegate (which teaches them about runegates) to zone out of the starter area.
  11. LoD moved to the Order faction recently. We've had some good fights with both Balance and Chaos over the past few campaigns. A few of those are below! Anyone interested in applying to LoD should PM me. We're looking forward to the 5.9 patch!
  12. They want us to play on the test server to help find bugs with 5.90. They're not opening up another Trial of God campaign on LIVE so more people hopefully play on test.
  13. Still getting what appears to be a client server desync with the berserk timer. I use raging bull at the 1 second mark but die from a crash. You can tell it was a crash because the heart meter at the end explodes into a black splat instead of a green heart.
  14. The hope is that the campaigns having a win condition and then a reset will prevent the servers from getting stagnant like they did in both SB and DF. The win condition and resets don't matter much right now when it's the same ~ 300 or so people playing though. #prealpha.
  15. Someone got bent out of shape and made @monchiezz pull his video down. I think in the faction campaigns that it will continue to be a problem as it is in most faction games. ACE may eventually have to put in some type of balancing/limitations for factions although that has other consequences. If there was a perfect solution to this problem then someone would've figured it out by now. I think politics will sort this out in the Guild/FFA campaigns (Dregs). You don't have the option to change sides in a faction campaign. We've some shifts in faction selection between campaigns but the overall player population is still too small for any significant changes. The old rule of thumb according to Ralph Koster was 4-5x your peak concurrency = total population. In more casual games it's 10x peak concurrency = total population. In Crowfall's case we are seeing maybe 300 players at peak but we know the game has 50,000 backers so we're still not even scratching the surface because it's a pre-alpha game. https://www.raphkoster.com/2006/06/01/measuring-mmos/
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