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  1. Inventory wonkiness going on still. Disappearing items and such. Sometimes moving items around in the inventory will fix it. Relogging also fixes it. Seems like an old bug that has popped up again.
  2. Is there a game where you like the harvesting? If so, what game and why? I haven't found one yet. To me, it's a means to an end. It's a way to give value to items and therefore risk to combat with the potential to lose them. Without that you're playing an arena game with no risk/consequence to losing. The risk is what gets my blood pumping and makes the game enjoyable. I will say I like the harvesting in this game more than any other game I've played. I do agree with you on the amount of materials/grind that is needed being a bit too high along with the gripes about how the durability system works but those to me are very easy things to tweak. Making harvesting "fun" instead of a "necessary evil" is a much harder task.
  3. Concern over longevity issues

    If the game is popular enough and has a high enough population they could have campaigns that prevent you from playing if that particular account has more than X number of training points or whatever. Aka NOOB campaigns. @jtoddcoleman already mentioned that they will put in a rolling cap on the tomes to prevent power leveling. They could use this same tech to have a cap on certain "noob" campaigns.
  4. A guild mate who hasn't played the game in a while mentioned last night that it was confusing to him how to determine when a skill actually finished training a particular pip or how many pips overall had been trained in a skill. The only way to tell is to read the actual description and do the math (ie if a node gives 25 attack power, each pip gives 5, then you basically do the math to figure out how many pips you've trained). Some kind of indicator below each skill in the skill tree window showing how many pips are fully trained would be helpful. Then the meter around the circular skill node tells you how long until the next pip trains. There also needs to be some other kind of indicator that shows how many pips are required to be trained in a skill before moving onto the next one. For the most part it seems to be 4 but in some cases (like the final skill in a tree) it requires 5. There needs to be better indication of how this works.
  5. Half Giant Myrm is no slouch in 1v1's, especially once a few remaining bugs are fixed.
  6. @perfectdork Are we going to be able to rebind the tray selection buttons? I'm not a fan of H-Z-T as the binds for those. Also - please make it so we can do something other than LMB + RMB for auto run. I'd love to be able to use numlock or something like that to TOGGLE autorun so I can play with zero hands instead of 1 hand.
  7. State of Melee In Crowfall

    Make it so dissipate doesn't work while rooted and tighten hit boxes / ray casts so it requires skill to hit from 55-60m and I think Wood Elfs won't be so much of an issue. The main problem is you can't root them. If you can root them it's easy to follow up with stuns, suppress, etc. and kill them like anyone else.
  8. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    Need to get this thread back on topic. Hitboxes still super wide even from 55-60m range. No wonder all you see right now is Wood Elf Rangers
  9. Just had a chance to watch this and I gotta say I loved @Tyrant's responses and demeanor. Glad to hear the game has plenty of runway to be able to build the right game and not force a release due to running out of funding.
  10. Sugoi vs -W- vs UDL/LoD/HoA+1

    TTK is in a pretty good place right now, IMO. When you've got the 3 most experienced guilds/alliances going at it so fights will be close. Rescue bug is lengthening fights right now too. TTK generally goes down as skill training and gear goes up because damage generally outpaces mitigation. That may no longer be true with the 5.3 skill tree but it certainly was with the old one. Armor layers don't do much for armor right now so weapons will outpace armor as crafters get more pips. Inexperienced players can already get melted (sorry Bill Wallace).
  11. Sugoi vs -W- vs UDL/LoD/HoA+1

    GF's. We only had 5 btw. There might've been a random chaos guy you thought was with us. FWIW we thought W had 5 and you guys had 7 so I guess none of us can count. Rescue bug ftw. It saved your confessor. After your confessor should've died it saved me on my Myrm. I didn't notice it until I made it all the way back to the beach head and still had the rescue buff with 0 seconds on it.
  12. [LoD] Lords of Death

    LoD is active in 5.3 on the test server and will ramp up activity once 5.3 comes with a stable build to the live server. Below are a couple fights from 5.3 on Test. PM me if you're interested in finding out more information and/or joining.