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  1. Could always do 40% and 40%. Those %'s can be tweaked. The point is that by defining an attacker you're able to do this. Right now there is no defined attacker. You forgot about "what happens if there's two simultaneous sieges in the same zone". Probably have to go 20/20 and 20/20%. There's no perfect solution to this problem.
  2. Yeah the %'s of course could be changed but the idea with a handshake siege is now there's a DECLARED attacker so you can then allocate some portion of the zone cap to them. It also means defenders won't be defending no show sieges twice a week. That gets REALLY old. With a sufficient enough cost people are unlikely to troll you with a no show siege. In Darkfall you had to put up an ante to siege a keep and the defenders kept the ante if they won. That could be an option also.
  3. You assign 50% of the zone cap to the defenders and 50% of the zone cap to the attackers. If anything this will help PREVENT zone capping issues that we have now. Since there's currently no declared attacker you have no basis of reserving slots for the attacking force. It also means you don't have to login 1+ hour early to reserve your spot in the zone if you're involved in the siege. Anyone not involved in the siege would get recalled similar to how it works if you log out in an enemy controlled area. A sufficiently high cost to drop a siege will prevent people from si
  4. That is an interesting idea. How would you go about granting attack power and support power then?
  5. They just need to lower the % in crafting basics to unlock the new nodes to around 50%. Problem solved. Not having to equip the scroll case as a minor is a HUGE improvement. Won't need to make two crafting vessels anymore!
  6. Confessor Fanatic Fire Wave is pretty weak. Doesn't do enough damage. Confessor Meteor needs a reticle so you know where you're aiming it and how far it'll go.
  7. Unable to use weapon finesse on a high elf confessor even though it says TRAIT CONFESSOR.
  8. On a high elf confessor, the reedemer disc, concentration passive, is not working.
  9. I have opportunist, scent of blood, and tasty on a mino titan myrmidon with hamstring and blood feeder. It seems like only one of tasty, opportunist or scent of blood can proc at one time. Can't proc all three. Whichever procs first stays up. Strange.
  10. 33 viable classes and several different ways to build each viable class could end up in a heck of a lot of combinations. But you're right that'll hinge a lot on discs moreso than how you allocate talent points.
  11. We're active in the Dregs and still recruiting. Head to https://www.lordsofdeath.com/ to apply.
  12. Capping the capture rate is a good idea. That will help some with the last minute capture attempts. I'd make it 5 people for outposts and 10 for forts though.
  13. For Tuesday Night's Siege we've installed the Gaea Sentinel, aka. the stress testing sentinel, aka. the social distancing sentinel. If you're running a heavy overclock I suggest you place a fire extinguisher close to your desk if you plan to attend. ACE may want to notify AWS of some possible outages.
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