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  1. Nice to see ~ 30-40 FPS in that big scrum around 6:30 mark. What are your computer specs? It would be even better to see some mechanical changes to the game so most fights don't devolve into rugby scrums though
  2. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing with the community!
  3. Another thought would be to have a ground target AoE anti healing field. All targets who stand in the field receive 25-50% less healing. That would be a cool power to give to some of the lesser played stealth promotions like the Duelist Vanguard Scout or that Assassin promotion I can't think of the name that nobody plays. The tech should already exist for it. It would essentially be the opposite of Pixie Dust.
  4. Or a druid bomb. Or a ballista. But that's about it. Of those 3 I prefer the way ballista's work the best as it's not really 1 shot type damage. I'm really not a fan or syncing big AoE direct damage attacks to try to insta gib people. Prefer field type AoE's that pulse/tick but give you a chance to get out and continue fighting. We could really use a couple more stack busters overall though and preferably from range. And I think the AoE cap should be 10 players instead of 5 on a lot of the big field type abilities. Stormcaller lightning AoE could be improved Ranger barrage could be improved. Templar Vindicator Blazing light could be improved (was over nerfed) I'd love to see Confessor meteor be a long range projectile with splash burning dmg upon impact Frostweaver needs to get some sort of AoE Radical Cleric symbol of fury could be better. I think the radical cleric AoE root should also do a pulsing damage field. Need better ranged field type AoE overall and I think it needs to be able to hit 10 targets while healing can only hit 5. I think the lack of this causes a lot of the clumping in fights. The strong AoE healing means the only way to cut through it is with burst AoE damage like you said typically with neckbreaker.
  5. By my napkin math I think crafted white and dropped blue gear would be roughly equivalent.
  6. Blackguard might want to kill a Myrmidon type monster to get mail and 1H axes.
  7. This is what I hope happens. If I kill an Aracoix assassin I expect to get leather armor and daggers. If I kill a Satyr Templar I should get plate armor and greatsword. Etc. etc. The main gap in that plan is Duelists atm. Need a wartribe with duelists monsters
  8. Think of it this way. Crafted green axe might be 100ish damage right now. If dropped gear of the same quality is 20% worse than crafted wouldn't that make a green dropped axe 80 damage? Pretty sure a flawed assembly is higher than 80 damage on a 1H axe. Blue is what 110-115 right now? That would be 92 damage on a blue dropped axe. That's roughly equivalent to advanced white axe. Seems like 20% difference would roughly be the difference in 2 quality tiers and so far they haven't teased anything beyond blue quality dropped which means it'll top out at around advanced white crafted armor/weapons. That just doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
  9. Agreed. Disc rune droppers should spawn in same spot, not roaming, as a random spawn doesn't induce as much conflict as a static one. Timers are fine, however I do like the idea of being able to kill X number of monsters to force a spawn. @KrakkenSmacken had an idea that if a monster was on a 60 minute cooldown you could reduce the spawn timer by 30-60 seconds per wartribe kill in the camp. This might require some tech though. Completely agree about the 100% drop percentage also. There should be a Juggernaut mob/thrall that always drops the Juggernaut rune. With discipline quality being a thing I suggest the following: R5 and below disc droppers = white quality. These would be found in God's Reach. You could kill the disc rune dropper or just buy it off a vendor instead. R6 = 75% green quality, 25% blue quality. R6 and up would not appear in God's reach. You'd have to go to a campaign world. R7 = 50% green quality, 50% blue quality R8 = 25% green quality, 50% blue quality, 25% purple quality R9 = 25% blue quality, 50% purple quality, 25% legendary quality R10 = 50% purple quality, 50% legendary quality Or something along these lines to where the higher the rank the better chance you have at a higher quality discipline. Similar to how the loot tables work for harvesting nodes.
  10. My hope is that they move dodge back to having a stamina cost and do away with separate "dodge pips". That would make managing stamina a much more crucial thing as you'd have to choose between dodge/block and retaliate. This should also help the CC builds some. We could also look at having stamina draining attacks such as the knight's shield attack that currently drains dodge pips. This also may result in new builds that favor stamina which would add another layer of character building. We could then have armor that modifies stamina cost. Currently, heavier armor already drains stamina faster than lighter armor for sprinting. The same could potentially be applied to dodge/retaliate. Lots of possibilities with a seemingly simple change.
  11. This is great! Nice writeup @thomasblair! I really like the system for having prefixes, core attribute and suffix. Reminds me of rolling gear in Shadowbane. I like the stat choices for the armor too as they just make it so much more interesting than what we currently have. I also REALLY like that we will get armor/weapon drops from monsters. Aside from the more obvious pro's like allowing players to gear up quicker this also gives me hope that we may see equipped item loot in the Dregs after all. I could see people wearing "dropped gear" as an "everyday" type of armor and save the high end crafted stuff for sieges. That risk/reward component of not always wearing your best armor in fear that you might lose it is missing from the current faction campaigns in Crowfall and I certainly hope it appears in the Dregs.
  12. This game is surprisingly fun.
  13. This works https://www.twitch.tv/videos/437034397?t=01h44m33s
  14. Simple solution may just be to put dust on vendors for gold similar to the vendors that sell white advanced resources.
  15. ACE could make sure each disc has a stat on it to allow experimentation. Like shield breakers has physical armor penetration. Start it low on the white vendor disciplines (say 1 or 2%) and make that the base value. Vendor discs wouldn’t allow experimentation. Then allow experimentation on crafted discs. Just have to be careful the stats don’t get too crazy. There’s already a fair amount of stat bloat and power curve already.
  16. I love the idea of new players with white vessels being to buy vendor disciplines to allow for quick gearing up and experimentation of different builds. However, when the conversation of minimum viable was taking place a couple months ago that was before passive skill training reached a level where gear like this is possible. Nobody in whites (which would be like ~90 dmg on a axe with much less stats) is going to be competing with this. Once we start making good legendary/epic gear the minimum viable level shifts to blue quality. Why not drop different quality disciplines other than blue? I gotta say I'm really not a fan of this idea. I get that 3x blues for a purple would be similar to trying to get a rarer purple drop....and 9x for a legendary would simulate having to get an even rarer orange drop....but the problem is this doesn't reward killing higher rank monsters at all. I suppose you could make R6 only drop one disc, R7 drop 2, R8 drop 3 and R9/R10 drop 4. Still, I'm just not a fan of this. Treat it similar to how you do resource drops. R5 and below - no disc drops. These are God's Reach rank monsters and you'll be expected to be in white vessel with white disciplines. R6 - green disc drops R7 - green disc drops with chance for blue R8 - blue disc drops with chance for purple R9/R10 - purple disc drops with chance for orange The idea was that in order to get higher quality ANYTHING you'd have to go into riskier campaigns. If I want orange ore, I need to go to dregs where R10 nodes are. If I want to level an orange vessel I have to go to dregs to kill R10 monsters (towards the top end of the leveling curve). If I want to get disciplines for an orange vessel I have to kill R10 thralls in the dregs. The current implementation circumvents this to a degree.
  17. I agree that without a scoring metric to determine a winner at the end of a campaign you'll never have a true winner. The persistent worlds in Shadowbane and Darkfall had "winners" during different eras of the various servers. Typically the "winner" would take over the map, their enemies would leave, the winner would get bored and leave, the server would stagnate, until a new challenger arose and the process repeated itself. These stagnation phases could last months and not everyone would come back to the game after they were over. It reached the point where the same couple hundred people were fighting each other over and over and it got very boring. Sound familiar? Crowfall is still in pre-alpha though so I'm chalking the low population up to that but I do think it's very important that Crowfall work on retaining new/casual players to fill out the servers so it doesn't devolve into another dead PVP game. Crowfall's scoring system will determine an actual winner and the resetting campaigns will hopefully eliminate the server stagnation issue or at the very least streamline the whole process. It's certainly not there yet, it will require ongoing iteration, but that's true of any MMORPG and Crowfall was built with ongoing iteration in mind.
  18. Flawed assembly should just be a downgrade in quality 1 tier from what it would've been but still allow for experimentation. If someone doesn't have the skill to do the assembly they probably won't have the skill to get decent experimentation either so there's no risk in making this change. Flawed assembly is not much different than the old failed assembly where you got nothing except with flawed you get a worthless memento of your failure.
  19. While the lobby UI improvements look great I'm much more excited about HUD improvements. I quite liked the Darkfall Unholy Wars UI. DFUW was an action combat MMORPG with massive sieges and it required a less intrusive UI and I think Crowfall could benefit greatly from this approach. I would prefer to only get faction/guild crest above player heads and do away with the gigantic red names and hitpoint bars and give this information along with buffs/debuffs in a HUD when you mouse over a target. I also think the HUD/UI in Crowfall is a big source of performance issues and FPS drops. Lots of players report significant FPS increases when they turn the UI off. This video shows a good example of that lag: https://youtu.be/IaUH4sbfFLg Screenshot from a siege involving a total of around 250 players below. Video screenshot was taken from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpc3WMuDkJc
  20. I agree with a good bit of this which is in bold above. I came to the same conclusion that once we reach end game levels of training that you basically need to be in "blue" gear to be competitive in PVP. I highlighted a few other things in red above. While it's relatively easy to get geared up in blues as a veteran player in an established guild it's a much more daunting task without that guild structure or knowledge. Maybe this isn't an issue once we have a larger population of guilds/players, better economy, multiple campaign bands to separate different tiers of players, etc. but I think it's an issue in the current testing environment. I've experienced both sides of this where our group had a lot of people playing and had all of the harvesting/crafting logistics covered and I've also played where I'm pretty much solo and even with a lot of game knowledge, multiple accounts, etc. I feel like it's more trouble than it's worth trying to gear up to a competitive level on my own. Ultimately it will be up to ACE to decide if they want this to be a game that you need a guild/group to experience or if they want it to be more casual/solo friendly. Come launch I'll have a guild to play with so it won't effect me but I do wonder if it will effect player retention in the long run. I don't want another game that devolves into only a couple hundred hardcore PVPers playing on a single server as I've already done that with both Shadowbane and Darkfall.
  21. I agree. I think once skill tomes come online there should be a way to earn skill tomes through active play within the game. There would need to be a rolling cap on skill points equivalent to whatever a day 1 account could possibly have. People who started the game after the first day of launch could use active gameplay to earn skill tomes to catch up, however, no one could exceed the rolling max cap.
  22. Agree. It would make the landscape a lot more interesting. It's kind of bland right now IMO. Another biome would help too but water features are always interesting. An idea for a relatively quick/easy implementation would be to make it so you have to stay within survival tray while crossing water and you just swim on the surface. Even that would require swimming animations for all the different races/genders which I imagine isn't cheap. That would however make players choose between risking crossing water vs. taking bridges or going around which could create some natural choke points and strategy in the open world. It always comes down to priorities though and there's a lot of things I'd rather have.
  23. After a full wipe you don't really have to do much farming because nobody has high enough passive skills for all of the gear to be of any consequence. White vessel, white gear, start PVPing! Couple hours at most. When items/vessels are wiped but passive skill training isn't that is when you see a much larger grind to get leveled/geared up since you'll need higher quality gear/vessels to compete. New players joining the game right now are met with the fact that they're extremely far behind in passive training which makes it hard for them to compete. Until we get a catch up mechanic (skill tomes) I think it's a good idea to have a passive training wipe every so often. There are also some legacy items that are still hanging around with higher stats than what is currently possible due to stat nerfs (hunger shards on weapons, stats on jewelry, etc.). There will surely be more wipes between now and launch. I'd be very, very surprised if there wasn't a full wipe for 6.0 but I wouldn't be surprised if one came sooner than that. Many of the people currently testing who have been testing for a multiple years now (including me) have gone through many wipes. If we were going to leave because of a wipe I think that would've already happened. What typically happens is activity dies from the time the wipe is announced leading up to the wipe (which is why it's important for ACE to give us notice of a wipe but not TOO MUCH notice - a week or so is appropriate IMO). However, once the wipe happens you get a big influx of activity for the fresh start. After playing Crowfall for about 4 years now that is what I've seen leading up to and following a wipe.
  24. I don't think I'm really going to play Crowfall like a released game until it's a released game (which basically means when they stop wiping). I'm still confident they'll get the remaining core features in by release to make this a great game (PoI Refineries, Caravans, Factories, Frostweaver, Dregs with Free Building) and put the necessary polish on it (Balance and Performance). Ironically, I think what would entice me to test more than I currently do would be a full (including passive training) wipe along with some new features/content. While 5.90 offered some very necessary tweaks to existing systems (Client Controller, Fort Windows, Death Mechanic) it didn't really include any new juicy content coupled with the fact that new people would be very behind in training if they're just starting out because there was no wipe. There has always been ebbs and flows to Crowfall's Pre-Alpha testing population. Hopefully 5.100 will bring a lot more activity back to the game.
  25. I agree. "Points" are just a unit of measurement. The Tug of War was different in that the points were only calculated at the very end instead of in cumulative 15 minute intervals as they are now. In Durenthal's example you win when you control all the points simultaneously. In the end it's the method in which you gain the "points" that is the issue, not the "points" themselves.
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