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  1. I imagine they, along with their investors, determined there was a market for this game based off of the successful kickstarter.
  2. I don't follow Lost Ark but Ashes won't be out for a while and is faction based. The OLD New World (with FFA PVP, Full Loot, Free City Building, No Instances) would've been a direct competitor to Crowfall for the hardcore PVP niche. I know because I left Crowfall to play it from Oct 2018 - July 2019. Unfortunately NW went mass market and it no longer has a hardcore PVP focus. It's an ESO copy at best. Great if you like that sort of thing but it's not filling the hardcore PVP niche. Probably the next closest thing to Crowfall in this hardcore PVP niche genre that is coming out anytime soon
  3. What other MMORPG's with a hardcore PVP focus are there? I'm seriously asking, because I think I've played them all, and I keep coming back to Crowfall. Eve Online = spreadsheet combat Albion = cell phone game with 1997 click to move combat Conqueror's Blade = okay, but has a bad cash shop and no open world New World = gutted their PVP ruleset Last Oasis = no longer an MMO Darkfall Rise of Agon = no population Mortal Online 2 = has some promise but won't be good for a while Star Citizen = will be fun to play when it comes out in 2050. I'm probably
  4. Has any MMORPG ever launched been "ready" to launch when it did? I played through sb.exe, I played through F5ing the Darkfall store for days, I played through DF2 launching without 1/4 of the classes (the only healer class), I've played through countless early access failures since then. If you are a fan of hardcore PVP games you show up on July 6th and have some fun. We don't get too many of these hardcore PVP MMORPG launches anymore and as launches go this could potentially be the smoothest of the bunch. I first found out about Crowfall in December of 2014 when the play2cru
  5. As much as I'd like equipped item loot in Crowfall I just don't know that the game was designed with it in mind. We've gone over the easy come, easy go thing a million times. We've gone over the lack of guild banks and storage. We've gone over the lack of a real auction house. All of these things are needed for full loot. Another angle I considered recently was that the amount of deaths people take in Crowfall is insane compared to PVP games with full loot. There's people dying 100+ times in a week campaign. I doubt I died 100 times in a given YEAR in Darkfall (or Darkfall 2 ak
  6. Good post and a lot of good points here. Taking them item by item. The new NPE on TEST is actually pretty decent in this regard as far as getting you viable before you head into PVP. But it's certainly not a full "loop" per se. It's a 3 hour tutorial basically. Otherwise Crowfall's PVE is alot more like SB in that it's mob camps to farm to facilitate PVP and nothing more. Even Darkfall had better PVE (non instanced dungeons). We do have hunger dome now for instanced PVP action. A sort of hunger dome "hellgate" popup in the campaign worlds could be cool maybe? I'm not a huge fan o
  7. Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Hunger shards removing food buffs. That's going to be super annoying. Make it do damage or something like that instead. Did you complete the NPE if not why? Yes NPE - Let's hear your top 5 likes about NPE and why I really liked that it tells an actual story now. I like that it takes you through the three temples and especially the hunger consuming the moon temple. I like that it make
  8. Haha I've complained about this very thing also. That must be the rarest minor in the game. I do finally have a green on my fessor.
  9. I don’t think personal/player advancement is the problem. It took us a couple months to get maxed out crafters/gatherers for our guild and that was a couple dozen people funneling resources to specific crafters/gatherers to power them ahead. A couple months to end game is typical for a mmo. I think each campaign feeling like a GW2 WvW match is more of the issue. Not really sure of any short term fixes for that. The things that made DF/SB special was a sense of ownership over cities and you won’t get that in a 1 week campaign with cookie cutter keeps with rather lackluster rewards for win
  10. You can't look at just the weapon damage. You have to take into account the stats also. The dmg didn't roll as well on mace but it should be roughly equivalent to 106-107 if it weren't heavy. But take a look at the stats. 85 AP is another 8.5 damage. But 27.54% critical damage is insane especially on an alpha. Once you add the stats in there's a lot more than a 15% power gain between these two weapons. And that's just one slot. Once you factor in the difference between a base vessel/tribe gear and purple vessel, purple armor, purple/legendary weapons, purple/legendary jewelry, it's
  11. Sounds like TEST 6.530 wasn't wiped as of yesterday. If they don't wipe TEST they don't usually wipe LIVE.
  12. Exactly right. Easy come easy go has nothing to do with power curve. It's just the rate at which things are gained and lost.
  13. Not persuasive enough, unfortunately. This game is still far from "easy come, easy go". Even with factories the idea of full loot PvP seems too punitive. The point at which full loot PVP is viable is the point at which "easy come, easy go" has been reached. Yeah or at least copied the "easy come, easy go" nature of gearing in Albion to allow for equipped item loot PVP. Albion also has a global marketplace and better storage (even though it's local) to help facilitate easier trade - things which Crowfall lacks.
  14. The reason I'd like this is mainly because when we're crafting items for specific people we put their name in the item's name. For example, I may make a Heavy 1H Axe and call it "Heavy 1H Axe Template". But if I make copies for Todd, Blair and Halash I'll name the Axes Todd's Heavy Axe, Blair's Heavy Axe, Halash's Heavy Axe. That way when we put them in EK chests for pickup people don't grab someone else's gear. If we had a mail system where we could just mail people their items we probably wouldn't need this. Right now distributing the copied items to people has become the ne
  15. We're still active in the campaigns - recently winning several outnumbered fights including the siege in the video below. Recruitment is still open. Visit https://www.lordsofdeath.com/ for the application and discord link. #LoD4Life
  16. Have you tried pressing Q twice on them as an alpha? I hear that works. When in doubt... QQ
  17. So far our crafters/logistics folks have really liked the factories. We're just now diving into it so we will need more time to give feedback and find more pain points. I do agree that there should be factory tables in temples, craftable for EK's, and in infected/dregs keeps. This is such a core QoL function that it shouldn't be limited.
  18. I don't know what makes people think ACE abandoned the MMO. We just got factories and revised import mechanics on Friday.
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