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  1. I'd still prefer blight to be pulsing damage field (similar to ballista fire arrows) that does more damage per tick the more orbs it impacts than direct damage that can one shot people. They could also lower the number of orbs you can detonate at once and lower the cooldown on blight. The last time I suggested one shot abilities were bad for the game the Druid Union tried to lynch me so I'll leave it at that I thought ultimates are just a barrier now equal to ~ 1/3 of your HP and no longer an invuln. Better chance to live with the barrier absorbing the damage though.
  2. Ideally the number of forts vulnerable matches the population trends to force the zerg to split up in order to take multiple objectives. The relatively small maps and low amount of forts make this more difficult to balance right now but the concept is solid and should work well moving forward. There's always a fort vulnerable so if the game is empty it's not because of the fort windows.
  3. That was because the schedule still allowed for night capping. The recent tweak to the schedule is what ended night capping.
  4. +1 It's good to stop and recognize positive improvements to the game. So often we're focused on missing features or bugs that we forget how far we've come. It's also important to recognize the developers who gave up their weekends and/or sleep to squeeze some of these improvements into the latest build. That's correct - forts and outposts are tied to the same "timer". Until they're able to separate forts and outposts into separate "timers" to scale them independently I think forts that cap too fast is preferable to 20 minute solo outpost capture times. I agree - this is one thing that I find kind of wonky on the schedule.
  5. That was actually part of the driver for the change to the respawn mechanic. Now that all respawn locations in a zone can be captured, you can effectively drive attackers out of an area by killing them IF you control the respawn locations. This is also why I prefer rulesets with equipped item loot. As you said, there's no reason for the attacker to stop because they stand to lose very little if they die. That changes with equipped item loot.
  6. Has to do with the animation rig/skeleton I believe. Certain races share certain animation rigs. Then they animated certain rigs for certain class abilities. So I'm guessing they never did druid animations for whichever rig the Elken has and it would be a lot of work to do so. This goes for the war tribes also. You'll notice the Embarri are obviously centaurs and get all the same classes that centaurs do. Satyrs are Elken. That's why you have knights, templars, clerics, confessors and rangers. Uguru are Minotaurs so there's myrm's, champions, and rangers. Arachoix are Fae which are assassins and druids. The Fae Knight was recently added so maybe we will see some Arachoix knights soon? Whenever the frostweaver comes out I imagine we will get an Arachoix frostweaver also.
  7. Building the health bar into the shield is a cool idea.
  8. I'd cut the name and hp bar and scale the crest down. Would require a better HUD though for what you are targeting.
  9. I've been complaining about this for a while. We really need options to toggle/scale all of the UI elements is what it comes down to. The UI is a FPS hog too if you ever try turning it off and then on you'll gain significant FPS with it off. We need a much better HUD for what you do have targeted that shows name, hitpoints, buff/debuffs, etc. That way we don't need all of the names/hitpoint bars everywhere which clutter the screen. In Darkfall there were no names or hitpoint bars above peoples heads, just different colored crests (blue = alliance, green = friendly, red = enemy, etc.). What many did in big fights was leave crests on for ally/friendly and off for enemy and then it became really easy to ID friend from foe even at long range. There's a lot of good examples of visual clutter in Glavia's War Story video around the 7:00 mark.
  10. Biggest thing Assassins lack right now is good anti healing, IMO. It was way overpowered in the 5.7 era of stackable 2,500 pt heal blockers but it got nerfed way too hard also. The disease toxin should do 50% more heal blocking than the poison toxin does direct damage and refresh instead of stack. So if poison toxin does 1,000 damage then disease toxin should be a 1,500 pt heal block. Would also be nice if toxin damage scaled either by weapon damage or by an experimental stat on the toxin itself. Having set, static damage levels causes balance issues also (strong early game, weak late game).
  11. Players will always take the path of least resistance to meet their goals. It is on the developers to make sure the risk/reward equation stays balanced. Right now it's out of whack.
  12. We need noises for both hitting attacks and swinging and hitting nothing but air. There are times where I think I hit a target, it sounds like I hit a target, but no damage appears or happens. I think audio queues for both swing hits and swing misses would help. It was difficult to find the mount vendor in the beach head. Consider giving it an icon that looks like the saddle instead of the standard bag of gold vendor icon.
  13. On the flip side, I had my 5 year old son playing a pistol duelist and not missing any shots cause the aiming is so easy
  14. Conqueror's Blade - a different MMO.
  15. Purely anecdotal but I feel like I always manage to hit target dummies much harder than other players, even leather wearers with much lower than 50% mitigations with slashing/crushing attacks. It really feels like target dummies do not have any mitigations at all.
  16. I don't think it is possible to go lower than 0 resists. For example, I've noticed on target dummies that adding armor penetration or using abilities like reveal weakness do not seem to increase damage because the target has no armor to penetrate.
  17. Harvesters bags, presumably hiding items from being able to be looted, isn't much better than spirit banking anywhere if they're of significant size at all. Between high level resources in safe zones, being able to farm gold in safe zone and combine your way to legendary disciplines, banking anywhere and/or these harvesters bags I feel that the risk/reward equation is out of whack to where there's not enough risk required to get higher quality things.
  18. Google Home > Alexa. I do miss that 11am CST stream time. Lined up perfectly with my EST lunch hour
  19. Those stats are nothing to sneeze at. Once the power curve on gear is lowered in 5.100 along with an item wipe of some legacy items your passive training stats will matter more. Now that active leveling and talents also grant a lot of the same stats as passive training it does tend to make passive training feel out of place. That may be a discussion for another thread though.
  20. The 3 faction ruleset really breaks down and allows for a lot of shenanigans when everyone stacks 2 factions. I'm not sure how you rectify this without faction population controls and that's a whole other can of worms. I guess this is why @jtoddcoleman makes the big bucks! Fixing problems like these.
  21. Agree. Guards should give toast messages when they aggro enemy players. This should apply for ALL guards. The popup toast messages in the middle of your screen might get spammy so a separate chat channel for toast messages. I don't agree 100% with this. While it would be really boring to sit there for a full hour waiting on an attack the incentive to capture a fort earlier in the window is to have the guards on your side when you get towards the end of the window. Attack a fort while it's more lightly defended and get the defenders advantage on your side for the final fight. You also have to consider the capture bonus pool that you'd get for capturing it earlier in the window that you'd deny the other attacking faction. Minor in the scheme of things but points tick every 15 minutes so you'd also get a couple more point ticks if you capture earlier in the window. Better notifications play hand in hand with this. If you're able to do things near the fort and have enough time to respond to an attack it would be less boring. If/when we get a larger map then you also have to consider time for the fight at a fort to wrap up, everyone to rez and regroup, then travel time to the next fort, etc. so I think a 1 hour window is about right. Agree
  22. I've long said you can either have a game with skillful enough combat that people will try to cheat (client side) or you can have combat that's so clunky nobody will ever need to cheat (server verified). Ask yourself this question - what do you think the new character controller in 5.9 did?
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