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  1. Day two feedback: The crafting quality icons confused me, but I liked the system. Crafting multiple things felt like it should have been easier to do. Target icons appearing where you cant click them while gathering felt bad, but the system felt fun overall. Ranged attacks sometimes felt like they would miss for no reason. The channeled attacks dont feel great to use. The +stat talents doing nothing when you're at cap felt like it could have been better explained. Targeting players near NPCs or crafting stations for trade felt difficult.
  2. My feedback from my first day of playing: Walking closing inventory/crafting screen feels bad The icons of items in your inventories do not have great readability. When trying to craft, I found it difficult to find wood/metal etc. and when sacrificing spending 3 seconds mousing over everything to see what it was felt frustrating. Targetting NPCs to initiate dialogue feels precise Starting out with abilities on my bars but no obvious way to mouseover them was confusing The loading screens seemed especially slow. The game was small so a fair bit seems streamed, but the loading is noticeably slow When you change a graphics setting it automatically applies. This made it difficult to change certain settings. It was not clear when you got items from quests and not clear when you leveled up. Some of the quests were confusing. I was usually not sure where I was meant to go. The leash range of some mobs feels short The map takes a minute to open. This made figuring out where I was hard. Scrolling to read a talent and having the talent window zoom out felt wrong Theres not meter for how many arrows you have, and no way to tell how degraded your pick/axe is without opening the inventory Changing your ability bar feels a little awkward. I would like to be able to drag abilities that are on bars and "swap" abilities. Some of the keybinds feel awkward: Z and U for weapon switches was weird It was hard to find active PvP spots: usually felt like nothing was contested What I liked: The talent trees were really cool The combat was fun It looks great The races are cool The classes look fun
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