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  1. Hello! i saw the video and as i see the game has had big changes since that times, do you still think is good to be going without commune with nature with this essence burn mechanic up? was thinking of dropping electrogenesis for that
  2. Hello, i'm Fairly new on crowfall and i'm currently playing a druid , i have some concerns about this ability since i do not get if the "orb" shoot from this ability goes only Straight and cannot be aimed up/down in certain terrains, Plus it's "hard" to aim people with it as the frenetic movements of players cause me to miss sometimes and the 2 Second standing still also does not help. also it's a purely Group ability that has no way to heal ourselves , i tried to shoot a wall and not get healed by it.. is it possible to change this ability being like a "bolt Bomb" that can be grou
  3. Hello, i'm not sure if this is bug or mechanic, i did press my Recall on Emlee t22 outpost and i were supposed to be ported at our keep of Aurefio v19 but my ability went on cooldown and did not move a inch, i've a video of it starting from the end of animation by some seconds untill i reach the keep statue that say i'm bound to that
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