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  1. The new option to purchase a level 25 boost tome (Jump Start Tome) costs 65000 gold, yet leveling up by sacrificing gold to 25 takes 32125 gold (Turned in the free level 2 quest at the start). This feels like an oversight, and such a new player trap should not be in the game. Boost tome cost should be reduced to match gold sacrifice value.
  2. Did you even read my post? I answered the feedback that he provided with my own takes on the matter, but his "honest review" included an appeal to authority as well extremely condescending tone overall. If someone is going to hide jabs at the player base behind the facade of a review that just poorly made dergss on the game for systems they didn't even really understand, then they don't also get to turn around and pull the "it's just a review man". The funny thing is, I didn't even attack him personally outside of saying he was salty and didn't really understand the game he was crit
  3. The whole point of the main questline is to teach new players the basics of the game, a little bit about the fluff/lore of the game, and also give them insight into the different things you can do in the game. It is a valid criticism of the current game, but given the complexity of the systems involved it is hard to make something that goes over all of them without being too much of an information dump. You make an appeal to authority at the start of your post, yet it is surprising that with all your experience you didn't connect the dots that the NPE questline isn't mandatory, and you can
  4. Your first point about repetitiveness doesn't really hold. Once you have a main you literally sacrifice items and have a max level alt in 10-15 minutes. While a way to level up with PvP would be amazing, we have to be realistic with the systems of the game as they are right now, and the opportunity cost of putting time into that system, without even having a solid new player experience quest line. There is a relatively steep system mastery curve just due to the number of systems in the game that are novel for players. Even with the renovated NPE so many players have a ton of questions, and the
  5. Updated the World Select button to instead say PLAY This doesn't feel like a good change. If you already have a world selected, "PLAY" and "Enter Campaign" conflict with each other from a user's point of view. Additionally, "PLAY" is not intuitive for a button that will allow the user to change the world the character is loading into.
  6. Bug: Was mounted in skypoint when I ran into a tree. Instead of colliding and getting pushed to the side, I rode up the tree and then fell down, taking fall damage. Details: On a minotaur warden. On a Swift Nightmare Mount Figurine Have video footage.
  7. Seems like poison builds have a few missing pieces. They have some stellar elements, such as capping your poison damage pretty quickly without need for gear, and access to blackmantle and instant poisons baseline. On the other hand, the rest of the build barely make sense. You are getting buffs to your poison damage, but your poison damage is already capped, half the abilities deal the base damage of your weapon, so they don't scale with poison damage, and the support for poison damage in general is laughable when compared to the support other damage types get from available disciplines/talent
  8. Throwing my hat in the ring for the beginner post I made, as well as a +1 for all the other guides I link in it.
  9. I agree with Dheth that the new player questlines certainly do give you information about the game, but in a way I would argue they give you too much information. Ideally they would focus on the bits that make up actionable information for new players (like farming mobs and harvesting), and then make a clear distinction between those and the more communal aspects of the game. At the moment I believe there is a serious risk of information overload, namely a new player having all this new information, with all these new concepts, not knowing which one to focus on and then picking to focus on "th
  10. Crowfall’s 10 Minute Beginner Guide (Updated: 2021-06-01) Foreword I am making this guide after ~1 week as a new Crowfall player and its contents stem from, and are heavily influenced by, the sorts of experiences I had in that time period. The objective of this guide is to provide a quick 10 minute read that will give you the information necessary to determine if you would like to try the game, and set you up so that you have an enjoyable experience while doing so. The structure of this guide will loosely follow the order in which I encountered these decision points. 5 Point
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